Introducing New Lifestyle Brand Murmur

Murmur is the debut homeware collection from Bedeck, one of the UK’s leading bedding and bath brands, and it will feature a comprehensive range of lovely new things for the home.

The collection will include ceramic tableware, glassware, kitchen textiles and accessories, bedlinen, towels, throws and cushions, basketware, stationary and a home fragrance, which are inspired by a blend of contemporary and rustic characteristics. The colour palette is simple and looks to nature and natural dyes for inspiration, and the materials include nature's own too, with sea grass, ash, acacia, stoneware, wools and linens. Designed in-house with pieces sourced from across the globe, from Portugal to Thailand, the essence of the brand is hand crafted and will appeal to those of us who love to fill our homes with beautiful things that will last and last. 

Rich in texture and detail, the bedlinen features several small-scale geometric cotton prints and linen blends in a range of plain, natural shades.

Embroidered, printed, knitted and woven cushions are key elements of the collection. Combining natural linens, cottons and wools in a range of subdued shades, small geometrics, embroidered motifs and batik-style patterns which all create a unique heritage look. 

The carefully crafted collection of tableware and tabletop textiles complemented with glass, wooden and stone elements. Different glazes, patterns and materials can be combined together for an informal, contemporary look.

Available from 10th September from selected Bentalls and Fenwick department stores and for wedding gift lists at

Donna Wilson New Forest 2015 Collection

Here at Heart Home we are loving Donna Wilson's new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Her newest creations are inspired by the woodland park behind her house, Donna has designed a collection of cosy cushions, luxurious lambswool blankets, leafy tableware, friendly creatures, and many other odd objects that call to mind autumn picnics and walks in the forest.


New categories in the collection this season are a range of melamine tableware, a little collection of little winter accessories for children, and seasonal holiday ornaments.

The new Forest Collection in bone china make the perfect complements to any home-cooked meal. Donna's signature woodland tree patterns and other references to nature appear often in her work as they remind her of her home in Scotland and the farm where grew up.

Available in 7 styles:  Dinner Plate, Plate, Pitcher, Glass, and Small, Medium, and Large Bowls

Ceramics - Plate - Forest.jpg


Recipe of the Week - Popcorn Chicken Nuggets

We have a fabulous award winning recipe for you to try this week from Jesse Dunford Wood at Parlour. (   

Ingredients for the flour mix:

100g                flour

15g                  black mustard seeds

15g                  white mustard seeds

5g                    smoked paprika

5g                    celery salt

5g                    white pepper

5g                    cayenne pepper

Pinch               turmeric

Mix all above together. Set aside.

Nuggets (quantity per person)

½                     Chicken breast – bite size chunks

2 tbls               Buttermilk


Marinade the chicken (small pieces of chopped breast meat) in buttermilk overnight (or 3-4 hours)

Take the chicken out, and roll it in the flour mix until dry.

Fry in vegetable oil until crispy and golden brown on the outside and tender in the middle – approx. 4-5 minutes.

At Home With Hannah Russell From Layer Home

Hannah Russell is one half of the mother-daughter team at Layer Home, and founder member of new online interiors community at{mine}, which helps design lovers to discover real interiors from across the globe. You can sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I moved back from living and working in Berlin last year and am now based in Peckham. Having always imagined I would be a journalist or a creative of some sort, I sort of fell into a career in technology. I absolutely love it now and wouldn't have it any other way. I've worked with small growing companies and love the freedom to get involved in so many different aspects of a business - I'm even dipping my toe into the water doing some basic coding at the moment for a new business initiative called Layer that I recently founded. 

I discovered my love of beautiful midcentury and antique furniture whilst I was living in Berlin, visiting different flea markets all over the city every weekend. Since I've come back to the UK I took this passion even further by founding Layer with my Mum. My Mum has the best eye for style and design of anyone I've ever met and it's amazing to work with her on this! We produce content twice a week about styling different interiors spaces with the fusion of old and new pieces, interviews with traders of antique and midcentury furniture and before/after shots of renovations. We're planning to develop the website and have some big plans coming this Summer! 

Where do you live?

I live on a street of beautiful Victorian terraces in Peckham, South-East London and my house is the odd one out at the end of the street! It was built within the last twenty years or so and was a bit of an ugly duckling when we first bought it. 

I adore living in the area - perfectly squashed between Peckham and Camberwell, opposite the Art College. I also have a desk at a local co-working space called The Office Club in Peckham so I spend a lot of time in the area. It feels like a community - I go down to a juice stall called Ali Baba's to get my morning juice before work most days and I love that there's loads of new places to eat and drink popping up all the time. 

Who do you live with?

I live with my boyfriend, Tom, and my sister, Faith. 

Tell us a little bit about your home.

The house had been rented out to students for a long time when we first purchased the property, and so it was very tired and run down. The downstairs was dark and cramped and all of the bedrooms were weird shapes upstairs. 

We did a huge amount of renovation work, which I project managed myself. I'm lucky that my Mum has been working in the property industry for over twenty years so she could point me in all the right directions - we called in all the favours we could think of from family members and friends! 

Now, it's a beautiful place to live and I love coming home here everyday. My favourite space is the courtyard in the summer. It feels so much bigger since we painted it white - we even held a small yoga class out here a few weeks ago. Admittedly there were only three students! 

What made you choose to live here in this property?

After viewing three other disastrous properties the same day, this house was the last one that we viewed and first impressions were that it was a run-down ugly duckling house on a beautiful road! Once we were inside it was clear that there was a huge amount of potential. Having the outside space also made a huge difference to the decision - it's such a treat to have your own private garden in London. 

What improvements have you made?

Everything! We rallied the troops and the place was completely gutted. The kitchen and living room area was the focus as we knocked down a wall to make everything open plan but had to make sure that there were still enough zones for all the functions of a house that we needed. 

I was lucky that I could beg, steal and borrow a lot of furniture from my Mum and other family members when we first moved in, but since then I've been picking up special pieces from the markets that we go to and the traders that we visit. I particularly love midcentury pieces - and I'm so enjoying learning about the different eras and designers.  

What's your favourite room?

It's not strictly a room, but definitely the courtyard. Or more accurately, the courtyard and kitchen when we pull back the huge bi-fold doors and the whole area feels like one big outside-inside space. 

I've got vintage mirrors and garden furniture which give the space outside some colour and a wall of herbs which I'm fruitlessly trying to keep alive. 

How has your home interior been inspired by your fellow at{mine} community members?

The at{mine} community is just amazing and it's so lovely to be able to get a sneak peak into people's homes. I'm so nosy that I could spend hours snooping around. It's great when you see colour schemes or combinations of different types of furniture thrown together that you wouldn't otherwise have thought about. 

Describe your perfect day spent at home. 

I love to potter about the house - so a Saturday morning for me is almost always spent at home. I like to have a leisurely breakfast of avocado on toast, some fresh mint tea and sit out in the garden to acclimatise to the day. I'll do a bit of yoga or some chores, and I love to move things around in the house. My boyfriend always says that he never knows what the house is going to look like when he comes back from a trip! 

Been inspired by what you’ve seen? You can find more lovely images of Hannah’s home over on at{mine}. Don’t forget, to sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.

Enjoy an Autumn Picnic on the Beach

Just because summer is almost over, it doesn't mean we have to stop enjoying the outdoors! Let's all pledge to get out and about this autumn and enjoy the beach (or park) while we can. There's nothing nicer that a day having a picnic with family and friends or even just an afternoon alone, reading a book. Everything is that much more fun in the fresh air!

So let's pack a basket, take a jacket and get out there.

There's no reason to spend a fortune on a large hamper. Old wooden crates do the job just as well, and old jam jars are perfect for storing cutlery.

Pretty china will make an occasion of even the simplest of picnics.  While a selection of fabric scraps make colourful makeshift napkins.

And a bunch of wild flowers in a simple glass will make you feel at home.

An impromptu windbreak fashioned from wood found on the beach provides a secluded spot for listening to music and leaving work behind.

And don't forget some cosy knits to ensure you can stay out and watch the sun go down. Enjoy!

Photographs: Joanna Henderson. Prop styling: Pippa Jameson

Shop the look in the Heart Home shop:

5 Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Condo in Florida

Florida is one of the best places to live in America, it has no state income tax, has excellent hospitals, healthcare professionals, medical facilities, world class universities and colleges, job opportunities, amazing weather through the year, beautiful beaches, lots of leisure activities for all ages, tourist attractions and much more.

Besides, the real estate market is making great strides towards consolidating this American state as one of the trendiest to invest; extraordinary condominiums and modern construction projects proliferate in all the cities. By investing in a luxury property you will be capitalizing on your future, you may rest assured you are owning a true place to call home and to be shared with your loved ones.

Here you have 5 reasons to invest in a luxury condo in Florida:

1.       You can enjoy of five stars amenities in your own house!

The image you see above belongs to The Ritz Carlton Residences, one of the best condos, currently under construction, in Sunny Isles Beach, the Florida's Riviera that welcomes an international mix of residents and tourists.

This residential project is elegant and luxurious, it’s the new meaning of oceanfront living where the magnificence of the residences comes together with the amenities of a five stars hotel, lucky residents won’t have to wait until vacation to enjoy of comfort and amusement, they will have all what they want at their fingertips!

The 50-story luxury tower will feature 212 luxury residences ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms and expansive terraces with amazing ocean views.

2.      You can boast of living in a residence with luxury finishes

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cameraTargetDistance (float): 200
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Living in a luxury residence is like being floating in paradise, especially for design lovers, if you’re a person with a discerning taste for interiors and finishes, there’s no better option than investing in a mansion or a great condo. I bet you would have far more reasons to invite your friends and colleagues to your house.

This picture belongs to L’Atelier Condo in Miami Beach, just imagine yourself, waking up and taking a shower in this marvelous master bathroom! Besides the amazing views will make you feel calm, relaxed and ready for another great day!

3.       You can enjoy of a sophisticated lifestyle in one of the trendiest places in the world

If you fancy a sophisticated lifestyle, Florida is the right place to be, luxury and affluence are just around the corner; you can easily get together with celebrities and influential people in all fields. By living in a sumptuous condo, you will enjoy of high living standards, exclusive amenities, the highest security systems and the countless advantages of concierge services.

One Thousand Museum Condo in Miami is just an example of the incredible comforts this kind of buildings offers to their residents, fortunate owners will enjoy of infinity-edge indoor pool, helipad, 24/7 security program, spa, fitness center and sun bathing deck. Now you see fairy tales are not impossible anymore, they are real and you can make your own comes true in Florida. 

4.       You can get return on investment in the short or long term

Whether you’re thinking on living in a luxury condo, renting it or reselling it, you will be receiving profit for it. In Florida home sales and rentals volumes are rising, long-term economic and demographic trends continue to benefit this state where population and the tourism sector are expanding. Real estate growth is a positive phenomenon which indicates economic development, one of the main factors you should take into account before investing.

The image above belongs to The Ivy, a luxury condo in Miami available for sale or rental.

5.       The world’s most creative minds will be in charge of the construction of your house

A luxury condo is a combination of exclusive amenities, exquisite interiors, elegant finishes with high quality materials, magnificent infrastructure, experienced personnel at the service of residents, creativity and leading vision from the architects, designers and investors.

You count with a strong backing from the team which brought to life the construction project and took care of every single detail, master minds behind this kind of buildings are highly qualified in their own field. The image above belongs to Brickell Heights, a condo by David Rockwell and internationally renowned Arquitectonica, a true masterpiece for people who love urban life, glamour and technology.

All in all, luxury condos are not just a place to live but a place to call home and enjoy of a wonderful lifestyle. Now you have more reasons to invest in real estate and renew your quality of life!


Create Your Own Mid-Century Style with Chalk Paint From Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan helps you create your own Mid-Century projects with ease.  The range of over 30 decorative and historic colours combine well to provide an even larger colour palette, making it easy to find just the right shade for the look you want to achieve.  The Chalk Paint™ formula offers excellent coverage, with only one coat often needed for a great finish, and it even covers minor flaws effortlessly. 

For the Mid-Century projects shown below, a smooth finish was achieved by gently sand papering the surface and watering down the Chalk Paint™ slightly, before brushing in the same direction as the grain. Annie Sloan’s Flat Brushes were used to assist with the required finish, as they feature advanced synthetic fibres which take a large amount of paint to minimise brush marks.  Finally a cotton cloth was used to apply a thin layer of Annie Sloan’s quick drying Soft Wax, to protect the surfaces.  It really is as simple as that to upcycle your own, one of kind, masterpiece from old or new pieces of furniture. 

If you would like some help before tackling your first furniture painting project contact an Annie Sloan stockist, as they have all been taught by the paint guru herself to run accredited Furniture Painting Workshops.  There are currently over 300 hand-picked independent shops in the UK that stock Annie Sloan products.  To find your local stockist visit the new website at and enter your location, then you will then be given a choice of classes suitable for the novice or experienced Upcycler.

Happy upcycling!

The frames of the chairs were painted in Graphite and then waxed with Clear Soft Wax.  The seats were reupholstered in Annie Sloan’s Gentleman fabric and a stripe was painted on each in a different diluted Chalk Paint™ colour - from left to right – Aubusson Blue, Chateau Grey, Primer Red and English Yellow were used.

The frames of the chairs were painted in Graphite and then waxed with Clear Soft Wax.  The seats were reupholstered in Annie Sloan’s Gentleman fabric and a stripe was painted on each in a different diluted Chalk Paint™ colour - from left to right – Aubusson Blue, Chateau Grey, Primer Red and English Yellow were used.

This groovy 1960s side table from Heals was simply painted in Provence on the shelves and legs, with the edges painted in Arles, then all was finished with Annie Sloan Lacquer.

This groovy 1960s side table from Heals was simply painted in Provence on the shelves and legs, with the edges painted in Arles, then all was finished with Annie Sloan Lacquer.

This is Annie Sloan’s own desk – a 1950s Danish-style desk painted with Duck Egg Blue lightened with Pure on the desk top. This colour was followed through on some of the drawers with a contrast of Provence on the others. The legs were painted in Olive with feet in Duck Egg Blue. To create a truly Mid-Century asymmetrical look, Annie used a hot colour - Barcelona Orange - to frame the drawers on one side, and a cool colour - Napoleonic Blue - on the other. The door knobs were all painted in Antibes Green with contrasting dots of colour in the centres.  Clear Soft Wax was used to seal the piece.

This is Annie Sloan’s own desk – a 1950s Danish-style desk painted with Duck Egg Blue lightened with Pure on the desk top. This colour was followed through on some of the drawers with a contrast of Provence on the others. The legs were painted in Olive with feet in Duck Egg Blue. To create a truly Mid-Century asymmetrical look, Annie used a hot colour - Barcelona Orange - to frame the drawers on one side, and a cool colour - Napoleonic Blue - on the other. The door knobs were all painted in Antibes Green with contrasting dots of colour in the centres.  Clear Soft Wax was used to seal the piece.

The body and legs of this chest of drawers were painted in Olive and the drawers in a co-ordinating mix of Antibes Green and English Yellow.  Then it was finished with Clear Soft Wax all over.

The body and legs of this chest of drawers were painted in Olive and the drawers in a co-ordinating mix of Antibes Green and English Yellow.  Then it was finished with Clear Soft Wax all over.

This fabulous sideboard was painted in English Yellow on the tops and sides, with the drawers painted in Antoinette, a soft pale pink. The legs were left unpainted and the whole finished with Clear Soft Wax.

This fabulous sideboard was painted in English Yellow on the tops and sides, with the drawers painted in Antoinette, a soft pale pink. The legs were left unpainted and the whole finished with Clear Soft Wax.

What Does Your Space Mean to You?

Decluttering is in fashion. You only have to look at the rise of Marie Kondo, recently chosen as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, to see that people are starting to feel overwhelmed by… stuff.

©Patrick Butler-Madden

©Patrick Butler-Madden

Here in modern-day London, the difficulties are obvious. Our flats seem to be getting smaller, while our appetites are getting larger. Hence the sudden interest in professional organisers – lovely, if you can afford one – brought in to help carve a bolt-hole for yourself in your own space. Kind of crazy, when you stop to give it some thought.

Of course, modern life offers us plenty of ways to reduce the clutter. There’s the Kindle to replace your bookcase, the mp3 to replace your record collection, the tablet to replace your TV, Facebook to replace your photo albums – all fantastic, in their own way, but also a tad soulless.

Not all clutter is frustrating. A lot of it is comforting. Much of it is a representation of who you are, or who you were at the time you bought it, and there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that in spite of what the lifestyle media tells us.

That said, old university books, CD collections from your teenage years – as nice as they are, they still take up space, which isn’t a commodity many of us here in London can boast about. Everyone dreams of having acres of it in the future, but until house prices drop or we earn our first million, much of that lovely stuff will need somewhere to live.

The notion of putting everything into self-storage can be a bit unappealing. Those anonymous sheds on the edge of town require the van rental, the enthusiasm to clamber over other peoples’ dusty stuff and the willingness to pay for a whole room when you only need a quarter of it. It simply isn’t a convenient option for most young people living in big cities like London.

Which is where modern on-demand services become useful. Just as you might click online to get your Graze box delivered to you, or Hassle to ping a cleaner to your door, Boxman does self-storage London style. Rather than you having to find a chunk in your weekend to schlep out to a self-storage shed, Boxman brings the service to your door, delivering surprisingly stylish blue boxes at the click of a button, leaving you time to pack them up, and then returning to whisk them away to a secure location. You pay by the box, too, so it’s cost-efficient.

With this service, it’s not ‘goodbye’, it’s ‘see you later’. When you pack the boxes, you digitally tag them, allowing you to recall individual boxes whenever you want via an online dashboard. It’s a great way to shift stuff quickly (they’ll try to come within a couple of hours) when you need space, whether it’s because you have to make room for a new flatmate, because you’re having renovations done, because you haven’t any room for your winter wardrobe, or simply because you can’t bear to say goodbye to loveable items that you hope to offer a better home to in the future.

After all, one person’s clutter is another’s collection of happy memories. 

A Holiday Home with Celtic Charm

The work of designer Helen Turkington exudes elegance, and her second home on the coast of Northern Ireland is no exception.  Every room is beautifully styled, but what lies beneath these stunning creations?

Interior designer and shop owner Helen Turkington, has the perfect tonic to maintain a healthy work life balance.  A second home.  But this isn’t just any second home; it is a renovated Victorian lighthouse keeper’s cottage on the coast of Northern Ireland, which provides a much needed haven for her family of five (and their two dogs Frankie and Charlie).

“We bought the house five years ago as an escape from our hectic work lives in Dublin. We needed a refuge at the end of the working week.  Door-to-door we can be here in two hours.  It was the location that made us buy it, set in two acres and surrounded by the sea, it was perfect.”

The interior style of this stunning retreat is unmistakably coastal, but refreshingly, this theme was not achieved through lashings of naval stripes or maritime memorabilia.  Rather, you will find classy hints of floral patterns, white panelled wood and the odd wicker basket; think Hamptons beach house, with a European feel.

“We did a cosmetic job when we first moved in, took the carpet out and installed wooden panelling in the bathrooms and bedrooms.  We painted everything in an off-white distressed finish, to give it a clean, nautical feel” describes Helen, “I suppose I would say my style is relaxed, with an emphasis on neutrals and a hint of colour.” “I love anything that is classical, symmetrical and ordered” she smiles.  

This is no exaggeration. Helen’s home is immaculate, unbelievably so.  Every mantel, ledge or side table is elegantly framed with sophisticated lamps, flowers, or lanterns.  There is not one item out of place.  The art on her walls is modern but simple, her furniture timeless but classic.  Yet behind this pristinely polished exterior there is a great depth to her look and as much as one would like to try, it could certainly not be recreated with a bucket of enthusiasm and a trip to Ikea.  The ensemble was put together by someone with an acutely honed skill, and one who clearly knows their craft.

“I opened up my first store in Dunville in the early nineties, when beautiful interiors stores were few and far between in Ireland” she explains, “it was a big gamble, but I’ve survived the ups and downs and grown the business into what it is today” she says wisely.  “My Mum was an interior designer and my parents have a long standing business selling paints and fabrics, they were ahead of their time.” “I definitely get my creativity and tenacity from them.”

The quality of Helen’s interiors, stems from her impeccable use of textiles.  The hand-me-down knowledge acquired from her parents, and insight from selling fabrics in her shop, has put Helen at the top of her game. Perhaps most tellingly, she likes to keep an eye on the trend forecasts.

“We sell fabric at my company and need to be a step ahead of the trends” she admits. “We opened our first fabric store over here four years ago, and another store in London a year later. It’s been gradual but challenging work.”

With a company mantra built on timeless and easy living, Helen believes in giving her clients “an interior that will stand the test of time, one which is comfortable yet has enduring elegance”. 

Helen has certainly stood the test of time; her years of hard work, irrefutable eye, passion for detail and splash of Irish charm makes for an interesting background to her wonderfully luxurious interiors.

See more of Helen's work at

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Photographs: Barry Murphy. Words: Liggy Griffiths

Shop Inspiration: Future & Found

Andrea Bates set up her stunning homeware shop back in 2012. Since then she has expanded into larger premises, collaborated with new designers and worked on exclusive ranges.  Did we also mention she is hosting numerous events over the coming months promoting local artisans and businesses? Now this really is one hidden gem.

Future and Found is located a stone’s throw from Finsbury Park tube station. “The area has really changed over the past few years” says Andrea, “there are now numerous cafes, a butchers and even an ice cream parlour! More and more people are being attracted to the area, and we’re lucky in that respect.  All has been good so far- thank goodness!” she laughs.

As you approach the shop, you quickly realise there is a lot more to this premises than first meets the eye. First off, the shop entrance is actually an archway, covered in grey paint with neon arrows that direct you into a courtyard, brimming with plants and furniture. The backdrop to this enclosed haven is a gorgeous converted warehouse. You almost feel as if you’ve entered someone’s home; which is kind of true, as Andrea does in fact live upstairs!

As you step inside you are hit by the amazing collection of furniture, homewares, stationery and crockery that Andrea has curated. Sure, you may not need any of it; but you are suddenly overwhelmed by the sense that you have to have all of it!

With a background in retail buying for the likes of Heals, Paperchase and even Jamie Oliver, she has spent years refining her taste and understanding what sells.  But this time she has been able to inject her own style, which is undeniably Scandinavian, interspersed with blasts of neon.

“We are inspired by simple, stylish and thoughtful design. We like things that are playful and fun, beautiful design that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

“We think that calm and understated sums up the style of the shop nicely; but with a splash of colour and fun thrown in for good measure. Hopefully this sums up our personal style too, although we don’t always feel so serene!”

Andrea is keen to expand the business and often targets young graduates for collaborations to help her products and brand stand out.  To this end, she has also curated a number of summer events, each one themed to incorporate local businesses.

“The first will be an ‘artisan afternoon’ with a wood turner and a ceramicist. The next will have a geometric theme, with jewellery and textile designers. We even have a wedding themed event with wedding planner and cake maker in tow!”

“It’s a great way to attract people to the store outside of peak trading times. We’re not expecting to make a fortune, but it will be a great way to drum up energy in a relaxed atmosphere. We also have big plans for Christmas” she smiles. “Trees will line the walkway from the archway; they will then form two paths, one to the shop with more tasteful decorations and the other to Santa’s grotto, which will be full of craziness!” She laughs.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep Andrea and her team busy, she also dabbles in some interior design on the side.

“The interior design service is an extension of the ethos and style of the shop. We curate calm, understated yet design-led spaces that are done but never overdone. We believe homes should be lived in and loved in equal measure” she explains.

Andrea is a humble character, but full of passion. She lives and breathes her business. Quite literally!  She tells me how she takes great pleasure in walking down into the courtyard every morning before setting up for the day. For her it’s a way of life.

Even if you aren’t there to buy anything you just can pop by, have a cuppa and soak up the ambience of the shop and courtyard whilst you catch up on some work. (However, there are some great neon pens that would definitely improve your productivity if you’re interested!).

Written by Liggy Griffiths, photography by David Cleveland, article taken from the October 2014 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Recipe of the Week - Peach Melba Float

This simple but delicious, grown-up Peach Melba Float recipe is perfect for summer and takes just minutes to prepare. The addition of pink Champagne elevates it from summer dessert to FABULOUS-IMPRESS-YOUR-GUESTS-DESSERT!


·         Ripe peaches

·         Fresh strawberries

·         1 x tub of Häagen-Dazs Strawberries & Cream

·         Rose Champagne

·         Toasted almonds


Step 1: Slice the peaches and strawberries and place a couple of each in the bottom of a tall glass

Step 2: Add a scoop of Häagen-Dazs Strawberries & Cream ice cream

Step 3: Repeat both layers

Step 4: Sprinkle with toasted almonds

Step 5: Top up with Rose Champagne

This recipe was devised by chef Dan Doherty on behalf of Häagen-Dazs. Check out the exclusive YouTube video of Dan preparing it to see it in action!

Amazilia - New Collection From Harlequin

The Harlequin Studio has produced Amazilia, a stunning collection of fabrics and wallcoverings based on extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways.

The collection reflects the vision of Studio designer, Louise Collis, who had been working on it for the last 18 months. She explains her inspiration behind Amazilia: “The initial idea began with research into fashion and interior trends; I noticed a pronounced tropical influence developing in fashion, with the use of exotic imagery and opulent hues, whilst in interiors there is a move to darker, sultry tones and more maximalist prints – large scale tropical flowers, stylised foliage and botanical references.” Louise researched at Kew Gardens, studied tropical birds and insects and also experimented with various painting techniques. She initially worked on finely painted hummingbirds (the collection derives its name from a species of hummingbird) and butterflies, mixed with slightly more expressive ink paint techniques for the foliage.

The result is a sophisticated designer-luxe collection of seven printed fabrics (four of which have been produced digitally), four weaves, eight wallpapers and a sumptuous spray-dyed velvet. Glamorous, graphic, with a hint of decadence, the motifs encapsulate the new trend towards the home as a welcoming, nurturing cocoon, enlivened by energising pops of vibrant colour.

The prints characterise the collection, encompassing delicately depicted hummingbirds, botanically-drawn butterflies, fashionable feathers, glossy oversized leaves, flower-heads and seed pods bursting into fruit, a loosely-painted, artistic interpretation of vegetation, and etched elephants in a stately procession. They are complemented by ikat embroideries, trellis-style weaves and a stunning, mosaic-like tapestry weave depicting tessellated tulips.

The collection will be available via a network of stockists from fall 2015.

Coastal Vibes with DFS

If, like us you'd like to hang on to that summer holiday feeling for just a little bit longer, you can't go wrong with a colour palette of blue against a fresh white backdrop. Weave in a few accessories that echo the colours and natural textures of the beach and you can enjoy that coastal vibe all year round.

A rough-sawn timber coffee table is reminiscent of driftwood, while a black sisal pendant light reminds us of fishermen's nets.

The white painted timber on the walls provides the perfect backdrop for a collection of blue and white, patterned and plain plates.

Keep the feeling casual with piles of comfy cushions and a warm throw for the chillier months. A blue and white rug anchors the coffee table and adds some subtle pattern.

Baskets, jugs and prints of nature continue the coastal theme and add bundles of interest and texture.

The DFS team travelled to a beautiful beach house located in Whitstable, Kent for these images and worked with stylist Karine Candice Kong to create a relaxed coastal interior.  Inspired by the beach houses that line Cape Town in South Africa, Karine wove together blues and indigos against a white backdrop, using the French Connection Coast sofa in Denim, available exclusively at DFS, as her focus.  The accessories featured were sourced from suppliers including Bodie and Fou, Swoon Editions and My Deer Art Shop, ranging from £30 to £420 in price.

Get the look in the Heart Home shop.

New Collection: The Wild Coast By Tori Murphy

New for A/W 2015, The Wild Coast is the fifth collection from Nottingham-based home accessories brand Tori Murphy. Designer Tori turns to the rugged and charming coastline of West Cork, where she holidayed as a child, for inspiration. Designed in Nottingham, woven in Lancashire and washed in the Yorkshire Dales, simple lines, graphic marks and textured surfaces form the basis of three new fabric designs, Harbour Stripe, Boulder and Cove.

In a subdued yet expressive palette of graphite, smoke and ecru, the collection – including throws, cushions, tablecloths, napkins, aprons and more - captures the raw beauty of Ireland’s wintery coast. From peat-scented winds and salty rain to the percussion of waves in secluded harbours, The Wild Coast is soaked full of memories. “Clambering over time-stained rocks, setting out to uncertain seas in sailboats and huddling round bonfires with cousins, always returning to the familiar warmth of a much-loved blanket,” explains Tori.

Available on a range of home accessories, the new 100% merino wool fabrics can also be purchased by the metre and are suitable for use on soft furnishings, light upholstery, curtains and blinds.

The full collection is available to purchase online, while stockists include Daylesford Organic, Heals, Harrods, Selfridges, March San Francisco and Actus Japan.

Recipe of the Week - Black Sesame Ice Cream

This unusual ice cream recipe has been developed by Mike Lewis, Group Executive Chef at YO! Sushi.


·         4 egg yolks

·         250ml cream

·         250ml full cream milk

·         150g sugar

·         80g black sesame seeds

·         seeds from 1 vanilla bean or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

·         pinch salt


1.        Slowly heat the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan until fragrant.

2.       Grind the seeds using a pestle and mortar and put aside.

3.       Place the milk and vanilla essence in a medium heavy-based saucepan.

4.       Heat over a low heat, stirring occasionally until the milk just comes to the boil.  Remove from heat and set aside.

5.       Beat the egg yolks and sugar in a heatproof bowl until thick and pale.

6.       Very gradually stir the milk into the egg mixture.

7.       Place the heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Don't allow the bowl to touch the water as the eggs will scramble.

8.       Cook, stirring constantly, for around 25 minutes or until the custard coats the back of the spoon.

9.       Slowly combine the mixture with the cream and stir through the black sesame.

10.   If using an ice cream maker, process the mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then transfer to an airtight container and freeze. 

11.   If not using an ice cream maker, transfer to an airtight container and freeze until almost frozen.  Then use a stick blender to beat the ice-cream every 2 hours for 3-4 times to break up ice crystals as they form.

Storage in the City: A Guide to Compact Living

With a world of bars, restaurants and attractions on your doorstep, city living can be exciting, energetic and exhilarating. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a two-storey penthouse, the one thing you don’t have is space. Living in a city centre apartment often means being smarter when it comes to storage. Here are five expert tips on making every inch of your apartment work.

1.      Keep things simple

Even the best storage in the world will struggle if you have too many belongings. So the first rule of city living is to cut-down on the clutter.

By taking the bare minimum and throwing out the things you don’t need, or don’t use, you can keep surfaces clean and make small rooms feel light, airy and spacious.

If you just can’t bear to part with your possessions, get in touch with Safestore, and rent a self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe until you swap your bijou city centre apartment for a larger home in the country.

2.      Double up

Most space saving designs do more than meets the eye. Take this multi-purpose table-lamp (sourced at Arreda Click) that also doubles up as a phone charger and a storage space for keys, glasses and all your everyday essentials. Or this clock and bookshelf that makes the most of a small footprint. (sourced at Ikea). 

Source: Arreda Click

Folding furniture like this stylish ottoman (sourced at Overstock) looks modern and can also be used as a spare bed for guests.

As a rule, before you buy anything for your new apartment, have a look around for a space-saving equivalent. Design blogs like apartment therapy are a great place to start, and if you’re on a budget, you can always find small storage ideas at Ikea.

3. Climb the walls and ceiling

If you’re working with limited floor space, consider using the walls or adding ceiling hooks to hang everything from pots and pans to bicycles. Shelving is a must for books, DVDs and CDs and keeps floors easy to clean and clutter-free. 

Source: Amazon

And if you look around you’ll find ingenious ideas like this wall-mounted table that creates a handy pop-up breakfast bar or desk. 

4. Go custom

Modern city apartments can be quirky and aren’t always regular shapes. If your budget can stretch to it, consider creating custom storage like under-stair drawers (see, or even pull-out cupboards (seen here on Bored Panda) that allow you to keep essentials out of sight, but within easy reach.

Source: Bored Panda

5. Create a balcony garden

An urban garden instantly adds another room to your home. So why not transform that balcony into a relaxing outdoor space? Ikea is a great place to start looking for affordable fold-up garden furniture, parasols, privacy screens and cushions.

Source: Ikea

For storage, try a wall-mounted unit with a built-in bench (seen here at Ikea) or plant pots that you can hook onto bannisters and railings. Solar lighting is also an environmentally-friendly way to bring a small space to life, and turn a dark unloved balcony into a cosy home in the evenings. Why not add these Solvinden lights to plant pots, or hang them in bushes and shrubs to create a magical backdrop.

The bottom line is living in the city doesn’t have to be cluttered and disorganised. With a few smart storage ideas, some clever space-saving designs, and a dash of imagination, you can turn the smallest pied-à-terre into a practical and comfortable city centre pad.  

At Home With Interior Designer Janice Issitt

Janice Issitt is an interior designer and founder member of new online interiors community at{mine}, which helps design lovers to discover real interiors from across the globe. You can sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Hertfordshire and moved to London with my first job in the 1980s. I worked in the music business for twenty years, in various companies and roles ending up as Head of International Promotions at a record company.  I’ve always made things, stained glass, embroidery, silversmithing, etc. and have also always taken photos, back to when we used film.  After being made redundant I started to sell what I made at Camden Market, Country Living Fairs and so on, working from the table in my flat in Crouch End.

2. Where do you live?

I moved from London eight years ago for more space and a complete change of life.

Having lost both my parents and several good friends I decided to start life anew in a country village surrounded by thatched cottages and lots of wildlife. I now live in a village near Aylesbury, there is one pub and a church and two buses a day. I’ve swapped the North Circular for country lanes and green as far as the eye can see, the only traffic jams being if you get stuck behind a tractor.

3. Tell us a little bit about your home. What made you choose to live here in this property?

My home was a project purchase, I really wanted to do more interior designing and decorating, having done quite a few improvements to my London flat where I taught myself to design kitchens and put back original features.  So the house I bought was in the perfect location but needed totally refurbishing.

Having had lovely large rooms in London, with high ceilings, we soon found out that this is rare in country properties.  So we had to rule out low ceilings and beams as my partner is 6ft.5 inches, and literally couldn’t stand up in some of the cottages we looked at.  We found a detached house with big back and front gardens, big enough for a garden studio for music and parking for several cars, however, the room sizes and shapes are not ideal, mostly being long and narrow, but this was our compromise.

4. What improvements have you made?

Decorating is easy - taking away the 1980’s wallpaper and carpets didn’t take too long - but as I was doing it all myself, I found that painting over all the dark wood (every single door, window frame, bannisters) was the most time consuming thing.

I painted every inch, even the kitchen cupboards.  To start with I chose neutral colours, and lived with the lighter and brighter rooms for about a year before I started to add my trademark colour combinations.  I also made all the curtains and soft furnishings, taught myself how to re-cover chairs and sofas and up-cycle furniture bought at auction.

I believe you have to live in a space for a while before you can decide how it should be, what is its functionality, how much time do you spend in that room and what is it you like to do there.  There is no point having a formal dining room if you never sit and have dinner with anyone, you would be better off using that space as a workroom, for instance.  So when you first move somewhere, I recommend painting it a light colour and don’t make any rash decisions about what each room is going to be. If you have two small rooms that don’t get used then knock them into one big one that does get used.

Once you have figured out what you do in each room them you can start to add the colours. If you want to be very calm, say in a bedroom, then keep it pastel. If the lounge is about daytime activity then have exciting colours that invigorate. Bright colours work well in places like halls, where you don’t sit at look at them all day but are cheerful to walk past.

So what improvements have I made, well everything really.  I reconfigured the upstairs, knocking down two walls to make the tiny bathroom and tiny back bedroom into one big bathroom with a claw-foot bath at one end and a shower at the other.

The house looks like a Victorian cottage from the outside, but as it was built in the 1980s between a row of houses from the 1800’s and a 15th Century thatch, it had to blend in.  Inside this was not the case. So I found things like, a cast iron fireplace from 1890 and put that in, the kitchen was orange pine wood units which I painted and then had reclaimed wood surfaces made, butler sinks and such fitted. I changed the utility area from being all white melamine to being vintage style, a blue SMEG fridge, and curtains covering the washing machine and dishwasher. Shelves display my collections of kitchenalia.

I found old Georgian shutters for one window, and despite the fact that they are the wrong size for the window, everyone loves them and thinks they are original to the building.  The floor was concrete and covered in carpets on the ground floor.  It took me ages to find the right carpenter who would do what I wanted and put down reclaimed pine floorboards.  The boards were cut from old church beams and have character and imperfections.   My personal taste is for things with imperfections and a history. If something is hand made I want it to look hand made.

5. What's your favourite room?

I’m not sure I have a favourite room, although I do love the vibe in my lounge, with its strong coloured walls and collections of ethnic and vintage textiles and original art.  However I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, with the cats all around me, working on laptop and phone while watching films.

6. How has your home interior been inspired by your fellow at{mine} community members?

at{mine} is a great reference place for interiors, I like to see what people are doing who have a different aesthetic to mine. Urban Jungle Bloggers and Styling The Seasons are both great fun to follow particularly because I never stop changing my home, seasonally painting walls and using nature to reflect those seasons too.  Rugs and quilts go in and out of the loft depending on weather.  I have found that seeing plant arrangements has got me buying houseplants and succulents now.  I’m also discovering new brands that I can work into my boho eclectic style.

7. Describe your perfect day spent at home. 

My perfect day spent at home would be one where the weather is glorious.  I then may put down the laptop, open up all the French windows onto the garden and enjoy the work we have done there.  I’ve just planted a rose garden outside the French windows and am hoping that by next year there will be an abundance of scents wafting around.  The cats (four of them) all join us in the garden for fun and games and even our blind cat frolics around when it’s sunny.

Been inspired by what you’ve seen? You can find more lovely images of Janice’s home over on at{mine}. Don’t forget, to sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.

Zoe Darlington for Toast

We love it when we hear of collaborations that were just meant to 'be'. So when we heard that lighting designer Zoe Darlington had joined forces with Toast we just knew we were all in for a treat.

VINTAGE SARI SHADE £89 Available in white linen with four options of vintage sari linings: Fuscia, Fern Green, Orange and Mustard Limited edition of 10 shades in each colour-way.

Zoe of course, is well known for striking lamps that combine tradition and wit beautifully. She is inspired by old heirlooms and heritage craftsmanship and each lamp is made using the finest materials and using traditional techniques.

LANCASHIRE WOOL TABLE LAMP £195 Available in four colours: Dark Blue Marl, Red, Turquoise and Heather Purple Solid Sapele base and Tobacco textile flex. 

The Toast collection comprises limited edition linen shades lined with vibrant, hand sourced vintage saris (each one totally unique - no two shades are the same) and a classic table lamp that celebrates the British artisan. The wool for the shades is milled in Lancashire, and the hardwoods for the base are hand turned in Worcestershire. Every piece is personally hand crafted by Zoë in her Birmingham studio.


Available online at www.toast and in selected Toast stores from 1st September 2015

Introducing Harvey Maria

Luxury tile company Harvey Maria are launching a new design philosophy that changes the way we design our homes. 

Neisha Crosland Parquet Charcoal 

Neisha Crosland Parquet Charcoal 

Harvey Maria’s new design philosophy is comprised of a truly coordinated portfolio of tile collections, all purposefully designed to work together, with Harvey Maria’s primary design vision at its core, placing colour as king, pattern as tangible, and coordination as a prerequisite.

Neisha Crosland

Neisha Crosland

Harvey Maria’s vision makes strong pattern and colour more accessible, enabling people to use a combination of pattern, colours and woods in flooring design throughout their homes, creating unique interiors which can be perfectly balanced with other design choices. 

Cath Kidston for Harvey Maria

Cath Kidston for Harvey Maria

Harvey Maria lready boasts a diverse portfolio of contemporary pattern and colour, including the Dee Hardwicke, Cath Kidston and Neisha Crosland collections.

Dee Hardwicke in 6 colourways for Harvey Maria.

Dee Hardwicke in 6 colourways for Harvey Maria.

The latest collections from Harvey Maria are available online now

The Home of Jewellery Designer Emma Cassi

Jewellery designer Emma Cassi invites us into her lovely home and gives us a glimpse into her enviable life.

It’s been 13 years since Emma Cassi left her native France to set up home with her husband Bertrand in South West London, and today the couple couldn’t be happier with their lot. Emma is a former stylist and now makes a living from her own hand-made lace jewellery designs, selling pieces to independent shops as well as larger stores and online.

Anyone looking at Emma’s jewellery would be forgiven for thinking she had years of training in her chosen craft, but the reality couldn’t be more the opposite. In fact, Emma has never taken a sewing class and is completely self-taught, something that somehow makes her jewellery even more special. She explains: “I started off making bags and kind of fell into making jewellery from there. I used to draw but had never done any work with needles at all. I had wealthy friends who would buy beautiful garments that I couldn’t afford so decided to make something similar myself. It’s grown from there.”

Things weren’t always quite so simple for Emma, who found working alone difficult when she first arrived in London, particularly with the language barrier. In a bid to better her English she joined the team at Country Living Magazine, working as a stylist, a job that she instantly found she had a passion for. “I like that people feel inspired by your ideas,” Emma comments. “The skills I learnt there have really stayed with me and helped me to develop my jewellery business, as well as to decorate my own home.”

Emma and Bertrand now have two children, Anton who is eight and two-and-a-half year old Hope and life as a busy mum means that Emma now concentrates solely on her jewellery design business. Their home is a five-room flat in Barnes, an area that Emma says they fell in love with due to its country feel and its close proximity to central London. She says: “We’ve lived in the area ever since we came to the UK and have been in this flat for seven years now. We just love the fact that it’s such a green area, just five minutes from Richmond Park; it’s lovely.”

Emma’s home reflects her personality completely; it is very feminine and completely cosy. This very personal space totally matches the style that can be seen in Emma’s work, with a mix and match of old pieces and things that have been hand-made by Emma herself.

Seven years on from moving in and the family have really made this space their home and although Emma and Bertrand have plans to make the kitchen space bigger, on the whole they are more than content with how things have turned out. “We did it all without any disasters,” claims Emma. “The only mistake we made was with the paint for the living room floor. I wanted a shiny finish but didn’t realise the paint I used wasn’t meant for floors and would take two weeks to dry. We needed to get back in here before then, so it did get scratched.”

“Overall though it’s full of personality and feels very homely, with lots of knick-knacks everywhere,” says Emma.

Check out Emma’s jewellery designs at

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Words: Kelly Lavender Pictures: Andrew Boyd