The House Gardener By Isabelle Palmer

Ideas and inspiration for indoor gardens by Isabelle Palmer.

Hanging Containers

Hanging Vine

How wonderful to wake up to the sight of pretty leaves tumbling over the edges of a suspended glass container.

Hanging baskets can seem staid and fussy, with too many plants crowded into a small, often ugly basket. This beautiful metallic container breaks the rule, however, as it’s both handsome and simple – great for a stylish bedroom or perhaps displayed at the top of a flight of stairs. The delicate, glossy leaves of the plant fall over the edge of the container, making for an easy, uncluttered look. In this display, I used Pellaea rotundifolia, which is commonly known as the button fern. A small, low-growing fern, it is easy to grow and creates a unique look with its small rounded leaflets.

Hanging Containers

Hanging Bottles

You really don’t want need very much – just some ingenuity to create a lovely green picture.  The lush greens and purples of the plants dripping out of the bottles work really well in a kitchen.

For this creative project, I selected a trio of green-glass wine bottles. Recycling and re-using containers is a wonderful way to make the most of budget gardening. You really don’t need very much – just some ingenuity to create a lovely green picture.

The lush greens and purples of the plants dripping out of the bottles work really well in a kitchen. They look great in any window, but particularly against the steel-framed window here, which is a lovely feature of this kitchen’s pantry. The plants used are Begonia foliosa (fern begonia), Hatiora Salicornioides (dancing bones cactus), and Ficus benjamina (weeping fig).

Hanging Treasure

The metallic beauty of this bathroom container allows the variegated ivy to be shown in all its glory.

Bathrooms are ideal spots for indoor plants, as there is sometimes ample space for an attractive display. Unfortunately, people often place dull artificial plants in a bathroom. However, if you think about it, the bathroom can be the most suitable room in the home for growing an indoor plant. In fact, the warm – often humid- conditions in a bright well lit bathroom are perfect for growing plants, even tropical ones.

Here, the lovely copper hanging container, which contains Hedera helix (common ivy) underplanted with moss, creates a striking focal point in a relaxing bathroom. The ivy leaves peeking over the edge of the container are glossy and green, and look particularly bright against the natural hues of the bathroom. If you are keeping plants in your bathroom, it’s important to avoid spraying them with aerosols or dusting them with talcum powder or other bathroom products, as this can stop photosynthesis

Extract taken from THE HOUSE GARDENER by ISABELLE PALMER, published by CICO Books (£25), Photos © HELEN CATHCART.

Easy Decorating Ideas for Christmas with a Nordic Twist

We're taking inspiration from the Scandinavians today with a few quick and easy ideas for decorating the house this Christmas. Our northern cousins know a thing or two about tasteful festive decoration and even if your taste is for more colour at this time of the year, these tips will work with any colour scheme or theme.

What's more they are very easy to do.

Baubles from Sainsbury's Home

Instead of getting a full size tree this year, why not find an attractive looking branch and decorate it with a few baubles and ornaments. Keep to a simple colour scheme and prop it up in a corner where the kids and the dog won't knock it over! Alternatively decorate it with some clip on birds from Cox and Cox for a completely natural look.

Hanging Wicker Star £4.99 Large White Squirrel £4.99. Pure & White 50 Mixed Bauble Pack £4.99. Set of 4 Christmas Tealight Holders £7.99. All Dunelm

Make a real feature of a window with some hanging stars and baubles. The little lanterns will look fabulous at night with tealights twinkling away to welcome guests, and who could resist those little white squirrels?

Wooden Star Tree Decoration 99p. Pure & White 50 Mixed Bauble Pack £4.99. Stag Head £3.99. Pure & White Tray and Two Mugs Set £6.99. Pure & White Tea For One Set £9.99 (Includes Teapot). All Dunelm

Don't forget the kitchen. It needs a little festive love too. Display your Christmas tableware proudly and add a few decorations for good measure.

Napkins from The Linen Works

And don't forget to decorate the table. We love this pretty, rustic idea. All you need is some string, berries, rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks. Not only does it look effective, the scent will be divine too.

Brand New Tamasyn Gambell Tote Bags

Here at Heart Home we are big fans of Tamasyn Gambell so we were thrilled to see the recent launch of her bright and exciting new Tote Bags. All in their silk-screen printed heavy weight linens, fully lined and featuring a complimentary leather strap attached with strong rivets.

These bags are sturdy and stylish, and come in two sizes, offering you the perfect holdall for shopping, beach trips, work or travel. They make the perfect companion for their pouches and wash bags too!

They are available now via the Tamasyn Gambell online shop. We reckon they would make a brilliant treat for Christmas! Wouldn't you agree?!

Prices: Large (43X37cm) £55, Small (38X30cm) £40

Fish Pie with Sorrel & Petits Pois

A good fish pie is the perfect dish for winter. Rich, and comforting, it's easy to prepare, and who could fail to hail the hake, or be passionate about prawns wrapped in a creamy, savoury sauce underneath a generous crust of fluffy mash? This sensational Fish Pie recipe is courtesy of Bel & The Dragon .

The fish is poached in sorrel and bay infused stock until opaque and tender, the strained liquid is then used to make a delicious cream sauce. The result is heavenly hearty & deliciously rich – and after baking for 40 minutes in an 180C oven, it will have a gloriously golden top. Sprinkle with chopped chives & serve simply with plenty of steamed vegetables to mop up the sauce.

Serves Four

500g Hake, Sea Trout, Prawns & Brown Shrimp
20g Sorrel, separated into leaves & stalks
120g Petits pois
1 Small Onion
Bunch of Spring Onions
600ml Fish Stock
Bay Leaf
550ml Cream
1kg Peeled Potatoes
100g Butter
50g Milk
50g Cream
20g Egg Yolk
Salt & Pepper to Taste


Peel, finely dice & soften a small onion in a large pan with a little olive oil. Add the fish stock, sorrel stalks & bay leaf then bring to a boil. Dice the fish into large chunks and simmer for five minutes, then lift out with a slotted spoon and cool.

Bring the fish stock to a boil and reduce by half, add 500ml of double cream then strain the sauce & season. Allow the sauce to cool then add the chopped spring onions, sorrel leaves, petits pois & gently fold in the fish. Pour either into a large pie dish or individual ramekins.

Peel and cut the potatoes into even-sized pieces. Cook in boiling salted water for about 15 minutes until soft, then drain and return to the pan over a gentle heat to remove any excess moisture. Using an old-fashioned masher or a potato ricer, thoroughly mash the potatoes. Mix butter, milk, 50ml cream & egg yolk into the mashed potato until soft enough to spread over the fish mixture. Season & pipe or gently fork to cover the fish.

Pre-heat the oven to 180C and bake for 40 minutes until golden & bubbly.

Christmas Gift List For The Traveller

Have you seen that the Heart Home shop has had a total makeover! The last few weeks we've been busy re-designing our all new shop. We wanted to make the whole shopping experience so much easier for you and so have divided all of our products in just six simple categories.  You can find all of our carefully curated products under Live, Dine, Work, Sleep, Bathe and Gift. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

With the count down to Christmas in full swing, (only four weeks left) it's time to start planning. We are always here to help and this week we are paying attention the constant traveller. Something that many of us can relate to. When travelling it really is the essentials that we need. Think bags, purses, beauty products, wrist warmers and we've got you covered. It's about comfort without compromising style. 

Make sure to head over to our Gift section for more tempting ideas for Christmas. Happy shopping!

Six Reasons to Use a Freestanding Bath in Your Bathroom

A beautiful fixture you can add to your bathroom that will bring a touch of luxury is a freestanding bath. With so many attractive baths available, you should consider this unique option to enhance your bathing experience. Here are six reasons you should consider using this style of bathtub in your modern bathroom.

1. A freestanding bath makes an excellent focal point for any bathroom. If your bathroom has a window, you may want to place the bath directly in front of it for a dramatic effect. The natural light combined with the open area around and under the bath will make your bathroom look more spacious and airy. If you don’t like the traditional claw foot option for a freestanding bath, visit JT Spas where you can find slipper shapes, roll tops, and other interesting designs that offer both functionality and beauty.

2. If you have hand-crafted tile work, you can use a freestanding bath to highlight the tile and floor surrounding the tub. For a smooth flow, try to coordinate the style of bath with the other elements in the room.

3. Freestanding baths are available in a variety of materials. You may prefer an acrylic bath because it is easily maintained or a bath with metallic features that can add a beautiful quality to your bathroom. Since the entire outside surface of the bath is finished, freestanding baths add a more dramatic look to any bathroom.

4. For a touch of nostalgia, opt for a freestanding tub that features elegant claw feet and exposed plumbing fixtures that complement the bath. This can add some nostalgic elegance to your bathroom, where you can soak away your cares and relax at the end of the day.

5. Freestanding baths offer various other benefits. These baths offer greater flexibility in terms of their placement within the bathroom because they are completely finished on all external surfaces. This also means that freestanding baths are easier to clean and maintain. Freestanding baths are also great for a long, late-night soak. If your job or household duties are extremely stressful, you can relax in a bath and relieve aching and tired muscles before enjoying a deeper and better sleep.

6. The installation of a freestanding bath is easy and can normally be finished in a relatively short period of time. Once your bathroom has been prepared, the installers can simply set the tub in place, attach the water supplies, and make sure that everything works properly. If you have measured properly and ascertained that your tub can pass easily through the rest of your home on the way to the bathroom where it will be installed, you will be well on your way to enjoying some relaxing bathing – freestanding style.

Images courtesy of

Win £200 to spend at Modern Rugs

Here at Heart Home magazine we are excited to have joined forces with Modern Rugs and give a chance to one of our lucky readers to choose a rug from the website with a value of £200. And if that isn't enough, we will also be offering a £100 voucher from One-4-All vouchers.

For a chance to enter all you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

  • Create a Pinterest board showing your favourite Winter home inspiration, creating your cosy Winter interiors list. 
  • Choose between 1-3  rugs from Modern Rugs website and pin these onto your pinterest board. Place the hashtag #WinterHomeInspiration
  • Add at least a total of 10 pins to your board – this is to create a real sense of style.
  • Write up a blog post about your chosen Winter home inspiration and why you chose that particular style. Please make sure to add links to Heart Home magazine and to Modern Rugs.
  • You will then need to place your blog post link entry in the comments section below. If you fail to do this then your entry will not be valid.
  • Please share your post entry via your social channels using the hashtag #WinterHomeInspiration in order for us to keep track ;)

Entry Deadline is Friday 18th December. The editors of Heart Home magazine will then be judging the entries and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards. 

We look forward to seeing your creative entries! Good luck!

Terms and conditions: The prize draw is open to individuals in the UK residents aged 18 or over. Any person or persons connected with Heart Home magazine or Modern Rugs, without limit, their families, agents, or anyone else involved in the administration of this offer are not eligible to enter. All entries must be received by 06:00 18th December. By entering this competition you consent to share your email, name and postcode with Heart Home magazine or Modern Rugs, who may wish to send you mailings in the future. There will be one winner who will receive the prize above. The prize must be accepted as offered (there are no cash alternatives) and they are non-transferable and non-refundable. The winners will be chosen from the list, at random, on 21st December and the winners will be notified by email or post within 7 days. No correspondence will be entered into. Unclaimed prizes will be redrawn after 28 days of the original draw. Heart Home magazine reserves the right to replace the prize with a product of equal value, if necessary. The winners will be asked to confirm their postal address before the prize is awarded. Details of the winners may be posted on the Heart Home magazine website and Facebook page. By entering this competition, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions above. Promoter: Heart Home magazine, 4 Oak Crescent, Wickford, Essex, SS11 7FF.

Serene Harmony for the Home

We're loving the new Harmony trend available from Sainsbury's Home. We can imagine it's soft muted pastels and faded nature inspired prints filling the home with tranquility and cool contemporary crispness this winter.

Imagine relaxing amongst the abstract prints of trees and blossoms, in shades of grey and shimmering silver on the bed-linen, and snuggling into the matching faux fur accessories which are designed to add extra texture and comfort.

For added interest and pattern geometric motifs are reinvented in dusky natural shades on textiles and accessories, and contrast with plain textured knits, weaves and jacquards.  

Elsewhere wood veneered pieces add a subtle Scandinavian influence.

"Originating from the idea of searching for calmness and balance in our lives, this trend is based on softness and tonality.  Powdery shades of blush, duck egg, mint and natural finishes, such as stone, linen and wood, are complemented by lustrous metallic accents." Andrew Tanner, Head of Home Design.

Prices from £5.


Recipe of the Week - Tomato Terrine

The second of our two recipes from award winning chef Paul Wedgwood, Chef Patron of Wedgwood, The Restaurant in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. Paul gains inspiration for his style of dishes from regular travels around the world and favourites include Panko and black sesame crusted mullet, pork belly,  or diver caught scallops wrapped in caul fat.  Paul is also renowned for using interesting wild herbs and salads especially at lunchtime, which Paul forages for himself.

Makes 1 small loaf tin

14 large and very ripe tomatos

½ tsp sugar

35 ml balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper


Score tomatoes and then blanch for a couple of seconds in boiling water, refresh in iced water, peel, quarter and deseed.

Lay on clean cloth to dry

Season with salt and pepper and place in a bowl and pour over balsamic vinegar

Leave for 1 hour and taste, adjust seasoning as required

Line the small loaf tin with cling film leaving plenty overlapped to wrap

Lay tomato’s flat in layers to fill mould and press down firmly and wrap over excess cling film, pierce the top of the film in a couple of places and place in fridge with a heavy weight on top. Chill to set for several hours.

Vodka and chilli jelly

1 bottle tomato juice

3 drops of tobacco sauce

1 red chilli deseeded

2tbsp white wine vinegar

20 ml vodka

1 ½ tsp agar agar

Pinch salt and pepper

250 ml vegetable oil placed in freezer for 30 minutes prior to commencing recipe


Chop chillies very fine and place in a pan with all other ingredients except agar agar and chilled oil and bring to the boil, simmer for 3 minutes. Strain

Add agar agar and dissolve slowly

Fill a food injector with the jelly mix

Remove oil from freezer

Slowly drip jelly mix into oil to set in small balls

Pass oil and jelly ball through a sieve retain oil for future use and gently rinse off oil from jelly balls.

Cucumber consommé

1 cucumber

3 mint leaves

2 basil leaves

¼ lime juiced

Couple of pinches of salt and pepper


Put all ingredients into a liquidiser and blitz until smooth

Strain through muslin and season to taste

Refrigerate before use.

How To Style Your Brand By Fiona Humberstone

Possibly the most stylish and covetable brand bible available, for those making that entrepreneurial leap…

Fiona Humberstone’s beautifully designed coffee table book, ‘How To Style Your Brand’ is a one-of-a-kind design bible for business owners. Packed with more than 60 inspirational examples of some of the best brand identities for small businesses worldwide.

Photography Matt Pereira

Photography Matt Pereira

Author, Speaker and Creative Catalyst, Fiona Humberstone has seen 15 years within the world of branding, styling brands, creating stunning websites and guiding those making that entrepreneurial leap with her acclaimed creative workshops.

Photography Matt Pereira

Photography Matt Pereira

From finding a focus, creating an inspirational vision and unlocking the power of colour psychology, ‘How to Style Your Brand’  helps business owners understand the design details that will make their new or existing business irresistible.

Fiona explains the secrets behind using colour to create an emotive connection, how to use pattern and illustration, adding character and personality and how to carefully select typefaces that add a distinctive and international edge to designs. Drawing on her experience from developing hundreds of brand identities for companies worldwide, Fiona’s tried and tested framework gives clarity, confidence and creative know-how to help create brand identities that win business. In her own words, “Every entrepreneur deserves a brand identity that’ll help them stand out and win more work: this walks you through the process step by step.”

Photography Matt Pereira

Photography Matt Pereira


It's the perfect Christmas gift for all the entrepreneurs out there. Buy the book here!

An Underground Public Loo that is now a Bright and Airy Home

When architect Laura Clark told friends and family that she was planning to live in an underground ex-public lavatory in south east London, their responses ranged from hilarity to horror along with quite a few polite enquiries as to the state of her mental health. “I was known as Laura Toilets for a while,” she laughs. And there were moments during the project’s lengthy gestation period when Laura questioned her own sanity as well. For a relatively small renovation, barely 600sq foot, the project faced far more than its fair share of delays and planning wrangles.

Laura first spotted the loos - with their chained gates and boarded up stairwells - back in 2005, when she moved to London having completed her degree at Glasgow school of Art, and this was exactly the sort of challenge she was looking for. “I’ve always loved the idea of micro-regeneration,” she explains. “For me that’s about saving sites with an interesting history, but which have been abandoned and forgotten.” Her initial plan was to transform two adjacent ex-lavatories (men’s and women’s) into a groovy bar or tiny cinema.

However, bringing this particular site back to life was very nearly a lost cause: the loos were built at the point where three council boundaries met, and it took the best part of two years for Lambeth to establish that it was the council responsible for them.

And then, having cleared this hurdle, the bleak state of the economy by the end of 2008 meant developing it into a commercial premises was no longer viable. Just as she was about to draw a line under her scheme, Laura realised she could rework her designs into a sleek one bedroom apartment.

Up until this point Lambeth council’s regeneration department had been very positive about her proposals, but as soon as Laura revealed that she wanted to live in the loos, concerns were raised about pretty much every aspect of the build, from lack of light to lack of a view. It took Laura many months, during which light levels were monitored and measured, to convince the planners that the space was habitable. When she had, Lambeth then discovered that the toilets weren’t listed on the land registry. Suddenly the whole sale was in doubt: despite being responsible for them, Lambeth wasn’t sure if it actually owned the loos and so couldn't be sure that it had the right to sell them.

It took nearly another three years before Laura found herself the proud owner of the underground public conveniences, built in 1929, last used some time in the 1980s and now filled thigh-high with rubbish.

She lost no time getting stuck in, working alongside builders and labourers in order to transform the dank and frankly creepy space into a bright and airy home.  “I ended up doing a lot of the labouring work myself, mainly because it was such horrid, hard work that I struggled to keep people on the job,” she says.  Remarkably, the entire project cost only £65,000.

Today it's hard to imagine that the light-filled one bedroom flat, with its streamlined shelves, glamorous gold-leaf bathroom and subterranean garden, was once a derelict public toilet. There are clues though. The tiles that form the splash back in the kitchen were reclaimed from the site’s original use, as was a mirror in the living room. And propped on a kitchen shelf is a small public health poster warning of the perils of VD.

At long last for Laura, this is home. And it is entirely due to her vision and tenacity, not to mention some impressive lateral thinking, that it is a home at all. The fact that she is no longer called Laura Toilets, or at least not that often, is testament to the success of the transformation.

Photographs: James Balston   Words: Charlotte Packer

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Heart Home magazine.


Lustrous Appeal With Marble Hill From Jab Anstoetz

New for autumn 2015, Marble Hill comprises luxurious textures and patterns to create an impressive collection by JAB Anstoetz.

Marble Hill Collection by Jab Anstoetz

The range of 14 versatile drapery and upholstery fabrics offer variations in velvets, woven raffias, greek key patterns, solid colours and draperies. In rich and earthy colour ways of browns, golds, blacks and neutrals, the collection offers an organically sophisticated style.

Marble Hill Collection by Jab Anstoetz

The highlight of the collection, Marble Hill, creates a stunning illustrious marble effect, perfect for room high drapery. Tribeca offers a sleek and sheer drapery with embroidered linear lines extending down its length. The greek key design of Gramercy Park showcases a smart patterned texture, perfect for upholstery.

Marble Hill Collection by Jab Anstoetz

JAB Anstoetz believes Marble Hill is the first fabric collection on the UK market to have passed the strict fire regulation requirements for, contract and IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Specially designed for the hospitality market Marble Hill is also suitable for homes looking for a lustrous and chic interior style

Marble Hill Collection by Jab Anstoetz

Collection prices from £32.60 per metre from JAB Anstoetz.

A Perfect Balance of Old and New in a Victorian Restoration Project

With a background in interior design and a number of previous developments under her belt, we sat down with Emma Harris to discuss Brighton’s art scene, blogging and the inspiration behind her renovation project.

Brighton-based Emma Harris lives in her most recent restoration project with her husband, five year old daughter, cat, and cockapoo. Having completed her third renovation, she'd been on the lookout for somewhere new but struggled to find a house that wasn’t overlooked. Luckily she managed to find the perfect project just three doors down!

Emma has a keen passion for art and Lewes based Jessica Zoob is a particular favourite. Her work hangs throughout the house.

Emma has a keen passion for art and Lewes based Jessica Zoob is a particular favourite. Her work hangs throughout the house.

They started by completely gutting the house, “it was in a right state”, Emma laughs, outlining a wholesale revamp including re-plumbing and re-wiring the house, installing new flooring, bathrooms and kitchen. A seasoned pro, this was Emma’s fourth house project, and no doubt her experience helped her to get the job done without too much drama. They did have to totally redesign the downstairs layout when they suddenly found themselves no longer a ‘permitted development’ thanks to a change in planning regulations! However, on reflection, she says the new design has actually worked out really well.

Emma says that her husband has been one of her main inspirations in doing up this house. Despite trying her hardest not too make it too girly, she admits that “quite a lot of feminine elements are creeping in”. She says their style has evolved over the years, with this project taking on a more mellow vibe than previous houses, “this house just lent itself to softer colours and the neutral backgrounds allow the art work we love to stand out” she explains.

She also loves books, especially design and floristry books,  “I constantly look back through them as a source of inspiration, I never seem to tire of the imagery” she says. One of her current favourites is 'Modern Vintage Style' by interiors stylist Emily Chalmers which shows how to use vintage items in modern settings, “I love this mix of styles and feel that it represents how our homes have evolved over the years” Emma says.

Indeed her style can be seen as perfect balance of both old and new. She admits she loves vintage pieces and can be regularly found hunting out bits and bobs in Lewes, at flea markets or Brighton’s Sunday market. The property effortlessly juxtaposes beautiful original Victorian features with sleek minimalist cabinets. “I think in a Victorian house you can really get away with modern features, it is perfectly suited to mixing old and new” she explains.

Emma admits that she is ready for the next project, laughing that she is “always on the lookout”. A keen quilt maker, she has recently started to sell her handiwork locally and hopes to set up an Etsy shop. She has also just been asked to help a friend with a property development. One thing is for sure, the future looks anything but boring for this Brighton belle!

Photographs by Simon Eldon.  Words by Victoria Dockrell

This feature originally appeared in the Autumn 2012 issue of Heart Home magazine.

New Online Store: Clover & Thorne

A new online retail store for the discerning homeowner looking for exclusive made-to-measure window blinds, curtains and shutters has launched today. 

Clover & Thorne offers top quality materials and fabrics handpicked from around the world. Made-to-measure products can be ordered online and delivered in around a week, with shutters between two and three weeks.

Clover & Thorne

The online store is full of inspiring images for customers who want something a bit more special than offered on the high street and its launch collection has been curated to meet the coming season’s home interior trends.

The online store provides customers with a step by step guide to accurately measure their windows, and also offers Mis-Measurement Protection where the products are altered free of charge or replaced should the consumer miss measure.   There’s also a lifetime guarantee with all products, which have already been rigorously tested for durability and quality.   A free sample service (with unlimited samples) and free delivery make buying from this website even more irresistible and easy.

Clover & Thorne

Without costly showrooms, sales staff and installation teams to pay for, Clover & Thorne customers can enjoy a superior product, a hassle-free shopping experience with excellent prices and a focus on quality materials, skill and craftsmanship.

Jason Peterkin from Clover & Thorne explained:

“Consumers are increasingly confident when buying quality high end products online. We help our customers every step of the way - from providing detailed photography and inspiring room ideas, to sending free next day samples and providing an unrivalled choice of products and easy to follow installation instructions.

Clover & Thorne

Clover & Thorne offers stylish made to measure Roller, Roman, Vertical, Fusio, Aluminum Venetian and Wooden Venetian blinds in a range of beautiful designs, colours and textures. 

All Clover & Thorne blinds can be made-to-measure and delivered in five to seven working days. The range of timeless Plantation Shutters can be made-to-measure within two weeks. 

Clover & Thorne

For inspiration and to buy online at 

Caorunn Gin, Pink Pepper, Rhubarb and Vanilla Trifle

This week and next we are featuring recipes from award winning chef Paul Wedgwood, Chef Patron of Wedgwood, The Restaurant in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. Paul gains inspiration for his style of dishes from regular travels around the world and favourites include Panko and black sesame crusted mullet, pork belly,  or diver caught scallops wrapped in caul fat.  Paul is also renowned for using interesting wild herbs and salads especially at lunchtime, which Paul forages for himself.

Serves 4.   Cooking time 25 minutes.   Preparation time 45 minutes (plus cooling, infusing and chilling).

Ingredients: Rhubarb jelly

            4 rhubarb stalks peeled and peel reserved

            3 pink pepper corns

            250g caster sugar

            100ml dry white wine

            ½  orange finely grated rind of both and juice of ¼ 

            25ml grenadine

            25ml Caorunn Gin

            2 leaves gelatine softened in cold water

Pink Pepper and vanilla sponge

            2 room temperature eggs

            10 pink peppercorns crushed

            40g caster sugar

            1/2 vanilla pod seeds scraped

            60g self raising flour finely sieved

            10g melted unsalted butter


            400ml double cream

            ½ vanilla pod split and scraped

            8 egg yolks

            75g caster sugar

            3 juniper berries


For the sponge, preheat oven to 200C. Whisk eggs, pink pepper, vanilla and sugar with an electric whisk for about 5 minutes until light, fluffy and doubled in volume. Sift in flour and carefully fold to incorporate fully, then do the same with the butter. Pour onto lined baking tray and bake for about 6 minutes until nicely golden brown. Leave to cool for 10 minutes then turn out onto a cooling wire and cool completely. Cut into shapes of trifle glasses and place in bottom.

Turn oven down to 170C.

Cut rhubarb into 5cm pieces and then again into 3 strips lengthways. Reserve trimmings

For the jelly and baked rhubarb, put sugar, wine, rind, pink pepper, rhubarb trimmings and peelings, grenadine with 100ml of water and bring to the boil. Boil for 3 minutes and set aside to infuse. Place rhubarb strips into a roasting dish and strain syrup over rhubarb. Cover with baking paper then foil and cook for about 10 minutes until just tender. Leave to cool in syrup. Strain syrup again, add gin and drizzle a small amount over the sponge. Heat remaining syrup add gelatine (water squeezed out) and stir to dissolve. Set aside some where not to cool.

For custard, bring cream, juniper and vanilla to boil in thick bottomed pan. Set aside to cool. Whisk yolks and sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy. Pour in a small amount of the boiled cream mix onto the eggs to scorch. Add rest of cream mix very slowly a bit at a time whisking all the time. Return mix to pan and with a thermometer on the back of a spoon keep stirring the mix over a low heat until the mix reaches 82C remove from heat and quickly pour over sponge until glass is ¾ full. Gently tap the glass to even out the top and place on a tray and refrigerate.

When chilled pour over the rhubarb jelly until glass is nearly full. Finish with roasted rhubarb, rhubarb crisp.


A Crafty Workspace By Torie Jayne

Being well organised is the key to keeping your creative space tidy and inspiring. If your craft space becomes overwhelmingly cluttered, it can sap your creative energy. Dealing with a mess of tangled ribbons, loose buttons and scissors (that become invisible just when you need them) makes you lose valuable time…


  • A sturdy chair is crucial, and the more stylish it is, the better.
  • In addition to natural and overhead lighting, consider more focussed task lighting, which can be useful when it comes to small-scale projects.
  • Avoid carpet and rugs – flooring should ideally be suitable for sweeping.
  • Consider mobile storage so you can transport your materials easily.
  • Designate a space in your craft area for items typically used in every project like scissors, glue guns and tape, and keep that space tidy. Store these items in an easy-to-access area, such as in a drawer or on a grid system over your work table. Seldom-used supplies can be stored out of sight but should be clearly labelled so that you can always find what you need quickly. 
  • To get the most out of your crafting area, utilise all of the available space, whether it is over the door or even under a bed or table. You will be amazed at how much space you can create for storing your organised supplies.
  • Hanging fabric and other large scraps can be the most effective way to store them, as it is much easier to rifle though them this way than as piles of fabric in boxes or baskets.

Make your own storage shelves and use them to sort and tidy your supplies so they can be easily seen.

Neatly roll up your paper and store it in a waste paper bin or a washing basket for easy access.

Tidy away ribbon ends using wooden spools.

CRSS pg 17 copy.jpg

Think of inventive storage solutions such as spice and wine racks.

CRSS pg 11 copy.jpg

Use picture shelves to display inspirational images in full view.

Hang spare material on hooks, which can be personalised according to your style and brand.

An old mannequin does double duty looking pretty and storing lace scraps.

Craft Show and Sell by Torie Jayne is published by Search Press (rrp £12.99.) Taken from the September 2013 issue of Heart home magazine.

Christmas Gifts for the Coffee Lover

For our Christmas gift guide this week we're concentrating on lovers. Coffee lovers. We all know one. The sweetheart, family member or work colleague who cannot function until they have had their morning shot of caffeine. The friend who always wants to meet in a coffee shop. Or maybe it's you who cannot get through the day without several cups of the black stuff. In that case, you have our permission to buy yourself a present.

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Create A Cosy Atmosphere In Your Dining Room

Contrary to what many think, the dining room really is the hub of the house. It’s where all the entertaining happens, where you can relax with family and friends and simply enjoy a nice glass of wine. Or sometimes, for those that work from home find the dining area the perfect work place. A change of scenery is always good!

Nowadays we spend most of our time in the kitchen and dining area so it is important to create a comfortable and cosy nest. A place that you immediately want to unwind and feel right at home.  It is for this reason that choosing the right furniture is so important to convey the right atmosphere.

I adore wooden furniture in the dining area/open kitchen – it truly creates a sense of warmth and comfort into your homes. It is for this reason that I am loving this selection of pretty solid wooden furniture. These extending dining tables are great and come in lovely different styles and subtle colours. 

What’s even more great is that Furniture4yourhome are offering a fabulous reduction on these wooden pieces just to tempt you a little more. So if you’re looking for simplistic furniture and something to spruce up your interiors then look no further and you could just be in time to order for Christmas! After all it's time to get your pretty table and chair sets ready, as the festive season approaches.

This is a sponsored post.

The Heritage Copper Range from Jim Lawrence

It is no surprise that copper is a hugely growing trend with its rich warm tones and classic rustic look, it is perfect this autumn. Jim Lawrence are celebrating this with the launch of their stunning new Heritage Copper range. Each solid copper item is hand finished by their craftsmen with antiquing solution to create a soft tarnished finish.  

The ‘Copper Kitchen’ showcases their range with the large curved Leiston Pendant accompanied by soft task lighting with two Single Curtis Spot Lights. 

 Gilby Drawer Pull (Left) £14 & Large Napier Cupboard Knob (Right) £17

The little touches are not forgotten with these cupboard and drawer pulls also available within the copper range.  

Holkham Door Knob £96.30 & Standard Finger Plate £20

The period style doesn’t have to finish inside the kitchen with this finger plate and door knob continuously adding warmth throughout your home.

To see the complete Heritage Copper collection then visit:

Jim Lawrence is a true family business, run by Jim and his wife Sheena and employing up to three generations of local families as well as several pairs of husbands and wives! They design and manufacture products for the home from their Suffolk based workshops. They are rather unique in the service they can offer customers; with a workshop that can produce any type of bespoke fitting for your lamp shade and a paint shop that can finish fittings in any colour. 

Bonfire Night Salmon

Why not get a little more adventurous with the Guy Fawkes night fare this year? Fire up the tastebuds with this salmon dish, served with a seasonal potato cake and drizzled with treacle sauce. Yummy!

Serves 2

Serves 2


2 fresh salmon fillets

2 medium sized potatoes

2 spring onions

1 egg

20g plain flour

2 tbsp black treacle

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp soy sauce

Olive oil

Green veg to serve

Ground black pepper

Sea salt


1: Firstly, place your salmon fillets on a baking tray in the centre of a preheated oven and cook for 20-25 minutes

2: For the potato cake, simply peel your spuds and boil until soft, before mashing and mixing in the beaten egg, flour and diced soring onion. Split the mixture into two and heat in a large frying pan along with 1 tbsp of oil, turning until both sides are crisp and brown.

3: For the treacle sauce, mix together the black treacle, soy sauce and lemon juice in a saucepan, cooking for 1-2 minutes until sticky.

4: To serve, place the baked salmon fillets on top of the potato cake and drizzle with the treacle sauce. Perfect with a side of seasonal greens, such as cabbage of leeks.


This recipe is courtesy of The Saucy Fish Co.