Introducing The Cotton Poet

The Cotton Poet is a newly launched homeware line, bringing luxury to the home with a poetic twist. Founded by Zosia McCaffrey in 2018, from her love of a beautiful and classically dressed home, The Cotton Poet offers a range of beautiful crisp bed linens, snuggly blankets, soft bed throws and fresh candles, all carefully designed to complement one another in the home. 

The name ‘The Cotton Poet’ comes from the signature message on the reverse of the pillowcases. These are all timeless phrases from literature such as a goodnight message or a positive note. 

The Cotton Poet’s inaugural collection ‘The Classic' features cotton sateen sheets with a delicate double cord stitching available in 9 colours (navy, Provence blue, fuchsia, blush, sunflower, gold, mink, platinum and dove) with throws and blankets designed to complement the linen. This Classic collection’s signature message features the quote: ‘To sleep, perchance to dream’ from Shakespeare’s Hamlet on the pillowcases. A reminder to enjoy the experience of sleep and the importance of dreaming. 

‘The Classic’ and further lines to come, are all designed with the concept of clean lines, which allows customers to choose from a matching full set or the flexibility to mix combinations. A chance to mix and match and the opportunity to be creative. 

To accompany the bed linen The Cotton Poet have designed gorgeous bed throws and blankets. Made from 100% cotton, the throws and blankets offer complementary detail and a luxury texture to the classic bedding. Ideal for placing over the foot of the bed for a classic finish, over the full length of the bed to channel a relaxed look or for snuggling up with on the sofa, for a relaxing and comfortable evening. The throws compliment the signature candles perfuming the room with the fresh and clean scents of white tea and wisteria. 

The Cotton Poet is the perfect addition to every home, creating a luxurious environment for ultimate relaxation.

The Cotton Poet - Alice’s Choice .jpg
The Cotton Poet - Bed End - Henham Provence Blue.jpeg
The Cotton Poet - Classic Collectio -  Provence Blue Fucshia Navy Nigel Dog.jpg
The Cotton Poet - Classic Collection - Dove Mink Platinum with glasses.jpg
The Cotton Poet - Classic Collection - Fucshia Blush Dove.jpg
The Cotton Poet - Spring Morning - Provence Blue.jpg

Meet The Gang - Cute Little Accessories for Your Indoor Plants

Now that we are filling our homes with all manner of indoor plants again, it was only a matter of time before the accessories market caught up. Meet the gang from Another-Studio. Six adorable animals including a sloth, orangutan, chameleon, koala, bush baby and a tree frog, etched in metal, to adorn our favourite green friends with a bit of bling.

The cute little tree hugging species simply attach to plants by folding the hands into shape. A great gift or just an excuse to create your own little menagerie.

Prices from £5.25 or all 6 for £30.

Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection Extends Popular Marlborough Range

Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection has extended the appeal of its popular, classically styled Marlborough range of bathroom furniture even further with the addition of stunning new basin units and an additional tallboy.

Providing generous storage space behind its four soft closing doors, the new 1200mm freestanding single basin unit with worktop and underslung ceramic basin will make an elegant statement in every spacious bathroom. Available in three, on-trend hand painted finishes of cotton white, cobblestone and the recently introduced Charcoal, this statement basin unit comes with your choice of a beautiful honed marble worktop or a solid surface worktop in carrara or white. Both styles of worktop offer plenty of room either side of the underslung ceramic basin for displaying toiletries and other accessories. The 1200mm freestanding single basin unit is priced around £1,895 with honed marble worktop and from £1,595 with solid surface worktop.

LABC Marlborough 600mm cotton white freestanding unit with arctic white lifestyle shot.jpg

Perfect for adding a timeless touch to slightly smaller bathrooms, the 600mm freestanding basin unit with underslung ceramic basin also comes with a choice of honed marble or solid surface worktop in white or carrara. In hand painted cotton white, cobblestone or charcoal, it is priced from £1,190 with honed marble worktop and £950 with solid surface worktop. Both new basin units come complete with chrome knobs while optional white porcelain knobs can be purchased separately for those wishing to give their unit a different look.

If you require a little extra storage space for towels and other bathroom essentials, the coordinating tallboy is now also available in the dark and dramatic charcoal finish in addition to the more neutral shades of cotton white and cobblestone. It is priced around £680.

With its traditional Shaker design, the classically styled Marlborough bathroom furniture range combines timeless styling with expert craftsmanship and incorporates units with five piece doors, which are finished with adjustable soft close hinges.

Helen Shaw, Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection’s marketing manager, says: “The popularity of our bestselling Marlborough furniture range continues to grow and these new additions extend the versatility of the range even further.”

Get That Summer Feeling With Two Super Cocktails

Nothing says summer like the chink of ice in a glass and a refreshing well made cocktail. Best served outside!

Strawberry Mojito Portrait.jpeg



  • 25ml strawberry syrup
  • 25ml Mekhong
  • 20ml lime
  • Torn mint leaves (x3)
  • 1 strawberry (chopped into 4)
  • Soda
  • Mint sprig to garnish


  • Fill tumbler with ice

  • Add 25ml strawberry syrup, 25ml Mekhong, 20ml lime

  • Chop 1 x strawberry into quarters then add + torn mint leaves

  • Top with soda, stir and garnish with mint sprig

Summer Breeze.jpeg



  • 25ml lychee syrup
  • 20ml lime
  • Soda
  • Cucumber (4 ½ moon discs)
  • Mint sprig to garnish


  • Fill stem glass with ice

  • Add 25ml lychee syrup, 20ml lime

  • Add 4 x ½ moon discs of cucumber

  • Top with soda and stir

  • Garnish with mint sprig

Both recipes are courtesy of Giggling Squid - who serve staggeringly good Thai food prepared by master Thai chefs. Known for their popular tapas menu at lunch with an extensive menu in the evenings.

Garden Lighting: Easy Ideas To Help Transform Your Outside Space

Collaborative Post

When it comes to garden lighting, many people think of security lights, designed to deter intruders, or perhaps of temporary installations for outdoor weddings or other parties. However, careful use of lighting can transform a garden and help make it a truly multi-functional after-dark space. Here are eight points to consider.

Outdoor wall lights

The popularity of outdoor wall lights means there is a fabulous selection of styles and designs on the market at a range of price points. Choose a supplier with an extensive choice, such as, for a good overview of what is available and what appeals to you. You may want to opt for a style that suits your home. Traditional designs made from dark metal and glass may work well with older properties. At the other end of the spectrum, contemporary designs lean towards the minimalist and tend to be sleek and unfussy. Merging the two, mid-century modernist designs will work well in just about any space. Whatever design you choose, modern technology can ensure that your lights are easy to use and efficient in their energy use. 

garden lighting.jpg

Incorporate Lighting Into Any Garden Redesign

Garden lighting should not be an afterthought. If you're at the start of a garden redesign, think about lighting options now. Remember that most cabling can go beneath the hard landscaping. Judicious planting may be able to disguise cabling that is added at a later stage. 

Use The Services Of A Qualified Electrician

Ensure a qualified electrician installs any cabled lighting. This is important both from a safety perspective and to ensure the cables are protected from rabbits and other tunnelling or gnawing animals. Using tubing reinforced with mesh adds an additional layer of protection. 

garden lighting 4.jpg

Illuminate From Above

Natural light originates from above. As a general rule, it is best to mimic this when illuminating outside spaces. Low wattage bulbs are most effective and can result in an eye-catching and memorable display. In any event, from a safety perspective it is essential to comply with the manufacturer's maximum wattage specification for any particular light fitting. LED lights can be an excellent choice. 

Subtle Illumination 

Many people are tempted to illuminate a single tree or bush by use of a spotlight. Despite their best intentions, this can lead to a security light effect that is anything but relaxing. You can avoid this by ensuring that your light is angled downwards. This will result in subtle pools of dappled light capable of illuminating a path or patio. Similarly, don't be tempted to light up an entire flight of steps. Illuminating alternate risers is usually far more aesthetically pleasing. 

garden lighting 2.jpg


Light pollution is a common cause of discord between neighbours. It has the potential to be a statutory nuisance and, as such, fall under the remit of local government. You can avoid this becoming a problem for you by thinking about how your proposed lighting might affect any neighbours and installing your choices with care and consideration. 


Inappropriate garden lighting can adversely affect wildlife. For example, moths can be disorientated by artificial lights and birds' sleep cycles can be disrupted, causing them to start singing well before dawn. Ensuring you retain dark areas within the garden, choosing low intensity lighting and turning the lights off when not in use are some of the ways you can minimise the impact on your garden wildlife

garden lighting 3.jpg

Garden Lighting Designers

If yours is a big space or if you are feeling unsure about how to illuminate your garden to best effect, you might want to engage the services of a professional garden lighting designer. As well as taking into account all the points raised above, they will work with you to ensure that your outside space is illuminated beautifully. Colour, lighting location, direction of lighting, installation, safety and cost of illumination all fall within their remit. 

With summer almost upon us, now is the perfect time to ensure your garden is in the best shape for you to enjoy it throughout the warmer months. Good lighting is an integral part of this. With a little thought and preparation, you can make your garden as visually appealing after dark as it is during daylight hours.

Living Walls: Vertical Garden Murals That Blend The Outdoors In

Lush living walls are cropping up around a few lucky cities, with vertical garden projects such as L’Oasis D’Aboukir and Musée du Quai Branly making a mark on architecture and offering the image of nature reclaiming the Earth, with greenery crawling up the sides of manmade structures.

Plant life decor is at the height of popularity in interior design, as finding ways to bring all things botanical to life within the home blossoms as a growing trend. This new collection of Living Wall murals allows for an immersive, visual vertical garden experience within the home, going beyond potted plants and forming a blur between your interior and exterior environments.


Environmentally Friendly Design

To celebrate the fact that all of their products are now created using environmentally friendly water-based inks and British paper sourced from FSC regulated forests, MuralsWallpaper have released a mural collection that meets our modern-day desire to re-establish a relationship with nature.


Give a room some greenhouse style with walls that are alive with overgrown beauty, and make a small space feel more breathable. Partner a Living Wall mural with scatterings of living greenery to create an oasis escape with this indoor-to-outdoor transition decor. 


Vertical lifestyle shot in collaboration with Ercol, featuring pieces: Teramo Small Dining Table and Butterfly Chair.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most

Collaborative Post

When it comes to home decor, it is often the little things that make the biggest difference. We have all been there. After finally clearing away the paint pots, removing the dust covers and putting the furniture back, you stand back to admire the results.

Of course, the room looks far better, but for some reason, you are still not 100% happy. In time, you come to realize that not bothering to repaint the doors was a mistake, a big one. When you redecorate and renew everything, the little things that are a bit ratty seem to stand out like a sore thumb. To make sure that does not happen, read on to find out which little jobs people forget to do or skip over when they redecorate.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most (1).jpg

Renew or repaint your skirting boards

Painting skirting boards is a bit of a pain. It is a tricky and uncomfortable job and if you do not take the time to rub them down properly they never end up looking right. Fortunately, replacing your skirting boards is a lot easier than it used to be. Firms like sell high-quality replacement skirting that is not expensive. Using this type of product, it does not take long to update your skirting boards and your room will look so much better when you do so. For a start, it gives you the chance to properly hide all of those awful cables you have been trying hard to ignore, for years.

Door handles

As we have already mentioned, it is a really good idea to repaint your doors when you redecorate. If you cannot face the idea of doing that, consider replacing them or using door stickers, instead. At the very least, take the door handles off and give them a deep clean. If they are too worn, replace them. These jobs will not take you long but they will make a huge difference to the overall finish of a room.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most (3).jpg

Fill in any gaps

Before you paint or re-paper, take the time to fill in any gaps that you have between your windows, door frames and skirting. It is much easier than trying to paint or paper over or around them. Plus, the overall finish of your walls will be so much better.

Dirty fixtures and fittings

If you are not planning to change your lighting fixtures, take them down and deep clean each one. They will look so much better. Plus, your room will feel far brighter if you clean the bulbs and glass lampshades.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most (2).jpg

Tips for snagging a newly decorated room

Before you put your furniture back, it is a good idea to do a quick snag check. Issues are much easier to spot and sort them out while the room is empty. This reduces the risk of things being damaged and saves you having to go through the trouble of moving your furniture again.

This comprehensive snag list is written with someone who is moving into a new house in mind. However, it can just as easily be used to help you to snag check a room you have just decorated.

Mixing and Matching Vintage and New

Extract from Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing.

A space doesn’t seem quite right when it’s filled only with brand-new furnishings. For me a home doesn’t feel done until there are some vintage items present. Why? I think it’s because vintage furniture and accessories bring a history and age with them that is impossible to replicate, even with the best faux finishing on earth.  

from Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing (3).jpg

Objects and furniture have the same type of inexplicable powers of attraction. Vintage pieces, much like vintage homes, give off a historic presence that gives your home a warmth and complexity that new objects cannot. I like to balance vintage pieces with newer items to make sure the space feels full of character but also fresh. But many people find vintage shopping to be totally daunting and overwhelming. Below are my tips for finding the best vintage pieces.

Look Low, Look High (But Mostly Low)

There are a lot of gorgeous showrooms that sell only the best vintage treasures. If I could afford to shop only in those places, I would. But for someone getting started in the vintage game, I’d stick to thrift shops and flea markets. There’s a Goodwill down the street from me that I go in almost every time I pass it. Eight out of ten times I find nothing, but occasionally I find something amazing. It’s a constant search. I still love going into high-end vintage and antique dealers, both for inspiration and on the off chance I can afford something in there. The more you spend on something, the more of a commitment it is. So dipping your feet in the thrift store/flea market pool is an unintimidating way to get started collecting vintage. 

from Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing (4).jpg

Follow Your Instincts

When shopping, sometimes you don’t know if you love something until hours later. But if it’s a flea market that may mean it’s too late. I tend to think that if you find yourself attracted to something, you should follow your instincts. I’ve had so many traumatic experiences at flea markets where I second-guessed myself only to realize later I passed up something awesome I totally should have snatched up. Usually your first impression of something is correct. 

Determine Your Quirk Quotient

The tough part about vintage is there’s a thin line between things that are awesome and things that are just tacky and gross. The easiest way to figure out if a vintage object is cool or disgusting is to imagine it styled on a bookcase with a stylish combination of new and old items. If it seems like something that will look great next to a bunch of other pieces, it’s probably awesome. If it looks like it’s gonna stick out like a sore thumb, it’s probably not a good buy. Take, for example, this little wooden duck bowl (above). It’s definitely weird, but when placed on a stack of books, on an elegant dresser, its quirkiness creates the perfect contrast to the sophisticated things surrounding it.

from Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing (2).jpg

Look for Handmade

While art from galleries and high-end boutiques can be very expensive, sourcing vintage art from thrift stores is a great way to grow your collection. While you might not be buying art by megafamous artists, this is a great way to find beautiful, handmade items that add personality to your home.

If It’s Awesome, It’s Worth Restoring

When I found this wooden bird candelabra (previous spread) at a thrift store, his beak had broken off and he was sad and all alone. So I paid the $4.99 he cost, took him home, and made a new nose for him (by filing a wooden dowel down using a pencil sharpener). If something is amazing and unique, it’s worth a little effort to restore it.

from Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing (5).jpg

Search for Items that Work Well Together

My ex-boyfriend and I found these two different busts (above) at a flea market and I knew immediately that they were meant to be together. I was so committed to their pairing that I gave them to him when I moved out because I couldn’t bear to see them separated. When planning what pieces you want to pair, think about mixing materials and making sure they are different heights (when grouping things it’s usually a good idea to make sure objects are different heights). 

Going Vintage Can Be a Great Way to Save on Foundational Items

Pieces like dressers, side tables, coffee tables, and other non-upholstered items can be found at flea markets and thrift stores at great prices. I exclude upholstered items here because they often need to be reupholstered, which can add significantly to their cost. Most of the dressers I’ve ever bought have been vintage. If they’re made out of quality wood and have been well taken care of, they’ll last forever. 

from Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing (1).jpg

Framing Vintage Art Makes It Look Way Important

Adding a frame to a painting on panel (such as the portrait featured above) is a great way to step it up. Many inexpensive artworks come on flat canvas panels or wood, which can look junky unframed. A frame with some heft adds to their visual presence and makes them look like a million bucks! 

Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life by Orlando Soria. Published by Prestel Publishing..jpg

Get it Together - An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life

by Orlando Soria.

Photographs by ©️ Zeke Ruelas.

Published by Prestel Publishing.

Just Landed: Eichholtz SS18 Collection At Houseology

Embrace the sophisticated luxury living of the Eichholtz collection. The epitome of opulent interior style, this exclusive homeware brand is inspired by founder Theo Eichholtz’s travels around some of the most prestigious design locations in the world. View the complete collection at Houseology.


Eichholtz offers a truly eclectic fusion of styles with a plethora of inspirations. Founded by Theo Eichholtz after his travels around the world, Eichholtz is now one of Europe’s largest designer furniture and homeware suppliers.


Eichholtz creates timeless and captivating collections that embody the restrained elegance that the brand has become known for. By remaining innovative and dynamic whilst still maintaining an enduring style throughout their range, they have become an unquestionably significant influence in the world of designer furniture.


Recipe of the Week - Blood Orange and Pomegranate Trifle

This week's recipe is from The Habit at the South London Gallery and is the perfect combination for a summer treat!

Set within one of Camberwell’s stunning Victorian buildings and art space, Head Chef John Hollins  (Formerly of Trinity, Clapham and The Goose, Oxford) has created a menu which has a sense of nostalgia and will be sure to transport diners back to childhood years.


Custard (Made in advance)

  • 3 large egg yolks
  • 100grms sugar
  • 100 mil whole milk
  • 150 ml double cream

Make a paste with yolks & sugar. simmer cream & milk, then whisk all ingredients together. Return to a medium heat, continue stirring until mixture thickens. Pass through a sift & chill.


Per 500 mil of juice you’ll need to soften 3 sheets of gelatin.

Juice 20 blood oranges, add half the juice to a pan & bring to a boil, once boiling, whisk in the softened gelatin, then add the rest of the juice. This will allow the jelly to cool & setting process will be quicker.

When setting the jelly add the seeds from one pomegranate.

Sponge (Made in advance)

  • 150grm sugar
  • 150grm butter
  • 150grm flour
  • 1 tea spoon of baking powder
  • 5 eggs
  • Zest of one orange

Cream together sugar & butter, then gently beat in eggs, zest, flour & baking powder.

Pour mixture into a lined tray, bake @ 170c for 25 – 30 mins

When all ingredients are ready, build your trifle…. Finish the top with toasted almonds

Cornerstone In Hackney Wick Now Open

Nathan Outlaw protégé, Tom Brown has opened his debut restaurant Cornerstone, located in Hackney Wick. The 46-cover restaurant showcases Tom’s own style of simple, clean and produce-driven cooking. Named after Tom’s favourite Arctic Monkeys track, Cornerstone offers a flexible and regularly changing menu dependent on what ingredients are available - ensuring only the best of British produce is used. 


Designed for sharing, dishes are priced between £8-£14 and include: Raw mackerel with lime pickle, coconut yogurt and crispy garlic; Marinated squid accompanied by black pudding, blood orange and a brown butter dressing; Roast cod served with Café de Paris hollandaise; Ox tongue served with salt cod, tomatoes and gremolata; and for dessert Cornerstone’s pear crumble accompanied by Earl Grey ice-cream or Coffee ice-cream sandwich served with a banana, pecan and rum sauce. British cheeses and homemade pickles are also available. 


The short international wine list comprises 22 bins, with 12 available by the glass from £6, and bottles from £22 with a focus on natural, organic and biodynamic wines to complement the menu. The list has been carefully selected by Tom and the team who will work closely with suppliers to ensure the menu is kept exciting and relevant. Home infused cocktails are also available from £8.50, such as ‘One For The Road’ (Blood oranges, Red vermouth, Dewar’s 12-year-old scotch, Cherry) and ‘Fireside’ (QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal, Vine Leaf syrup, Egg whites, Lemon). These will be served alongside a good selection of local craft beer and bottled beers. 


Cornerstone have also partnered up with Cornish distillery, The Wrecking Coast to create a unique and bespoke gin available exclusively to the restaurant. Cornerstone’s gin is light and fresh with citrus tones, the perfect accompaniment to seafood. It has been distilled with cloudy apple juice from Polgoon Orchard in Cornwall rather than water and contains botanicals such as; Juniper, Coriander seeds; Liquorice root, Angelica root, Seville orange, Lemon, Lime and Rosehip. The Cornerstone G&T (Cornerstone gin, Apple, Samphire and Herbal Tonic) is the restaurant’s signature cocktail and priced at £8.50. 


The interiors have been designed by East London based architects, Holland Harvey who have used a minimal approach to materials and lighting to create a bright and elegant space with a comfortable informality. The kitchen is situated in the centre of the restaurant and doubles up as a counter-bar, seating 11 guests. There are also additional touches personal to Tom including a 5000-year-old oak table, seating 10 guests commissioned especially after being salvaged from a river in Croatia. The lounge area at the front of the restaurant is furnished with high back benches from Ercol – perfect for a pre or post dinner drink. 


Opening Times: Tuesday-Saturday, lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday and Monday.  Address: 3 Prince Edward Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LX

Brand New Bed Linen Collection from Anna Jacobs

We've been fans of Anna Jacobs for some time so when we heard that she was adding bed linen to her collections of homewares we couldn't wait to share. Anna believes that colour within our bedroom décor plays a huge part in creating a feeling of harmony. And with that in mind she has created four bed linen sets in four colour ways, each of which has been carefully curated from her own original and absolutely stunning art work.

 Sipping Nectar

Sipping Nectar

Sipping Nectar combines the most beautiful shades of blues and greens to create a wonderfully vibrant yet relaxing bedroom. Combining the colours of the ocean and trees relaxes and nourishes the soul; perfect for the bedroom. The tiny yet extraordinary hummingbird features in the design as Anna became fascinated by them after seeing them in the San Francisco hills.

 Beak Street

Beak Street

The pattern on Beak Street originates from the humming bird’s beak in Anna’s pen and ink painting of Sipping Nectar. A humming bird feeds little and often, with an almost constant flow of nectar nourishing it. This circular design reflects that and provides a wonderful foil for more illustrative patterns.

 Chinese Tree

Chinese Tree

Chinese Tree in Blush is inspired by a much loved Robinia tree at the bottom of her parents garden. Even on the dullest days the extraordinary yellow green of the leaves would hold the glow of the sun, creating a happy warmth. To temper the colour within this design, Anna has added a subtle blush pink background to soften the edges and create the feeling of a perfect summer’s day

 Beak Street

Beak Street

Anna Jacobs is offering an exciting pre-sell discount of 25% off standard prices for a limited time only.
Double: £135 (pre sell £100)
King: £149 (pre-sell £110)
Super King: £165 (pre-sell £125)

The prices listed represent a special pre-order price which is a 25% reduction on the full retail price for a limited period only. Once Anna Jacobs reaches the minimum numbers required, manufacturing will start and any orders placed after that point will be sold at the full retail price. Delivery will be approximately 90 days after manufacturing begins. Visit for full T&C’s.

Win Two Interiors Books For Vintage Lovers

It's that time again where we are giving away two inspirational books for the vintage lovers outdoor.

The Vintage Home by Judith Miller

Vintage Home is both a practical collector’ s guide – what to look out for – and a celebration of the period. It covers both serious and costly designer creations, which sell in major auction houses worldwide, and cheerful mass-produced kitsch, which you can pick up in car boot sales, charity shops, flea markets and yard sales. It looks at objects from around the world that were made for every taste and budget.

  The Vintage Home is published by Jacqui Small

The Vintage Home is published by Jacqui Small

Modern Retro by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, 

In that yawning gap between the antique and the new, there is something else. Some call it vintage, some retro, but whatever the name the concept is the same – the objects and furniture that are not quite old and not quite new, but are always original and unique. Modern   Retro looks at this fascinating area of design and decoration. The arrangement of rooms – where to put what – has always been a vital part of successful interior decoration, and it is even more important when it comes to creating an interior that is a mixture of the expected and the completely unexpected. It is an art and it requires a real skill, for there has to be respect for every objet trouvé , as well as an understanding of how each element will work best. Modern  Retro   shows how to combine, how to edit and how to put the unlikely and the unusual together in a sympathetic way. Inspiration and ideas occupy every page of this absorbing book. 

  The Retro Home is published by Jacqui Small

The Retro Home is published by Jacqui Small

For a chance to win a copy of each of these amazing books make sure to click the link below and fill out the form - That's all you have to do! Good Luck!

Terms and conditions: The prize draw is open to individuals in the UK residents aged 18 or over. Any person or persons connected with Heart Home magazine, without limit, their families, agents, or anyone else involved in the administration of this offer are not eligible to enter. All entries must be received by 06:00 7th June. By entering this competition you consent to share your email, name and postcode with Heart Home magazine, who may wish to send you mailings in the future. There will be one winner who will receive the prize above. The prize must be accepted as offered (there are no cash alternatives) and they are non-transferable and non-refundable. The winners will be chosen from the list, at random, on 8th June and the winners will be notified by email or post within 7 days. No correspondence will be entered into. Unclaimed prizes will be redrawn after 28 days of the original draw. Heart Home magazine reserves the right to replace the prize with a product of equal value, if necessary. The winners will be asked to confirm their postal address before the prize is awarded. Details of the winners may be posted on the Heart Home magazine website and Facebook page. By entering this competition, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions above. Promoter: Heart Home magazine, 4 Oak Crescent, Wickford, Essex, SS11 7FF.

Weekend Project: Colourful Hexagon Corkboards

Yes we know it promises to be a sunny weekend, but if you get itchy feet while lounging in the garden then this project is for you. It won't take up much time and you'll achieve beautiful, colourful cork boards for your home office without the hefty Etsy price tag. 
With a sheet of cork and Rust-Oleum paint, you can create the perfect tessellating hexagon cork board to fit your personal interior colour scheme.  And a little tip - we chose Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint (available in 42 colours) to complete this project, ensuring a flawless finish without brush marks. 

Rust-Oleum Colourful Cork Boards (2).jpg


  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint. We chose Blossom White, Candy Pink and French Lilac  
  • Sheet of cork  
  • Cutting mat
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Stanley knife
  • Tape
  • Paper template  
Rust-Oleum Colourful Cork Boards (1).jpg


STEP ONE Take your template and mark out a design on the back of the cork. We used a ruler alongside our template to ensure straight lines. 
STEP TWO Place the cork on a cutting mat. Using your stanley knife, carefully cut through the cork. You may need to go over each line a few times with the stanley knife, depending on how thick your cork is.  
STEP THREE On the front of each cork hexagon, mask areas that you do not wish to paint with tape, ensuring each piece of tape if pressed down firmly.  
STEP FOUR  Holding the can approximately 30cm from the surface, spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke. For best results, whilst spraying keep the can the same distance from the surface and keep the can in motion. 

You will see that some of the paint will absorb into the cork! Apply several light coats a few minutes apart for full coverage. 

For stockist information and more inspiration please visit  

Bethan Gray Launches First Lighting Collections

Award-winning Welsh designer Bethan Gray is launching two collections of table lights, wall lights and pendant lights, handcrafted by master artisans from Italian marble, at Milan Design Week.

The first collection has been developed from her Victoria tea set and features a relief pattern, hand-carved from Arabescato marble by Italian master craftsmen, paired with brushed brass to add warmth.

The second collection has come out of Bethan’s Alice collection, originally inspired by the spectacular black and white stone configurations found in historical buildings across Europe, in particular the 12th century Cathedral in Siena.

As well as lights, the original collection of black and white marble table-top pieces originally launched in Milan 2013, returns with a new slimmer, more refined profile. The extended collection now also features a large bowl and a set of three cake stands. 

BG_0218_ 156v1 copy.jpg
BG_0218_ 167 copy.jpg

The Return of the Avocado Bathroom?

You may have thought that the avocado bathroom was firmly in the past, but here it has been reinvented by Boundary Space, an innovative architecture and luxury interior design practice based in London and working internationally.

"Even at the luxury end of the bathroom market, there has been little innovation in sanitary-ware in recent years, so when a client of ours in the film industry asked us to design them something unique, we wondered if it was time for a revival. We wanted to create a sense of glamour and so often designers think glamour and end up with a deco inspired look. We wanted a fresher take on a classic design and looked instead to the glamour of PanAM, Farrah Fawcett and the 70’s, which led us to the avocado palette!"

Avocado Bathroom from Boundary Space (1).jpg

This palette is then brought up to date with bespoke lighting, ‘chunky’ brushed brass taps and ironmongery and ‘cool’ grey Carrara marble. The use of greys continues into the joinery and furniture. Allowing the avocado to be the focus, the palette is kept quite clipped to create a sense of calm, with photography chosen to compliment and add ‘splashes’ of colour.  

"The client wanted a sense of luxury, without being stuffy and classical. Space is always luxurious and the bath next to a fireplace adds an element of decadence, turning the room into a destination. We also incorporate clever storage solutions into our bathrooms, such as the full height cabinet recessed into what was an alcove next to a chimney and shallow vanity units concealed behind bespoke mirrors. These architectural touches help to continue that feeling of an airy, uncluttered space."

Avocado Bathroom from Boundary Space (2).jpg

The sink is from Kohler and is a Kathryn pedestal sink, which had to be refinished to achieve this colour. Similarly, the bath is a Soho from JEE-O which was custom sprayed.

Avocado Bathroom from Boundary Space (3).jpg

Hopefully soon all this expensive refinishing will not be needed, and bathrooms can break out of the white and embrace some colour! 

Ovenclean’s Top 5 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips!

With the weather finally getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to throw open the doors and windows for a thorough spring clean! The kitchen is a great place to start your spring cleaning, but can often be an overwhelming task!

We’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for tackling spring cleaning the kitchen to hopefully make it a far less arduous chore:


1. Tackle your windows - Use mild soap and warm water to initially clean the window, rubbing away the dirt and dust. Then mix one-part water with one-part distilled vinegar to really cut through the grime and leave your windows gleaming! Finally, wipe away any remaining streaks with either some kitchen towel, or ideally a microfibre cloth, and your windows will be left spotlessly clean – allowing all that spring sunshine into your home!

2. Wash your washing machine – According to some recent research done by Appliances Direct, the washing machine is the least cleaned item in the house, cleaned on average once per year! If you don’t clean your washing machine, you may well notice it starts to smell of mould, which could also start affecting the smell of your clothes… Cleaning out the drawer will help remove any built-up detergent that might have started going mouldy, and running an empty wash every now and again will help to clear the drum. Check your washing machine instructions too as many now have a cleaning function built-in!

Ovenclean working mums.jpg

3. Get your oven deep cleaned – As Britain’s most-hated chore, why not get your oven professionally cleaned by one of Ovenclean’s trained specialists? Having a professional oven clean will only take a couple of hours and will transform the quality of your food. A dirty oven also affects the efficiency of an oven, meaning it takes longer to get to the correct temperature and may also affect the cooking time.

Food particles stuck to the grill become charred, and research shows that charred food may contain cancer-causing agents. Plus, bacteria can also grow in those food particles; therefore, it is imperative that ovens are properly cleaned. Ovenclean’s specialists use a unique, environmentally friendly caustic soda free cleaning system, which rids ovens of germs and leaves them ready to use again as soon as they’ve finished.

Untitled Session 83.JPG

4. Clean out your refrigerator – This is really a job that should be done regularly, not just for spring cleaning. Make sure you empty out any old jars lurking at the back and wipe down all surfaces. Don’t forget to clean the fridge gulley at the back – so that any condensation can drain properly. Use a cotton bud, toothpick or pipe cleaner to clear out any debris but always check your fridge handbook to avoid causing damage.

5. Clean your dishwasher – Like the washing machine, the dishwasher also needs regular TLC. Baking soda and a damp cloth can be very effective at removing any food stains and also getting rid of bad odours. Another top tip is to run a hot cycle with nothing but a cup of distilled vinegar on the top shelf.

Breaking up your kitchen spring cleaning tasks into these manageable chunks will hopefully mean it’s not such a daunting prospect, and getting a bit of help from your local Ovenclean specialist will help even further!

Sophie Robinson x Secret Linen Store

Secret Linen Store are incredibly excited to announce the launch of this brand new collaboration with renowned British interior designer, Sophie Robinson.

[Secret Linen Store] Sophie Robinson collection (1), from £14.jpg

Sophie's passion for colour has had a huge influence on this collection, and has really infiltrated every little detail. She wanted to create something that she'd happily have in her own home, and that meant incorporating colours that spark an emotion. Persuading people to move away from using beige has always been a priority, but that doesn't mean randomly choosing colours at the expense of the rest of the room. They need to become part of a scheme, not overpower it, and with this new collection there's a consensus between Sophie, Molly and Hatty that this has really been achieved.  

[Secret Linen Store] Pompom coral bed linen set (1), £14-99.jpg

From the outset, they wanted to design and make a collection that sits perfectly with both the Secret Linen Store brand, and Sophie's vibrantly colourful style. All of their favourite yarns/fabrics from the Secret Linen Store arsenal have been deployed for this collection, only this time with a sprinkling of the Sophie Robinson magic. It comprises three unique bed linen ranges, a choice of two bright colours in frilled pillowcases, and a fun knitted pompom cushion and throw set. 

[Secret Linen Store] Sophie Stripe bed linen set (1), £14-115.jpg
[Secret Linen Store] Sophie Robinson collection (2), from £14.jpg

The team have had a whole lot of fun working with Sophie on this, and they're so pleased to finally share it with the world. We're looking forward to those weekend lie ins just writing about it! 

[Secret Linen Store] Dazzling blue linen set (2), £18-175.jpg

"The intense hue of Dazzling Blue was an absolute favourite from the start, so much so there are two designs using this colour! Blue is the perfect colour for bedrooms as it’s intrinsically calming, but this rich tone feels very cosy and luxurious too. I have to say I absolutely love it!" Sophie Robinson

The collection will be available to pre-order from Wednesday 2nd May, and fully available to purchase from Friday 4th May. 


Brown Butter, Almond & Rose Mini Bundts

Extract from the brand new Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum, with contributions from street food traders and restaurants including Beigel Shop, Blanchette, Chez Elles, St Sugar of London, Cafe 1001 and Moo Cantina, Brick Lane Cookbook is a culinary map of the East End’s tastiest street and a snapshot of London at its multifaceted, chaotic, crazy best.

I first discovered brown butter on holiday in France when I made it to add to a cake. I was so delighted with the results that I rushed to show my friend excitedly. ‘Look! Butter has almost turned into caramel!’ Who knew such alchemy? Back in London I decided to experiment further with brown butter, adding it to biscuits and tart shells – I was convinced browning butter was absolutely the best way to eat it. I decided to make mini bundt cakes using my mum’s old tin and, of course, brown butter had to feature in the recipe. The colour of these little cakes reminded me of the golden flakes of baklava pastry, so I’ve added a Middle Eastern twist with a rose-scented icing.

One of these is never enough so double up the recipe if you’re a greedy sort like me.- Dina Begum.

 Makes 12

Makes 12


  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 40g ground almonds
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 110g self-raising flour
  • 2 tablespoons milk


  • 100g icing sugar
  • 2 drops pink food colouring (optional)
  • 2–3 tablespoons milk
  • 2 teaspoons rosewater
  • 50g flaked almonds, toasted
  • 12 ring mini bundt tin


  • Place the butter in a stainless steel pan on medium heat (you need to be able to monitor the colour of the butter so you don’t burn it).
  • The butter will begin to foam after about 30 seconds. Cook for a further three or four minutes until it starts to smell nutty, almost caramel-like. You will begin to see small particles of milk solid at the bottom on the pan. Once done, take the pan off the heat and leave to cool for about ten minutes. Now preheat the oven to 180C (160C fan). Generously grease your bundt tins, dust with flour and shake off the excess.
  • When the butter has cooled, transfer to a mixing bowl and cream together with the sugar, salt, ground almonds and vanilla and almond extracts. Whisk the eggs in a small bowl, then beat them into the butter and sugar mixture. Pour in half the flour and mix thoroughly, then add the milk and remaining flour. Mix until you have a smooth, thick batter.
  • Divide the batter between the bundt rings, filling them to about a centimetre from the top. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes or until lightly risen and pale gold. If you’re anything like me you’ll find the scent of freshly baked cake irresistible and will want to dig right in but don’t, unless you want broken halves of warm sponge in your hand!
  • Let the cakes cool completely in the tin for about an hour, then run a thin butter knife around the edge of each cake and ease them out.
  • Place the cakes on a baking rack or a flat dish and prepare the icing.
  • Put the icing sugar in a small bowl and add the pink food colouring, two tablespoons of milk and the rosewater. Mix together to make a pretty pink icing, runny enough to drizzle – if it looks too thick add another tablespoon of milk. Top each cake with a teaspoon or so of the icing, gently coaxing drips down the sides.
  • Top with some flaked almonds and serve with a fragrant cup of masala tea.

Brick Lane Cookbook by Dina Begum is published in hardback by Kitchen Press, priced at £20.

Available on Amazon

The Victorian Style Nowadays

Victorian architecture took place in the United Kingdom in the mid-19th century. It’s named after Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901, the so-called Victorian era. Many of the most famous elements of typical Victorian architecture were not popularized until the end of her reign. This style is characterised by eclecticism, in other words, the mixing of different architectural trends in a way in which everything has a sense of unity (everything is connected). It's a moment of historical revivals, often mixed with features from the Middle East and Asia.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (2).jpg

Today, Victorian architecture is alive and well. It’s even possible to find properties in this style and have a lovely home for a reasonable price. Victorian houses have their own unique personality, but they also share common characteristics. Sometimes these can be a bit scary. They are usually narrow and high, often three-storey dwellings, with a front porch that marks the entrance to the house. The kitchens used to be in the back, because it was an area reserved for servants and, therefore, didn't have a privileged place. The spacious living rooms and the rest of the spaces were decorated with mouldings on the ceiling and walls. It was a very important decorative piece and it involved a great deal of carpentry work. Nowadays, the houses that wanted to keep their special style still have them.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (3).jpg

Thanks to the opportunities offered by interior design, new furniture can be placed in antique-looking places without making it seem weird. It is very common to find stark contrasts in this type of homes, such as modern design items with other vintage ones. The mix of styles and materials can always look good if it's done with good taste. However, lovers of the classical style can take advantage of this to recover the old furniture of their ancestors, because the antiquities look wonderful in this type of houses.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (1).jpg