Brown Butter, Almond & Rose Mini Bundts

Extract from the brand new Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum, with contributions from street food traders and restaurants including Beigel Shop, Blanchette, Chez Elles, St Sugar of London, Cafe 1001 and Moo Cantina, Brick Lane Cookbook is a culinary map of the East End’s tastiest street and a snapshot of London at its multifaceted, chaotic, crazy best.

I first discovered brown butter on holiday in France when I made it to add to a cake. I was so delighted with the results that I rushed to show my friend excitedly. ‘Look! Butter has almost turned into caramel!’ Who knew such alchemy? Back in London I decided to experiment further with brown butter, adding it to biscuits and tart shells – I was convinced browning butter was absolutely the best way to eat it. I decided to make mini bundt cakes using my mum’s old tin and, of course, brown butter had to feature in the recipe. The colour of these little cakes reminded me of the golden flakes of baklava pastry, so I’ve added a Middle Eastern twist with a rose-scented icing.

One of these is never enough so double up the recipe if you’re a greedy sort like me.- Dina Begum.

 Makes 12

Makes 12


  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 40g ground almonds
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 110g self-raising flour
  • 2 tablespoons milk


  • 100g icing sugar
  • 2 drops pink food colouring (optional)
  • 2–3 tablespoons milk
  • 2 teaspoons rosewater
  • 50g flaked almonds, toasted
  • 12 ring mini bundt tin


  • Place the butter in a stainless steel pan on medium heat (you need to be able to monitor the colour of the butter so you don’t burn it).
  • The butter will begin to foam after about 30 seconds. Cook for a further three or four minutes until it starts to smell nutty, almost caramel-like. You will begin to see small particles of milk solid at the bottom on the pan. Once done, take the pan off the heat and leave to cool for about ten minutes. Now preheat the oven to 180C (160C fan). Generously grease your bundt tins, dust with flour and shake off the excess.
  • When the butter has cooled, transfer to a mixing bowl and cream together with the sugar, salt, ground almonds and vanilla and almond extracts. Whisk the eggs in a small bowl, then beat them into the butter and sugar mixture. Pour in half the flour and mix thoroughly, then add the milk and remaining flour. Mix until you have a smooth, thick batter.
  • Divide the batter between the bundt rings, filling them to about a centimetre from the top. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes or until lightly risen and pale gold. If you’re anything like me you’ll find the scent of freshly baked cake irresistible and will want to dig right in but don’t, unless you want broken halves of warm sponge in your hand!
  • Let the cakes cool completely in the tin for about an hour, then run a thin butter knife around the edge of each cake and ease them out.
  • Place the cakes on a baking rack or a flat dish and prepare the icing.
  • Put the icing sugar in a small bowl and add the pink food colouring, two tablespoons of milk and the rosewater. Mix together to make a pretty pink icing, runny enough to drizzle – if it looks too thick add another tablespoon of milk. Top each cake with a teaspoon or so of the icing, gently coaxing drips down the sides.
  • Top with some flaked almonds and serve with a fragrant cup of masala tea.

Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum is published in hardback by Kitchen Press, priced at £20.

Available on Amazon

The Victorian Style Nowadays

Victorian architecture took place in the United Kingdom in the mid-19th century. It’s named after Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901, the so-called Victorian era. Many of the most famous elements of typical Victorian architecture were not popularized until the end of her reign. This style is characterised by eclecticism, in other words, the mixing of different architectural trends in a way in which everything has a sense of unity (everything is connected). It's a moment of historical revivals, often mixed with features from the Middle East and Asia.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (2).jpg

Today, Victorian architecture is alive and well. It’s even possible to find properties in this style and have a lovely home for a reasonable price. Victorian houses have their own unique personality, but they also share common characteristics. Sometimes these can be a bit scary. They are usually narrow and high, often three-storey dwellings, with a front porch that marks the entrance to the house. The kitchens used to be in the back, because it was an area reserved for servants and, therefore, didn't have a privileged place. The spacious living rooms and the rest of the spaces were decorated with mouldings on the ceiling and walls. It was a very important decorative piece and it involved a great deal of carpentry work. Nowadays, the houses that wanted to keep their special style still have them.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (3).jpg

Thanks to the opportunities offered by interior design, new furniture can be placed in antique-looking places without making it seem weird. It is very common to find stark contrasts in this type of homes, such as modern design items with other vintage ones. The mix of styles and materials can always look good if it's done with good taste. However, lovers of the classical style can take advantage of this to recover the old furniture of their ancestors, because the antiquities look wonderful in this type of houses.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (1).jpg

Bluebellgray's First Retail Shop Opening In Glasgow

Bluebellgray is opening its very first bricks and mortar store in Glasgow. The international brand with Glasgow roots has chosen Hyndland in the West End as the perfect place to showcase their colourful, modern and joyful interior products. The shop is located on Hyndland Road, in the beautiful old Art Deco, former bank building. It has been an exciting, full renovation project for the Bluebellgray team and the new store will open its doors on Saturday the 28th April 2018. 


In addition to stocking signature Bluebellgray cushions, fabrics and wallpapers, the shop will also stock an edited selection of eclectic, sourced decor items and rugs from around the world. The emphasis on the shop is to offer a warm and welcoming shopping experience with free interiors and colour advice available by appointment. 


The beautifully designed store will also offer a curated gallery space with original paintings by Bluebellgray founder Fi Douglas available for sale. Having sold prints very successfully for many years, the gallery will be the only place original paintings by Fi can be viewed and bought - an exciting new offering to the Glasgow art scene! 


Founder and owner of Bluebellgray Fi Douglas says: “I truly believe in the importance of keeping the independent high street alive, and living in a digital age I think it is more relevant than ever to give customers a unique, special and personal experience when they choose to shop in person. We are bucking the trend by being an online retailer who is now branching out into a physical store, but I really believe there is a magic in real life shopping and the joy of discovering and falling in love with a special item in person will never get old. I want our store to feel welcoming and happy, somewhere where customers can come and discover the uplifting power of bringing colour into your home” 


Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom

Wouldn't it be nice to bottle that holiday feeling. Or even nicer to wake up every morning in a bedroom that reminds you of blue skies and sunny, sandy beaches. Well, it's not as hard as you might imagine. Just add a few colourful textiles to the bed, ditch the fitted carpets in favour of rugs, choose accessories with a Mediterranean flavour, and cultivate a few plants.

Even better when you can pick it all up at IKEA.

Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom (2).jpg
Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom (3).jpg
Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom (1).jpg
  1. STOCKHOLM 2017 Cabinet, £275.
  2. PROVINSROS Bedding Set, £25
  3. PEPPARKORN Vase, £12.
  4. SANDARED Pouffe, £50.
  5. FEJKA Faux Bamboo, £3.
  6. STOCKHOLM 2017 Armchair, £110.
  7. KATTRUP Rug, £150.
  8. HURDAL Linen cabinet, £175.

Introducing Tom Dixon's New HQ

A fresh London home for Tom Dixon’s latest experiments, innovations and collaborations. 

This April, internationally renowned design brand Tom Dixon Studio will plant its latest and most ambitious flag yet, in the heart of its hometown’s largest developing intersection - Kings Cross. Located on Granary Square, the brand’s new hub will contribute to an ever-expanding network of creatives and technologists from the likes of Central St. Martins and LVMH to Google and Spiritland. 


Against the industrial backdrop of the Coal Drops Yard, The Coal Office will lead the way as a multi-disciplinary platform for innovation in design. Functioning as a live Studio combining shop, workshop and office all under one roof, with the culinary delights of a brand-new restaurant and roof terrace. 


Tom Dixon says: 'For us it was imperative not just to find a new office or shop. It was vital to find a new home. London isn't just another city. It is where it all started. We will use these 17,500 square feet in this incredible location as a platform to broadcast our latest ideas in interior design, product innovation and experiments in food, functionality and future living.' 


Through stimulating collaborations with names big and small, Tom Dixon will curate an evolving holistic experience designed to push the boundaries of contemporary retail as we know it. The Coal Office will serve as the ultimate centre for Interiors, a journey through outstanding details from beginning to end. 

TD The Coal Office 1.jpg

Shop Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm Monday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm Sundays only. Restaurant: Opening late June 2018.  Address: Tom Dixon, The Coal Office, 1 Bagley Walk, London N1C 4PQ

Recipe of the Week - Tortilla

Extract from the brand new Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum, with contributions from street food traders and restaurants including Beigel Shop, Blanchette, Chez Elles, St Sugar of London, Cafe 1001 and Moo Cantina, Brick Lane Cookbook is a culinary map of the East End’s tastiest street and a snapshot of London at its multifaceted, chaotic, crazy best.

Tortilla is an easy Mediterranean favourite and a popular dish on the Café 1001 menu. This baked version of the classic Spanish potato omelette is flavoured with rosemary and gently caramelised sweet onions and I love it. Make sure to cool your potatoes before adding to the egg mix; otherwise you’ll end up with scrambled eggs. - Dina Begum.



  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 medium onions, finely sliced
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 500g cypress potatoes, peeled and cut into 2cm chunks
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 6 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary,
  • finely chopped
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • 500ml vegetable oil, to deep fry


  • First make your sweet onions. Pour the olive oil in a frying pan over low heat. Add the sliced onion and bay leaf and cook for 40 to 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the onions have reduced and are completely soft and lightly browned. You’ll end up with about four heaped tablespoons of sweet, caramelised onions. Set aside to cool.
  • Throw the potatoes into a bowl and mix with the salt. Set aside for ten minutes. Heat the vegetable oil in a deep pan over a high heat (140C) – test it’s hot enough by dropping in a piece of potato which should start sizzling immediately. Deep fry the potatoes for 12 minutes or until golden and tender, then drain and leave to cool for at least 15 minutes. At this point preheat your oven to 180ÅãC (160C fan).
  • Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl and add the cooled sweet onion mixture, rosemary and black pepper. Throw in the fried potato pieces and mix well. Line a deep baking dish and pour in the mixture.
  • Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the tortilla is golden brown on top and cooked in the middle. Test it’s done by inserting a small knife or skewer in the centre – if it comes out clean your tortilla is ready. Cool for ten minutes before serving.

Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum is published in hardback by Kitchen Press, priced at £20.

Available on Amazon

Ways To Incorporate Chrome at Home

Collaborative Post

Is chrome making a comeback? There has been a noticeable buzz around adding chrome to your home interiors, and it’s time to start wondering if the cyclical nature of trends in this case is worth our collective attention. After all, chrome isn’t for everyone, but dedicated followers of fashion could find themselves missing out if this new look lasts. What do you think? Is chrome welcome in your home? Let’s take a look at how Chrome could work for you this season. 

Light It Up

Before we even get started on the recent spike in chrome trends for seating, coffee tables, picture frames, and lamps, let’s get one very important observation out of the way. Chrome looks best when lit up. Highlight the full character of any chrome additions to your home with lighting to suit your new found your modern look. Always match your lighting to your overall décor – for example, warmer soft lighting will match cosy colour schemes such as yellows, creams, and light reds, where as a cleaner looking blue or white colour scheme should always be complemented by brighter colder lighting. Get all the inspiration you need at LED Hut

Is Less More?

Many years ago, I can recall a short-lived trend for silver bikinis and gold bikinis. They weren’t subtle or understated in any way – the holiday beaches were littered with full-on bright shining gold or silver two pieces. That was just the way to go that summer. But was it too much? The trend obviously didn’t last, so was it a victim of its own success? Will chrome go the same way? Luckily there’s a very reasonable way to hedge your bets while keeping up with the times.

If you’re willing to give chrome a chance, but if you think that a gleaming coffee table will dominate your living room and almost look a bit silly, why not try weaning yourself onto the chrome trend without over committing. How? Easy. Check out these under the radar ideas on chrome drawer handles and eye catching chrome front door accessories.


Chrome Mirrors

In case you haven’t gathered by now, I’m not 100% convinced that the rush for chrome furniture and fixings will take hold and stick around. But it’s never safe to assume you have all the answers and to refuse to pay attention to new ideas. So, I’ve been thinking. How can I open my home to chrome and pay attention to trending themes without abandoning my usual style? Then it hit me. There’s something we can all do to add a touch of chrome to our living rooms or hallways that will almost go unnoticed and give us all time to really get a feel for how much chrome is too much. The answer is mirrors.

You don’t need to overdo it with the amount of chrome around the edge of your chrome mirror. There are even mirrors available with stepped chrome edges that actually don’t look like the mirror has a chrome frame at all – the shiny edge looks like a continuation of the mirror. Whatever you choose, remember to light it up to get the full effect – let the chrome shine.

That’s all from me for now on how much chrome is best in your home, get involved and good luck! Collaborates With Tamasyn Gambell

Joining’s Design Lab portfolio in 2018 is Tamasyn Gambell. A well established textile designer whose plaudits include Observer Magazine’s ‘Designs Next Big Five’ and Elle Decoration’s ‘Approved Great British Design’, Tamasyn prides herself on not only creating luxurious, timeless products but also looks to work in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

These new printed fabrics are a nod to mid-century styling and, as such, add an exciting, timeless appeal to interiors using hand-drawn details and block shapes that coordinate perfectly with each other. Use these designs to create statement sofas or accent chairs, or add touches of pattern on scatter cushions to break up areas of block colour and add variety to your interior scheme. - Walter and Tamasyn Gampbell.jpg

Tamasyn says of the new collection:

"I am really excited to be working with The idea that a customer chooses the piece of furniture they want and the fabric to upholster it in really works in line with what I do, as each piece will be unique to the customer.

“Both prints – Textured Stripe and Abstract Square - feature bold geometric shapes but have hand-drawn elements that soften them. When developing the fabrics, we played with the scale of pattern and developed a whole new colour palette for the project in line with’s 2018 range.

“It’s important to me to show my own hand as the designer - so there are quirky hand-drawn grids and lines, with both prints being slightly ‘off register’ to give them a hand screen printed appeal.

“All of my designs are intended to be timeless. I try to avoid trends and create patterns that won't date and can be passed down through families, giving the pieces longevity and fostering a sense of emotional connection.” Walter two and a half seat sofa in Evergreen brushed linen cotton, Hepburn console table, House scatter cushion in Lychee smart velvet.jpg

Design Lab is an initiative that supports creative talent, bringing together with British designers to produce exclusive collections. Following it’s huge success over recent years, these new upholstery fabrics and home accessories will now become part of’s continuity range.

For more information visit

Updating The Kids Room – Some Easy Tips

Collaborative Post

Kids, they grow up so quickly, don’t they? So much so, it’s difficult to keep up with clothes, the latest gadgets and toys, as well as keeping their room at the height of style and practicality for their age. So, if you’re wondering how you can update your kids room without breaking the bank but with huge style impact then you’re in the right place!

From a modest lick of paint to a new feature wall or some funky new storage ideas, here you’ll get the lowdown on the latest trends ideas to help your little one fall in love with their room once again.


The floor

The floor in your kids room gets a lot of traffic and puts up with a lot! So, it’s unsurprising that it can look tired and grubby sooner than you anticipated. You could stick to something familiar and comforting and go with a new, hard wearing carpet. Or try something new and easier to clean and opt for laminate. Whatever you decide, your choice needs to be tough, durable and ready for anything your kids can throw at it! If you need a little more flooring inspiration, click here.

Their own art gallery

Kids love to draw, paint and colour. So much so it can be difficult to know where to put all those endless pieces of paper that they bring home from school and nursery – not to mention the masterpieces they create at home. Now is the time to put all their artwork on display and create a gallery wall that’s filled with their favourite pieces.

These could be simply stuck to the wall with a removable adhesive or hung from string from wall to wall. This will add a pop of colour and make their room a little more personal to them. It’s better than stuffing all that paper in a draw!



Thinking of some more up to date storage ideas? Forget those endless stacks of plastic boxes. Why not opt for a wall of storage cubes instead? These are ideal for displaying their favourite cool or pretty objects, as well as somewhere to keep those toys and books.

Wall stickers

These cheap but effective wall design is becoming quite a popular choice over painting or wallpapering. If you rent a property, this might be the best way to make the room feel more personal to your little one. If there’s a bare chimney breast or a vacant wall, then you’ve got the perfect canvas.


Step up your accessories game

If the bedroom is a little plain, but painting and decorating isn’t your thing, then don’t worry. All you need is a colour scheme and a little imagination to bring the room to life. Think multicoloured bunting to bring a pop of colour and fun into the room, or a bright patchwork quilt. Those knobs on the dresser and wardrobe? Swap them for multicoloured, funky designs instead! Or go for something simple and add a beautiful rug into the room.


A Perfect English Kitchen

Inspired by our book extract last week from Perfect English Townhouse, we thought we'd take a little look at what makes a perfect English kitchen. You know the kind we mean? Preferably located near to a lovely beach, with mismatched white painted furniture, a huge butlers sink, country style tableware, and a vase of flowers plucked fresh from the garden.

Contains affiliate links.

A perfect english kitchen from house of fraser.jpg

Alma napkins (set of 4) £15. Gray & Willow Tide dinnerware from £7. Gray & Willow Bubble tumbler £6 each. Gray & Willow Richmond jug £22. Linea Acacia paddle £22. Gray & Willow Casserole dish, small £22, large £32. Gray & Willow Small ceramic pot £10. Dickins & Jones Ella napkins (set of 4) £15. Junipa Petite blue casserole dish £20. Gray & Willow Areia mugs from £9. Gray & Willow Soul Culture mugs from £6. Linea Speckled glazed mugs from £9. Gray & Willow Acacia paddle £22. Gray & Willow Ponto serving bowl £38. Gray & Willow Storage jar, small £14, large £18. Gray & Willow Alta 16-piece cutlery set £45. Gray & Willow Utensil pot £22. Gray & Willow Isak planter £18. All House of Fraser.

Get The Look

A Perfect English Kitchen.jpg
  1. Enamel Mussel Pot in Shutter Blue, £35, Cuckooland.
  2. Wooden Spoons, Set of 3, £6, National Trust.
  3. Dutchbone Core Pendant Light in Blue Grey, £99, Cuckooland.
  4. Kilner Clip Top Jar (2L), £4, Wilko.
  5. Hampton Cross Back Dining Chair, £149, Housing Units.
  6. Flowers in Watering Can, George Home.
  7. Ivory Enamel Style Espresso Cup, £4.95, Rex London.
  8. Perpignan Display Cabinet in White, £495, Cuckooland.
  9. Country Kitchen Dinner Set, £25, JD Williams Home.

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas? Discover These 5 Suggestions.

Collaborative Post

Feature walls have been a popular addition to many homes over the years, but more and more people are moving on from bold wallpaper and striking patterns to break up a room.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to designing a feature wall. Your best bet is to look at is as if your painting or decorating a canvas, rather than an entire room, which can be quite daunting. The best thing about a feature wall is that you can experiment with colours and try out new wallpapers, styles and finishes without breaking the bank. It also means you can be a little more daring – seen as you’re only decorating one small area.

Here you’ll find some ideas of how to really make your feature wall work for you.

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas via Heart Home mag (1).jpg

A Gallery Wall

A very popular feature in many modern homes; a gallery wall is the latest way to display your favourite family photos and exhibit those favourite family moments. It’s a really personal way of stamping your home and making it your own. You can easily order online and your photographs will be available to you in all shapes and sizes.

Plan your arrangement first with pieces of paper, to get a real feel of how you would like the end result to look. You should also stick to a colour coordinated display; this will make it look more cohesive and give it the wow factor. Think white or black frames. Or black and white prints.

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas via Heart Home mag (2).jpg

Tick Tock

It’s a common misconception that a feature wall means wallpapering or painting, well that’s just not the case! Clock’s don’t have to be just practical ornaments – consider investing in a large and oversized clock that will create an impressive focal point in any room. Check out online stores or why not head to your local charity store or second-hand shop to see what bargains you can find.

Make it Practical

One for busy households, why not keep on top of all your family’s errands and appointments by creating a blackboard feature wall. It could be placed anywhere: the office, the hallway, kitchen or living room. Simply head to your local DIY store and pick up some chalkboard paint. Who knows what stunning designs your mini Picassos might come up with!

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas via Heart Home mag (3).jpg

Make it Work for You

Just because you’re going for something eye-catching, doesn’t mean it can’t be functional too. If you have a wall in mind, why not invest in some bold storage solutions to really make the area pop with colour. It’s an easy way to make a big impression in a limited space. From books, to media, even somewhere to store the kids toys or your electronics, if you’re short on space – why not utilise what you have?

Just Keep Rolling

Patterned paint rollers are a quick and effective way of creating the look you want without stripping walls or spending a small fortune. Check out online retailers to see what you can find.

Recipe of the Week - Chai Malai Cake

Extract from the brand new Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum, with contributions from street food traders and restaurants including Beigel Shop, Blanchette, Chez Elles, St Sugar of London, Cafe 1001 and Moo Cantina, Brick Lane Cookbook is a culinary map of the East End’s tastiest street and a snapshot of London at its multifaceted, chaotic, crazy best.

I’ve seen people’s eyes light up after a single bite of this cake and even those who don’t normally eat cake are usually converted. Of everything I cook, this is the thing most requested by family and friends. I first created it for a Bengali-inspired afternoon tea and wanted to share the recipe for this book as it’s such a wonderful way of showcasing spices in a dessert. The cake layers are reminiscent of fragrant masala chai and the frosting is inspired by rasmalai, the famous Bengali milkbased sweet, flavoured with rosewater and cardamom. Make it as an extra-special birthday cake, decorated with vibrant pink rose petals and pistachios, or as a perfect finish to your next dinner party. For best results, you need a handheld electric mixer or a stand mixer to make the cake, but you can do it with a whisk and some elbow grease. - Dina Begum.

 Serves 10–12

Serves 10–12


  • 2 tea bags
  • ½ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 100ml whole milk
  • ½ teaspoon distilled white vinegar
  • 175g unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
  • 225g self-raising flour
  • 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 3 medium egg whites


  • 100g unsalted butter, at room
  • temperature
  • ½ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 180g full-fat cream cheese
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons rosewater
  • 250g icing sugar


  • 1 tablespoon dried rose petals
  • 1 tablespoon crushed pistachios
  • 2 x 20cm springform cake tins
  • 2 x 20cm springform cake tins

Preheat your oven to 180°C (160°C fan) and grease and line the cake tins.

  • Steep the tea bags in 100ml boiling water, stirring for a minute to extract as much of the flavour as possible. Discard the teabags. Add the ground cardamom to the tea and stir thoroughly, then set aside to let it infuse – this gives you a really fragrant batter.
  • Make your buttermilk next: pour the milk into a glass and stir in the vinegar. Let this sit while you start on the cake batter.
  • In a large bowl, cream together the butter, sugar and vanilla with a handheld mixer until light and fluffy – this will take at least two minutes. If you’re using a non-electric whisk you’ll need to beat the mixture for longer.
  • Add the cinnamon, ginger and yoghurt and beat for a further minute, then slowly beat in the tea and buttermilk.
  • Put the flour in a separate bowl with the baking powder and salt and quickly mix with a whisk. Add the flour to the buttermilk, butter and sugar mixture in two or three additions, then whisk for about 30 seconds until everything is well combined. Make sure not to overmix at this point or you’ll lose the lightness in the cake.
  • Put the egg whites into a clean mixing bowl. Beat with a clean whisk until they form stiff peaks – five minutes or so (longer, if non-electric).
  • Gently fold the egg whites into the cake batter until evenly combined and pour it into the prepared tins. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until a toothpick poked into the middle comes out clean.
  • Cool completely in the tins on a wire rack.
  • When you are ready to make the frosting, beat the butter with the ground cardamom until pale and fluffy.
  • Mix in the cream cheese, vanilla extract and rosewater, then slowly add the icing sugar and whisk together until you have a smooth, glossy frosting.
  • Put one of the cake layers on a large, pretty plate. Using a palette knife, spread with a third of the frosting, then turn the second cake layer upside down and place on top, very gently pressing together to sandwich.
  • Then take the remaining frosting and pile it on top of the second layer.
  • Gently coax some of the frosting down to cover the sides, turning as you go, and smooth the rest in a good thick layer over the top.
  • Finish the cake with two concentric circles of vibrant pink dried rose petals and crushed pistachios and dot a couple of rose petals in the centre.

This cake is a stunner! It tastes best after resting in the fridge for a couple of hours, as this helps the flavours meld together and makes the cake easier to cut.

Cook’s tip – you can bake the cake layers in advance. Just completely cool, wrap in cling film and put in the fridge overnight. The cake will stay fresh and moist.


Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum is published in hardback by Kitchen Press, priced at £20.

Available on Amazon

New Nursery Furniture Range From CamCam Copenhagen

Bring a touch of Scandinavian chic to kids’ spaces with Danish design brand, CamCam and its charming Harlequin furniture range. Brought to you from Copenhagen, CamCam’s ethos is to create functional, imaginative and playful furniture for children with a focus on sustainability and eco-conscious design. Featuring the brand’s signature lattice detailing, the Harlequin collection includes a stylish cot, changing table, storage bench and kid’s chair, all available in a muted palette of grey, white and sky blue tones.

Bench TK_5927.jpg
changing_table TK_6170_Rev.jpg

The perfect addition to nurseries, the Harlequin Baby Bed will create a beautiful focal point to accompany any interior style. The mattress base can be adjusted with three different height settings, and when your little one outgrows the cot, the side panel can be removed to transform it into a beautiful toddler bed. Crafted from 100% FSC-certified MDF and safety tested to meet European requirements, this is the perfect transitional sleep solution that will grow with your child. The Harlequin theme is carried over to CamCam’s Changing Table, which will make for a practical and stunning furniture piece. Featuring lattice door fronts and a framed tabletop to accommodate for a changing mat, this minimalistic design can easily transition into a regular cabinet for living spaces and bedrooms. Choose from classic Scandi-style tones of White and Grey, to coordinate with the décor scheme of your choice.

Cot  TK_7846_x.jpg

Collection available from

PRICE: Harlequin Baby Bed: £799.00, Harlequin Storage Bench: £199.00, Harlequin Chair: £105.00, Harlequin Changing Table: £599.00.

The Mind Coach x Yeotown Kitchen, Marylebone

On Sunday 29th April, Yeotown Kitchen, Marylebone will be hosting the second event, ‘Stress Less’ in their series, ‘Set Yourself Up Sunday’ featuring specially selected guests from within the wellness industry. Driven by the mantra strong in body, clear in mind, the event (11am – 1pm) will be themed around Stress Awareness Month and held in collaboration with The Mind Coach: Natalie Pennicotte-Collier. 

Natalie works with TeamGB athletes and has built up a reputation as a guru for performance wellbeing and sleep expertise with her award-winning practice on London’s Bond Street, She is leading the way in 360 Wellbeing, sharing her coaching and therapy method globally with clients, brands and in the workplace. Using modern clinical hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques, Natalie transforms the sleep and wellbeing performance of her clients, unlocking their potential. 

666A6910 C.jpg

Natalie will lead a discussion, providing useful tips and techniques on how to manage stress. For £44 attendees of the event will also be treated to a specially curated three-course brunch prepared by the Yeotown Kitchen team. 

In addition, ‘Stress Less’ will give attendees the opportunity to experience the Meditation Station found on the lower level of Yeotown Kitchen. The comfortable egg-shaped, cushion lined pods offer guided meditation with a selection of programs to choose from, including The Brain Break to help soothe anxiety and build clarity and perspective. 

The clean-lined and bright space that makes up Yeotown Kitchen has been designed by the award-winning Dubai based Brand Creative, featuring oak wood panels, cork leather banquettes, window-side bench seating and bright yellow alfresco tables. Elements of positive psychology are infused throughout every aspect of the ambience and décor of the space making it the perfect environment for the ‘Set Yourself Up Sunday’ series. 

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A Perfect English Townhouse

Extract from Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small.

Seaside Inspiration - The home of Melanie Molesworth

'We saw the particulars for this house a long time before we decided to view it,' says Melanie. 'It had been hanging around for ages, was more than we wanted to spend, and enormous. A friend who loved Lyme Regis persuaded us that we should have a look at it, and when we did, it was obvious it had potential. We asked another friend, architect Ed Howell, for ideas and he came up with a plan for dividing it so that we could have a rental property, and an income.' They took the plunge, sold their house, ditched the idea of a London flat, and moved in. 'It was 2011, and I was very hot and cold about it, very nervous. But actually, it's been amazing.'

Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small (3).jpg

A new staircase, leading from one of the two front doors, arrives at a small landing where this door with its glazed surround opens into the huge 18 metre living room and kitchen. Framed in a glass-fronted cabinet on the wall are fragments of china and pottery found by Melanie on the beach.

Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small (4).jpg

Melanie and Martin inherited a fitted kitchen that was already in place, but have given it a facelift by painting it Farrow & Ball Mole's Breath and replacing the handles. New white brick tiling, open shelving, and a wall-mounted metal saucepan rack completed the transformation. A sofa covered in navy linen, just seen to the left, marks the division between the kitchen and the sitting room.

Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small (5).jpg

To the left of the big, arched window that lights the kitchen, a table holds a framed pressed seaweed by Molesworth & Bird propped against an old seed tray, another find from Bridport Market. To its right is a painted Swedish sofa. A broken piece of brick, deliberately placed, takes on the status of a small sculpture. Lou-Lou the cat watches proceedings from under the table.

Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small (6).jpg

The huge sofa, big enough to seat six, came with the house, and has been re-covered in a dark grey linen. A white IKEA table stands between the two armchairs, one covered in a floral fabric by Paul Smith for Mulberry. The window overlooks the culvert for the River Lym, which runs beneath part of the house.

Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small (1).jpg

The main bedroom is one of the rooms directly above the River Lym, which runs in a deep culvert down through the town and into the sea. The Victorian chair is covered in vintage William Morris fabric, and the table beneath the window has one set of legs propped on blocks of wood to compensate for the slope of the old floorboards. 

Perfect English Townhouse by Ros Byam Shaw, published by Ryland Peters & Small (2).jpg

Perfect English Townhouse

by Ros Byam Shaw

Published by Ryland Peters & Small

Available on Amazon, £20.40

Lee Broom Presents Observatory | Salone del Mobile, Milan 2018

For Milan Design Week, April 2018, critically-acclaimed global design brand Lee Broom will unveil OBSERVATORY in the first of a three-phase launch of new lighting collections for 2018.

Following Lee Broom’s milestone 10-year anniversary in 2017, this year’s launches see the focus return to lighting, which the brand is renowned for. Revealing seven new lighting products, OBSERVATORY is Lee Broom’s most progressive work to date with new stellar-inspired designs playing with proportions of vertical and horizontal space, sculptural, spherical form, and the refraction and reflection of light. Observatory includes four new lighting collecions: Eclipse, Orion, Aurora and Tidal.

Eclipse Table Lamp .jpg

OBSERVATORY uses new technology within the collection featuring LED lighting systems and bulbs custom designed and developed in-house by Lee Broom. Displaying new finishes such as polished chrome, and new interpretations of materials used in past collections, OBSERVATORY marks a new direction for Lee Broom.

In a significant departure from the conventional design week model of previewing new designs several months before they go on sale, products from OBSERVATORY will be available to purchase immediately in-store and online, offering customers instant access to the show and the collection for the first time.

Eclipse Pendant and Table Lamp.jpg


Eclipse, which incorporates three of the seven new pieces to be released, is celestial in both its name and inspiration. Mirror-polished stainless steel and acrylic discs interact, dissect and obscure, which both eclipses and reveals its illumination to the viewer at the same time.

Available as a single pendant light, chandelier, table lamp, and surface light, Eclipse has a sculptural silhouette with a mobile-like quality that changes at every angle. Using the refractive properties of an etched 10mm solid acrylic core and in-house designed concealed LED technology to create a diffused halo, the design highlights Lee Broom’s technical craftsmanship and innovation with his signature mix of classicism and modernity.

Eclipse 3 piece chandelier cut out.jpg

Alongside Eclipse, Lee Broom will also unveil Orion, Aurora and Tidal lighting collections:


Orion comprises simple modular tube lights with opposing opaque and solid polished gold spheres which connect and expand horizontally and vertically to create bespoke constellations of light.

Orion Pendant Set.jpg


A scalable chandelier ranging from a 40cm diameter to a 1.5-metre diameter (16” to 59” diameter), Aurora is a chandelier of infinite adaptations which projects layers of ethereal rings of light created from linear LED light.


A polished chrome and opaque acrylic table lamp formed from two balancing hemispheres appearing to be pulled apart by an unseen gravitational force.

Lee Broom said: “This new collection has been a fascinating journey for me. I wanted to create a celestial collection of sculptural lighting which is progressive and experimental using the latest LED technology. Lighting is a fundamental part of my ethos as a designer and will always play a leading role in my work.”

Orion Vertical Pendants.jpg

The Exhibition: OBSERVATORY will be presented in a Grade II listed building in the heart of the Brera Design District at Via Lovanio, 6 Milano in a 250-square metre gallery style exhibition space from Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd April 2018.

Torie Jayne Design - Beautifully Considered, Functional Items for your Kitchen

We are delighted to announce the imminent launch of Torie Jayne Design, founded by fashion designer, interior stylist, blogger and author Torie Jayne. We have featured Torie's books in the past and we were very happy to hear about this new venture.

orrie Jayne Design - Beautifully Considered, Functional Items for your Kitchen (2).jpg

Torie Jayne Design is a new homeware brand consisting of custom designed homewares, all in Torie’s signature style colour palette of sophisticated chalky pastels. I started Torie Jayne Design after my elder sister said “I love your book and want everything in it, but I can’t sew! Why can you not just start your own brand of homeware so I can buy it?”

orrie Jayne Design - Beautifully Considered, Functional Items for your Kitchen (4).jpg

The first product collection consists of fine bone china, melamine chopping boards, coasters, placemats, trays and kitchen textiles. Every print has been developed using Torie’s love for ‘a little bit vintage’, ‘a dash of modern’ and hand drawn illustrations. Designed to be fresh, stylish and distinctive.

orrie Jayne Design - Beautifully Considered, Functional Items for your Kitchen (3).jpg

Everything is lovingly designed in Devon with fine attention to detail, being proudly printed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. Knowing exactly where our products are made, what they are made from and who makes them is extremely important to us. We have worked tirelessly to find the very best UK homeware manufacturers, visiting and working closely with all the factories.

orrie Jayne Design - Beautifully Considered, Functional Items for your Kitchen (5).jpg

For now, all items are available on Torrie's Kickstarter campaign, but if it is successful all items will be available on the website in the Autumn. 

Torrie Jayne Design Kickstarter Campaign

Torrie Jayne

Just Launched: The Studio At Houseology!   

Over the past few months the team at Houseology have been working behind the scenes on an exciting new project that we can now exclusively reveal to you. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and design integrity, The Studio is a brand new online destination that celebrates unique, high quality products and makes them accessible to everyone.

  Bespoke Atelier Glasshouse Dusk Foundation Wallpaper.

Bespoke Atelier Glasshouse Dusk Foundation Wallpaper.

“The creation of The Studio as a new section of our Houseology brand is something we feel very passionate about,” says Houseology’s Creative Director, Wendy Clark.  “It will celebrate the world of interior design and craftsmanship and form a place online where collaboration with designers and brands is key to the process.”       

“Showcasing a carefully curated edit of exclusive designer collections, undiscovered talent and brand new products, The Studio will allow customers to find truly unique pieces from brands they have never seen before. The Studio also creates a space in which customers can approach us with ideas they may have but were previously unsure how to commission.” 

  Bespoke Atelier Glasshouse Dusk Rise Wallpaper.

Bespoke Atelier Glasshouse Dusk Rise Wallpaper.

The Studio an exciting new destination at, housing a whole host of dynamic designs from cushions to wallcoverings, furniture and beyond, The Studio collection complements our existing ranges from some of the world’s best known designers to help our customers create the home of their dreams.

In collaboration with The Studio, Houseology are delighted to be working with Scottish-based design studio, Bespoke Atelier. Bespoke Atelier create innovative, interchangeable modular wallcoverings, giving you the freedom to create your own design combinations. Their debut collection, 'The Glasshouse', consists of two colourways, Dawn and Dusk, and features geometric shapes and botanical elements inspired by greenhouses and urban architecture.

  Bespoke Atelier, Glasshouse Dawn Reflection Wallpaper.

Bespoke Atelier, Glasshouse Dawn Reflection Wallpaper.

“We are so delighted to be part of the The Studio alongside a range of really amazing brands. Houseology are the perfect partner for us because they showcase high quality and design led products helping the interior design community create a unique atmosphere in every room. We're can’t wait to show everyone our innovative and playful approach to wallpaper!” says Bespoke Atelier's Co-Founder and Designer, Marion Parola.

  David Watson Govan collection.

David Watson Govan collection.

Bespoke Atelier products are available exclusively on and prices start from £159. 

IKEA Hack - Neon Pop Cabinet

Still looking for something to do this long weekend? Why not create your own neon pop cabinet with this quick and easy IKEA hack and RustOleum neon spray paint. And don't be scared of incorporating neon into your home. This piece is sure to brighten any space and add an element of cool fun to any room. We guarantee everyone will ask where you got this cabinet from.

IKEA Hack - Neon Pop Cabinet (2).jpg

What You Will Need:

IKEA Hack - Neon Pop Cabinet (1).jpg
  • Rust-Oleum Neon Spray Paint in Pink
  • Ikea Ivar Cabinet
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Saw
  • Screw Driver
  • Wooden Spindles


  1. Take your spindles and measure how long you want your cabinet legs to be. Mark a cutting line and cut with a hand saw.
  2. Sand the edges until they are smooth and even.
  3. Move the legs to a well ventilated space and place on top of a large dust sheet or some old newspapers. You may want to cover the surrounding area with additional dust sheets or newspaper to protect from spray mist. 
  4. Take you rcan of Rust-Oleum Neon Pink spray paint and shake the can for one minute once the ball begins to rattle. Spray the leg, holding the can approximately 30cm from the surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke. For best results, whilst spraying keep the can the same distance from the surface and keep the can in motion. Apply several light coats a few minutes apart.
  5. Attach the legs and edging, ensuring they are fully secure.
  6. Stick some plants on top, sit back and admire.

Neon spray paint by RustOleum is an ultra bright, premium quality, fast-drying coloured spray paint for use on most indoor surfaces. It's available in pink,  yellow and green and is suitable for wood, metal, ceramic and more.

For stockist information and more inspiration visit Make it Yours.

How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get The Home Of Your Dreams

The wardrobe needs sorted, again. There’s too much tupperware in your drawers, again. The cupboard is so packed with camping gear you can barely see the boiler anymore. If your home feels like a daily obstacle course - then read on because we’re about to dig into some of the amazing benefits of using a self storage unit, and how it can help you get the home of your dreams.

You get to keep your keepsakes, but out of sight

Good news. A storage unit will allow you to keep all of your keepsakes without having to look at them everyday.

You can keep the two old tea sets you’ve inherited from your favourite gran, and still live your life in a scandi flat with clean lines and minimalistic design.

How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get The Home Of Your Dreams (3).jpg

Moving to a new place becomes a breeze

If you’re a person that moves around a lot, then having fewer things can really make your life easy peasy.

Have you ever had to move from one place to the other and been genuinely surprised with how much stuff you had? You’re not alone.

As years go by, we all accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of which becomes hard to get rid of. Instead of getting rid of old keepsakes and seasonal objects, go ahead and get them in a self storage unit. You’ll be able to access them basically whenever, and they won’t be in your way.

Don’t be tied down by stuff.

How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get The Home Of Your Dreams (2).jpg

The fewer things you have, the easier it is to keep tidy

The fewer things you have in your home, the easier it is to tidy and declutter.

We usually gather stuff for one of two reasons: because we need/ want it or because it has sentimental value. Now, of course you cannot put the toaster and the laptop in a storage unit, you need these on a daily basis. However, sorting through your things and putting the things away that you do not need on a regular basis is a good idea. Perhaps sort your decorative objects such as tea light holders, fruit trays, and other decor into sets. You don’t hang up your christmas decorations in the summer, why not sort all your decorative items into seasons?

Oh, and rotating your decor regularly makes you feel like you’re getting ‘new’ stuff all the time. Even though you aren’t. Money saver right there.

You can save an awful lot of money on space

If you live in a big city, you’ll know that the price per extra bedroom in a flat is bonkers.

A lot of people actually only need one bedroom (and then of course the legendary air mattress for guests spending the night).

In Glasgow, the average price for a 1 bedroom flat is £545. The average price of a 2 bedroom flat however, is £783. That’s £238 more for one extra bedroom/ month!

How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get The Home Of Your Dreams (4).jpg

Take Storage Vault in Cambuslang, for the humble price of £31.25/ month, you can rent a 25 sq ft storage unit. That’s a room the size of a shed, and is big enough to fit a large sofa, or 50-60 moving boxes. Renting a storage unit can save you £206.75/ month compared to renting a two bedroom flat.

£206.75 is a lot of money. You can book a holiday every second month, lease an Audi A5 cabriolet, or save £2,481/ year for a house deposit.

How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get The Home Of Your Dreams (1).jpg

A uncluttered flat mean an uncluttered mind

Being surrounded by clutter is an ongoing cause of stress.

Although some people argue that mess is where they thrive, the general consensus seems to be that a tidy room is a relaxing room. Research suggest that the general consensus is in fact right. For the vast majority of people anyway.

A tidy uncluttered space promotes a clean and clutter free mind. So do yourself a favour, and get stuff you don’t use out of your way.