Bottle Terrarium Workshop With Forest London

Learn to make a self-sustaining bottle terrarium with Terrarium expert Judith Baehner of Het Groenlab at the gorgeous plant shop, Forest. With passion and knowledge, Judith will explain how to make your own 5 litre bottle garden and teach you the secrets of how to build it, how it works once sealed, and which plants you can use.


Judith is an indoor plant guru, plant architect and botanical author from the Netherlands. She shares her passion for plants in her books, magazine articles, lectures, workshops and buildings. One of her latest books, 'Groen in glas', explains the science behind bottle terrariums, which she will pass on to you during this 2 hour workshop.


You will get to take your bottle terrarium home with you along with an instruction booklet on how to get it started and keep it happy.


Date - Friday 26th October 2018, Time - 7:30pm - 9:30pm, Location - Forest, Deptford Market Yard, Deptford, SE8 4NS. Book here!

Something for the Weekend - Get Dotty for Polka Dots

Polka dots are synonymous with fun. And with polka dots appearing on the runways by just about every notable fashion designer, it’s time to bring couture into your interior scheme by using geometric paint patterns to mimic the design.

Contemporary yet deliciously retro, the polka dot pattern works throughout the home with contrasting or complementary shades

 On the walls - Pashmina, Matt Emulsion. For the dots - Copper, Metallic Emulsion. On the woodwork - Jet Black, Non Drip Gloss.

On the walls - Pashmina, Matt Emulsion. For the dots - Copper, Metallic Emulsion. On the woodwork - Jet Black, Non Drip Gloss.

Alternatively, adopt the playful nature of the design, and create imperfect alternatives to the traditional pattern by painting freehand spots. Using metallic shades to create these shapes will add an additional layer of fun.

 On the walls - Hare, Matt Emulsion. For the dots - City Break, Matt Emulsion.

On the walls - Hare, Matt Emulsion. For the dots - City Break, Matt Emulsion.

“One great way to add character to a space is with a textured or metallic emulsion. Rather than paint an entire wall, why not stencil metallic or textured paint in circles on to a monochromatic base to add areas of drama and interest.” Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant

All paints shown are from Crown Paints.

Left to right:

  • City Break, Matt Emulsion, from £14 for 2.5l.

  • Millionaire, Metallic Emulsion, from £19 for 1.25l.

  • Pashmina, Matt Emulsion, from £14 for 2.5l.

  • Striking, Metallic Emulsion, from £19 for 1.25l.

Halloween Nights With John Lewis

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Is it too early to talk Halloween yet? Well with it fast approaching before you know, we thought it would be best to share some decorating ideas to incorporate into your own feast.

John Lewis & Partners Owl LED Plaque £12, Halloween Pumpkin & Spider Tinsel Wreath £18.jpg

This Halloween host your own fright fest with these scary yet stylish decorations and accessories, available from John Lewis & Partners. From pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets and wreaths to skull glasses and hanging decorations, you’re sure to find everything you need for the spooktacular season.

John Lewis & Partners Pre Lit Black Tree 60CM £22, Black Owl 24 CM £10.jpg

Pre Lit Black Tree 60CM £22, Black Owl 24 CM £10

John Lewis & Partners Day of the Dead 85G Bar £2.50, Day of the Dead 7pk Slims £3.50.jpg

Day of the Dead 85G Bar £2.50, Day of the Dead 7pk Slims £3.50

John Lewis & Partners Pre Lit Black Tree 60CM Battery Operated £22, Glass Skull Tealight Holder £5.jpg

Pre Lit Black Tree 60CM Battery Operated £22, Glass Skull Tealight Holder £5

Herb Crusted Salmon with a Crunchy Kale and Beetroot Salad, and Lemon Butter Sauce

If you’re on the lookout for a healthy Autumnal lunch or supper we have just this dish for you. This salmon, kale and beetroot salad packs plenty of flavour and crunch and is off the scale healthy-wise too!

 Serves 2

Serves 2

What you will need:

2 salmon fillets

  • 170g fresh bread crumbs

  • 2 tablespoons of butter, melted

  • 2 tablespoons chopped tarragon leaves

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

For the salad:

  • Large bunch of shredded kale

  • 1/2 red onion - thinly sliced

  • Pickled beetroot - thinly sliced

  • Handful of mint

  • Handful of cashew nuts

  • Pumpkin seeds

  • Olive oil

  • 50ml of lemon juice

  • 1 clove of garlic, minced

For the Lemon Butter Sauce:

  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


  • Preheat the oven to 280C. Blend the tarragon with breadcrumbs and add salt and pepper. Once blended, stir in butter.

  • Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large pan and sear two salmon fillets over high heat for 2 minutes, skin side up. Flip the fillets and top each with the crumb mixture. Transfer the pan to the oven and bake for 10 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through.

  • To make the salad, massage kale with a little olive oil, then combine with red onion, beetroot, mint and cashew nuts.

  • Combine 50ml of olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic and black pepper, and drizzle this mixture over the top of the salad.

  • To make the lemon butter sauce, melt butter in pan, then add the lemon juice. Add in the Worcestershire sauce, then remove from heat and allow to cool

  • Dish out salad and top with herb crusted salmon fillets, pour the lemon butter sauce over the top of the fillets and then sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and black pepper.

TOP TIP: For fuss free fish and sauce, straight from the freezer, try The Saucy Fish Co.’s Herb Crusted Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce. Available at Ocado.

Colours of the Season with Lovely Sofas

Each and every snazzy new sofa from Lovely Sofas is made to order in their Lancashire workshops which means customers can pick their own fabric from any of the beautiful fabric collections on offer.  There are clever velvets, cosy wools, and textured weaves to name a few, all perfect for creating an inviting sofa to nestle into on a cold night.  But what about the colour?  There are lots of pleasing shades to choose from making it super easy to stay on trend this AW18.

  Don Large Sofa - Shown here in Downton Marigold Luxury Velvet. This rather refined sofa plays nicely with all sorts of décor. Its design is simplicity itself, with a fixed upholstered back rather than cushions and wooden legs rather than a base frame. Just add a cat, a dog or some kids and you’ll feel right at home. Amalfi Fresco wallpaper from Graham and Brown.

Don Large Sofa - Shown here in Downton Marigold Luxury Velvet. This rather refined sofa plays nicely with all sorts of décor. Its design is simplicity itself, with a fixed upholstered back rather than cushions and wooden legs rather than a base frame. Just add a cat, a dog or some kids and you’ll feel right at home. Amalfi Fresco wallpaper from Graham and Brown.

Pretty in Pink

Whether it’s baby pink, soft dusky pink or bright bubblegum we are loving this feminine shade in our homes for this coming season.  Pink works really well with other pastel colours and is thought to bring warmth to a room, perfect for the seasons ahead.

  Frankie Large Sofa, shown here in Downton Mallow Luxury Velvet. With its eye-catching, deep buttoned back, The Frankie says “look at me” without being too showy about it. You can up the stakes with a bold colour (like the pink in the pic) or play it subtle with something earthy. Either way, it’ll look gorgeous every time you walk in the room. Volare wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Frankie Large Sofa, shown here in Downton Mallow Luxury Velvet. With its eye-catching, deep buttoned back, The Frankie says “look at me” without being too showy about it. You can up the stakes with a bold colour (like the pink in the pic) or play it subtle with something earthy. Either way, it’ll look gorgeous every time you walk in the room. Volare wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Going Green

Jewel colours are great for the festive season and bring a touch of glamour to the home.  Shown above is the gorgeously stylish Gracie Love Seat, featuring comfy scatter back cushions and elegant piping on the arms.  Alternatively, for something more formal, the Lottie Sofa below boasts a traditional deep buttoned diamond design on both its back and high sides making it supremely welcoming. 

  Lottie Large Sofa, shown here in Downton Chive Luxury Velvet. Super elegant and stylish, The Lottie is all about clean linear design, with high sides and a polished wooden frame underneath. But it wouldn’t be a Lovely Sofa if it was all about looks. A traditional, deep buttoned diamond design on the back and inner sides make the sofa all soft and welcoming too. Bugs silver wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Lottie Large Sofa, shown here in Downton Chive Luxury Velvet. Super elegant and stylish, The Lottie is all about clean linear design, with high sides and a polished wooden frame underneath. But it wouldn’t be a Lovely Sofa if it was all about looks. A traditional, deep buttoned diamond design on the back and inner sides make the sofa all soft and welcoming too. Bugs silver wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Good as Gold

Last but certainly not least, where would we be without a splash of gold in our homes and the trend forecasters are predicting it will be used with even more impact this AW season.  Forget small token accessories and go bold it seems!  The Linda Sofa looks absolutely gorgeous in this luxurious colour, shown below in soft clever velvet. 

  Linda Large Sofa - Shown here in Amalfi Buttercup Clever Velvet. Here the classic Chesterfield has had a modern makeover and the result is one of the most popular sofas. Sweeping scroll arms, aged wooden legs and deep-buttoning give it a timeless traditional look, but a plain, coil-sprung seat gives it a modern twist as well as lots of lovely extra boinginess. Beau Gatsby wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Linda Large Sofa - Shown here in Amalfi Buttercup Clever Velvet. Here the classic Chesterfield has had a modern makeover and the result is one of the most popular sofas. Sweeping scroll arms, aged wooden legs and deep-buttoning give it a timeless traditional look, but a plain, coil-sprung seat gives it a modern twist as well as lots of lovely extra boinginess. Beau Gatsby wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Artist Emma Lindström Launches Aura - a New Wallpaper Collection for Photowall

We’re very excited about this exclusive new design collaboration between the Swedish artist Emma Lindström and Photowall. As we’re always on a quest to find fresh new designs for making our homes just a bit more different, this couldn’t be more up our street. The wallpaper collection Aura, includes 12 acrylic paintings with abstract and vibrant colour compositions. With harmonious and organic expressions, each wallpaper design invites you to experience visual relaxation and serenity.  

Artist Emma Lindström Launches Aura - a New Wallpaper Collection for Photowall (3).jpg

Emma Lindström is an established Swedish artist with several successful exhibitions in the USA and Europe. Her artistic work process has been a long journey with many years of experimenting with different techniques, colours and materials – something that is constantly varying and developing. At the same time, it is Emma’s mood, feeling and pure chance that guide the visual expression.

Artist Emma Lindström Launches Aura - a New Wallpaper Collection for Photowall (2).jpg

The work always starts with selecting a specific colour scheme. Either based on a specified customer order or Emma’s current mood. “When I start creating, I enter into a meditative-like state. I allow intuition to speak and process to lead the way. The first stages of the process include pouring and splashing with acrylic colours and various media. After that, I get on to the detailed work with lines and smoothing out techniques that shapes the final artwork,” says Emma.

Artist Emma Lindström Launches Aura - a New Wallpaper Collection for Photowall (4).jpg
Artist Emma Lindström Launches Aura - a New Wallpaper Collection for Photowall (1).jpg

AURA is sold exclusively at Photowall. The collection includes 12 motifs and can be ordered as made-to-measure wall murals costing £30 per square metre.

Unicorn Vibes With MuralsWallpaper

This mural design was created by MuralsWallpaper with the question in mind, 'what would it look like if a unicorn exploded?' The result is a pastel palette paradise that gives unicorn-themed design a fresh, abstract feel.


The explosive influence of the unicorn trend can be seen everywhere, and now the trend can make a big splash in the interior design world with a mural inspired by an exploded unicorn that transforms a space into a candy coloured dreamland.

This imaginative wallpaper captures the unicorn-everything craze that everyone is head over hooves for, featuring pastel paint splashes and splatters that would comically be expected of a unicorn explosion. 


The colourful mural provides people with a cool way to incorporate the unicorn trend in their interiors with a design that isn't too literal, but captures the essence of what makes the magic of unicorns so appealing. This product is for any fan of unicorns who wants to decorate with the trend in their home in a way that's far from conventional. 

The mural works well in a bedroom or living space for a playful, feminine look that is the stuff of legends. 


From £30.00 per square metre: 

3 Style Tips for Mindfulness in Your Home

Mindfulness and the wellness trend is growing, and it’s definitely here to stay. So it’s no wonder that creating a serene, happy space has become a huge interior trend to explore. It’s all about combining the best of Scandi comfort and health-focused influences - think aromatherapy, colour psychology, and lots of plants and greenery.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice shares with us her 3 tips on how to create a relaxing space that can also boost wellness.

 Bergamo Oak Bed

Bergamo Oak Bed

1. Introduce small, meaningful accessories

When it comes to embracing a happier and productive space, a little goes a long way. “The trick is to decorate smart,” says Rebecca. “Go with decor elements that will easily switch up the ambiance of the room, like scented candles and aroma diffusers for an instant pick-me-up.”
Sarah Duncan, Reiki therapist and founder of Soul Candles, discusses the benefits of these stylish and practical accessories, and the importance of turning the home into a sanctuary. “I’m a big believer in the effects and benefits of using aromatherapy oils in the home, and the two easiest ways of going about it are with candles and diffusers.
“While candles can really set the mood, you can get the same effects - and do away with potential fire risks - by opting for a diffuser, and then selecting the right oils for the right space. For example, our Relax range is ideal for the bedroom and winding down after a long day - notes like lavender, geranium and ylang ylang will lift your mood and improve cognitive function. For livelier spaces, such as the living or dining room, go with our Uplift range to awaken the senses.

FC Bergamo Oak Bed £299.99 Main Detail1 (1).jpg

2. Decorate with natural materials and plenty of Greenery

It’s no secret that natural homeware and decor are big this year, with rattan pieces and the tropical aesthetic shaping up to be hot summer favourites.
“Woven rugs, wooden furniture and rattan baskets are ideal picks for this look,” Rebecca says. “They lend a handcrafted appeal that complements the understated, calm tones of the space.”
“This is also a perfect opportunity to exercise creativity and incorporate some DIY decor. So whether it’s customised shelving or macrame wall art, the end result is a personalised creation that scores big on style without breaking the bank.”
Another mood lifter to consider: indoor plants. “Greenery can be key when it comes to promoting productivity and a healthier wellbeing,” says Rebecca.  “Succulents and cacti are easy to care for, but for a statement-worthy investment, a terrarium would make for a stunning feature piece.”

 Milton White Dining Table and Kendal Dining Chair

Milton White Dining Table and Kendal Dining Chair

3. Build a calm, energised setting with colours and textures

Taking visual cues from the Hygge craze last year, neutrals can set the mood for a relaxing space. “Taupe, ivory and trendy sage lend a sophisticated look that’ll work beautifully for a calm interior,” Rebecca advises. “These hues are a great foundation to work with, matching easily with other colours, and can be kept pared back or dressed up depending on your preferences.”

"Neutral tones are also perfect as a background for more dramatic accent colours. Sunny shades like yellow provide a cheerful burst of creativity, while giving your space charm and personality.”
“And when it comes to dialling up the comfort, layer in different textures. Think elements like a plush sofa, soft throws and even a fluffy faux fur rug for a huge boost in cosiness.”

 Cassie Corner Sofa

Cassie Corner Sofa

Founded in 2005, is an independent furniture retailer. The company combines a deep knowledge of contemporary furniture manufacturing with first-class e-commerce expertise.

Make Life Easier with a Stiltz Home Lift

Advertisement Feature

For homeowners who are starting to find stairs a challenge, but love their home and do not want to move or downsize, Stiltz Home Lifts offer access to all areas of the home with a unique range of ‘through the floor’ domestic lifts.

The Stiltz Home Lift has been designed to make life easier by providing a discreet and practical alternative to using the stairs making it much simpler to move around the house - all at the touch of a button.

Unlike old-fashioned stairlifts, a lift can transport passengers from floor to floor in under 30 seconds, does not block up the stairs, is whisper quiet, and the larger lift accommodates a full-sized wheelchair.


Who can a Stiltz Home Lift help?

A home lift is ideal for any who has mobility issues stemming from an operation, accident or illness, who is asthmatic, suffers from a heart condition, or any other issue that means taking the stairs are a challenge. A Stiltz home lift is a safe, comfortable and stylish way to independently travel between floors.

How does a Stiltz Home Lift work?

With an intelligent, modular design the award-winning Stiltz Home Lift fits into almost any location in the home and is entirely self-supporting, so no load bearing walls are needed. The only work required is creation of a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors, and if you install one in the turn of the stairs, not even a ceiling aperture will be needed. The Stiltz home lifts are powered by a super-efficient, self-contained motor and plugs straight into a normal mains power socket – just like any household appliance.


Which Stiltz Home Lifts do you offer?

The Stiltz range is available in two models: the two-person Stiltz Duo+ Home Lift and the new wheelchair-accessible, three-person Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift which includes a gently-angled integral ramp for easier wheelchair access.

The solid-sided, entry-level Duo and Trio Classic models feature a unique thru-car option allowing users to enter into through one side of the lift on the ground level and leave from the other side once it has reached the upper floor.

What features does a Stiltz Home Lift include?

Travelling between floors on easy-glide rails in under 30 seconds, the Stiltz Home Lift is elegantly curved with a clear car body. It is designed in a stylish pale grey finish with internal lighting making it safe to travel in day or night.

It is packed with safety features including multiple sensors so everyone remains safe, an in-car control panel with hold-to-run controls and two remote control handsets to call the lift at any time. An optional seat is available.

Where can a Stiltz Home Lift be installed?

The Stiltz Home Lift is so versatile it can be installed from hallway to landing, living room to main bedroom or, for total discretion, cupboard space to cupboard space. It can even fit in the void of a turning staircase or take pride of place in the centre of a room or entrance hallway.

How do I arrange an installation?

For more information visit

Taylor Howes & Davidson Launch New Dining Table Collaboration

Taylor Howes and Davidson, two bastions of the artisan and design world in the UK, have revealed a stunning new dining table collaboration at FOCUS 2018. The table, named “The Howes Dining Table”, will be launched at a special event during the week and is the result of a 6-month collaborative process. This is the Davidson studio's first collaboration and a celebration of the pair’s 25-year friendship.

The Circualr Howes Table Variation.jpg

It took six craftsman and designers from the respective studios some three months to develop the prototype, which is hand carved and has a striking figured Angere to the top.  The table, which in homage to the philosophy of both firms is more akin to an art piece than something so functional as a table, boasts an eye-catching radial pattern on its surface and is a demonstration of the very best in British craftsmanship. 

The Howes Table Variation.jpg

The concept of the table was born out of the timeless nature of Davidson's existing pieces and the inherent nature of dining tables traversing decades, being passed on from generation to generation. Taylor Howes explored the nature of passing time and how this might be represented in the design, focusing their thoughts on a single day - from dawn to dusk.  This image inspired the River bed relief, which is reflective of the image of sun hitting rippled water at sunrise and the soft evening tone as it sets at night.   Working with Davidson it was decided that the shape of the table should be oval, as it continued the theme, with the continual loop, a never-ending passage of time. This was then followed through in the base, where the team created two semi-circular elements. 

The Howes Table_Taylor Howes & Davidson Collaboration (2).JPG

The collaboration forms part of a wider initiative by the Taylor Howes studio and is part of its #52WeeksofTH campaign. A year-long celebration of the studio's 25th Birthday, which has seen something new happen, either announcement, collaboration, Q&A or event throughout the year.  The collaboration with Davidson is one of the larger initiatives to happen in Taylor Howes' 25th year and its sits alongside the studio's own collection launch, which is to be revealed November 1st 2018 and the group's first Business of Design and Luxury summit, which is to take place on November 21st in the The Gladstone Library, One Whitehall Place, with guest speakers from the world of design and luxury internationally. 

Karen Howes, CEO & Founder of Taylor Howes, commented: “We are thrilled to be launching our collaboration during FOCUS. I have worked with Davidson for 25 years so it was fitting to work with them to create something truly unique and special for our 25th anniversary. Six months in the making, “The Howes Dining Table” is a statement piece and a signature of our design philosophy: elegant lines, exceptional craftsmanship and material imagination. We're known in the studio for our finishes and detailing and “The Howes Dining Table” is no exception to this. Working with Davidson has been a great journey; we've loved every part of it, from the early consultations to the unveiling of the finished piece. The table is a true celebration and exemplar of British craftsmanship, conceived in our studio by our in-house designers, the skilled team at Davidson then brought it to life, it is part of our commitment to preserve and uphold British craftsmanship”. 

The Howes Table_Taylor Howes & Davidson Collaboration (3).JPG

How To Stencil Wooden or Concrete Floors in 4 Steps

If your floors are looking tired, dated, dull or damaged, why not bring them back to life, and back on-trend with a stencil and some chalky finish floor paint. It’s a quick, easy and cost effective option if you're prepared to try some light DIY, and once applied it will provide a timeless, hardwearing finish that looks amazing.

Chalk paint can be applied to wooden floorboards or concrete flooring and can be applied directly over old paint and varnish. 


What You Will Need:

  • Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Floor Paint (two colours)

  • Small foam roller and tray

  • Large roller and tray 

  • Paint brush 

  • Sander 

  • Stencil 

  • Cloth 

  • Masking tape 

  • Paint stirrer

  • Can opener



STEP ONE  Chalky Finish Floor Paint can be applied to concrete floors, bare wooden floorboards and floorboards with old paint and varnish, once the surface is prepared properly.

Wooden floors should be lightly sanded, vacuumed, and wiped completely clean before painting. Concrete floors should be vacuumed, wiped clean and allowed to fully dry before painting.    

STEP TWO Take your Chalky Finish Floor Paint base colour (we used Chalk White) and paint around the edges of the room, cutting in a couple of inches.

Next take your large roller and get to work on the main area of the floor. Start at the furthest corner and move backwards towards the door, leaving yourself an escape route. 

You will need at least two coats – check on the tin for drying times between coats. The thinner the coat, the more hardwearing it will be, as it will dry harder.


STEP THREE Measure the floor to locate its centre. Using masking tape, position the stencil at the centre so that it does not move while you are painting.


STEP FOUR  Take your second Chalky Finish Floor Paint colour (we used Anthracite) and apply a small, even amount paint to small foam roller. 

Apply the paint to the stencil. To avoid bleeding, make sure that there is only a small amount of paint on the roller at all times.


Remove the stencil and reposition it. Depending on your stencil, you may need to wait for your design to touch dry to avoid smudging the previous stencil. Repeat until the whole floor is covered.


For stockist information and more inspiration  please visit

The Best Luxury Hotels In The U.S. For 2019

If you read through this site’s last look at luxury hotels for 2019, you saw some sensational Mediterranean getaways. And if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, nothing quite beats a great hotel in this part of the world. For a different kind of trip entirely however, you can also look to other luxury hotels around the world. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the top options across the United States that you may want to consider for your 2019 vacations.
The Setai - Miami Beach, Florida

It’s impossible to declare any resort or hotel the “best” in the United States, but the Setai definitely has an argument as one of the most famous. Opened in 2004 as one of the highest buildings on Miami Beach, it remains one of the most exclusive and luxurious. Indeed, to give you some idea of its exclusivity, world-famous DJ David Guetta recently purchased a condo there - for almost $10 million!
Post Ranch Inn - Big Sur, California

It doesn’t get much prettier than this in the continental United States. Big Sur is a famous part of the California coastline with rocky shores but stunning views. And the Post Ranch Inn takes advantage of this setting with incredible accommodations on top of a grassy cliff over the Pacific Ocean. With on-site dining and spa facilities, as well as activities including yoga, guided hikes, and stargazing, it’s the sort of hotel you visit with no intention to step off the property.
Waldorf Astoria - Las Vegas, Nevada

Many assume that Las Vegas isn’t the resort destination it used to be. Casino activity is now spread out across the entire internet, theoretically eliminating the need for a place like Vegas. Yet even there, a popular game called Dream Vegas points out that the world’s casino capital is unrivaled in its glamorous extravagance. Incidentally, there could be no better description of the Waldorf Astoria on the Vegas strip. Formerly the Mandarin Oriental, it’s widely considered the best hotel in town from a standpoint of comfort, luxury, and spa amenities, which is really quite the distinction.
The Langham - Chicago, Illinois

A legitimate five-star hotel right in the middle of downtown Chicago, The Langham is a beautiful, luxurious treat. This hotel blends some vintage atmosphere with the most stylish décor, such that you’ll feel a little bit like you’re being pampered in an old-fashioned British establishment, yet also enjoy open spaces, cutting edge amenities, wide windows overlooking the city, and more. Speaking more broadly, there’s nothing quite like being in a fancy hotel in the thick of a major U.S. city, and The Langham delivers just that. You cant help but feel on top of the world.
Amangiri Resort - Canyon Point, Utah

This is the most unique hotel on this list, and almost looks more like something out of a film than a real place. (In fact, for you James Bond fans, it almost directly resembles some of the sets in Quantum Of Solace.) Essentially a sort of high luxury desert oasis, it’s surrounded in part by canyon walls, such that even stepping out to the hotel pool is like wading into an open-air natural amphitheater. It’s an otherworldly place, and thoroughly deserving of a reputation as one of America’s best hotels.
The Jefferson - Washington, D.C.

This is one pick out of many possibilities. Washington, D.C. is packed with incredible hotels, and many of them feel more independent than the gaudier resort chains you’ll find elsewhere. You can get some idea of the number of terrific options in town from the fact that even a list pegging The Jefferson as the eighth best hotel in town called it a Beaux-Arts stunner steeped in history. Cozy accommodations that feel almost like they could be spare rooms in the White House, an in-house Michelin Starred restaurant (Plume) and a library filled with volumes inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s taste make it a very special place to stay indeed.

Win Two Quirky inspirational Interiors Books

Lets celebrate by giving away two fun and quirky books for you decorating lovers.

my cool houseboat: an inspirational guide to stylish houseboats by Jane Field-Lewis

About 15,000 people live permanently afloat on canals, rivers and coasts in Great Britain alone, but thousands more enjoy holidaying on boats or own them as weekend retreats in the UK and abroad. This book will feature not only static residential boats and floating dwellings but also those used as holiday homes and funky modern businesses - houseboats can range from canal boats, riverboats, narrow and wide beam boats, barges, Dutch barges, static houseboats and even seaworthy cruisers moored in marina. The book will cover stylish boats from the UK, North America, Europe and Australia.

   my cool houseboat: an inspirational guide to stylish houseboats by Jane Field-Lewis   , Photography by Richard Maxted. Published by Pavilion

my cool kitchen: a style guide to unique and inspirational kitchens by Jane Field-Lewis

Be inspired to create your own affordable, super-stylish kitchen, which will become the heart of your home. Nowadays, kitchens serve as the hub of the house and family life, where everyone gathers to talk and to share food, friendship and love.The kitchen of your dreams isn't always the instant model found in an upmarket designer catalogue; it's often the result of a creative journey, touched by the familiar objects, colours, materials and textures you love and which make you feel happy. The high-quality photography reflects the personality of each featured kitchen, the owner's lifestyle and the style of cooking.

For a chance to win a copy of each of these amazing books make sure to click the link below and fill out the form - That's all you have to do! Good Luck!

Terms and conditions: The prize draw is open to individuals in the UK residents aged 18 or over. Any person or persons connected with Heart Home magazine, without limit, their families, agents, or anyone else involved in the administration of this offer are not eligible to enter. All entries must be received by 06:00 20th November. By entering this competition you consent to share your email, name and postcode with Heart Home magazine, who may wish to send you mailings in the future. There will be one winner who will receive the prize above. The prize must be accepted as offered (there are no cash alternatives) and they are non-transferable and non-refundable. The winners will be chosen from the list, at random, on 21st November and the winners will be notified by email or post within 7 days. No correspondence will be entered into. Unclaimed prizes will be redrawn after 28 days of the original draw. Heart Home magazine reserves the right to replace the prize with a product of equal value, if necessary. The winners will be asked to confirm their postal address before the prize is awarded. Details of the winners may be posted on the Heart Home magazine website and Facebook page. By entering this competition, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions above. Promoter: Heart Home magazine, 4 Oak Crescent, Wickford, Essex, SS11 7FF.

Top Tips for Getting The Garden Ready for Autumn

There’s no escaping the fact that Autumn is coming. But we happen to think that this season is a magical time of year where the landscape colours transform from lush greens to beautiful oranges, flaming reds, and yellows.  Unfortunately the typical garden never looks that pristine at this time of year, so now is the time to start to think about how to prepare your garden for the winter months.

 Potting Table from Sue Ryder

Potting Table from Sue Ryder

Repair and Protect Fencing

Start looking at how you can create a robust environment which will last through the harsher winter months. Make sure your garden fencing is in good condition and able to survive strong blustery winds.   For instance, check the fence for any lose panels and repair fence posts now to avoid any potential problems caused by severe weather.

 Wheely Bin Cover from Sue Ryder

Wheely Bin Cover from Sue Ryder

Store Away Garden Furniture

Over the past couple of years,’ the garden has become an extension of the home and people are investing more money in garden furniture and outdoor accessories. Don’t leave these items out in the garden. You will find that metal and even barbecues tend to rust and become discoloured when subjected to the elements.  If you have a smaller outdoor space then why not consider small sheds or garden boxes to store items away. Also, consider investing in protective covers for your furniture and outdoor equipment.

Keep your Home Mud Free

Don’t you just love it when your hallway is plastered with muddy footprints? One way to keep mucky shoes and boots at bay is to invest in a welly boot store, these can come in various guises.  Metal outdoor storage units or more closed storage cupboards as seen below and can sit outside all year long.

 Boot Store from Sue Ryder

Boot Store from Sue Ryder

Tidy up the grass

Make sure that you keep weeds at bay during the Autumn months and keep the grass cut – although it doesn’t grow as fast as during the Summer months – it’s worth just giving it the odd cut now and again. Trim back perennials that have turned and also don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs; daffodils, for instance, should be planted mid-October just before the ground freezes over.

 Garden Storage Shed from Sue Ryder

Garden Storage Shed from Sue Ryder

A Shed Load of Space

Sheds are fast becoming another “must have” garden accessory.  People are opting for custom made structures that can also double up as an alternative room.   Whatever size or type of shed you have, make sure your garden shed is in good repair and store away your garden equipment neatly so that you maximize the interior space.  Use hook or nails to hang tools and introduce shelving to store items away.   If you have a smaller garden then why not invest in a compact shed, that would fit into a smaller garden space but still provide you with adequate storage.

Log Storage

Having a wood store close to your home in a handy spot for topping up you log basket will prove to be a blessing on those dark nights. It can be hard work moving heavy logs from a woodpile each day and can mean several trips back a forth. Logs that are neatly stored close to your home will be far more ideal. Make sure that you have good access to your log storage and that it’s not obstructing any other paths or gates as once stocked up it will be in position for some time.

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Money raised from the sale of these products helps provide incredible care for people with life-changing illness. Whether it’s bringing comfort to someone’s final days or enabling them to make the most of their life, Sue Ryder is there for them and their loved ones.

Bert & May x Anthropologie Collaboration

Bert & May are pleased to announce two new tile designs to celebrate their latest collaboration with iconic lifestyle store Anthropologie

A Gold Octagonal tile has been specially created for the event, bringing together the two brand’s distinctive aesthetics. It combines one of Bert & May’s most popular shapes, the octagon, with a soft gold shade that is synonymous with Anthropologie’s relaxed, elegant style. 

Bert & May are also showcasing a brand new version of their popular Pink Pradena tile at their Anthropologie Gallery pop-up – taking place 20th September – 18th November 2018. Now available as an on-trend hexagonal.

Lee Thornley, Founder of Bert & May comments: “We have been admirers of Anthropologie for several years now, so were delighted when the idea of a pop-up at their Chelsea store was mooted. We have loved fitting out the space, and can’t wait to meet local shoppers.”

“Our brand new tile design–created especially for Anthropologie by us– celebrates the best of both brands. Using the gold hue that Anthropologie is known for and combining it with our iconic octagonal design makes for a striking pattern–perfect for creating a stunning visual statement within the home.”

Bert  May x Anthropologie - Gold Octagonal.jpg

Anthropologie Gallery pop-up – 20th September – 18th November 2018, 131-141 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4PW

Smoked Haddock Kedgeree, with a Cheddar and Chive Sauce

In need of a breakfast recipe, to cure your hangover and compliment a builders cup of tea? We can sort you out, with this wholesome smoked haddock kedgeree recipe that is jam-packed with flavour! Don’t tell anyone, but we like it for supper too with a nicely chilled glass of crisp white wine.

Haddock Kedgeree.jpg


  • 4 smoked haddock fillets

  • 300g basmati rice

  • 300ml milk

  • 4 eggs

  • 1 large onion

  • 1 tsp ground turmeric

  • 2 bay leaves

  • 1 chilli, cut into fine slices

  • 50g peas

  • Handful torn up parsley

  • Vegetable oil

For the cheddar and chive sauce:

  • 60ml of milk

  • 60 ml of cream

  • 1 tbsp. of butter

  • 1 tbsp. of flour

  • 1 egg yolk

  • A tsp. of chives

  • A sprinkling of cinnamon

  • 1 cup of finely grated cheddar cheese 

  • Salt and pepper, to season


1. Heat oil in a large pan and add the onion, frying for 5 mins. Add the turmeric and bay leaves, and fry for a further 2 mins.

2. Add rice and 600ml of water to the pan and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and cover for 10 mins. Add in peas, and cook for afurther 2 mins.

3. Meanwhile, put the smoked haddock and bay leaves in a frying pan. Cover with the milk, and poach for 10 mins. Remove the haddock fillets from milk and cut into small pieces.

4. Bring a pan of water to the boil and add in the four eggs, then reduce to a simmer for 5 mins. Cool by plunging into cold water.

5. To make your sauce, melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour, whisking for 1 min. Combine the milk and cream, and add to the saucepan slowly, whisking until thick. Add in an egg yolk and cook for 30 seconds, on low heat.

6. Next, add in the cheese to the sauce mixture and stir. Add the cinnamon and season. Remove from the heat.

7. Once sauce is completed, peel the boiled eggs and cut into quarters. Combine the fish, eggs, rice and peas together. Add the sliced chilli and drizzle the cheddar and chive sauce over the top. Sprinkle a little parsley before serving.

Recipe courtesy of The Saucy Fish Co., using their Smoked Haddock with Vintage Cheddar and Cheese Sauce – available in Sainsbury’s freezer aisle. For more info visit:

Smeg Teams Up With Disney For Limited Edition,

Following on from previous collaborations with Dolce&Gabbana, Mini and Veuve Cliquot, Smeg has partnered with Disney for its latest collaboration. To celebrate the special nature of the partnership, there will only be a total of 90 fridges made for the limited edition collection.

Smeg’s iconic FAB28 fridge is brought to life by an original drawing featuring Disney’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse, who is also celebrating his milestone 90th  anniversary this year.

Both brands are synonymous with bringing the family together. For Smeg, at the heart of the company lies a focus on food, family and entertaining. Meanwhile for Disney, at its core lies the ability to bring people of all ages together, united in a sense of fun, laughter, optimism and hope.

Featuring a ‘True Original’ bespoke sketch of Mickey, each of the limited edition 90 FAB28RDMM3 fridges include an endearing image of Mickey playfully reaching for the fridge’s handle. 90 fridges will be produced, one for each year since Mickey’s debut back in 1928 making this a true collector’s item. Each fridge is decorated with a limited edition silver plaque signifying it’s unique number.

Aesthetically speaking, the FAB28 is Smeg’s most widely recognised design. Immediately identifiable due to its soft curves and 50s-inspired design, it paved the way to a refrigerator revolution in the late 1990s. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon. The interior benefits from adjustable glass shelves, chrome shelving supports, metal wine racks, LED strip lights, an ice compartment and a Life Plus drawer, which keeps fruit and veg fresher for longer. Each FAB28 provides a total gross capacity of 281L and offers an A+++ energy rating. In addition, Smeg recently upgraded all of its FAB fridges to include a metal back.

Born from an exciting collaboration between two creative and iconic brands, the FAB28RDMM3 is available exclusively from Smeg’s flagship store at 14 Regent Street St James’s. You may even find a hidden Mickey or two during your in-store visit.


 For stockist information, contact Smeg on +44 (0)344 5570070 or visit 

What Do Your Colour Choices Say About Your Personality?

Collaborative Post

Julian Charles have been supplying beautifully made home furnishings since 1947. So they know a thing or two about transforming the look and feel of your rooms, by adding comfort, texture and style throughout your entire home. They recently asked a few bloggers to reveal what colour choices they made at home, with the object of revealing what that says about their personality.

I have to say, when I moved into my current house I wanted to be a bit more consistent room by room, and tried to stick to a more restrained and restricted colour palette. So, this little project is quite easy for me.

What Does Your Colour Choices Say About Your Personality (2).JPG

Black and White

Apparently, using black and white suggests that you like the simple things in life. You enjoy sitting down with a good book, or just having dinner with loved ones. It doesn’t take much to please you. You might be a bit more cautious with your interiors too. Perhaps you’re scared of colour, but regardless, your home is still beautiful and stylish with simple monochrome colours.

What Does Your Colour Choices Say About Your Personality (1).JPG


Green is a very calming colour, so if you have this in your home, it demonstrates that you’re a very patient, collected person. You’re a loyal friend and a very faithful partner. Other people always come first, making you completely selfless. You’re the friend everyone comes to when they need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, because you’re compassionate. You don’t stick to house trends, but are happy to buy what you like when you see it. This means your house is full of wonderful knick knacks, and mis-matching furniture.

Pretty spot on!

If you’re interested in what other colours say about you. Read On.


Grey is a reliable colour; you can’t go too wrong with it. It’s the same for you as a person. You’re reliable, but sometimes a bit scared of being the centre of attention. You’d much rather fade into the background. Grey is also the colour of compromise. It shows that you can be indecisive, and would rather sit on the fence than make any big decisions. You’re mostly a calm person who likes to be in control of a situation. Sometimes you can be a little bit too serious, but your fun side comes out when you’re with your best friends.


If yellow is your go-to home colour, it shows you’re creative, but also a bit of a perfectionist. You’re always the person giving advice out to friends and family, and are definitely a glass-half-full sort of person. You see the positive in everyone and everything, although not necessarily in yourself. You often dress to impress and are extremely houseproud. You love having people over so you can show off your incredible abode. It’s always immaculate and everything has its own place.


If purple is the colour you use most often in your home, it can demonstrate you’re organised, and everything at home has a place where it belongs. You like to have structure, which means that routine is important to you if you want to keep stress levels low. You’re a person with a creative mind, and your home is an inspiration to other people. They’re always asking where you got that lamp from, or that rug. You’re extremely house proud.


Pink isn’t always for women. If often means you’re in touch with your feminine side, whether you’re a woman or a man. You’re a warm, friendly and approachable person, and the same goes for your home which feels inviting. Your love of pink also shows that you have a warm and maternal side. You’re the person everyone comes to when they have a problem. You always see the good in other people, but not necessarily yourself. You can be reserved and shy.


Blue, like green, is one of the most calming colours. You’re a bit of a free spirit but prefer tranquility and peace over hustle and bustle. You hate discord or conflict, and can never hold a grudge for very long. This means you can be a bit of a people pleaser, but this isn’t always a bad thing. You prefer to have a close circle of friends anyway, over a large group of friends or acquaintances. This means when it comes to socialising in your home, you’d rather have your mates over for a few drinks than a full on house party.


Most people see orange as a fiery colour, like red. However, you’re actually a friendly, good-natured person. If you use lots of orange in your home, it shows that you enjoy socialising and partying. You’re always having social gatherings and house parties because you love entertaining in your own space. You can also be a bit of an adventurer. You prefer to be outside camping, climbing, walking, than stuck at home by yourself. You’re a people person, and love to make new friends.

Introducing: The NEW Favara Collection

Cool and contemporary, the brand new Favara upholstery range from British furniture makers ercol, showcases clean lines, slim arms and an angled frame that brings a unique profile to the design.

Inspired by the 427 chair designed by Lucian Ercolani in the 1950’s, this collection mirrors this same angular form and solid oak construction, finished off with sleek tailored cushioning.

The Favara sofa comes in a versatile range of sizes including grand, large and medium as well as a snuggler, chair and footstool, all upholstered in the fresco fabric collection.


“Perfect for an open plan scheme, this range looks just as good from the back as it does from the front. The unique leg detailing gives the design a stand out profile that will add interest to any home.

Consider incorporating a palette of moody hues to create warmth in your living space this season. Cooler tones of grey can still add warmth to your decor, especially when paired with softer shades of dusty pink and Mulberry.” Rachel Galbraith, Creative Director

Introducing Piraña: A New Retro Restaurant Designed by Sella Concept

Sella Concept’s Gayle Noonan and Tatjana von Stein have just added the finishing touches to this new casual bar-restaurant Piraña with a bold colour palette and a playfully retro style. With an address in Balham - South London’s up-and-coming neighbourhood du jour - this South American-inspired bar and restaurant is located in the area’s emerging nightlife hub of Bedford Hill.

 Blue and white tile mosaics and striking window façades are dominated by a red metal framework.

Blue and white tile mosaics and striking window façades are dominated by a red metal framework.

‘While the food concept touches on South American cuisine, the brief was to create something unique with no particular cultural reference but that invites guests to eat and drink in a relaxed manner throughout the day. Our approach rests on colour and flow, creating spaces within spaces to drink and dine.’ – Tatjana von Stein, founder, Sella Concept

  The front room has a banquette-lined platform.

 The front room has a banquette-lined platform.

Designed to catch the eye with its bold colour combinations, the exterior has been styled with mosaics of blue and white tile and striking window façades dominated by a red metal framework. Inside, Piraña’s playful, trend-agnostic aesthetic is created through the use of a rich, sensory palette of colours and materials, including a bespoke floor in jade terrazzo (created in partnership with a fabricator in Spain), micro mosaic tiling at the bar, and a deep, earthy red in the upholstery and the curved timber slats that ties the space together. For Sella Concept, a studio known for its love of warm pastel pinks, the Piraña interior represents quite a departure.

 The Chef's Table looks onto the Piraña kitchen. Materials include timber slats and a bespoke floor in jade terrazzo.

The Chef's Table looks onto the Piraña kitchen. Materials include timber slats and a bespoke floor in jade terrazzo.

Apart from the chairs and lights, every fixture and item of furniture in Piraña has been custom-designed for the space by Sella Concept – including the booths, bar, banquette, tables, stools, floors and bathroom sinks. The most impressive aspect of the project, however, is how they’ve been able to cram a range of distinct moods and atmospheres into a relatively small space.

Piraña, 76 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HD

Photographed by Nicholas Worley.