Bold And Beautiful

Jane Foster has put her creative streak to good use, producing bright and colourful screenprints that take their inspiration from Scandinavian design.

Jane Foster

Jane Foster has always had an artistic streak, even as a child, and spent five years in music college training to be a teacher. But her creativity was to take her in a different direction, when she discovered a natural talent for screen printing.

“For years I wanted to carve out a different career from teaching as I knew it would burn me out eventually,” Jane explains.

“I visualised becoming self-employed and working from home so I could spend time with my daughter and do something I really enjoyed. I wasnʼt entirely sure how it was going to happen, but I took very small steps each day in the right direction.”


Today, Jane divides her time between her business and raising her three-year-old daughter with her partner Jim. The family live in a contemporary eco home in Totnes, Devon, where Jane has a purpose built studio room in which to do her design work, screen printing and sewing.

The house itself features furniture from the 50s and 60s, including patterned Formica pieces and birch ply chairs, and Jane takes much of her inspiration from this era for her screenprints too. She says: “My influences come from several sources: designs from the 50s and 60s, Scandinavian design, bits from my parents and simple illustrations from illustrators such as Dick Bruna. I love bold, simple, happy designs, which appeal to children and adults alike.”

Jane Foster

Many of Jane’s own designs come to her in moment of spontaneity and she will often sketch out her ideas over a coffee in her local café. She says: “I don’t usually do many versions and the process happens quite quickly. At first I use a 2B pencil and then I go over the design in a black ink pen before rubbing the pencil lines out.” And if a creative rut should halt the process? “That’s normally solved by coffee and cake! A large slice of Victoria sponge cake or banoffee pie usually does the trick.”

Jane is a firm believer in following your dreams and in the early days of self-employment would often write her ambitions in a notebook to help keep her focused. “The list included both small goals and larger ones - ones that at the time seemed way out of my league. One goal was to get my work into Habitat and miraculously it happened the week I became a mum.”

Jane Foster

And on the list today? “In ten years’ time I would like to be designing fabrics for IKEA or Marimekko and also other items such as storage tins, mugs and trays.

“I see myself still working in my studio, making items from the fabrics I collect and still doing the odd bit of screen printing, which I canʼt ever imagine getting tired of.”

Jane Foster

Article written by Kelly Lavender taken from Autumn 2013 issue of Heart Home magazine.

A Converted Warehouse in East London

A converted warehouse dating back to the 1800s is given a new lease of life whilst drawing inspiration from its East London heritage.

For an interior designer, getting the brief of a discerning client just right is all part and parcel of the job, but when that client happens to be your best friend, the job suddenly takes on a whole new perspective. 

That’s the situation newly qualified interior designer Cassidy Hughes found herself in when her partner Angelo Perna bought an old warehouse conversion in East London and commissioned Cassidy to make the building into a home. Although it was a project that she had a vested interest in, Cassidy was conscious that to fulfill the brief she would need to refrain from letting her own tastes influence the interior design too much. “I tried to keep it quite masculine and to treat the project just like I would for any client, rather than taking over and just doing things the way I liked,” says Cassidy. “I’m drawn to things like lace and vintage photos, so I had to curb my feminine side a little for this project. Even so, the end result does reflect my own style as well as his to some extent.”

Cassidy describes her style as eclectic and this is certainly evident in this project, which has stayed true to its industrial roots with the fixtures and fittings, while being brought bang up-to-date with the choice of soft furnishings and accessories.

Dating back to the 1800s, the previous owners of the apartment had two bathrooms and used the second bedroom as a walk-in closet. Under Cassidy’s watchful eye, the builders totally gutted the space, restoring the original features and taking down the wall that separated the kitchen from the living area to make a modern open plan space. “I was on site every day for the duration of the project,” comments Cassidy. “With a client who noticed every detail it was important that I was here to oversee things as much as possible, as I had him on my back too.”

The result is bare brick walls and exposed pipework in the living area, which is quite a contrast from the master bedroom with its calming white walls.

When it came to furnishing the property Cassidy didn’t have to travel far for inspiration, as she was able to browse the many quirky stores that are scattered throughout East London, not to mention the delights of Spitalfields Market.

“Much of the building is original, including the floors, walls and windows, so I tried to keep the interior in line with the industrial look in terms of the lighting and such, whilst adding modern touches with the soft furnishings,” explains Cassidy. “The trick was to be resourceful and really shop around to get the right eclectic mix. Lots of the lighting was sourced from eBay, the table and bench in the kitchen came from Spitalfields, while the sofa in the living area is from Ligne Roset so there is a real mixture of styles.”

With the work now complete Angelo can sit back and enjoy the space they have worked so hard to create together and Cassidy in particular can breathe a big sigh of relief. “He’s definitely the most difficult client I’ve ever worked for,” she laughs.

For more information on Cassidy’s interior design business visit

A Converted Warehouse in East London originally appeared in the Autumn 2012 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Photographed by James Balston. Words by Kelly Lavender.

George Home - Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

We've recently had a look at the upcoming Spring/summer collection from George Home and it looks delightful. Be prepared to be transported away... Here's a sneak peek at some of the beautiful collections available soon.

Taking its influence from the distinctive beauty of the arid landscape, this trend embraces the raw organic splendour of the DESERT with a hint of luxe to create a sophisticated twist for the contemporary home. 

The collection combines a dusky colour palette that captures the earthy mood; sun burnt sienna, burnished reds, warming greys and faded neutrals, all interspersed with flashes of deep yellow to reflect the hazy Sahara sun. Copper is still highly influential this season and used on distinctive decorative accessories, combining natural materials for a global nomadic influence. There is also a subtle nod to age-old tribal markings and native species on printed textiles, tableware and decorative accessories.

George Home ss 15

This seasons SHORE trend perfectly embodies nautical nostalgia and the escapism of this timeless seafarer style.

Create a contemporary coastal backdrop, with an aquatic spectrum of faded blues, complemented by washed out greys, crisp whites, bolder indigo and red accents. 

Mosaic tile patterns, pretty postcard inspired and retro graphic prints, typography and ombre hues sit alongside classic sailor stripes. Vintage chrome and wooden lights are paired with statement symbolic maritime accessories, decorative ceramics, and coloured glass vases inspired by rich colours of the deep blue sea. 

George Home ss 15

The MEADOW trend encapsulates the freshness of Springtime; celebrating nature's way as we move into a new season.

Flora and fauna influence digital textile prints on cushions and bedlinen. Fun and frivolous woodland animals appear in sweet photographic scenes and in stunning painterly brushstroke designs. 

A delicate floral print adorns the dinnerware and crockery, and intricate embroidered flower scenes on pretty kitchen textiles bring a vintage feel to the collection. Bright and breezy green hues are accentuated with understated mint and peach tones. Flashes of vibrant yellow enhance the overall look and evoke uplifting memories of springtime.

George Home ss 15

The FARM FRESH collection adds a retro slant to any kitchen with an exciting combination of confident and primary tones.

Solid colour blocking, oversized polka dots and charming slogans transform your everyday dining and baking essentials. Quirky glassware with jam jar lids, animal shoes and printed ceramics inject an element of fun; Whilst frilled aprons and hanging kitchen signs enhance the overall vintage look and feel.

George Home ss 15

Indulge in nostalgic romance with this season's EDEN trend.

The collection breathes new life into the summer floral trend. Delicious summer berry colours are complemented  with lavender and lilac hues., offset with antique creams and blush tones for a rich, seductive colour palette. Dramatic bursts of watercolour and soft smudged techniques inject an abstract edge to the traditional bloom prints. Hand-scrawled poetry  embellish glass vases of faux flowers, and finer details of embroidered textures, tassels and pom poms, give the impression of bespoke elegance.

George Home ss 15

Second Chance

Designer Trish Scorgie has brought a new lease of life to vintage ceramic designs, and in turn is helping to rejuvenate a dying industry.

Trish_Scorgie_Shot_1 copy.jpg

After working in music industry PR for years, Trish Scorgie decided to embark on a career change that involved her passion for vintage ceramics as well as the flexibility to work around her daughter. So in March 2012 she set up her company, Volpe and Volpe, meaning fox in Italian. “I was really into Etsy and came across some lovely ideas from America” Trish explains “I felt there was a lot of the same things around at the time and I wanted to create something a bit different and unique especially with ceramics as I’ve been a hoarder over the years.” It was during her online research that Trish came across the vintage swan vase, which has become Volpe and Volpe’s signature piece. “I love the shape of the swan but it wasn’t available in very nice colours. I wanted to revamp it by producing it in contemporary colours such as matt black and metallics” says Trish.

Trish Scorgie

Trish investigated the swan mould’s background as she does with every piece she sells through Volpe and Volpe. It originally belonged to Dartmouth Pottery, which was sold to Wade but they didn’t take the swan, making it perfect to reinvent. “I love tracing back the origins and what has happened to the companies and moulds that they produced. So many get lost in sales over the years and there are only a few originals left over” says Trish. She then had to find a mould maker and was keen to work with Stoke on Trent, but had difficulty in finding a supplier to do small runs. “I knew there would be a market for these nostalgia based accessories but unfortunately there are almost no UK based ceramic companies left, which is really sad” she says. Fortunately Trish found a supplier who is not only still in business but has worked on Staffordshire creamware for years. Together they work on the colours and layers of glaze: “I torture him” laughs Trish “but I am particular about how pieces look, specifically the matt black and metallic swans as they are the hardest to get right.” She also produces a cute Mole string holder that is taken from a 1970s mould and has been a great hit in its remodelled, glossy black finish with scissor-handle glasses. The Devon based company that is supplying the moles almost went out of business and the moulds are hand painted by the same woman who has been working for the company since she left school – meaning it is a true piece of UK ceramic history.

Trish Scorgie

Trish currently lives in North London with her husband Michael, daughter Sissy and cat, Rosie V, and creates Volpe and Volpe’s menagerie from home. She sells online through Volpe Volpe’s site, Rockett St George and Anthroplogie and is set to launch her last swan collection in a soft powder blue before turning her attentions to her next project. “I’m working on a Wolf Plate which is a hybrid of old botanicals from forgotten dinner sets and Natural History prints with the artist Robert Dawson who works on commissions and is best known for his award winning reworking of the Wedgewood Willow Pattern (he works under the moniker of Aesthetic Sabotage) Along with the Powder Blue swan I will be also doing a super size Swan in Satin Glazes” says Trish.

Trish Scorgie

Photographs by Jon Aaron Green, Words by Rosalind Erskine. Feature taken from Summer 2013 issue of Heart Home magazine

Floral Table Decoration Courses for Beginners

With the party season approaching and the delightfully impending dinner parties, my thoughts have turned to table settings. It’s an area of my life I’ve not felt mature enough yet to conquer, but as the nights draw in and I willingly become a home body, making my home welcoming and beautiful has become my focus again.

So I set upon researching table settings and I found that the one thing that really caught my eye were the decadent flower arrangements on the tables, it seems we’re moving into a time where floral arrangements are not solely reserved for weddings or very upmarket homes. My quest took me to the glorious Covent Garden Academy of Flowers - where better a place to absorb the art of floral arranging.

The heady scents of flowers is quite overpowering in the academy; my nostrils guided me down the stairs to the class.

We began with a short tutorial on the basics of using Oasis, which turned out to be not that basic at all; you need to soak them for a certain time and not a second longer, they absorb a serious amount of water and contain lots of nutritious food for the plants.

Once we were clear on how to treat our base, we began the process with foliage such as eucalyptus (my favourite).

Classical music was played loudly, which gave the whole experience an edge of drama!

A couple of  key points that I will happily pass on are to cut stems at an angle and at the desired height and width of your table piece. Also make sure that you keep turning your ring so that the flowers and foliage are placed equally.

The next part was inserting the flowers, we had the options of some beautiful plump roses and many other smaller flowers to guide the eye around.
Once we had completed our wreaths we experimented with the display of them by using different vessels such as vases, candle holders and candelabras. These brought them to life rather spectacularly.

The whole experience was extremely therapeutic, it reminded me of the meditative state I get from painting or drawing, as you’re building up a piece bit by bit, adding layers. It takes time and focus but that’s the pleasure you get from creating something that’s truly yours.

I left with a new skill that was so easy to learn, yet difficult to perfect without the class; I think there are certain things you can’t master through YouTube videos.
I would highly recommend taking a class at the Academy, there are lots of  one off day and evening courses  or you can go for a block of lessons. The people I met were lovely, most had come alone and so it was a great way to interact with others or you could simply absorb yourself in your masterpiece, if you’re the quiet type.

When I got home I experimented with some neon candles and Moroccan fairy lights. I still have my wreath three weeks on; I've removed the flowers and now it’s a dried foliage wreath, just in time to wrap some ribbon around it and hang it on my door for Christmas.

You can find a wide range of courses here:

Elizabeth Danon is an interior designer with a passion for integrating vintage pieces into modern interiors. She works at a London based architects practice and in her spare time writes about all things interior design; from luxury spas and lighting to floral arrangements and local artists.

Moroccan Vegetable Cous Cous Salad

Sometimes it's good to have a quick and easy recipe to hand for those weekday evenings when time is of the essence. This simple dish is tasty, nutritious and more importantly can be whipped up in minutes. 

Cous Cous whit meat and vegetables

425 gm champignons
1 cup chopped shallots
1/2 large red capsicum
1/2 large yellow capsicum
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup coconut milk
2 minced garlic cloves
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp Comvita Olive Leaf Extract
1/2 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp tumeric
1/2 tsp dried basil
100g dried cous cous (per person)

1) Pre heat the over to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Slice vegetables and crush the garlic cloves before mixing them together in a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil and bake for 30 minutes or until soft.
2) Pour boiling water over the dried cous cous and leave for 5 – 10 minutes until all water is absorbed.
3) Mix together the coconut milk, lemon juice, olive leaf extract, cumin, turmeric, dried basil to create a light dressing.
4) Mix all ingredients together for a warming, nutritious salad.

Recipe courtesy of Comvita.

Create a Cosy Nest this Winter with Ebay

At Heart Home we love to inspire our readers and hopefully pass on a few tips along the way about how to achieve the same style and looks in your own homes.

As soon as the nights start drawing in, there’s nothing nicer than creating a homely indoor space for entertaining, spending time with the family, or just curling up with a good book. And if you’ve kept the basics of your furnishing scheme fairly neutral it’s very easy to change the look with the seasons. That’s why we love a smart grey sofa, soft grey walls and a neutral coloured rug on the floor.

Styled by Maxine Brady. Photographed by Andrew Boyd.

Styled by Maxine Brady. Photographed by Andrew Boyd.

Adding colour and pattern can sometimes be scary but there’s no easier way of adding warmth to a decorative scheme and it’s fairly inexpensive too. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules and you can create a space as welcoming as the one above that was styled by Maxine Brady for the September issue of Heart Home magazine.

Maxine started with a grey sofa that is the perfect backdrop for adding colour (and perfect for putting your feet up too!). The rug is patterned but as it’s in grey and white it doesn’t shout too loud or grab too much attention. It also zones the sitting area and makes the room look extra cosy. And with the neutral base you can afford to go a little bit crazy with cushions, thows, baskets, vases and accessories. They all come from the same colour palette of bright primaries and the patterns are a little bit ethnic in origin. Don’t forget to add some blocks of colour as Maxine has done here with the vases, and the pompoms are a little bit of fun. Because after all, no decorating scheme should take itself too seriously.

This Collection is part of an eBay competition that is running over November and December, and if you Follow you will be in with a chance win an eBay voucher to the value of £20. The winner will be chosen at random from their eBay ID and notified by the 5th January.

All of the above items would sit comfortably within this scheme, from the sofa, to the chevron rug, to the coffee table made from pallets, to the fun ethnic cushions and baskets. They are all available from eBay and feature in Heart Home’s Winter Warmers Collection.

To be in with a chance to win the £20 voucher to spend on eBay make sure you click on this link and ‘follow’ our collection. The competition closes on 31st January 2015.

Hallway Decorating Ideas With CarpetRight

When it comes to making a great first impression, you only get one chance, so give your hallway a smart new look with the latest flooring ideas from Carpetright. With Winter fast approaching it's time to spruce up our homes and think of ways to incorporate colour and make it that little extra cosy and fun! Here we look at different styles that can really make a change. 

For the adventurous home lover, recreate this clever look by alternating several colourways of the Westex carpet, resulting in a neat striped effect. 

Carpet Right - Westex

Why not make a dramatic entrance with the New Dynasty carpet in daring Damson?  It’s a look that is bang on trend.

Carpet right - New Dynasty

Or if your tastes run more to modern classics, look no further than Ashby in Anthracite, the perfect versatile backdrop to show off furniture and artwork to perfection.

Carpet Right Ashby

An Eclectic Edwardian House in South London

If there were ever a house made for the word ‘eclectic’, Janice Redington’s South London home might well be it. Since moving in four years ago, Janice and her husband Tony have created their ideal home through upgrading, decorating and hunting for perfect furnishings– and the result is a gorgeous mix of classic meets modern.

First drawn to the beautiful fireplaces, original tiling and airy Edwardian space, Janice and her family decided to look past some much needed improvement work and see the potential of the property underneath. Determined to do as much of the renovation work as possible, Janice first set about stripping the stunning feature fireplaces of a dozen layers of gloss paint; an effort which she openly admits was a real labour of love. Next was the task of stripping the original Edwardian floorboards, as well as renovating the kitchen and hallway and decorating almost every room in the house.

Conscious of making the most of the original features, Janice tries to keep the walls neutral, using soft furnishings to preserve and highlight certain aspects of the house – and it definitely works, with the striking original features standing out against the pale backgrounds.

A seven room house, Janice furnishes her home with finds from a range of sources – many of the pieces are from Cavaliero Finn, while she often visits East Dulwich based boutique Mrs Robinson for any second-hand leather items. Artwork also adorns the walls, most of it recent; Janice has accumulated most of the pieces within the last 18 months, and explains that she’s developing a love for modern art, feeling her way to find out what she likes.

Janice’s favourite way to source new finds? Items gifted by relatives, left abandoned in skips, and donated at the charity shop where she works – she admits to always keeping an eye out for any bargains that are brought in. One of Janice’s favourite charity shop acquisitions has to be the bold red and gold-patterned curtains in the master bedroom; brought in as a roll of fabric, Janice decided to rescue it on a whim after it had lain ignored on the floor for several weeks. She laughs now at the memory of struggling with the fabric on the bus home, and also at her decision to pick it at all; she openly admits she would never have chosen it herself due to the strong palette of colours. Now hanging as fantastic curtains, the pattern fits perfectly in with the rest of the room.

Asked about inspiration, Janice reveals that she doesn’t search for it – instead, she lets it come to her. Sometimes in the form of an interesting colour, and from dress fabrics to a pair of shoes, Janice finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere – but she always strives to be that little bit different, putting together furnishings on a trial and error basis to see what works and what doesn’t.

So, what does British design mean to Janice? She definitely feels that it’s moving away from the traditional country cottage style and suggests that British design is now about an eclectic mix of styles. An Edwardian house with Danish leather furniture, filled with finds from charity shops and designer boutiques?  We’d say Janice Redington’s house certainly defines the phrase eclectic mix – a style which we think will definitely have a part to play in the future of British design.

Eclectic Edwardian originally appeared in the December 2011 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Photographed by Jon Day. Styled by Emily Henson. Words by Claire Marie-Slight.



Pom Pom's Galore

PomPom Galore was set up by Kat Bright and Marisa Harrison in May 2014 to bring to the market a traditionally made wool pompom as a decorative garland; a pompom bunting in fact! Perfect for Christmas decorations, they can be used as garlands, to decorate the table or even as decorative touches to hand-wrapped presents.

PomPom Galore Christmas.jpg

Each garland is 7ft long with 42 wool pompoms along a waxed cotton string with hanging loops at each end (they alternate between 4cm and 3cm sized pompoms to give a a better effect).  They are all traditionally handmade using 100% wool.

Also available are pompom book marks with 6cm diameter wool pompoms with twisted wax cotton tails that fit snuggly into the spine of a book, wool pompom key rings on leather straps with metal clasps, and a range of hair bobbles (4cm diameter, in sets of colours) and large ones at 7cm diameter (in 3 colours) which would make perfect stocking fillers for all of the family.

All come beautifully packaged in re-useable organza bags.

We are delighted with the response – pompoms make people smile, everytime!  And we get super feed back from customers young and old! We’ve got lots of ideas we are developing for 2015 so watch the pompom space!” Kat Bright, PomPom Galore.


New Wallpaper Brand - Olenka

Olenka is a young, fresh and inspirational Wallpaper brand. Based in a design studio in Reading with a passionate and talented in-house design team, Olenka was founded by Olga and Eric Nicolson. Born out of a love of design individuality, Olga’s years of Art and Design study in Russia and then a successful design career in the UK, led to the start up of Olenka. Their mission is to create distinctive and stylish designs that embody traditional Russian Khokhloma art with a modern British colour palette. 

Olenka Wallpapers

The pretty patterns of the ‘Russian Fairytale’ range, launching this month, have been inspired by Khokhloma Folk art with its rich history going back to the seventeenth century. Traditionally it was hand painted, so all original patterns of Olenka’s wallpaper are hand painted by Olga. This first collection will contain natural motifs of leaves and flowers to create the dreamy mood of the collection, which will provide a lush, glamorous backdrop for any room. 

Olenka Wallpapers

Feminine, decadent and beautifully styled with a pinch of the past and a modern colour palette of tropical brights mixed with classic tones, you’ll be tempted to liven up your living space this winter. Olenka’s initial consumer offering will consist of two beautifully hand crafted designs called Milana and Neva, both in a choice of two different colour-ways. The Milana design is available in ‘Graphite Blue’ & ‘Hot Pink/Grey’ with the Neva Design available in ‘Blue’ & ‘Pink/Grey’. 


Website of the Week - The Future Kept

The Future Kept is a new venture by husband and wife team, Jeska and Dean Hearne. Some of you might already know Jeska as she is the author of the beautiful Lobster and Swan blog (winner of the best designed blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2014). Their former home also appeared in the first issue of Heart Home magazine (see page 108).

So when Jeska and Dean announced that they were working on a new online shop we already knew we were in for a treat. And what a treat. In fact, readers, if you want to buy me a gift this Christmas can you please buy it here (only kidding, about buying me a gift, I mean). The products listed are just beautiful.

For her...

Not only are they beautiful but they are all ethically sourced. The pair's mission was to seek out beautiful and useful items for life and the home that are made with love, thoughtfulness and detail. Items with timeless qualities created by people with a passion for what they do, and a care for the future of the world we live in. 

For him...

"Creating and seeking beautifully considered, functional items for others to enjoy is our passion, by sharing these items that we celebrate, we hope to connect and form relationships with like minded people, whilst having a positive impact on the environment".

Christmas gifts sorted!

Red Thread Collection By Staffan Tollgard For JAB Anstoetz

German design house JAB Anstoetz is proud to announce a series of exceptional carpet and rug designs by international interior designer Staffan Tollgård; the Red Thread collection. The initial UK launch was in September 2014 and will be followed by a worldwide launch in January 2015 at imm Cologne.  

Staffan has used shapes, patterns and colours inspired by the revelation and transformation of materials and surfaces to create eight designs that each has a story, in keeping with his adherence to the Scandinavian notion of the Red Thread in all his work.

As Staffan explains: “The Scandinavian notion of the Red Thread has been central to my work as an interior designer for over ten years.  I have used it as a powerful metaphor to describe the journey towards the creative DNA of each project we have worked on – the heart of the matter that connects interior, architecture and environment; the visual or creative motif that tells our client’s story using the language of design.  For my first collection of rugs, I have been able to make the red thread a reality.  We explored how each rug could tell the story of the artistry of JAB Anstoetz’s artisans, of the processes that make their rugs so creatively rich and valuable.  At the same time we used the metaphor of change and of revelation as a vehicle for these techniques”. 

Dissolve by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Dissolve by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Red Thread by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Red Thread by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Splash by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Splash by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Beneath by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Beneath by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sq m 

Winter Colour from Hunkydory Home

It's time to add some colour to our homes and we can't think of a better way than with these fabulous tablelamps from Hunkydory Home. We love the collection of zingy shades and we can't make up our minds which we like best. Secretly, I'd go for pink! Ssshh.

All of the lamps are hand-crafted in North East England. The lamp bases are made by Nick James, a furniture designer based in Newcastle and the silk lampshades are by Hunkydory Home in Northumberland. Table lamps retail for £75 and the drum shades are £28 for a 30 cm diameter shade.


If you are thinking of adding one to your work desk, have a look at their equally bright peg boards too. They come with coloured pegs and at £40 make a cheery addition to any home office or kitchen.

Can we have one in pink too please Hunkydory Home?

Home Truths by British Gas and Channel 4

We all love to look at other people's homes and lifestyles. That's why we're all hooked on TV shows where ordinary people fulfill their dreams to create a 'Grand Design' or 'Amazing Small Spaces'. It's also why we love working on every issue of Heart Home mag - it beats wandering the neighborhood at dusk peering through windows!

British Gas has worked with Channel 4 to share some great stories about people’s relationships with their homes including 'Gaudi in Berkshire', 'Living in my Playhouse' and 'The Pub Under the Stairs' to name but a few. Each short film is inspirational for different reasons but we'd love to share this one with you here. It's the story of one young couple who decided that a mortgage on a new house was currently beyond their means so they decided to live on a boat. It's very sweet.

Do you have your own story to tell? We'd love to hear about it and it might inspire others too.

You can see the rest of the short films in the Home Truths Hub

Home Truths is sponsored by British Gas and C4.

Nicole Phillips England Launches New Christmas collection

With November well underway, we are getting all festive and are loving the new Christmas collection of festive delights just launched from Nicole Phillips England.

Deck The Halls Aga Cover_Nicole Phillips England

The collection includes an array of tea towels, napkins, table runners, oven gloves and cards that will add a quirky touch of merriment to your home over the festive period. Prices start from £12.95 for a tea towel, £28 for a pack of 4 napkins up to £39 for a table runner.

Sage and Onion Stuffing Tea Towel_Nicole Phillips England.jpg

Made in Great Britain, all Nicole’s products feature stunning hand-painted artwork offset against a stylish stripe background. Choose from a range of Christmas designs that hint at Nicole’s wry sense of humour, including the Deck the Halls, Mistletoe & Wine, Sage & Onion Stuffing and new Figgy Pudding themes.

Christmas Cards_Nicole Phillips England.jpg

Dress your tables with Nicole’s stunning Deck the Halls and Mistletoe & Wine table runners and napkins or mix and match the designs to create a fun and festive spread for Christmas day celebrations. The stunning hand painted designs are printed on high quality 100% cotton and will instantly transform your dining table for this special time of year.

Paula Rosa

All Nicole’s products are designed to suit every style of home and make the perfect gift for your host, loved one or even as a stocking filler this Christmas.

Win Prints from Easyart Worth £150

Easyart is delighted to offer one lucky Heart Home reader the chance to win two framed posters worth £150 from their exclusive Andy Warhol collection.

©/®/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

©/®/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

The competition prize includes a poster of one of Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe silkscreens from 1967 and one of his Stamped Lips c.1959, framed in either a white or black box-frame.

©/®/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

©/®/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

With an extensive collection of prints by established and emerging artists, on-demand digital printing and bespoke frames handmade in Sussex, Easyart makes owning beautiful art, simple.

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Spiced Apple Crumble with Cinnamon Meringue Kisses

A seriously comforting winter warmer for the months ahead. It's a winning take on the classic apple crumble, complete with gooey cinnamon meringue kisses and a contrasting salty crumble.

1/2 batch of meringue girls mixture
• 1 tsp cinnamon
• 500g Madagascan Vanilla custard

50g butter, room temperature
• 50g plain flour
• 50g golden caster sugar
• 25g flaked almonds
• 1 tsp flaked sea salt

4 Bramley cooking apples, peeled, cored and roughly chopped
• 1 tbs dark brown sugar
• Pinch of cinnamon powder

• Turn your Rangemaster oven to 100°C. Line a flat baking tray with parchment.
• Start by flavouring your meringue girls mixture. Using 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder, fold into your meringue mixture until just combined.
• Spoon mixture into your piping bag, cut the tip and start piping.
• Once you have piped out all your cinnamon kisses, dust the top of the meringues with the remaining cinnamon and place in the Rangemaster oven for 35-45 minutes.
• Next make the salted crumble. Preheat your Rangemaster oven to 180°C.
• Using your fingertips, mix the butter, flour, sugar and salt until it forms breadcrumbs.
• Scatter crumble and flaked almonds on a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes, tossing occasionally until crumble is golden brown. It will harden once cooled.
• Then onto the stewed apple.
• Place chunks of apples in a pan with a splash of water, 1 tbsp of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Gently stew until soft, but not mushy.
• Just before serving, make the custard, or use a good quality shop bought carton.
• To plate up, pile some steaming stewed apples into a small bowl, top with four cinnamon meringue kisses, sprinkle with lots of salted crumble and pour over warm custard.

Recipe courtesy of The Meringue Girls in partnership with Rangemaster

Wild at Heart

We love this new wall decor by Minakani Lab. It depicts an exotic jungle inspired by Douanier Rousseau full of plants, birds, butterflies and a predatory leopard. Illustrated by hand in black and white it makes quite a statement for a children s room or for those young at heart.

The entire decal measures 2.8 metres high by 4.4 metres wide and costs €900 but it is available in three parts. Palm Tree, big cat or toucan are €300 euros each.

Available from Minakani Lab.

The Winchester Tiles Company Launches New Website

Tile manufacturer The Winchester Tile Company has launched a redesigned version of its website at

The new design reflects the tile company’s style more closely, with a clean palette of blues and whites. High resolution imagery takes centre stage, showing the range of products available at a glance – from plain neutrals to bright and bold patterned tiles.

The Winchester Tile Company redesign screenshot

Other features include a comprehensive product catalogue of the company’s entire range. Visitors can browse by collection, colour or finish and find out detailed information about each product including suitability and areas of use. An inspiration and blog area features a range of lifestyle imagery, showing the products in situ to encourage ideas and creativity. This area also highlights key trends, gives practical advice and much more.

The Winchester Tile Company - Artisan - Dunwich Crackle

A technical guide provides information about installation, whilst a helpful tile calculator enables visitors to quickly gain an idea of how many tiles are required to cover the intended area. Visitors are also able to locate their nearest stockist by entering their postcode.

The Winchester Tile Company - Residence - Chateaux Mix on Papyrus