LDF 2018: Harman Kardon Citation at V&A with Stunning Installation

Harman Kardon presents its new line of Citation speakers for the first time in the UK as part of “Memory & Light”, a magnificent blend of music and design. The installation, part of the 2018 programme of commissioned projects at the V&A for London Design Festival, has been created by esteemed UK designers / engineers Arup and is inspired by, and features music from, the world’s most performed composer Arvo Pärt.

For more than 65 years, Harman Kardon has been leading audio engineering and design, captivating ears and hearts throughout generations, and the Citation speakers, unveiled at IFA 2018, represents its latest feat. Combining superior sound performance, state-of-the-art voice control and breathtaking design, a selection of Citation speakers will be used in the installation to play four of Arvo Pärt’s most famous pieces including “Spiegel im Spiegel” (Mirror in the Mirror).

Memory and Light wide.JPG

This multi-sensory installation sees the signature industrial design of Harman Kardon sit beautifully in the intimate, 18th Century, Norfolk House Music Room at the world-renowned V&A Museum, a combination that the innovative design concepts of Arup have made possible.


British educated designer, Gianni Teruzzi of Harman Kardon who was lead designer on the Citation Series comments: 

“The entire design team at Harman Kardon is honoured that Citation has been selected to be part of this incredible installation. The mix of contemporary design and traditional materials that we have used in creating Citation mirrors our partners in this project perfectly.”

“Citation was designed with a timeless, effortless aesthetic in mind, a product at ease in any room and we are incredibly excited to see how Arup has integrated the speakers in the installation as part of the world-famous London Design Festival.”

Memory and Light Citation.JPG


The Citation Series delivers a dynamic listening experience, with options to use the speakers individually or build a powerful 5.1-channel surround sound system. Its multi-room capabilities allow for the control of amazing sound from any room, either playing from one music source or playing different tracks in different rooms.

The speakers feature the brand’s signature industrial design accented with thoughtful elements, including elegant aluminium detailing. Bringing the refined and sleek look together is the Winter Grey or Classic Black wool fabric from Kvadrat, the European leader in acoustic textiles.

To round out the incredible audio performance and extraordinary design, Citation also features Google Assistant. Streaming the newest or most popular music is now quick and efficient with Google’s intelligent voice-activation. Smart voice control also makes tackling tasks as simple as saying “Hey Google,” to create calendar reminders, generate to-do lists, get the latest forecast, control smart home devices* and more. Commands like “Hey Google, play some jazz” or “Hey Google, dim the lights,” perfectly regulates the ambiance in any room of the home.

Memory and Light Citation Tower.JPG

The installation is open to the public from 15-23 September 2018 at the V&A Museum.

VegfestUK - Vegan Extravaganza Returns to London

From dazzling the shores of Brighton and Bristol earlier this year, VegfestUK, one of Europe’s leading Vegan lifestyle festivals, is once again returning to London on October 27th/28th bigger, brighter, and more delicious than ever before.

Already renowned for offering a vast array of health-°©‐centric entertainments, vibrant eco-°©‐friendly stalls and an unsurpassed vegan Food Village, VegfestUK are expanding to a second level of the colossal Kensington Olympia to include a yoga space, a wellness area, Fitness talks and a Chillout music zone.

While shopping through the 275 stalls packed with colourful products, ticket-°©‐holders can indulge in a world of vegan delights, such as Hoisin Jackfruit burgers and Kentucky fried cauliflower wings from Wholesome Junkies, Loaded chip butties with vegan toppings from Chunky Chippy, Noodle salads with lemongrass black bean patties from Eat Chay and inimitable cookies, cakes, muffins and treats from Ms. Cupcake.

Other highlights of the weekend include the Art of Compassion Exhibition, live cookery demos, a cinema, the ever-°©‐popular Vegan Comedy Festival, Kids area and lectures on Health and activism.

VegfestUK Organiser, Alan Lee, says: “We round off every year in the Capital and it never disappoints – VegfestUK has grown to become an important part of the country’s yearly calendar -°©‐ this year will see us bringing more of everything for our dedicated London crowd, and we can’t wait!”

Tickets are available now from https://london.vegfest.co.uk/tickets/

Brompton Design District Temporary Exhibits | London Design Festival 2018

The Brompton Design District programme of temporary exhibits, curated by Jane Withers Studio, will be located within a vacant retail and office block a short distance from the V&A (197 - 205 Brompton Rd), owned by South Kensington Estates. The building includes street-level shops as well as first- and second-floor offices above (3 Yeoman's Row). Other exhibits will occupy spaces on Egerton Garden Mews, Cromwell Place Mews, Thurloe Place, and in the public realm.  

A diverse range of engaging installations, workshops and talks will take place across the district, exploring new material innovations, waste as a resource, as well as studies into our attitude to sustainability and rethinking our throw-away society.

  Dirtylab section, credit Evelyn Bencicova

Dirtylab section, credit Evelyn Bencicova

Brompton Design District 2018 Temporary Programme

Crafting Plastics!: Feel Free to Consume

201 Brompton Road, SW3 1LA

Can ecological products be more seductive? How can the consumer be involved in the innovation and product creation? In the installation 'Feel Free to Consume', crafting plastics! studio presents the results of their research in a new generation of bioplastic material. From a material's birth to its decay, from limited edition to mass produced consumer goods, crafting plastics! studio explores new aesthetics and the limits of material, demonstrated in the production process in their dirty lab setup for Brompton. Thanks to their newly developed sustainable material NUATAN(tm) in collaboration with scientists from Slovak University of Technology, crafting plastics! studio challenges negative prejudice around biodegradable materials. 


 Totomoxtle tile wall

Totomoxtle tile wall

Fernando Laposse: Totomoxtle

199 Brompton Road, SW3 1LA

Fernando Laposse will show developments of his Totomoxtle project, a new veneer material for interior surfaces and furniture that harnesses the brilliant spectrum of colour revealed in the husks of native Mexican corn. Besides creating a new sustainable material, the project raises awareness about the rapid loss of the original species of corn in today's globalised world. The project is creating local employment based on this new craft, but also regenerating traditional farming practices in Mexico, providing income for impoverished indigenous farmers and conserving biodiversity for future food security. 


FranklinTill: Guilt-Free?

203 Brompton Road, SW3 1LA

Can design and material innovation enable us to live and consume 'Guilt-free' without compromising our lifestyle choices? The Guilt-Free? space curated by FranklinTill will present a series of immersive and inspirational exhibits exploring if design and material innovation can satisfy our social and environmental conscience, and indeed enable us to live and consume 'Guilt-free'. As well as showcasing new commissioned work, the studio behind Radical Matter and Viewpoint magazine will be hosting design workshops and material salons aiming to provide inspiration and tools to help navigate the complex sustainable agenda and guide towards circular design approaches.


  MLH Urban Forager Series Home  by Marianne Wie

MLH Urban Forager Series Home  by Marianne Wie

Michelle Lowe-Holder: The Urban Forager

15a Cromwell Place Mews, SW7 2LA

'The Urban Forager' explores the material story of Nitrous Oxide canisters. Manufactured mostly in Taiwan and Hungary for making whipped cream, these shiny steel capsules containing laughing gas have made their way into club culture and now litter the streets of London creating a huge amount of waste that is currently not recycled. Having collected them for almost three years, Michelle Lowe-Holder presents a mixed media exhibition questioning waste, consumption and materiality. A sculptural installation, film documentary and collaborating photographers and designers present their own visual and design statements on this growing phenomenon across London and the UK. 


  Ma-tt-er Why Materials Matter LDF Credit Roos Meerman Aera Fabrica

Ma-tt-er Why Materials Matter LDF Credit Roos Meerman Aera Fabrica

Ma-tt-er: Why Materials Matter

1st Floor, 3 Yeoman's Row, SW3 2AL

A reading room will play host to the launch of materials research design studio 

Ma-tt-er's newly published book 'Why Materials Matter'. Furniture, objects and a series of one-of-a-kind bookends by those who have been featured in the publication will captivate the space, which looks towards a future of responsibly-designed environments. Ma-tt-er has created a reciprocal exhibition which encourages lounging and learning, the conversations in their reading room will extend beyond those held by the surrounding material. The book features artists, designers, scientists and chefs, and shows materials through a cross-sector approach and the issues surrounding particular materials - economically, politically, society and environmentally. 


#OneLess: Unlocking London's Refill Revolution through a Design Fellowship

1st Floor, 3 Yeoman's Row, SW3 2AL

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest challenges facing the ocean today. #OneLess will present the work of its Design Fellows, selected to develop and design innovative solutions to help ramp-up London's refill revolution and eliminate plastic bottled water. 


Oparanze Collective: Spolia

2nd Floor, 3 Yeoman's Row, SW3 2AL

Oparanze Collective, an interdisciplinary design co-operative based in Lagos, Nigeria, presents Spolia, a collection of furniture and objects inspired by notions of embodied energy. A practice popularized in ecclesiastical buildings, Spolia, or materials that previously were part of alternative structures, become intrinsic to the form and utility of their new states.  In the words of Erwin Panofsky: "The future is invented out of the past." The exhibit interrogates existing normative concerns and aesthetic assumptions of African design. Furthermore, themes and discourses are explored, developed or indeed challenged via a series of events and talks held at the space.


  Hotel Praha, Sigmar x Okolo, photogaphy by Filip Šlapal

Hotel Praha, Sigmar x Okolo, photogaphy by Filip Šlapal

Sigmar x OKOLO: Hotel Praha

1st Floor, 3 Yeoman's Row, SW3 2AL

London-based design gallery Sigmar and Czech creative collective OKOLO showcase original pieces from the emblematic Hotel Praha in Prague, an architectural symbol of late communist rule, which was demolished in 2014. The exhibition will explore the history, architecture, design and art of this masterpiece of socialist hospitality, alongside selected furniture pieces created for the interiors of the hotel and rescued from demolition. The project explores the value of craftsmanship and materials in creating enduring objects, but also the paradox that the extravagant luxury associated with a political elite led to the hotel's demise. http://sigmarlondon.com/ & http://www.okolo.cz/

Skipping Rocks Lab: Ohoo

Skipping Rocks Lab present Ohoo throughout the Brompton Design District from Wednesday to Sunday. Their trolley will have a street presence in and around the district, serving their 'edible water' and algae packaged cocktail bites, a material development intended to reduce single-use plastic and make packaging disappear. http://www.skippingrockslab.com/

Stitch by Stitch: From Rain to Loom

197 Brompton Road, SW3 1LA 

Stitch by Stitch creates handmade textiles made in India and Nepal, and is driven by sustainable practice and preserving the livelihoods of skilled artisans. 'From Rain to Loom' highlights the Khamir Kala Cotton Initiative, which is a reinterpretation of an old craft value chain reconfigured for the modern marketplace. Kala cotton is an ancient, genetically pure, drought resistant species, indigenous to the Kutch region of India, an area famed for its hand weaving. Rain-fed, it is resilient and resurgent in difficult land conditions. This contrasts with more common genetically modified widespread and imported species, which require intensive irrigation, synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.


  Stitch by Stitch From Rain to Loom Brompton Design District Josh van Gelder

Stitch by Stitch From Rain to Loom Brompton Design District Josh van Gelder

V&A Announces Largest Ever Christian Dior Exhibition In The UK

“There is no other country in the world, besides my own, whose way of life I like so much. I love English traditions, English politeness, English architecture. I even love English cooking.” Christian Dior

In February 2019, the V&A will open the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever staged in the UK on the House of Dior – the museum’s biggest fashion exhibition since Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty in 2015. Spanning 1947 to the present day, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams will trace the history and impact of one of the 20th century’s most influential couturiers, and the six artistic directors who have succeeded him, to explore the enduring influence of the fashion house.

  Christian Dior with model Lucky, circa 1955. Courtesy of Christian Dior

Christian Dior with model Lucky, circa 1955. Courtesy of Christian Dior

Based on the major exhibition Christian Dior: Couturier du Rêve, organised by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, the exhibition will be reimagined for the V&A. A brand-new section will, for the first time, explore the designer’s fascination with British culture. Dior admired the grandeur of the great houses and gardens of Britain, as well as British-designed ocean liners, including the Queen Mary. He also had a preference for Savile Row suits. In 1947, he hosted his first UK fashion show at London’s Savoy Hotel, and in 1952 established Christian Dior London. This exhibition will investigate Dior’s creative collaborations with influential British manufacturers, and his most notable British clients, from author Nancy Mitford to ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn. A highlight will be the Christian Dior dress worn by Princess Margaret for her 21st birthday celebrations, generously on loan from the Museum of London. It will also bring to life Dior’s spectacular fashion shows staged in the UK’s most luxurious stately homes, including Blenheim Palace in 1954. 

  Christian Dior with model Sylvie, circa 1948. Courtesy of Christian Dior

Christian Dior with model Sylvie, circa 1948. Courtesy of Christian Dior

Drawn from the extensive Dior Archives, the exhibition will also showcase highlights from the V&A’s world-class Couture collections, including the iconic Bar Suit, gifted to the museum by the House of Dior in 1960. The exhibition will present over 500 objects, with over 200 rare Haute Couture garments shown alongside accessories, fashion photography, film, perfume, make-up, illustrations, magazines, and Christian Dior’s personal possessions. 

The exhibition will highlight Dior’s vision of femininity, encompassing garments, accessories and fragrances. Flowers are emblematic of the Couture House and have inspired silhouettes, embroidery and prints but also the launch of Miss Dior in 1947, the first fragrance created alongside the very first show.

From horticulture to global travel and 18th century decorative arts, the show will reveal the sources of inspiration that defined the House of Dior’s aesthetic. From the daring designs of Yves Saint Laurent to the rational style of Marc Bohan, the flamboyance of Gianfranco Ferré, the exuberance of John Galliano, the minimalism of Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri’s feminist vision of fashion, the exhibition will show how each successive artistic director has stayed true to Dior’s vision of Haute Couture, while bringing their own creative sensibilities to the House.

  Pérou short evening dress, Autumn-Winter 1954 Haute Couture collection, H line. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Gift of Cecil Beaton. Photo © Laziz Hamani

Pérou short evening dress, Autumn-Winter 1954 Haute Couture collection, H line. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Gift of Cecil Beaton. Photo © Laziz Hamani

Tim Reeve, Deputy Director and COO of the V&A, said: “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams celebrates one of the most ingenious and iconic designers in fashion history. Reimagining this hugely popular exhibition from Paris – as the largest fashion exhibition the V&A has undertaken since Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty – will shed new light on Dior’s fascination with Britain. The V&A holds one of the largest and most important fashion collections in the world, and we are delighted to be able to reveal highlights from our outstanding collection alongside those from the remarkable archive of the House of Dior, for this spectacular exhibition.”

Oriole Cullen, Fashion and Textiles Curator at the V&A, said: “In 1947, Christian Dior changed the face of fashion with his ‘New Look’, which redefined the female silhouette and reinvigorated the post-War Parisian fashion industry. The V&A recognised Dior’s important contribution to design history early-on in his career, acquiring his sketches and garments from the 1950s onwards. The influence of Christian Dior’s design was all-pervasive and helped to define an era. In their own individual ways, each of the House’s successive artistic directors have referenced and reinterpreted Dior’s own designs and continued the legacy of the founder, ensuring that the House of Christian Dior is at the forefront of fashion today. More than seventy years after its founding, the V&A’s exhibition will celebrate the enduring influence of the House of Dior and uncover Dior’s relationship with Britain.”

  Yves Saint Laurent in front of Christian Dior London, 11th November 1958. © Popperfoto, Getty Images

Yves Saint Laurent in front of Christian Dior London, 11th November 1958. © Popperfoto, Getty Images

The exhibition Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams runs from 2 February – 14 July 2019 at eh V&A. Tickets will go on sale in Autumn 2018.

Vegan Mediterranean With Chef Katherine Frelon At Borough Market

Chef Katherine Frelon is delighted to announce the third in her ‘Love Your Market’ series of monthly cookery courses, hosted at The Cookhouse in London's infamous Borough Market. This month’s will focus on vegan dishes with Mediterranean influences, from the Amalfi Coast, France, Spain and Morocco. Katherine will demonstrate how to find the finest and freshest ingredients in your local market and incorporate them in to delicious dishes.


As a continuing Demo Chef for Borough Market and having authored her own successful cookbook titled “Shop, Cook, Eat” alongside working in Michelin star kitchens, Katherine brings a wealth of expertise on how to source the best produce for an all-year-round seasonal pantry and will share her vast knowledge on how to ensure you choose the greenest ingredients for the current season.

This course will teach students how to make unique salads, marinades and dressings with a focus on how to select ingredients based on their colour, fragrance and vibrancy. Dishes will include a French Roasted Peach and Beet Salad with Rocket and Hazelnut Dressing, a Moroccan Bakula with Couscous, and a Spanish inspired Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad. The one day Mediterranean course will be held on Saturday 23rd June, with tickets costing £95. Guests will not only have the opportunity to watch Katherine make the dishes, but assist in the creation of each course and walk around the Market and select the produce from an assortment of award winning traders. 

  Credit: Walter Zak

Credit: Walter Zak

Starting at The Cookhouse in Borough Market, Katherine will introduce the day by outlining pantry essentials and the importance of a balanced vegan diet. Katherine will then show guests around the market, lending her insight on what is in season and how to spot prime produce. Following this Katherine will prepare lunch in front of guests along with a selection of vegan wines. In the afternoon guests will have the opportunity to cook alongside Katherine and learn hands on, whilst getting the chance to discuss topics of interest before they enjoy the meal freshly prepared by themselves and Katherine.

Event date Saturday 23rd June, 2018; Time – 9:30am – 16:00pm; Location – The Cookhouse, Borough Market, 8 Southwark St, London SE1  Link to book: https://www.designmynight.com/london/event-space/london-bridge/borough-market/plant-based-mediterranean-cookery-class-at-borough-market?t=tickets

In The Diary: Frida Kahlo Exhibition At The V&A

This summer, the V&A will explore how Frida Kahlo (b. 1907), one of the most recognised and significant artists and women of the 20th century, fashioned her identity. Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up will be the first exhibition outside of Mexico to display her clothes and intimate possessions, reuniting them with key self-portraits and photographs to offer a fresh perspective on her compelling life story. We will present an unparalleled insight into Kahlo’s life revealing some objects that have never been on show before.

  Frida on the bench, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Frida on the bench, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Working in close collaboration with Museo Frida Kahlo, the V&A will display more than 200 objects from the Blue House. Kahlo’s personal items including outfits, letters, jewellery, cosmetics, medicines and medical corsets were discovered in 2004, 50 years after being sealed in the Blue House by her husband Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist, following her death in 1954. Exploring Kahlo’s highly choreographed appearance and style, these include 22 distinctive colourful Tehuana garments; pre-Columbian necklaces that Frida strung herself; examples of intricately hand painted corsets and prosthetics which will be displayed alongside film and photography of the artist as a visual narrative of her life.

Included in Kahlo’s make-up selection is her eyebrow pencil ‘Ebony,’ still within its original packaging, which she used to emphasise her signature mono brow, a defining feature of her self-portraits and her favourite lipstick, Revlon’s ‘Everything’s Rosy’ and red nail varnish. Her vividly-coloured cosmetics are striking in the celebrated portraits by photographer Nickolas Muray which show her wearing many of the clothes on display.

  Revlon compact and powder puff with blusher in ‘Clear Red’ and Revlon lipstick in ‘Everything’s Rosy’; emery boards and eyebrow pencil in ‘Ebony’. Before 1954. Photograph Javier Hinojosa. © Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo Archives, Banco de México, Fiduciary of the Trust of the Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo Museums.

Revlon compact and powder puff with blusher in ‘Clear Red’ and Revlon lipstick in ‘Everything’s Rosy’; emery boards and eyebrow pencil in ‘Ebony’. Before 1954. Photograph Javier Hinojosa. © Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo Archives, Banco de México, Fiduciary of the Trust of the Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo Museums.

Claire Wilcox, Senior Curator of Fashion at the V&A and exhibition co-curator, said: “A countercultural and feminist symbol, this show will offer a powerful insight into how Frida Kahlo constructed her own identity. This show is a rare opportunity for visitors, offering unique access to an archive that has never left Mexico before.”

The exhibition will reimagine Kahlo’s home, the Blue House, located in Coyoacán, on the outskirts of Mexico City, where she was born, lived and died. It will explore her life as a child with her family up to her marriage to Diego Rivera including an album of architectural church photographs by her German father Guillermo Kahlo, early paintings and photographs of Kahlo and Rivera together and with their influential circle of friends including Communist leader Leon Trotsky.

  Frida Kahlo with Olmec figurine, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Frida Kahlo with Olmec figurine, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Kahlo empowered herself through her art and dress after suffering a devastating near-fatal bus crash at the age of 18, which rendered her bed-bound and immobilised for protracted periods of time. Self-portraiture became the primary focus of her art at this point and she began to paint using a mirror inset into the canopy of her four-poster bed. Much more was understood about Kahlo’s accident after the discovery of the objects in the Blue House. The exhibition will illuminate this story through items such as her medicines and orthopaedic aids. Kahlo possessed many supportive bodices and spine back braces and on display will be some of the corsets that she painted with religious and communist symbolism and tragic imagery relating to her miscarriages.

On display will be garments from her collection: rebozos, a traditional Mexican shawl, huipiles, an embroidered square-cut top, enaguas and holanes, long skirts with flounces, and jewellery ranging from pre-Columbian jade beads to modern silverwork. A highlight will be the resplandor, a lace headdress worn by the women of the matriarchal society from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region in Southern Mexico, paired with a self-portrait of Kahlo wearing it.

  Frida Kahlo in blue satin blouse, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Frida Kahlo in blue satin blouse, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

FRIDA KAHLO: MAKING HER SELF UP, 16 June - 4 November 2018, £15, concessions available
V&A Members go free. 
For more information, visit vam.ac.uk/whatson

The Mind Coach x Yeotown Kitchen, Marylebone

On Sunday 29th April, Yeotown Kitchen, Marylebone will be hosting the second event, ‘Stress Less’ in their series, ‘Set Yourself Up Sunday’ featuring specially selected guests from within the wellness industry. Driven by the mantra strong in body, clear in mind, the event (11am – 1pm) will be themed around Stress Awareness Month and held in collaboration with The Mind Coach: Natalie Pennicotte-Collier. 

Natalie works with TeamGB athletes and has built up a reputation as a guru for performance wellbeing and sleep expertise with her award-winning practice on London’s Bond Street, Mindtonictherapy.com. She is leading the way in 360 Wellbeing, sharing her coaching and therapy method globally with clients, brands and in the workplace. Using modern clinical hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques, Natalie transforms the sleep and wellbeing performance of her clients, unlocking their potential. 

666A6910 C.jpg

Natalie will lead a discussion, providing useful tips and techniques on how to manage stress. For £44 attendees of the event will also be treated to a specially curated three-course brunch prepared by the Yeotown Kitchen team. 

In addition, ‘Stress Less’ will give attendees the opportunity to experience the Meditation Station found on the lower level of Yeotown Kitchen. The comfortable egg-shaped, cushion lined pods offer guided meditation with a selection of programs to choose from, including The Brain Break to help soothe anxiety and build clarity and perspective. 

The clean-lined and bright space that makes up Yeotown Kitchen has been designed by the award-winning Dubai based Brand Creative, featuring oak wood panels, cork leather banquettes, window-side bench seating and bright yellow alfresco tables. Elements of positive psychology are infused throughout every aspect of the ambience and décor of the space making it the perfect environment for the ‘Set Yourself Up Sunday’ series. 

SET YOURSELF UP - 2nd Event.jpeg

Event information & tickets here

Next event in the supper club series, ‘Set Yourself Up Sunday with Eve Kalinik’ – event information & tickets here

January Workshops At Forest - An Alternative Christmas Gift!

Forest are pleased to announce that they have a great line up for you in the new year too! The ideal Christmas gift for the maker in your life, or a treat for yourself if you want to learn something new this January.

Forest hold regular flower arranging classes, suitable for all and a great opportunity to get creative and learn the tricks of the trade.

Flower workshops cost £90 per head, aside from floral crown classes which are £25, and include light refreshments and all your flowers to take home. Classes start 7:30pm and last approx 2 hours. They are suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Macrame Plant Hangers - Join Brooke at Forest Deptford to learn how to make your own macrame plant hanger. Brooke will show you how to create a hanger out of cotton rope tied into simple square knots and half square knots. Ideal for styling your plants at home or as gifts for friends and family. All materials are included.


Floral Painting & Collage - Join surface pattern designer Charlotte Beevor for a creative and relaxing evening where you will make a series of abstract floral artworks/collages inspired by the plants at Forest.  At the end of the workshop you will choose your favourite piece, and Charlotte will create a blank greeting card out of it that which you will receive at a later date to be framed in your home or to give as gift!

Candle Making - join milkwood candles to explore the world of natural scent, making your bespoke blend and hand pouring your own candle to take home. The ticket price also includes a drink, specially designed to compliment the scents created in the workshop.


The classes are held at: Forest, Arch 133 Deptford Market Yard, Deptford, SE8 4NS

For more info on the classes click here!

30 Still Lives by Rose Arbuthnott

Born in Cheltenham, Rose began painting at the age of 12 when her art teacher gave her a box of oil paints and she decided to copy Monet. Rose went on to study art at Edinburgh University before receiving a scholarship to attend the Prince’s Drawing School in London where she was awarded a prize for drawing.

DSC_0005 (2).JPG

Still Life with Pomegranate’ is a group of works that Rose  started in October. After a break from painting, she was inspired by Matisse's still lives (which she saw in the summer at the RA in London) and set up a painting base in her kitchen. For Rose, the still life offers unending fascination and, as autumn turned to winter, she worked her way through panel after panel. Some were ‘there’ immediately, whilst others needed going back to again and again.  Rose felt she always had questions of colour to pose to the world and simply needed a composition to bring this out of her: She deliberately used a charcoal colour to construct the compositions as to her it was a means of juggling to bring life forwards. 


'I really hope you can enjoy them and derive as much pleasure from them as I do'. Rose Arbuthnott.


Rose continues to produce work at her studio in Gloucestershire. Her classical training and knowledge of art history informs her practice, but the influence of folk culture and an interest in the subconscious is evident in both her abstract and figurative work.

DSC_0009 (2).JPG

30 Still Lives by Rose Arbuthnott, Exhibited in Vanessa Arbuthnott’s Showroom, 12 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester GL7 5ET.

In The Diary: Christmas At The V&A

The V&A is staging a month-long musical celebration of Christmas across its South Kensington and V&A Museum of Childhood sites. Featuring choirs, candlelit concerts, pop-up performances, film screenings, a spectacular Christmas tree, decoration making workshops and more, the festive period will be celebrated through music from opera to Christmas number ones. This year’s theme is inspired by the current major V&A exhibition Opera: Passion, Power and Politics


‘The Singing Tree’ designed by Es Devlin 

This year’s Christmas tree in the grand entrance will take the form of a cloud of floating words, contributed by our visitors. It has been conceived by Es Devlin, stage designer for leading performers including Kanye West and Beyonce as well as the Royal Opera House and National Theatre. This spectacular and innovative tree will feature digital word projections that create a poem. Accompanying the tree is a layered polyphonic soundscape of human and machine generated voices. Over the next two weeks in the lead up to installation of the tree and throughout the Christmas season, visitors will be invited to contribute a festive word as they enter the V&A and online. These will be combined and processed through text and sound algorithms to create this polyphonic poem sculpture. The tree will be created in collaboration with video designer Luke Halls, creative technologist Ross Goodwin, creative agency Sunshine and music and sound collective Res.Lab. Displays Special seasonal installions and Christmas displays highlight key objects relating to the music of Christmas from the collection. At South Kensington, a display celebrating the UK Christmas Number One will explore this yearly tradition through LPs, record sleeves and sheet music, with songs from Bing Crosby to Band Aid. Compilations of Christmas pantomime performances from the 

National Video Archive of Performane (NVAP) will be on show in the Theatre and Performance Gallery. To coincide with Sounds like Christmas at the V&A, Gold Fir have created three commissioned soundscapes that draw on the history, objects, architecture and heritage of three galleries in the Museum. At the Museum of Childhood visitors are invited to enjoy a display and audio trail exploring the changing sounds of Christmas with specially commissioned pieces by the acclaimed sound artist Neil Luck. 

Activities and performances 

At South Kensington, there will be daily carol concerts and weekly candlelit concerts, including a singalong of Christmas Number Ones led by Musical Director Sam Coates; a performance from the Monteverdi Choir, returning after Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s first performance at the Musuem in 1967; a performance from the Royal College of Music of Janacek’s The Cunning Little Vixen, a comic opera about a clever fox. There will also be a Christmas wreath workshop, the chance for visitors to make and play their own instruments and a festive family rave with Big Fish Little Fish. A wide range of activities will be staged to entertain families at the Museum of Childhood including a Christmas designer market, Sing-A-Long Saturdays and a 3-day ‘Make Some Noise’ celebration of music. 

V&A Christmas Gifts Our Christmas shop has an eclectic range of gifts that surprise and charm. Culture enthusiasts will be thrilled with a V&A Membership which grants them a whole year of unlimited free entry to all our exhibitions, access to the new Members’ Room and a host of other exclusive benefits, including 10% off in the shop and online. Design connoisseurs will also find a specialist collection of books on all aspects of the designed world including photography, architecture, fashion, graphics, jewellery, sculpture, textiles and more. The V&A also has its own publishing range, which features 150 fabulously illustrated books on the V&A’s exhibitions, collections and research. 

SOUNDS LIKE CHRISTMAS AT THE V&A 27 November 2017 – 6 January 2018, Full programme available at vam.ac.uk/Christmas. 

In The Diary: The Eat and Drink Festival 2017

The Eat and Drink Festival 2017 comes to London Olympia from 22 to 26 November, celebrating the very best in festive fare as Britain heads towards the December merriments. 

While 76% of UK households tuck into a large meal of turkey with all the trimmings* on 25 December, Britain’s multi-cultural community celebrates both Christmas and the holiday season with different meats, dishes and delicacies from across the globe. 

At the Eat and Drink Festival, Norwegian-chef Martina Schoning cooks up a homeland delicacy of roasted reindeer, but reindeer is not the only meat on the Christmas table in Norway, as families often enjoy options such as pork chops, sausages and lamb. Those located in the coastal regions tend to opt for fish dishes such as cod or haddock.

Christmas reindeer.jpg

A Swedish Christmas dinner is usually presented as a julbord: a festive version of the much-loved Swedish dinner option, Smörgåsbord. The buffet-style feast frequently includes breads, broth, a variety of fish such as salmon, eel and herring, meatballs, pork ribs, baked ham, sausages, potatoes, cheeses and salad. 

While Germans tend to opt for wild boar or venison as the centrepiece for their festive meal, a traditional Jamaican Christmas includes a recipe of rice, gugno peas, chicken, ox tail and curried goat.

When celebrating the festive season in the Czech Republic, most enjoy a dinner of fish soup, salads, eggs and carp. Many believe in the superstition that the number of people around the table must be even, as it’s believed the odd one out will die next year!

The traditional Polish holiday supper consists of 12 non-meat dishes, one for each month of the year. Among the dishes, fish such as pike, herring and carp tend to feature. Other typical Polish dishes include fish soup, sauerkraut with wild mushrooms or peas, and Polish dumplings with numerous fillings.

Many Ukrainian families feast on the traditional supper, Sviata Vechera, which consists of 12 dishes, each representing the 12 apostles. The meatless meal consists primarily of fish, as meat, animal fat, milk and milk products are forbidden. 


Known for their good food, Italian Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve often lasts for more than four hours with families traditionally enjoying a meal of seven or more courses. These include antipasti, pasta and a roast meal, followed by two salads, two sweet puddings, cheese, fruit, brandy and chocolate.

Bringing together an array of celebrities, the festival’s impressive line-up sees names from a variety of international backgrounds such as Italian-chef Gino D’Acampo, the UK’s own Gregg Wallace, Norwegian-chef Martina Schoning and Australian-native Bonny Porter take to the stage to share more about their traditional Christmas feasts.

Visitors can enjoy a taste of Christmas from around the world as well as sample and shop for fresh produce and handmade products such as from balsamic vinegars, oils and pastries and stock up on festive treats including brownies, cakes and puddings.

Tickets also give access to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, which runs alongside the foodie event as it returns to Olympia for its seventh consecutive year. 

London line up.jpg

Tickets are available now from https://www.eatanddrinkchristmaslondon.com/ or by phone on 0844 209 7330.

In The Diary: Handmade At Kew Returns

Following on from last year’s success, Handmade in Britain is returning to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for the third edition of the four - day international craft spectacular, Handmade at Kew from Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 October 2017.

  Ellul Ceramics, Laura Hutchinson Photography

Ellul Ceramics, Laura Hutchinson Photography

Once again, Kew Gardens will play host to Handmade at Kew, the innovative, global craft fair where 150+ highly skilled international makers and galleries will showcase their ceramics, glass, furniture, textiles, metalwork and jewellery. Taking centre stage in the heart of the botanical gardens, this four day selling event, housed in an elegant pavilion next to Kew Palace, will offer visitors the unique opportunity to meet and buy one-off pieces directly from artists, makers and craftspeople and learn about the ideas and processes that shape their work.

  Harriet Elkerton

Harriet Elkerton

Handmade at Kew takes place amongst Decimus Burton’s glasshouses, a feat of Victorian engineering and British craftsmanship. Your ticket will not only give you access to the event but also to the whole of Kew Gardens, allowing you to soak up the delights of the world’s most famous botanic garden with its fine glasshouses and rare blooms, while browsing, buying or commissioning work directly from internationally renowned craftspeople and artisans.

  Vanessa Hogge

Vanessa Hogge

A fabulous day out for the whole family and rare opportunity to indulge in heritage, horticulture and shopping.

V&A Museum of Childhood - Sister Brother

25 November 2017 – 20 May 2018

Many studies have been made about parental influences in our lives but what influence do our siblings have on our identity? This new display of work by Madeleine Waller, which opens on Saturday 25 November at the V&A Museum of Childhood, aims to explore sibling relationships and how they affect our sense of identity. 


The roles we are given within the family group are embedded from an early age and become defining elements of who we are. We often describe ourselves in relation to our sister or brother and compare similarities and differences. Who we are and what we might become in the future is very much tied up with how similar or different we are to our family group. Our sense of sibling identity is constructed through the telling and retelling of family stories. 

This set of double, triple and quadruple portraits was inspired by sociologist Katherine Davies paper "Siblings, Stories and the Self". Being the youngest of four children and having three children herself, Madeleine was keen to explore the inter sibling relationships and the influence of our sisters and brothers on our identity. 

The portraits were taken between 2016 and 2017 and are mostly of children from the East London area. 


Madeleine Waller

Madeleine Waller is originally from Australia, she moved to London in 1987, and now lives in Hackney, East London. 

After completing a photo-journalism course at London College of Printing Waller started her career working for newspapers and magazines on a broad range of assignments from reportage to features, she chose to concentrate mainly on portraiture. Her portrait projects include: Stockwell Bus Garage, Swimmers, Mothers and Teenage Daughters. 

A selection of Madeleine Waller’s Portraits of Poets has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and are included in their permanent collection. She has had two books published, East London Swimmers, published by Hoxton Mini Press, and Portraits as part of a year long Residency at the Swedenborg Society in London. 


Madeleine Waller is currently Photographer in Residence at Harrow School and she is also working on a Project in Northumberland, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, using Photography to try and improve children’s creative writing skills.

Sister Brother, 25 November 2017 – 20 May 2018

Highlights From The London Design Fair 2017

Located in Shoreditch, the creative heart of London, the London Design Fair is a four-day industry event that brings together 500 exhibitors from 28 countries, including: independent designers, established brands, international country pavilions, features and exhibitions.

  Slash Objects Guest Country USA.

Slash Objects Guest Country USA.

Launched in 2007, the London Design Fair has earned itself the reputation as the go-to trade show during the annual London Design Festival, hosting the single largest collection of international exhibitions, designers, brands, country pavilions, features and galleries throughout the festival. Each year, over 27,000 influential retail buyers, producers, architects, designers, interior designers, press and design-savvy public, will attend to see the very latest in furniture, lighting, textiles, materials and conceptual installations, from all around the world.

  Ariane Prin Material of the Year.

Ariane Prin Material of the Year.

Building on its prodigious reputation, visitors to the 2017 London Design Fair can expect a first-rate design exhibition. This year, the London Design Fair will launch its Material of the Year—Jesmonite—as well as its inaugural show theme—botany. The British Craft Pavilion will make a welcome return to the fair, and after the success of ‘This is India’ in 2016, the Guest Country spotlight in 2017 falls on the USA in Sight Unseen’s curated gallery ‘Assembly’. 

  Dutch Invertuals Netherlands Dutch Stuff.

Dutch Invertuals Netherlands Dutch Stuff.

Other highlights include Dutch Stuff,  the Netherlands’ long-awaited design debut at London Design Fair. This showcase presents a curated selection of over seventy designers, studios and products in a gallery-style. The Inspiring Portugal pavilion will return to the Fair. Curated by renowned designer Marco Sousa Santos, it will showcase Portugal’s best emerging and established brands. South Korea’s leading player in the field of design since 2002, Seoul Design Festival is a theme oriented exhibition where designers express their creativity through experimental ideas.

  Forest + Found British Craft Pavilion.

Forest + Found British Craft Pavilion.

Date: 21-24 September 2017

Trade free in advance or £15 on the door.

Consumer ticket £10 in advance or £15 on the door.

Location: Old Truman Brewery, 26 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR, UK

In The Diary: Decorex

Don’t forget to register for Decorex International, the must-see show for interior design professionals, part of the 2017 London Design Festival. In its 40th year, 2017 is not to be missed as Decorex celebrates collaborations, both past and present, during the course of four days.

  Bert Frank Revolve Rise and Fall Brass and Black Insitu

Bert Frank Revolve Rise and Fall Brass and Black Insitu

Highlights this year include:

The Champagne Bar, designed by Interior Designer, Shalini Misra. Taking inspiration from the Great Exhibition of 1851, the design studio will “create a contemporary interpretation of a glasshouse infused with graphic pattern, luxe detailing and curiosities”.

An extensive programme of talks is scheduled exploring current trends, projects and predictions for this year’s seminar programme. Bringing together the industry’s leading experts, highlights include a discussion of the Future of design by acclaimed stylist Emilio Pimentel Reid, Francis Sultana and Kirstie Carey from Cole & Son and an analysis into colour trends with Hannah Malein from ColourHive.


Decorex’s acclaimed feature, Future Heritage, curated by applied arts and design critic, Corinne Julius, showcases works by the names to  commission and collect in British contemporary craft. Makers involved this year include: David Marques, Helen Carnac & David Gates, Lauren Nauman, Matt Davis, Merel Karhof & Marc Trotereau, Ilona Broeseliske, Naomi Mcintosh, Pia Wüstenberg, Richard Lowry, Simon Hasan and Zac Eastwood-Bloom. The VIP Lounge, in association with House & Garden magazine, this year designed by leading Interior Design company, Turner Pocock. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Pocock will be collaborating with anumber of designers to create a tropical inspired space, with pattern and colour taking centre stage.

  Ptolemy Mann Jodhpur Blue Flatweave.

Ptolemy Mann Jodhpur Blue Flatweave.

Over 400 exhibitors, with more than 30% new to the show, including: Jonathan Rogers, Fanny Shorter, House of Hackney and Annie Sloan.

If you haven’t already, please register for your ticket using the link below and collect your badge on arrival: decorex.com/uk/take-your-seat

Alternative Friday Lates At Dulwich Picture Gallery This Autumn

Dulwich Picture Gallery will host a new season of themed Lates on the first Friday of the month throughout Autumn. Following a string of sold-out summer Lates in the Gallery's Pavilion, this new and ambitious series will bring visitors up close and personal with the Permanent Collection through immersive activities, talks and workshops and feature exciting collaborations with creatives and performers, including AVM Curiosities and Wild Life Drawing

The Female of the Species

1 September, 6-10pm

The series kicks off with a night celebrating deadly females, dangerous women and queen bees. Taking inspiration from Cristofano Allori’s powerful portrait, Judith, visitors can discover the unsung ‘sheroes’ of time gone by with feminist art project, Herstory and draw Mother Nature’s matriarchs with live animal drawing from Wild Life Drawing.

  Female of the Species, Judith

Female of the Species, Judith


6 October, 6-10pm

A multi-sensory evening inspired by Antonio de Pereda’s Two Figures at a Kitchen Table, a 17th century masterpiece filled with exquisite details. Visitors can make their own edible masterpiece, interact with a feasting-inspired installation and take part in a smelling and tasting tour of the collection with AVM Curiosities.

  Feast Pereda

Feast Pereda

Death: A Portrait

3 November, 6-10pm

The ultimate Halloween Late which will explore our complex and contradictory attitudes to death through the paintings in Dulwich Picture Gallery's collection and its mausoleum where the Gallery's founders are buried. The line-up will include talks and tours, death cafés, memento mori workshops and macabre salons.

Heal's Celebrates British Designers With Top Styling Talent

Iconic British brand Heal’s has partnered with two very different interiors experts to produce two unique window installations at their Westbourne Grove store. Using only pieces from Heals’ roster of past, present and future UK design icons, their creative partners have re-created their ideal ‘home from home’ within the Heal’s store. 

Both installations, created by interiors journalist and writer Kate Watson-Smyth and interiors stylist Tiffany Grant-Riley, showcase two very different styles in two very different rooms. For Kate, a self-confessed ‘monochrome maximalist’, it was all about creating a relaxed living space complete with opulent fabrics, while Tiffany re-made her personal workspace in imitable Scandi style. 

Both women were passionate that their installations should reflect both the breadth of twentieth century British design, and the actual interior of a working home. ‘There’s definitely a correlation between what’s happening in the world and trends,’ says Kate. ‘I think we’ll continue to see that urge to nest – lots of cosy textures and warm colours. So it was important to be honest about my space, who might live in it and who was going to use it. I wanted there to be the sense that you could come up and sit in the window at Heal’s, or as if whoever lived there had just got up for a second to go into another room.’ 

Tiffany agrees: ‘I think British design is all about being inventive and a bit rebellious. The British are great at adjusting but also keeping one eye on tradition – it’s not afraid to make a point, but also about creating a safe space, making it the perfect foil for today’s world. Minimalism is becoming more of a lifestyle choice for Brits, rather than a colour palette. We’ll be seeing more colour and more storage – reducing the clutter to give you more physical and mental space to cope!’ 

The installations were styled live on 27th August, with selected media contacts and friends of Heal’s coming to watch the rooms take shape before their eyes, while the public could also come along and ‘try out’ the room sets as part of Heal’s’ new campaign launch, British Designers at Heal’s. 

The #HealsBritishDesigners window installations will be live in Westbourne Grove until August 31st. They are free to experience, and more information can be found at here.

New V&A Exhibition - Ocean Liners: Speed & Style

In February 2018, the V&A will re-imagine the golden age of ocean travel with the major new exhibition, Ocean Liners: Speed & Style, sponsored by Viking Cruises. Co-organised by the V&A in London and the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, it is the first ever exhibition to explore the design and cultural impact of the ocean liner on an international scale. It will explore all aspects of ship design from ground-breaking engineering, architecture and interiors to the fashion and lifestyle aboard.

  Empress of Britain colour lithograph poster for Canadian Pacific Railways, J.R. Tooby, London, 1920 – 31 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Empress of Britain colour lithograph poster for Canadian Pacific Railways, J.R. Tooby, London, 1920 – 31 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Ocean Liners: Speed & Style will showcase over 250 objects, including paintings, sculpture, and ship models, alongside objects from shipyards, wall panels, furniture, fashion, textiles, photographs, posters and film. It will display objects never-before-seen in Europe, and reunite objects not seen together since on-board these spectacular vessels, which revolutionised ocean travel from the mid-19th century to the late 20th century.

  Normandie in New York, 1935-39 © Collection French Lines

Normandie in New York, 1935-39 © Collection French Lines

Highlights include a precious Cartier tiara recovered from the sinking Lusitania in 1915, as well as a panel fragment from the Titanic’s first class lounge, returning to the UK for the first time since its doomed maiden voyage in 1912. Others include a stunning interior panel from the Smoking Room of the French liner, Normandie, created by leading Art Deco lacquer artist Jean Dunand, and Stanley Spencer’s painting ‘The Riveters’ from the 1941 series Shipbuilding on the Clyde. The Duke of Windsor’s sumptuous 1940s Goyard luggage will also feature, on display in Europe for the first time since leaving the Windsor Estate. As the largest machines of their age, ocean liners became powerful symbols of progress and 20th century modernity. The exhibition will also feature ground-breaking works by Modernist artists, designers and architects inspired by liners, including Le Corbusier, Albert Gleizes, Charles Demuth and Eileen Gray.

  Paquebot ‘Paris’, Charles Demuth, United States, 1921 -22. Gift of Ferdinand Howald © Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio

Paquebot ‘Paris’, Charles Demuth, United States, 1921 -22. Gift of Ferdinand Howald © Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio

Beginning with Brunel’s steamship, the Great Eastern of 1859, the exhibition will trace the design stories behind some of the world’s most luxurious liners, from the Beaux-Arts interiors of Kronprinz Wilhelm, Titanic and its sister ship, Olympic, to the floating Art Deco palaces of Queen Mary and Normandie, and the streamlined Modernism of SS United States and QE2. It will throw light on the famous passengers and the great couturiers who looked to ocean travel to promote their designs. On display will be the Christian Dior suit worn by Marlene Dietrich as she arrived in New York aboard the Queen Mary in 1950, and a striking Lucien Lelong couture gown worn for the maiden voyage of Normandie in 1935. The exhibition will also showcase one of the most important flapper dresses in the V&A’s collection – Jeanne Lanvin’s ‘Salambo’ dress – a version of which was displayed at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris in 1925. The dress belonged to Emilie Grigsby, a renowned wealthy American beauty, who regularly travelled between the UK and New York aboard the Aquitania, Olympic and Lusitania throughout the 1910s and 1920s.

  Titanic in dry dock, c. 1911 © Getty Images

Titanic in dry dock, c. 1911 © Getty Images

Ghislaine Wood, exhibition curator, said: “The great age of ocean liners has long passed but no form of transport has been so romantic or so remarkable. Three years in the making, this exhibition will show how liners have shaped the modern world in many ways.”

  Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Luggage, Goyard, about 1950 © Miottel Museum, Berkeley, California. Photograph courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts

Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Luggage, Goyard, about 1950 © Miottel Museum, Berkeley, California. Photograph courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts

Ocean Liners: Speed & Style will reveal the largely forgotten history of leading artists and designers who contributed to their design, such as William De Morgan, Richard Riemerschmid, Jean Dunand, Edward Bawden and Edward Ardizzone. It will also highlight the political shifts and the international rivalry that developed over 100 years, as liners became floating showcases of national ingenuity. The exhibition will consider the sociology of ships and shifting class structures on-board, as well as the democratisation of travel and development of leisure activities in the 20th century. It will also investigate the shrewd promotional strategies used by shipping companies to reposition the on-board experience, as emigration gave way to aspirational travel. The ocean liner has been appropriated into pop-culture, literature and films, including Ronald Neame’s dystopian The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and James Cameron’s Titanic (1997), which remains one of the most successful films ever made. This, and the phenomenon of the modern cruise liner will also be explored, demonstrating how nostalgia for the great ‘floating palaces’ of the past can still be felt today.  

  Panel from The Rape of Europa for the first-class grand salon on-board Normandie, Jean Dupas, France, 1934 © Miottel Museum. Photograph courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts

Panel from The Rape of Europa for the first-class grand salon on-board Normandie, Jean Dupas, France, 1934 © Miottel Museum. Photograph courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts

Ocean Liners: Speed & Style, Sponsored by Viking Cruises - Room 39 and the North Court - 3 February – 10 June 2018.

London Artist Announces One-Off Exhibition In Support Of Blood Cancer Charity

Artist Sam Gare, from Morden London, has announced an exhibition of her work at the renowned Curious Duke Gallery near Old Street, launching on Tuesday 4 July for a limited time only. The exhibition, titled ‘Might’, will raise money for blood cancer research charity Bloodwise, after Sam was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia earlier this year.

Sam, 34, has teamed up with her friend Eleni Duke, 27 - who became the capital’s youngest gallerist when she opened the Curious Duke Gallery on Whitecross Street in 2011 – to host the exhibition running from 4 to 8 July 2017 and solely featuring Sam’s impressive and striking work.

The exhibition is a way for Sam to combine her passion for art with her determination to raise money to fund research that is helping to find more targeted treatments for patients with blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

“Unfortunately there are so many types of blood cancer still affecting and taking many lives, and it is charities like Bloodwise that have helped fund the research for treatments like mine. The exhibition will reflect the strength and power of both mountains and those fighting cancer and will display my artwork from the last few years, with 50% of all sales going directly to the charity.

Eleni Duke, adds: “we are honoured to be hosting this exhibition for Samantha Gare by raising awareness for blood cancer and showing support to Samantha’s emerging artistic career. We delighted to be able support this event as the chosen venue as well as to inspire viewers with the beauty of Samantha’s art work.”

Curious Duke Gallery will be hosting the opening night on the 4th July 6-9 exhibiting 15 pieces of Sam Gare’s Art work.

What's On At The V&A In August 2017

Here is a list of exhibitions at the V&A in August 2017 so you can save the date and pop them in the diary.

PLYWOOD: MATERIAL OF THE MODERN WORLD  15 July – 12 November 2017  (Sponsored by MADE.COM ) Supported by the American Friends of the V&A

Light, strong, affordable and versatile, plywood is the unlikely material behind an eclectic array of ground-breaking designs celebrated in a world-first exhibition at the V&A this summer. From the fastest and highest-flying aeroplane of WWII, the de Havilland Mosquito, to the downloadable self-assembly WikiHouse, more than 120 objects are brought to explore how the often-overlooked product has helped create the modern world. 

Admission Free #Plywood 

  ‘Edie Stool’, birch plywood, designed by David and Joni Steiner for Open Desk, London, 2013. Photograph © Rory Gardi

‘Edie Stool’, birch plywood, designed by David and Joni Steiner for Open Desk, London, 2013. Photograph © Rory Gardi


Presented by the V&A, Pink Floyd and Iconic Entertainment Studios Sound Experience by Sennheiser 

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains is the first international retrospective of Pink Floyd, one of the world’s most pioneering and influential bands. This multi-sensory exhibition, featuring over 350 objects, examines Pink Floyd’s extraordinary worlds; chronicling the music, design and staging of the band, from their debut in the 60s through to the present day. The exhibition has been produced in close consultation with the three surviving band members and has been curated by Aubrey Powell, the Creative Director of Pink Floyd, with a V&A team led by Senior Curator Victoria Broackes. 

Admission from £20 (concessions available) #TheirMortalRemains 

  Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon

BALENCIAGA: SHAPING FASHION  27 May 2017 – 18 February 2018  (Sponsored by American Express). 

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion is the first ever UK exhibition to explore the work of Cristóbal Balenciaga, one of the most influential and revered designers of the 20th century. Balenciaga’s unique and forward-thinking vision of female beauty, innovative use of textiles and ingenious pattern-cutting shaped the modernity of 1960s fashion and continues to influence fashion today. This exhibition is the first of its kind to examine Balenciaga’s unique approach to making and showcases pieces by his protégés and contemporary designers working in similarly innovative ways. The exhibition marks the centenary of the opening of Balenciaga’s first fashion house in San Sebastian and the 80th anniversary of the opening of his famous fashion house in Paris. 

Admission £12 (concessions available) #Balenciaga 

  Alberta Tiburzi in 'envelope' dress by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Harper's Bazaar, June 1967 © Hiro 1967

Alberta Tiburzi in 'envelope' dress by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Harper's Bazaar, June 1967 © Hiro 1967



Japan, Room 45 

The global fame of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) owes much to his 1831 ‘Under the Wave off Kanagawa’, better known as ‘The Great Wave’. This display draws on ephemera collected by Christine Guth while researching her recent publication Hokusai's Great Wave: The Biography of a Global Icon (2015) to show some of the myriad and sometimes unexpected ways in which this iconic image has been recycled or appropriated. It includes an original example of ‘The Great Wave’ from the V&A’s collection. 

Admission Free 

DESIGNING THE V&A  6 May 2017 – 7 January 2018

Architecture, Room 128a 

Through original drawings and photographs, this display highlights the artists, designers and engineers who created the V&A, charting the building's transformation from the 1850s to today, culminating with the opening of the Exhibition Road Quarter the V&A’s largest architectural intervention in 100 years. 

Admission Free 

  Design for a tower and museum extension on Exhibition Road after Henry Cole, 1868. Museum no. E.2034-1921. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Design for a tower and museum extension on Exhibition Road after Henry Cole, 1868. Museum no. E.2034-1921. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

V&A ILLUSTRATION AWARDS 2017  16 May – 20 August 

Library Landing, Room 85 

The V&A Illustration Awards are held annually to recognise the very best of book, editorial and student illustration in the UK. This year’s winners were A. Richard Allen, JARVIS, Aino-Maija Metsola and Beatriz Lostalé Seijo. Past winners include Ralph Steadman, Posy Simmonds, Michael Forman and Sara Fanelli. With generous financial support from the Enid Linder Foundation, this display of winning entries demonstrates the vitality and scope of contemporary illustration and its enduring power to shape our reception of the written word. 

Admission Free 

CONTEMPORARY KOREAN CERAMICS  19 May 2017 – 11 February 2018

Ceramics Gallery

By bringing together the work of 15 emerging and established artists from Korea, this display offers an insight into the richness of contemporary Korean studio ceramic practice. A number of the featured artists are inspired by historical Korean ceramics such as inlaid celadons from the Goryeo dynasty (918-1392) and buncheong ware and white porcelains of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). Others experiment with new technologies and alternative materials, or use ceramics as a medium to engage with contemporary issues ranging from mass-consumption and pop culture to the destruction of Korea's architectural heritage. 

Admission Free 

RACHEL KNEEBONE AT THE V&A 1 April 2017 – 14 January 2018

Gallery 50a and Gallery 21 

Porcelain sculptures by contemporary British artist Rachel Kneebone are on display amongst masterpieces of the V&A’s sculpture collection. 399 Days, the largest and most ambitious sculpture the artist has ever produced can be seen in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries (Gallery 50a). A 5m high porcelain tower featuring intricately modelled and detailed figurative scenarios, the sculpture combines minute detail and towering scale. Until 6th August, three of the artist’s sculptures can be viewed in the Hintze Sculpture Galleries (Gallery 21) amongst Auguste Rodin's bronzes. Placed alongside these sculptures on the centenary of Rodin's death, this display highlights the artists’ shared interest in capturing emotive states – hope, longing, loss and suffering – while also offering a comparison between their choice of materials and techniques. 

Admission Free 

  Bernard F Eilers, Reguliersbreestraat, Amsterdam, about 1934, Foto-chroma Eilers © Bernard Eilers; Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Bernard F Eilers, Reguliersbreestraat, Amsterdam, about 1934, Foto-chroma Eilers © Bernard Eilers; Victoria and Albert Museum, London

STUDY DAYS SALT PRINT PHOTOGRAPHY Saturday 19 August, 10.30 – 17.00

This Study Day allows visitors to discover how to use digital negatives to create salt print photographs and explore one of the earliest historical photographic processes. The hands on workshop will begin by making a digital negative inspired by the museum environment, and will then take visitors step-by-step through the process of coating papers, making an exposure and fixing their own salt print image. 

£100, £80 concessions