How to Make an Apartment Instantly ‘Copenhagen’

Extract taken from Nørth: How to Live Scandinavian by Brontë Aurell. Published by Aurum Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group.

When you first go to Copenhagen and you visit someone’s apartment, you usually end up
in awe … ‘Are they interior designers?’ you ask yourself. ‘What style!’ you exclaim, tearing
up your insides as you try to forget about your own bedsit hovel with magnolia coloured
walls. Then you visit someone else, and you think ‘Oh, this place looks quite like Søren and
Sofie’s’. Third time around, you know: there is a ‘style’.

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

Ten ways to make your apartment instantly ‘Copenhagen’

1. Rip up all carpets and sand your floors. Then paint them white.

2. Paint all your walls white. Yes, all of them, white. If there is a shade of white called
‘Scandinavian white’ or ‘Ringsted white’ or ‘Vesterbro white’, go for that.

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

3. Paint all your skirting boards and doors white.

4. Remove all curtains and traces of curtains, because you no longer need them. If you
can’t live without window coverings, add some white, stylish blinds, but make sure that,
when they are up, you can’t see them.

5. Get one colourful statement chair, ideally by a designer from Denmark. Anything with the
word Jacobsen or Wegner is good. Buy a woolly sheepskin from a remote farm in Sweden
and add this to said statement chair.

6. Have one normal chair next to your sofa where you add a stack of books or magazines
with pictures of bearded men. Leave them there.

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

7. Put just one green plant in the window.

8. Your sofa must be a tasteful colour or stick to black. It must also be simple – none of this
‘all the way to the floor’ business. Legs – and nothing underneath. Thou shalt not add too
many cushions.

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

Image ©Anna Jacobsen

9. Add all or some of the following: one rug (can be colourful), one or two designer posters
of designer things (drawings of chairs or statues). One standing lamp (tasteful, sleek). The
coffee table must be in front of the sofa and it must have thin legs. Two candle holders (the
metal kind, from Illums Bolighus). The bookshelf is allowed to be from IKEA, but must be
‘Is it really from IKEA or not?’

10. Hide your TV, or, don’t have one.

North - How to Live Scandinavian by Bronte Aurell (1).jpg

How to Live Scandinavian by Brontë Aurell.

Published by Aurum Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group.

Available to buy here.

Introducing New Cox & Cox AW17/18 Collection

We are so excited to share some images of the Autumn Collection from Cox & Cox . Featuring over 300 new homeware lines, from earthy round rattan furniture and botanical accents to opulent white marble and elegant brass pieces, each product chosen with care and styled to inspire. Faux Floral HERO Three Flocked Faux Leaf Sprays - Blush H-3LEAF £35 Three Faux Poppy Sprays - White H-3POPWHT £25 Three Faux Cosmos - Burgundy H-3COSMOS £25 Mila Vase H-MILAVASE £60.jpg

Discover a beautifully curated collection of over 1200 products, with furniture, lighting, rugs and decorative homeware designed to create an individual and stylish interior. Sumptuous Sheepskin Beanbags HERO Grey H-BEANSHEPGRY Blush H-BEANSHEPBLUS Ivory H-BEANSHEEP £800.00.jpg£225.00.jpg

Website of the Week - Nordic Kind

Scandinavian style has long been a coveted trend in interiors. If you browse Pinterest you will find no end of inspiration for the home. But it has become more than that. We now want to live the Scandinavian way. We want to do hygge, lagom and enjoy a proper fika. - A Fika is considered a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one's colleagues, friends, date or family.

Nordic Kind of Autumn Ink Paintings

Nordic Kind of Autumn Ink Paintings

So any website that can indulge our love of all things Scandinavian has our attention. And we think we've found one over at Nordic Kind.

Hand Printed Cushion Cover with the ’Mångfald’ (Diversity) Pattern

Hand Printed Cushion Cover with the ’Mångfald’ (Diversity) Pattern

The products in the shop are all carefully selected to bring customers the best of Nordic design. They are created by talented designers and craftsmen, who are passionate about style and quality. But they also share on the website the designer's stories and tell the story of their everyday life and take a glimpse behind the scenes of their products in creation.

Glasilium - a small glass vase as a support for the flower stem. And Coiled Vases. Handcrafted in Sweden.

Glasilium - a small glass vase as a support for the flower stem. And Coiled Vases. Handcrafted in Sweden.

So if you are interested in finding the beauty in the simple things, with a sophisticated simplicity in style, head over to Nordic Kind to discover the Scandinavian way of life.

"Viskadalen Vår" a soft woven plaid throw.

"Viskadalen Vår" a soft woven plaid throw.

"We believe in passion, entrepreneurship and good design. Our motto is to do good things and business in a kind way. We work with the best and most passionate small business designers in our region to bring you the finest of the Nordics."

Bluebellgray AW17 Wallpaper Collection

Introducing the new Bluebellgray AW17 wallpaper collection. A mix of signature floral and abstract watercolour designs are beautifully presented; digital printing captures every brushstroke and walls of colour make a true feel good design statement.

As always be prepared to be blown away from these gorgeous colourful wallpaper designs.

bluebellgray©Medina - Wendy's Room Wallpaper layers.jpg

Available from 18th September 2017 at

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire

This stunning refurbishment of an 18th Century brick and timber cottage is the work of interior designer Louise Holt. Originally built for the mistress at the next door school to live in, it is now a contemporary home with a modern and cohesive interior full of contrasting soft natural materials, and clean architectural edges (in the kitchen and bathrooms). All sitting comfortably within the existing stone architecture and exposed beams.

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (2).jpg
A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (3).jpg

It's situated inn the rolling Oxfordshire countryside, overlooking the pond on a picturesque village green and consists of four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, utility, living room, dining room, kitchen, and guest cloakroom.

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (4).jpg

We couldn't resist asking Louise a few questions about the project....

1.    What was the client brief?
Complete refurbishment and interior design, with some structural renovation, to create a contemporary home with an inspiring interior, which would sit comfortably within the existing stone architecture and exposed beams.  

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (13).jpg
A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (12).jpg

2.    What improvements have you made?
We contrasted soft natural materials, organic shapes and a restrained palette with the clean, architectural edges of a Bulthaup kitchen and bathrooms. We also reconfigured the gardens.

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (1).jpg

3.    What aspect of the renovation are you most happy with?
The open plan aspect to the ground floor, which brings light, space and a contemporary feel to the home, despite its cottage proportions.

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (9).jpg

4.    Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere! Art, travel, hotels, Beta Plus design publications, Instagram, fellow designers such as Ilse Crawford, Rose Uniacke and Vincent van Duysen...

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (8).jpg

5. What has been the clients' reaction to the finished project?
They are very happy there.

A Modern Refurbishment of a Country House in Oxfordshire by Louise Holt (7).jpg

And so would we be.

Louise graduated from the KLC School of Design in 2005, switching from a successful career in international finance.

A founder and director of award winning Cloud Studios (Elle Decoration Britain's Best Designers 2015), Louise set up Louise Holt Design in 2016, a creative interior design studio with a reputation for creating elegant, intelligent, contemporary interiors.

Projects range from the complete renovation of country manor houses and rectories to London town houses and apartments, plus properties in France and Mallorca.

Harlequin launches Lucero And Seduire

The Harlequin Studio has produced Lucero and Seduire: aspirational collections glistening with lustrous finishes and seductive colours, guaranteed to confer an irresistible sense of style and glamour to the home. Lucero, meaning star in Spanish and Seduire, named after the French word for seduce, have been designed to follow the highly successful Leonida collection.

Curtain: Glance - £58 per m, Chair: Folia Velvets - £60 per m, piping Folia Velvets - £60 per m, Cushion: Charm - £50 per m.

Curtain: Glance - £58 per m, Chair: Folia Velvets - £60 per m, piping Folia Velvets - £60 per m, Cushion: Charm - £50 per m.

Harlequin designer Louise Draper explains: “These fashion-confident collections have been designed with the style-conscious home owner in mind, someone who wants to portray elegance and grandeur and create an aspirational home in which to both live and to entertain others. 

Louise continues: “Inspiration was derived from classical damasks and ornate trails. We gave them a modern twist, transforming them into contemporary motifs and deliberately ‘worn’ textures to create a versatile and timeless look.”  

The resulting range of fabrics and wallcoverings is energetic, polished and decidedly chic. Lucero’s six woven fabrics, in an elegant mix of jacquard and embroidery qualities, are suitable for curtains, cushions and accessories. Their sophisticated satin grounds are embellished by fine embroidery detail, metallic accents and raised yarn effects, giving them added vivacity and verve. 

Wallpaper: Crystal Extravagance - £95 per 10m roll

Wallpaper: Crystal Extravagance - £95 per 10m roll

The Lucero fabrics are complemented by nine wallcovering designs, which emphasise the decadent nature of the refined finishes as the light reflects on the wall.  

The motifs encompass confident Gingko leaves and silhouetted ferns; delicate ornate tile repeats and interlocking art deco fan motifs; complementary stripes with subtle brush effect texture; foxed mirrored glass and gloriously degraded damask.

Curtain: Seduire - £60 per m, Chaise: Baroc - £100 per m, Cushion: Harmonise - £60 per m.

Curtain: Seduire - £60 per m, Chaise: Baroc - £100 per m, Cushion: Harmonise - £60 per m.

Louise expands: ‘The interplay between matt and lustre surface finishes, between sparkle and sheen, helps achieve the sumptuous feel and look of the fabrics, whilst the addition of shimmering beads, dazzling glitter and decadent foil have bestowed drama and a contemporary edge to the wallpapers.”  

To layer the look further, Seduire comprises five opulent, yet slightly degraded, upholstery velvets that encapsulate the faded grandeur of Lucero: a rich burnished velvet with a metallic finish; an abstract animal skin velvet with a plush two-tone effect; a faded leaf; a heavily-textured plain with a clever mix of matt and shine; and a chenille with a subtle herringbone quality.

Curtain: Azurea - £50 per m, Sofa: Momentum Etch - £55 per m, Cushions (L-R): Azurea - £50 per m, Seduire - £60 per m.

Curtain: Azurea - £50 per m, Sofa: Momentum Etch - £55 per m, Cushions (L-R): Azurea - £50 per m, Seduire - £60 per m.

Jewel tones work alongside subtle hues to create a calm and sophisticated colour palette: nude & champagne; heather & rose gold; oyster & rich gold; topaz & gilver; mist & platinum; ebony & copper; emerald & champagne; rich gold & jet; rose blush; pewter; ink; moonlight; pearl; saffron; powder blue; dove and slate.

Lucero and Seduire will be launched in September via a network of stockists both nationally and internationally.

New Monochrome Marquetry and Brass Pieces By Bethan Gray

Bethan Gray presents new monochrome marquetry and brass pieces from her Shamsian Collection, and a hand carved marble tea set, on her return to this year's designjunction for the London Design Festival 

Bethan Gray, winner of Best British Designer Award 2013/14 is delighted to announce that she will be showcasing a series of new pieces, alongside some of the most popular pieces from her award-winning studio at this year’s designjunction. 

Bethan has an extraordinary background. Her family hails from an ancient Rajasthani clan that over centuries migrated across Arabia and Persia before settling in the Celtic heartland of Wales. It’s a journey and heritage that weaves a rich pattern of influences and inspirations, which draw on craft traditions of both East and West. To this Bethan adds an innate ability to translate and transform a variety of cultural references into iconic contemporary pieces. 

At designjunction she will be launching new pieces from her Shamsian Collection, inspired by Omani architectural references and craft, and a new marble tea set, Victoria, in collaboration with Editions Milano, hand crafted by artisans in Italy. 

Monochrome Nizwa Cabinet

Monochrome Nizwa Cabinet

Bethan is also delighted to continue her collaboration with Mohamad Reza Shamsian, a highly sought after, masterful Omani artist. 

Shamsian and his team of 70 highly skilled master craftsmen at their studio in Muscat Oman, specialise in various highly intricate crafts such as marquetry, khatam, damascene and solid brass inlay. For the last thirty years he has been incorporating Islamic art into high-end furniture and interiors, working notably for the Sultan of Oman. 

The pieces are made using the technique of marquetry, a traditional Islamic craft that dates back to the sixteenth century. The process involves cutting intricate patterns out of multiple layers of coloured veneer, which are then arranged together and glued by hand to create a highly detailed decoration on furniture and interior panels. 

Dhow Cabinet in Charcoal

Dhow Cabinet in Charcoal

Launching at designjunction is the Dhow cabinetry collection featuring a grand 4 door cabinet as well as a chest of drawers. For these Bethan has taken inspiration from the traditional Dhow sailing boats of Oman. Traditional dhows were driven by large triangular lateen sails made of cotton and sewn together in strips. The sails were bound to the hull using ropes made from coir, which created a unique and textured lineation. Bethan took inspiration from this to design the distinct and exquisite curved patterning, made from solid brass overlay. 

At the heart of the Shamsian collection is the beautiful Nizwa cabinet, now available in a new monochrome finish. 

The detailing of which takes inspiration from the architectural patterning of the Nizwa Fort in Oman. The robust building has powerfully stood for centuries as a symbol of military strength, but through its hidden and intricate details, it also reveals Omani architectural ingenuity. Elegantly crafted using brass overlay, the repeating pattern on Bethan’s Nizwa pieces reflect the rounded architectural composition of the fort’s castellation. The Nizwa collection is made with beautiful maple veneer sourced from Italy and the ombré effect on the cabinet is created by hand using a technique called stain shading. 

Victoria Tea Set on Dhow Chest of Drawers

Victoria Tea Set on Dhow Chest of Drawers

Also launching at designjunction is the Victoria tea set. Bethan has taken inspiration for this from traditional tea sets in the V&A’s ceramics archive in London. Victoria celebrates the ritual of drinking tea, merging a classic British tradition, with a classic Italian material - marble. 

The collection features a relief pattern, hand-carved from Arrabescato marble by Italian master craftsmen. This fine edging and the use of elegant shape adds a delicacy to the marble pieces, just as fine as the ceramics found at the V&A. Brushed brass is also used to add lustre and warmth. 

The tea set consists of a teapot, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, a cake stand, teacup & saucer and a dessert plate and is designed for Editions Milano. 

DESIGNJUNCTION INFORMATION: Stand A7 | designjunction at The London Design Festival 2017 | 21st - 24th of September

5 Good Reasons to Invest in Quality Contemporary Furniture from Camerich

Furnishing a home can be expensive, there's no doubt about that. But in some cases, particularly when buying big ticket item such as a sofa, it actually pays to invest just a bit more. And here's why...

5 Good Reasons to Invest in Quality Contemporary Furniture from Camerich (2).jpg


Superior materials and workmanship are always worth paying for. Leather sofas for example will be softer and the leather will be more durable. Your sofa will be better made, and you can guarantee it will last a lot longer. And you can rest assured that timbers will be FSC certified to ensure that they are both environmentally and sustainably sourced.

5 Good Reasons to Invest in Quality Contemporary Furniture from Camerich (1).jpg


Contemporary furniture relies on a purity of form and a high standard of finish is essential. Something you'll only get if you are paying a little bit more. And it will show without a doubt. There's something very satisfying about well designed furniture, and you just know you are going to love it for a lifetime.

5 Good Reasons to Invest in Quality Contemporary Furniture from Camerich (3).jpg


Most manufacturers will offer a range of styles but also what you really want is a range of sizes, a huge fabric range and removable covers as standard. And the option of immediate delivery or waiting just a bit longer for your own custom design.

5 Good Reasons to Invest in Quality Contemporary Furniture from Camerich (4).jpg


We all do a lot of online shopping these days but a sofa is something that you have to experience to make the right decision. It's essential to try out the sofa of your choice before buying and convenient showrooms are the answer. Camerich is a global designer furniture brand in 46 countries worldwide and has 5 showrooms in London.

5 Good Reasons to Invest in Quality Contemporary Furniture from Camerich (5).jpg


We are in love with the idea of digital scale drawings to your own specifications,especially of modular sofas,. No more guessing it the sofa is going to fit, and if the proportions are right for the room. And we're rather taken with the idea that if your sofa is not available for immediate delivery, Camerich will loan you one to tide you over. Now that's service.


This post has been written in collaboration with Camerich who offer quality designer furniture for modern lifestyles at affordable prices.

Website of the Week - Object Style

Object was co-founded by husband and wife team, Alex and Rachael Otterwell. Since 2009 they have been travelling the world together, collecting objects to create a unique neighbourhood shop for the local people of Manchester (lucky them!) and an online destination store for visitors worldwide. 

White Pot with Plant Stand, from £48

White Pot with Plant Stand, from £48

They work with brands who have a strong ethos of craftsmanship, quality and simplicity and have carefully curated a collection of menswear, womenswear and pieces for the home. Many have been personally hand-sourced by Alex and Rachael who only ever choose items because they genuinely love them, would wear them themselves and would be proud to have them in their home. 

Round Grey Bare Bulb Table Lamp, £150

Round Grey Bare Bulb Table Lamp, £150

For Autumn 2017 they have been exploring the varying shades of the colour green, from vintage olives, bold teals and sugary mints, believing that just like black is a classic wardrobe staple, green is a powerful canvas that brings a room to life, be it the form of paint, plants or decoration. 

Orange Rectangle Plant Wall, £15

Orange Rectangle Plant Wall, £15


Object Style

519 Barlow Moor Road
M21 8AQ

Highlights From The London Design Fair 2017

Located in Shoreditch, the creative heart of London, the London Design Fair is a four-day industry event that brings together 500 exhibitors from 28 countries, including: independent designers, established brands, international country pavilions, features and exhibitions.

Slash Objects Guest Country USA.

Slash Objects Guest Country USA.

Launched in 2007, the London Design Fair has earned itself the reputation as the go-to trade show during the annual London Design Festival, hosting the single largest collection of international exhibitions, designers, brands, country pavilions, features and galleries throughout the festival. Each year, over 27,000 influential retail buyers, producers, architects, designers, interior designers, press and design-savvy public, will attend to see the very latest in furniture, lighting, textiles, materials and conceptual installations, from all around the world.

Ariane Prin Material of the Year.

Ariane Prin Material of the Year.

Building on its prodigious reputation, visitors to the 2017 London Design Fair can expect a first-rate design exhibition. This year, the London Design Fair will launch its Material of the Year—Jesmonite—as well as its inaugural show theme—botany. The British Craft Pavilion will make a welcome return to the fair, and after the success of ‘This is India’ in 2016, the Guest Country spotlight in 2017 falls on the USA in Sight Unseen’s curated gallery ‘Assembly’. 

Dutch Invertuals Netherlands Dutch Stuff.

Dutch Invertuals Netherlands Dutch Stuff.

Other highlights include Dutch Stuff,  the Netherlands’ long-awaited design debut at London Design Fair. This showcase presents a curated selection of over seventy designers, studios and products in a gallery-style. The Inspiring Portugal pavilion will return to the Fair. Curated by renowned designer Marco Sousa Santos, it will showcase Portugal’s best emerging and established brands. South Korea’s leading player in the field of design since 2002, Seoul Design Festival is a theme oriented exhibition where designers express their creativity through experimental ideas.

Forest + Found British Craft Pavilion.

Forest + Found British Craft Pavilion.

Date: 21-24 September 2017

Trade free in advance or £15 on the door.

Consumer ticket £10 in advance or £15 on the door.

Location: Old Truman Brewery, 26 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR, UK

Anna Hayman Wallpapers

Anna Hayman is an emerging English print designer with an eye for the dark and decadent and we're quite excited by her. Detailed and luxurious, Anna’s prints are fast becoming modern icons with their influences of Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and Bohemian 70’s style. And even better news - Woodchip and Magnolia are now working with Anna to create 7 papers featuring her on-trend, intricate designs.

Anna Hayman wallpaper via Woodchip and Magnolia (3).jpg

Anna originally trained as a pianist, and fell into retail while at music college. This led to management and visual merchandising roles, which inspired her to create and sell her own products. She creates patterns directly from linocuts, which translate to products such as fabric lampshades, kitchen textiles, stationery and now wallpaper. Anna fuses traditional lino printing techniques with digital manipulation to create her repeats, and over time has developed her own unique colour palette.

Anna Hayman wallpaper via Woodchip and Magnolia (2).jpg

She is inspired by two main eras, broadly the arts and crafts/art nouveau/art deco period and the 1960's/1970's. In particular, Biba, Celia Birtwell, Rennie Mackintosh, the Bloomsbury group and William Morris are among her main influences, along with her own style which has emerged as a strong and recognisable aesthetic.

Anna Hayman wallpaper via Woodchip and Magnolia (4).jpg


Launching at TENT , LONDON -  21-24 September 2017.

Zandra Rhodes x Floor_Story Rugs Launch at LDF

The Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY iconic capsule rug collection is launching at this September’s London Design Fair, celebrating some of the designer’s most celebrated prints.

For five decades renowned fashion and textile designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes, has been creating instantly recognisable artworks that have been worn and collected by fashion and art heavyweights alike - Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss included. Recently launching her first ever Archive Collection with and collaborating with Valentino on an immersive homage collection, she now looks to interiors with the modern and exacting eye of FLOOR_STORY.

Star Wars, Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY, hand-knotted New Zealand wool, £3,128, 160 x 230cm.

Star Wars, Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY, hand-knotted New Zealand wool, £3,128, 160 x 230cm.

The Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY rug collection features three pieces that reproduce work dating back to Zandra’s fledging career in the 1960s. Wiggle, Mexican Star and Star Wars are all definitive moments in the designer’s career and have been recreated to bring a piece of art to the floor.

Dame Zandra Rhodes comments on the collection: “I love the thought of adding an element of surprise to people’s homes. My own floor is like a rainbow and it makes the whole place seem so cheerful, I can only hope that my rugs will have the same effect. I put so much of my life and love into my prints and I hope they are symbols that express that, just like little beacons of joy and fun.”

Wiggle, Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY, hand-tufted wool and silk mix, £1,350, 150 x 230cm.

Wiggle, Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY, hand-tufted wool and silk mix, £1,350, 150 x 230cm.

Wiggle, hand-tufted in a wool/silk mix, is Zandra’s signature print and in an all-over two-tone pink; one she describes as ‘very me’. Mexican Star is a detail from Mexican Dinner Plate of 1978; a small circle rug that works as a great accent to dot around, made so that everyone can have a little Zandra Rhodes in their home. Just like Wiggle, Mexican Star is hand-tufted in a wool/silk mix.

Zandra originally designed Star Wars in 1977. Inspired after watching the film in LA’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, she took a trip to the Art Deco Griffiths Observatory and began to create the first sketches for the design. What better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film and the design than in a rug that allows you to literally walk on stars. Exquisitely hand-knotted in a traditional Tibetan weave from pure New Zealand wool, the rug is of extraordinary quality.

On working with FLOOR_STORY, Zandra Rhodes says: “People use rugs to bring a different element of thought into their home, like a piece of art for your floor, which I love as art should be everywhere. Above all, FLOOR_STORY sees the art in both production and design, and this was a pre-requisite for me.”

Mexican Star, Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY hand-tufted wool and silk mix, £350, 80cm diameter.

Mexican Star, Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY hand-tufted wool and silk mix, £350, 80cm diameter.

The Zandra Rhodes x FLOOR_STORY rug collection is launching at London Design Fair, 21-24 September, Old Truman Brewery. FLOOR_STORY is exhibiting in Hall 3 Stand S4, Zandra Rhodes will be at the stand from 5-7pm, Thursday 21st September.

Timeless in Teal - A Classic Shaker Kitchen with a Bold New Colour

This stunning deVOL kitchen belongs to a very chic and lovely French lady and her husband who live on the outskirts of London. The house itself is Edwardian and every room is filled with delightful objects that are no doubt the result of a lifetime of collecting - it’s always the personal unique things that make a kitchen feel extra special.

2. The Real Shaker Kitchen by deVOL.jpg

This room wasn’t originally the kitchen, but choosing this light filled space to become the new kitchen was obviously a great decision Previously it had been situated at the side of the house in a darker long room which just wasn’t the kind of place you could entertain and just enjoy spending time in. The new room had really substantial original features that made it feel grown-up and proper, wonderful high ceilings and heavy coving, big wide doors and sash windows and a beautifully weathered wooden floor with the shine of time giving it an authentic feel.

1. The Real Shaker Kitchen by deVOL.jpg

The wall of fitted cupboards include a double pantry, full height fridge, freezer and cupboard storage. Hiding away appliances really gives the room a more furnished feel, less like a kitchen and more a living space and makes a kitchen more a living part of your home and the centre of the action rather than an afterthought or a place for doing chores.

3. The Real Shaker Kitchen by deVOL.jpg

The coloured cupboards are painted in a bespoke shade of teal, the bold tiles and the glamorous lighting are more playful, but the mix works perfectly. Finally, the addition of a coloured range cooker, brass hardware and aged brass taps keep the room feeling sophisticated and classic.

The perfect finishing touch to this beautiful kitchen are the French doors which lead out onto a large wild and very pretty garden that is private and catches the sun.

4. The Real Shaker Kitchen by deVOL.jpg

All deVOL kitchens are handmade in their Leicestershire workshops, so you can always be sure of great quality. Prices start from £12,000.

In The Diary: Decorex

Don’t forget to register for Decorex International, the must-see show for interior design professionals, part of the 2017 London Design Festival. In its 40th year, 2017 is not to be missed as Decorex celebrates collaborations, both past and present, during the course of four days.

Bert Frank Revolve Rise and Fall Brass and Black Insitu

Bert Frank Revolve Rise and Fall Brass and Black Insitu

Highlights this year include:

The Champagne Bar, designed by Interior Designer, Shalini Misra. Taking inspiration from the Great Exhibition of 1851, the design studio will “create a contemporary interpretation of a glasshouse infused with graphic pattern, luxe detailing and curiosities”.

An extensive programme of talks is scheduled exploring current trends, projects and predictions for this year’s seminar programme. Bringing together the industry’s leading experts, highlights include a discussion of the Future of design by acclaimed stylist Emilio Pimentel Reid, Francis Sultana and Kirstie Carey from Cole & Son and an analysis into colour trends with Hannah Malein from ColourHive.


Decorex’s acclaimed feature, Future Heritage, curated by applied arts and design critic, Corinne Julius, showcases works by the names to  commission and collect in British contemporary craft. Makers involved this year include: David Marques, Helen Carnac & David Gates, Lauren Nauman, Matt Davis, Merel Karhof & Marc Trotereau, Ilona Broeseliske, Naomi Mcintosh, Pia Wüstenberg, Richard Lowry, Simon Hasan and Zac Eastwood-Bloom. The VIP Lounge, in association with House & Garden magazine, this year designed by leading Interior Design company, Turner Pocock. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Pocock will be collaborating with anumber of designers to create a tropical inspired space, with pattern and colour taking centre stage.

Ptolemy Mann Jodhpur Blue Flatweave.

Ptolemy Mann Jodhpur Blue Flatweave.

Over 400 exhibitors, with more than 30% new to the show, including: Jonathan Rogers, Fanny Shorter, House of Hackney and Annie Sloan.

If you haven’t already, please register for your ticket using the link below and collect your badge on arrival:

How to Hang Wallpaper Perfectly - The Ten Top Tips

If you love the look of wallpaper but think you have to get a professional to hang it. Think again. Wallpaper hanging is not so difficult if you follow a few golden rules. Well, ten to be exact...


1. Buying paper

It’s important to buy wallpaper in consecutive batch numbers so the paper matches up perfectly when hung. Accurately measure the total area that needs to be covered and slightly over order to allow for any mishaps. A roll is generally advisable. Over ordering is also essential if you’ve chosen patterned paper so you can match it up the pattern repeat. 

2. Tool up

Having the right equipment does help, so either borrow or buy the following items for a professional finish 

•               Pasting table (some come with a built-in ruler that will certainly come in handy).

•               Step ladders

•               Bucket (buy new to avoid any dirt that could affect paste)

•               Pasting brush – a soft bristled brush that squeezes out air bubbles and extra paste

•               Seam roller – a tool that helps to seal edges without marking surfaces

•               Wallpaper smoother – flexible plastic tool to smooth wallpaper and remove excess paste and air bubbles

•               Carpenter’s level / Plumb line – a tool that determines the vertical on an upright surface it’s essential to make sure you hang wallpaper straight

•               Pushpins

•               Steel tape measure

•               Pencil

•               Scissors (and a jug of water to dip them in to remove paste)

•               Large scraper or spatula

•               Utility knife


3. One step at a time

If it’s the first time you’ve tried your hand at wallpapering then a ‘low traffic’ room such as a bedroom is a good place to cut your teeth or just opt for a feature wall versus an entire room.

4. It’s all in the prep

‘Size’ the wall to start by covering it in a mixture of half PVA glue and half water applied with a paint roller – it’s not essential but this will create a slightly glossy finish to the wall and make it easier to slide paper into position and help it stick.

5. Don’t rush in

Use the plumb line to draw straight lines at regular intervals around the room. 

Measure the floor to ceiling height of the room and make a mark on your pasting table – this saves time measuring each piece of paper individually.  Allow a good few extra inches for variations in height within the room – especially in old houses where floors and ceilings can be uneven – and to make sure you have adequate paper to line up the pattern repeat.  The basic rule is more is more, you can always trim down but you can’t make your paper grow.


6. A good pasting

Some pastes can remove the finish of wallpaper, especially delicate papers, so check you have the right paste for the paper you’re using. A wheat base is gentle and suitable in most cases.

To apply paste lay a strip of paper flat on the table and level with the edges (try to avoid getting paste on the table), weigh down each end and spread on the paste evenly. Fold the paper in a concertina to carry it safely to the wall.

7. Line up

It’s very important to get the first length straight as this sets the template for the rest of the room so use those handy straight pencil lines you’ve already drawn as a guide.

8. In and out

If your paper has a large pattern then start in the middle of the wall or at a focal point in the room and work outwards – again you’ll need to measure the mid-point in your wall. For plains or small pattern repeats begin papering from the corner of the room, ideally on a wall with no windows or doors so that you can hang full lengths without any problem.

Another detail that’s vitally important and yes, sometimes overlooked, make sure each sheet of paper is the right way up!


9. Overlap and trim

Apply the paper to the wall allowing some overlap at the ceiling and trim it down once you’re happy with the position. Don’t worry if your first attempt is wonky or slightly out of position, you can manoeuvre your sheets to get them into the perfect spot as the paste won’t dry immediately and of course your walls are nice and smooth from your prep.

10. Smoothly does it

Repeat with further strips and ensure the pattern lines up.  Try to work away from the window so overlapping edges don’t cast a shadow. Smooth the paper so that there are no air bubbles.

By Alex Whitecroft from I Want Wallpaper (

Lee Broom Presents 'On Reflection' For The London Design Festival 2017

This September acclaimed British product designer Lee Broom celebrates his tenth London Design Festival with the launch of a limited edition capsule collection of some of his most iconic designs from the past decade reinterpreted in black. Presented in his Shoreditch flagship store, which for one week only will be totally transformed into a tableau with a surreal twist, the installation entitled ‘On Reflection’ continues Broom’s 10th anniversary celebrations. 

Carousel Black.jpg

Broom began 2017 with his landmark Milan Design Week show ‘Time Machine’ which revisited designs from the past ten years in a pure all-white palette. Whilst continuing to reflect on an illustrious decade in design and a landmark year, the new all-black editions for the London Design Festival reveal a darker dimension and bring to a close a celebratory year ahead of a series of brand new product launches set for 2018.

Fulcrum Light Chandelier 3 Tier Black.jpg

‘On Reflection’ will be a unique installation with the all-black capsule collection taking center stage in the store which will be completely redesigned for the event. Fully decorated in black and charcoal grey, the store will become a dark atmospheric backdrop for the reinterpreted pieces including the Hanging Hoop Chair, Crescent Light, Fulcrum Light, Carousel and On The Rock. Whilst most designs will be a limited edition of ten, the Carousel and Fulcrum Light’s will have a retail launch following the Festival in November. Presented in a tableau which will stylistically mix Art Deco and Bauhaus influences; visitors will be presented with a scene where nothing is quite what it first appears to be. On reflection, the true nature of the tableau will be revealed with a surprising, surreal and modern twist.

Hanging Hoop Chair Black.jpg

Broom will also play host to a secret London Design Festival party located in a unique East London venue to celebrate and bring to a close the tenth anniversary year in signature Lee Broom style.   

On The Rock Black.jpg

“2017 has seen us mark our tenth anniversary. It has been a very special year, beginning with our celebrations at Milan Design Week, NYCxDesign and now in London. The London Design Festival is always such a special show for me, and this year even more so, as its our tenth festival and as we continue to reflect on designs from the past decade.” Lee Broom

Gray and Willow at House of Fraser this Autumn

Have you discoverd Gray and Willow yet? It's a brand that's great if you're looking for relaxed, scandi style design and it's right on your highstreet at House of Fraser. Needless to say, we're big fans. And we're even bigger fans of the autumn collections. 

Gray and Willow at House of Fraser AW17 (3).jpg

Grey check tea towels (set of 3) £14. Dinner plate £8. Marble board with leather handle £40. Stone dinnerware from £8. Stone stripe mug £7. Round roaster with lid £40. Kalia vase £25. Thea vase £22. Ash platter board £35. Ash wood mill £15. Charcoal stripe mug £7. Marble pestle & mortar £30. Side plate £7. All Gray & Willow at House of Fraser.

Gray and Willow at House of Fraser AW17 (2).jpg

Large hem towel £15. Khaki linen washed towel £15. Pink linen washed towel £15. Kalia vase £25. Thea vase £22. Luxury scented votive candle (set of 3) £40. Ede mini bud vase £6. Ceramic two tone soap dish £9. All Gray & Willow at House of Fraser.

Gray and Willow at House of Fraser AW17 (1).jpg

Rattan weave pendant £65. Marcelle column vase, Small £25. Large £28. Luxury scented votive candle (set of 3) £40. Charcoal stripe mug £7. Lela print double duvet cover £59. Pillowcase pair £24. Halston Linen double duvet cover £110. Pillowcase pair £36. Colden ticking stripe double duvet cover £59. Pillowcase pair £24. Grey chunky knit cushion £25. Watercolour stripe cushion £25. Leafy organic print cushion £25. Stonewashed waffle bedspread £64. Grey rib throw £95. All Gray & Willow at House of Fraser.

“We’ve developed Gray & Willow Home in response to the ever-growing trend for simple, sophisticated design that is both modern in approach and classic in style. Through extensive customer research we discovered a preference for laid-back living, comprised of pieces that are both considered and beautiful, thus achieving daily calm and more time for rest and relaxation.”

– Kate Thompson, Head of Home Buying

 The United Kingdom’s Top 10 Most Instagrammed Cities in 2017 

Munich, August 2017 – If you visited a city but never hashtagged it, were you ever really there? Holidu, the leading global search engine for holiday lettings, has uncovered the Top 10 Most Instagrammed Cities in the UK as of August 2017. While the usual suspects made the list, some cities – and their rankings – may come as a surprise. 

1. London

London’s calling! And it says what most British may already know, London is the most famous city when it comes to hashtags! With more than 80 million hashtags, it is not only taking on 1st place in the UK, but also making it on top of the Top 10 ranking in Europe, even overtaking Paris, the city of love. Popular hashtag hotspots of the city are for example; the Big Ben (2,622,383 hashtags), the London Eye (2,056,034 hashtags), and the Tower Bridge (1,305,010 hashtags). It seems like Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was right when he said, “London is a nation, not a city”. 

2. Manchester

In a battle of football cities, Manchester – only ranked the 7th place when it comes to population in the UK – narrowly took second place over Liverpool, with more than 7.7 million hashtags. But of course, there is more to see than just football in Manchester. For example, the National Football Museum (6,754 hashtags)! Beside that, the John Rylands Library offers not only many beautiful books to read, but since, as many “Potterheads” may already know, the library was once used as a set for the Harry Potter films. Looks like the 9,846 hashtags are not only coming from historians and bookworms. 

3. Liverpool

Another football city made it into the Top 3! The Liverpool FC ensures that the eponymous town ranks 3rd place, narrowly over Edinburgh, with about 5.6 million hashtags. The Liverpool FC itself  counts 875,222 hashtags – not taking the number of #anfield (449,037), football stadium and home of the Liverpool FC, or the #liverpoolfans (41,257) into account. 

Image @sylviiacms

4. Edinburgh

Did you know that Edinburgh only counts about 500,000 inhabitants, but over 3.5 million visitors each year? The 4,777,632 hashtags of the city will give you a few hints why visitors and travellers from all over the world, are so in love with the city. The capital of Scotland gives them an idea of how Old Scotland had been like. Being built atop a series of extinct volcanos, the city offers a lot of photography potential for bloggers, instagrammers and photographers. Hotspot of the Edinburgh hashtags is the Edinburgh Castle, with about 260,000 mentions. 

5. Brighton

“Life is good at the beach” – this also applies to Brighton! Thanks to its beach and the high amount of young people living here, Brighton counts 3,797,233 hashtags – and with that, closes the Top 5. You may see that Brighton, moreover, is “the unofficial gay capital of the UK”, as once called by the Metro, when you search for hashtags like #brightonpride (58,834). 

6. Glasgow

Another Scottish city made it into the Top 10! Concerning the population, Glasgow is on third place in the UK. However, when it comes to hashtags, the largest city in Scotland only narrowly misses the Top 5 with 3,698,413 hashtags ever used. Most used hashtags, except for #glasgow, are: #glasgowuni (23,644) #glasgowlife (31,863) and #glasgow2014 (71,049). Why Glasgow 2014? Because in 2014, Glasgow hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which was the biggest sport event ever held in Scotland. 

7. Birmingham

The second largest city in the UK takes 7th place in the hashtag ranking! With its six universities, a living nightlife, and many other sights, it is clear why Birmingham counts 3,442,330 hashtags. Being the fourth-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors, might also help. Fun fact: the hashtag #birgminghamhair has been used 31,941 times. 

8. Bristol

The best city to live in Britain counts 2,928,246 hashtags and with that ranks 8th place in the Top 10. Seems like, people really love the city of bridges and balloons and wants to share it with the whole world! The number one tourist attraction in Bristol, the SS Great Britain, is a great spot for instagrammers (11,562 hashtags) as it is a museum coming to life. The old steamship was the longest passenger ship from 1845 to 1854 and now is museum for anyone interested in the old Victorian age. You may even have your wedding celebrated here! 

9. Leeds

If you ask Instagram, the most famous sight in Leeds is the Leeds festival. With more than 110,000 hashtags, #leedsfest is the most used hashtag in Leeds. Leeds itself counts 2,786,406 hashtags and ranks 8th place in the Top 10 most instagrammed cities in the UK. Other hashtags used, are #leedslife (82,100), #leedscastle (55,855) and #leedsuni (32,451). 

10. York

Thanks to the very cute Yorkshire Terrier, York is probably the most surprising city in the Top 10 ranking. While scrolling through the posts containing the hashtag #york, you will understand how a city, that only has about 200,000 inhabitants, was able to make it into the Top 10 most instagrammed cities in the UK. Most of the pictures using one of the 2,492,468 hashtags “york” are showing the Yorkshire Terrier. 

Image @jchatterley

Image @jchatterley

Recipe of the Week - Nan's Florentines

Recipe of the week this week is courtesy of newspaper columnist and much–loved television baker Candice Brown who has just published her first book Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats.

"This is another handwritten recipe from my Nan. It was perfect the very first time I made it (that says it all really) and so was she. Feel free to change the fruit and nuts if you want, although why would you when it’s perfect the way she wrote it?" Candice Brown.

Makes 38–40

Makes 38–40


60g unsalted butter

170g golden caster sugar

30g plain flour

150ml double cream

115g flaked almonds

115g whole toasted almonds or pecans, roughly chopped

85g flaked coconut

85g dried apricots, chopped

60g dried cherries

200g dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids), broken into pieces


Preheat the oven to 170°C fan (190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5).

Melt the butter with the sugar in a saucepan over a low heat. When the sugar has dissolved and the liquid is golden and bubbling, add the flour and mix until smooth over a low heat. Remove from the heat and slowly add the cream, stirring the whole time until smooth and glossy.

Add the flaked almonds, chopped almonds or pecans, coconut flakes, apricots and cherries and mix well until everything is combined and covered with the creamy mixture.

Line four baking sheets with greaseproof paper. Drop the mixture in heaped teaspoonfuls on to the greaseproof paper, ensuring there is about 2cm between each heap of mixture.

Place in the preheated oven near the top and bake for 12–15 minutes (switch the baking sheets around halfway through).

Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 3–4 minutes before transferring to a wire rack – use a flat palette knife to move the Florentines. Leave to cool completely.

Melt the dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water until melted and smooth. Coat the flat underside of each Florentine with chocolate and allow to set slightly before zigzagging a fork across the chocolate to make a pattern. Then leave chocolate-side up, to set completely.

Candice Brown will be one of the chefs headlining the demo stage on 9th September at the Ascot Festival of Food and Wine. 

Ascot Festival of Food and Wine is from Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th September 2017.

Smallbone Of Devizes Launches The Grey & Gold Collection

Leading bespoke kitchen and cabinet maker, Smallbone of Devizes, announces the launch of its latest luxury kitchen collection, the Grey & Gold. Noting a sharp rise in demand in the super prime residential property sector for sleek, elegant designs in grey hues, the Grey & Gold collection offers the ultimate in understated, contemporary luxury.


A new colour offering from Smallbone, the collection’s satin finished Grey Oak comes in entirely customised, hand-applied shades, while exclusively developed champagne gold handles and accents offer the trend-leading Grey & Gold the balanced feel of a modern classic.


Using Sky Gold Quartzite countertops with a background colour of Marfin and featuring natural gold thread veins, the innovative design brings superior functionality together with aesthetic excellence to create a space where the theatre of the kitchen can play out with graceful ease.


Featuring delicate, slatted oak doors and convenient pull-out storage which allows for endless variation of cupboard depths and internal storage conjurations, the Grey & Gold combines frost-glazed cupboards with open shelving so prized possession can be proudly displayed while every day essentials take a back seat.


A collection equally at home in grand country houses and city apartments, the adaptable Grey & Gold can be tailored to an entirely bespoke, multi-room brief by Smallbone’s expert team of senior designers.