Expert Advice - Lighting Your Bedroom

Lighting is key to creating an aura of calmness and serenity in the bedroom, according to Sophie Amini, Designer for Pooky:

 Hazel Ceiling Pendant in Mercurised Glass, £40 Plato Desk Lamp, £165

Hazel Ceiling Pendant in Mercurised Glass, £40
Plato Desk Lamp, £165

“Layering your lighting is the key to creating the perfect look and feel in your home. This is particularly important in a bedroom, as you will need a combination of task and ambient lighting solutions. Use a matching pair of bedside lamps to provide an elegant tailored feel to the bedroom. If you invest in neutral bases you can experiment with shade options using brighter colours for more neutral schemes to add interest.”

 Lottie Table Lamp in Slate, £130, 45cm Straight Empire Shade in Cream Silk. £75

Lottie Table Lamp in Slate, £130, 45cm Straight Empire Shade in Cream Silk. £75

"Ceiling lights provide an opportunity to be more creative. Choose a colourful or ornate piece to provide a focal point in the room. A dimmer switch offers flexibility, providing
brighter lighting for when you are getting dressed and softer mood lighting for bedtimes. Using a master dimmer switch to control ceiling and wall lights means that you can switch
them all on or off with minimum fuss and use bedside or reading lamps before bed".

 Luty In Aquamarine, £125 With Ikat Yellow Shade

Luty In Aquamarine, £125 With Ikat Yellow Shade

Reading lights above the headboard are a nice touch and will really make you feel at home – whether you are catching up on a favourite novel or surfing on a tablet.”

All lamps are from Pooky.

Introducing Hommage Department Lighting

Hommage Department is a recently launched brand who have developed a range of pendant and table lamps inspired by art, architecture and industrial design. Sleek and unconventional they pair pure materials - porcelain, concrete and wood - combined with classic Edison bulbs.



Pigments are added to the porcelain when it is still liquid, which lends the colors a pure, intensely matt look. Glazed colors, on the other hand, are strong and shiny. It is this contrast that results in a versatile collection ranging from richly decorated products to minimalist design.



Concrete is a fascinating industrial material that the in-house team transform into mirror-smooth shapes. They apply pigments to the concrete when it is still liquid, which lends the colors a pure, earthy look. The incidence of light brings the minimalist lines and geometrical surfaces (Art Deco in style) to life.



The various dark and light woods used have visible graining and knots which form the basis for the decoration of these lamps. The wood is processed with a specific kind of oil, giving the surface a more intense look: natural and minimalist.



These handmade products are just as attractive as separate decorative elements in a interiors scheme but also offer many possibilities for playful combinations.

Available from Hommage Department

The Scallop Rug by Salvesen Graham and Jennifer Manners

Ahead of the curve, this new rug design by Salvesen Graham (interior design studio) and Jennifer Manners (bespoke rug designer) is the very first of its kind. The Scallop Rug takes a classic double-border format and adds a little flourish: the crescent detail. The result is a sophisticated piece with a playful edge (quite literally), that perfectly marries Salvesen Graham’s fresh take on timeless interiors and Jennifer Manners’ elegant aesthetic.

Salvesen Graham Scallop Rug.jpg

“We have long been fans of a scallop edge in our interior schemes,” say Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen. “We had the idea to incorporate this detail into rug design and were thrilled when Jennifer agreed to collaborate with us. This simple yet effective scallop detail adds so much to upholstery, a leading edge of a curtain or a lampshade, so we thought it would work wonderfully in a rug”.

Salvesen Graham Scallop Rug (1).jpg

The colour choices were based around the designers’ conviction that this design would work in lots of different rooms, from a traditional drawing room to a contemporary, fresh bedroom space. The SCALLOP rug is available in four standard colourways, Cerise (shown), Fawn (a double neutral), Fir (a double green), and Ocean (a double blue), all on warm neutral backgrounds. Standard sizes include 180x240cm (£1,490), 200x300cm (£2,070) and 300x400cm (£4,140). Price £345/sqm (all prices inc VAT). Bespoke colour options and sizes also available

Salvesen Graham Scallop Rug (2).jpg

SCALLOP is available from both Salvesen Graham and Jennifer Manners.

British Standard Cupboards Design Pets Grooming Parlour

Love My Human chooses British Standard Cupboards in the design of their first grooming spa, located at their newly opened on the King's Road, Chelsea.

British Standard -Love my human2.jpg

The grooming parlour is a collaboration with founder of Love My Human Jenny Matthews and designer Janie Yang. The bespoke space has been outfitted the old-fashioned way, conjuring the atmosphere of a country house kitchen with cupboards supplied by British Standard. Elegant handmade wooden panels, pulleys for hanging lines and a variety of glazed and non glazed handcrafted cupboards are central to the space.  An adorable colour combination of Little Greene’s Nova  and Limestone has been painted in two tone, creating graphic, visual interest and a quirky, cosy feel. 

British Standard Love my human 3.jpg

“It was such a pleasure to work with the design team for British Standard who completely understood what it was that I was trying to achieve, a home away from home classic country kitchen grooming room where our pet guests would feel safe and at ease. Neil from the team was so generous with his time and design advice and gave us a lot of inspiration for our grooming space. The cupboards are beautifully made in classic proportions and easy for our carpenter to install, a great experience overall, we can’t thank British Standard enough” Jenny – Love my Human

British Stanadrd Love my human 1.jpg

2 Small Space Ideas for Perfecting Your Shelfie

Collaborative Post with dwell. Links are affiliate links - If you decide to buy anything featured you won’t pay any more, but Heart Home will receive a small commission to help keep this blog up and running.

We all know bookshelves are not just for books. Not anymore anyway. The 'shelfie' is what bookshelves are for. A perfectly curated selection of objects that portray our personality to the world. A display of souvenirs from our travels maybe? A treasured collection of family pictures and gifts perhaps? And just occasionally - a few books too. 

But what if you live in a small apartment with not much space? Or in a rental where you're not allowed to hang anything on the wall? Well, we have two suggestions using free standing shelves that do not take up much space. 

1. Slim, Freestanding Shelving

Contour slim shelving stone.jpg

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Copy of Styling a Shelfie - Dark and Masculine.jpg
Escala shelf walnut.jpg

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Styling a Shelfie - green and organic.jpg

Product Review - The Eco Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company

Collaborative Post

We only do product reviews on Heart Home if it is something we genuinely like/need or believe in. So when Debenhams contacted us to see if we would like to try an eco duvet from The Fine Bedding company we immediately said yes.

Product Review - The Eco Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company (2).jpg

This duvet is special you see. It has the look and feel of real luxury, but it is made entirely from recycled products and crafted in an award-winning Eco factory using 100% renewable energy. So you can enjoy its billowy softness, and sleep well knowing you've contributed to the earths clean up.

Product Review - The Eco Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company (3).jpg

The silky soft micro fine filling is made from 100% PET plastic bottles (yes, plastic bottles!) and layered to offer weightless warmth. In fact it takes approximately 120 bottles to make up a 10.5 tog double duvet. The super soft 100% soft-touch microfibre cover is also made from recycled materials and encases the filling to create a luxurious, cloud-like, breathable duvet. Even the duvet's packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. It really is 100% bedding with a conscience!

It's also washable at 30 degrees and is quick drying which is a big bonus. And it doesn't cost the earth. Singles start at £36.

Product Review - The Eco Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company (5).jpg

After using this lovely duvet for a couple of weeks I'm completely sold, and will be buying another one for the guest bedroom. It's comparable to any hotel bedding I've ever had the privilege to sleep under, and might just be the reason I've been lingering too long at the weekends.

Any excuse for breakfast in bed.

Product Review - The Eco Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company (1).jpg

The Eco Duvet is available from Debenhams.

Murmur - Dark grey 'Ticking stripe' oxford pillowcase is also from Debenhams.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most

Collaborative Post

When it comes to home decor, it is often the little things that make the biggest difference. We have all been there. After finally clearing away the paint pots, removing the dust covers and putting the furniture back, you stand back to admire the results.

Of course, the room looks far better, but for some reason, you are still not 100% happy. In time, you come to realize that not bothering to repaint the doors was a mistake, a big one. When you redecorate and renew everything, the little things that are a bit ratty seem to stand out like a sore thumb. To make sure that does not happen, read on to find out which little jobs people forget to do or skip over when they redecorate.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most (1).jpg

Renew or repaint your skirting boards

Painting skirting boards is a bit of a pain. It is a tricky and uncomfortable job and if you do not take the time to rub them down properly they never end up looking right. Fortunately, replacing your skirting boards is a lot easier than it used to be. Firms like sell high-quality replacement skirting that is not expensive. Using this type of product, it does not take long to update your skirting boards and your room will look so much better when you do so. For a start, it gives you the chance to properly hide all of those awful cables you have been trying hard to ignore, for years.

Door handles

As we have already mentioned, it is a really good idea to repaint your doors when you redecorate. If you cannot face the idea of doing that, consider replacing them or using door stickers, instead. At the very least, take the door handles off and give them a deep clean. If they are too worn, replace them. These jobs will not take you long but they will make a huge difference to the overall finish of a room.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most (3).jpg

Fill in any gaps

Before you paint or re-paper, take the time to fill in any gaps that you have between your windows, door frames and skirting. It is much easier than trying to paint or paper over or around them. Plus, the overall finish of your walls will be so much better.

Dirty fixtures and fittings

If you are not planning to change your lighting fixtures, take them down and deep clean each one. They will look so much better. Plus, your room will feel far brighter if you clean the bulbs and glass lampshades.

The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most (2).jpg

Tips for snagging a newly decorated room

Before you put your furniture back, it is a good idea to do a quick snag check. Issues are much easier to spot and sort them out while the room is empty. This reduces the risk of things being damaged and saves you having to go through the trouble of moving your furniture again.

This comprehensive snag list is written with someone who is moving into a new house in mind. However, it can just as easily be used to help you to snag check a room you have just decorated.

Brand New Bed Linen Collection from Anna Jacobs

We've been fans of Anna Jacobs for some time so when we heard that she was adding bed linen to her collections of homewares we couldn't wait to share. Anna believes that colour within our bedroom décor plays a huge part in creating a feeling of harmony. And with that in mind she has created four bed linen sets in four colour ways, each of which has been carefully curated from her own original and absolutely stunning art work.

 Sipping Nectar

Sipping Nectar

Sipping Nectar combines the most beautiful shades of blues and greens to create a wonderfully vibrant yet relaxing bedroom. Combining the colours of the ocean and trees relaxes and nourishes the soul; perfect for the bedroom. The tiny yet extraordinary hummingbird features in the design as Anna became fascinated by them after seeing them in the San Francisco hills.

 Beak Street

Beak Street

The pattern on Beak Street originates from the humming bird’s beak in Anna’s pen and ink painting of Sipping Nectar. A humming bird feeds little and often, with an almost constant flow of nectar nourishing it. This circular design reflects that and provides a wonderful foil for more illustrative patterns.

 Chinese Tree

Chinese Tree

Chinese Tree in Blush is inspired by a much loved Robinia tree at the bottom of her parents garden. Even on the dullest days the extraordinary yellow green of the leaves would hold the glow of the sun, creating a happy warmth. To temper the colour within this design, Anna has added a subtle blush pink background to soften the edges and create the feeling of a perfect summer’s day

 Beak Street

Beak Street

Anna Jacobs is offering an exciting pre-sell discount of 25% off standard prices for a limited time only.
Double: £135 (pre sell £100)
King: £149 (pre-sell £110)
Super King: £165 (pre-sell £125)

The prices listed represent a special pre-order price which is a 25% reduction on the full retail price for a limited period only. Once Anna Jacobs reaches the minimum numbers required, manufacturing will start and any orders placed after that point will be sold at the full retail price. Delivery will be approximately 90 days after manufacturing begins. Visit for full T&C’s.

Weekend Project: Colourful Hexagon Corkboards

Yes we know it promises to be a sunny weekend, but if you get itchy feet while lounging in the garden then this project is for you. It won't take up much time and you'll achieve beautiful, colourful cork boards for your home office without the hefty Etsy price tag. 
With a sheet of cork and Rust-Oleum paint, you can create the perfect tessellating hexagon cork board to fit your personal interior colour scheme.  And a little tip - we chose Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint (available in 42 colours) to complete this project, ensuring a flawless finish without brush marks. 

Rust-Oleum Colourful Cork Boards (2).jpg


  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint. We chose Blossom White, Candy Pink and French Lilac  
  • Sheet of cork  
  • Cutting mat
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Stanley knife
  • Tape
  • Paper template  
Rust-Oleum Colourful Cork Boards (1).jpg


STEP ONE Take your template and mark out a design on the back of the cork. We used a ruler alongside our template to ensure straight lines. 
STEP TWO Place the cork on a cutting mat. Using your stanley knife, carefully cut through the cork. You may need to go over each line a few times with the stanley knife, depending on how thick your cork is.  
STEP THREE On the front of each cork hexagon, mask areas that you do not wish to paint with tape, ensuring each piece of tape if pressed down firmly.  
STEP FOUR  Holding the can approximately 30cm from the surface, spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke. For best results, whilst spraying keep the can the same distance from the surface and keep the can in motion. 

You will see that some of the paint will absorb into the cork! Apply several light coats a few minutes apart for full coverage. 

For stockist information and more inspiration please visit  

The Return of the Avocado Bathroom?

You may have thought that the avocado bathroom was firmly in the past, but here it has been reinvented by Boundary Space, an innovative architecture and luxury interior design practice based in London and working internationally.

"Even at the luxury end of the bathroom market, there has been little innovation in sanitary-ware in recent years, so when a client of ours in the film industry asked us to design them something unique, we wondered if it was time for a revival. We wanted to create a sense of glamour and so often designers think glamour and end up with a deco inspired look. We wanted a fresher take on a classic design and looked instead to the glamour of PanAM, Farrah Fawcett and the 70’s, which led us to the avocado palette!"

Avocado Bathroom from Boundary Space (1).jpg

This palette is then brought up to date with bespoke lighting, ‘chunky’ brushed brass taps and ironmongery and ‘cool’ grey Carrara marble. The use of greys continues into the joinery and furniture. Allowing the avocado to be the focus, the palette is kept quite clipped to create a sense of calm, with photography chosen to compliment and add ‘splashes’ of colour.  

"The client wanted a sense of luxury, without being stuffy and classical. Space is always luxurious and the bath next to a fireplace adds an element of decadence, turning the room into a destination. We also incorporate clever storage solutions into our bathrooms, such as the full height cabinet recessed into what was an alcove next to a chimney and shallow vanity units concealed behind bespoke mirrors. These architectural touches help to continue that feeling of an airy, uncluttered space."

Avocado Bathroom from Boundary Space (2).jpg

The sink is from Kohler and is a Kathryn pedestal sink, which had to be refinished to achieve this colour. Similarly, the bath is a Soho from JEE-O which was custom sprayed.

Avocado Bathroom from Boundary Space (3).jpg

Hopefully soon all this expensive refinishing will not be needed, and bathrooms can break out of the white and embrace some colour! 

The Victorian Style Nowadays

Victorian architecture took place in the United Kingdom in the mid-19th century. It’s named after Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901, the so-called Victorian era. Many of the most famous elements of typical Victorian architecture were not popularized until the end of her reign. This style is characterised by eclecticism, in other words, the mixing of different architectural trends in a way in which everything has a sense of unity (everything is connected). It's a moment of historical revivals, often mixed with features from the Middle East and Asia.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (2).jpg

Today, Victorian architecture is alive and well. It’s even possible to find properties in this style and have a lovely home for a reasonable price. Victorian houses have their own unique personality, but they also share common characteristics. Sometimes these can be a bit scary. They are usually narrow and high, often three-storey dwellings, with a front porch that marks the entrance to the house. The kitchens used to be in the back, because it was an area reserved for servants and, therefore, didn't have a privileged place. The spacious living rooms and the rest of the spaces were decorated with mouldings on the ceiling and walls. It was a very important decorative piece and it involved a great deal of carpentry work. Nowadays, the houses that wanted to keep their special style still have them.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (3).jpg

Thanks to the opportunities offered by interior design, new furniture can be placed in antique-looking places without making it seem weird. It is very common to find stark contrasts in this type of homes, such as modern design items with other vintage ones. The mix of styles and materials can always look good if it's done with good taste. However, lovers of the classical style can take advantage of this to recover the old furniture of their ancestors, because the antiquities look wonderful in this type of houses.

The Victorian Style Nowadays (1).jpg

Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom

Wouldn't it be nice to bottle that holiday feeling. Or even nicer to wake up every morning in a bedroom that reminds you of blue skies and sunny, sandy beaches. Well, it's not as hard as you might imagine. Just add a few colourful textiles to the bed, ditch the fitted carpets in favour of rugs, choose accessories with a Mediterranean flavour, and cultivate a few plants.

Even better when you can pick it all up at IKEA.

Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom (2).jpg
Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom (3).jpg
Recreate That Holiday Feeling In Your Own Bedroom (1).jpg
  1. STOCKHOLM 2017 Cabinet, £275.
  2. PROVINSROS Bedding Set, £25
  3. PEPPARKORN Vase, £12.
  4. SANDARED Pouffe, £50.
  5. FEJKA Faux Bamboo, £3.
  6. STOCKHOLM 2017 Armchair, £110.
  7. KATTRUP Rug, £150.
  8. HURDAL Linen cabinet, £175.

Introducing Tom Dixon's New HQ

A fresh London home for Tom Dixon’s latest experiments, innovations and collaborations. 

This April, internationally renowned design brand Tom Dixon Studio will plant its latest and most ambitious flag yet, in the heart of its hometown’s largest developing intersection - Kings Cross. Located on Granary Square, the brand’s new hub will contribute to an ever-expanding network of creatives and technologists from the likes of Central St. Martins and LVMH to Google and Spiritland. 


Against the industrial backdrop of the Coal Drops Yard, The Coal Office will lead the way as a multi-disciplinary platform for innovation in design. Functioning as a live Studio combining shop, workshop and office all under one roof, with the culinary delights of a brand-new restaurant and roof terrace. 


Tom Dixon says: 'For us it was imperative not just to find a new office or shop. It was vital to find a new home. London isn't just another city. It is where it all started. We will use these 17,500 square feet in this incredible location as a platform to broadcast our latest ideas in interior design, product innovation and experiments in food, functionality and future living.' 


Through stimulating collaborations with names big and small, Tom Dixon will curate an evolving holistic experience designed to push the boundaries of contemporary retail as we know it. The Coal Office will serve as the ultimate centre for Interiors, a journey through outstanding details from beginning to end. 

TD The Coal Office 1.jpg

Shop Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm Monday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm Sundays only. Restaurant: Opening late June 2018.  Address: Tom Dixon, The Coal Office, 1 Bagley Walk, London N1C 4PQ

Ways To Incorporate Chrome at Home

Collaborative Post

Is chrome making a comeback? There has been a noticeable buzz around adding chrome to your home interiors, and it’s time to start wondering if the cyclical nature of trends in this case is worth our collective attention. After all, chrome isn’t for everyone, but dedicated followers of fashion could find themselves missing out if this new look lasts. What do you think? Is chrome welcome in your home? Let’s take a look at how Chrome could work for you this season. 

Light It Up

Before we even get started on the recent spike in chrome trends for seating, coffee tables, picture frames, and lamps, let’s get one very important observation out of the way. Chrome looks best when lit up. Highlight the full character of any chrome additions to your home with lighting to suit your new found your modern look. Always match your lighting to your overall décor – for example, warmer soft lighting will match cosy colour schemes such as yellows, creams, and light reds, where as a cleaner looking blue or white colour scheme should always be complemented by brighter colder lighting. Get all the inspiration you need at LED Hut.

Is Less More?

Many years ago, I can recall a short-lived trend for silver bikinis and gold bikinis. They weren’t subtle or understated in any way – the holiday beaches were littered with full-on bright shining gold or silver two pieces. That was just the way to go that summer. But was it too much? The trend obviously didn’t last, so was it a victim of its own success? Will chrome go the same way? Luckily there’s a very reasonable way to hedge your bets while keeping up with the times.

If you’re willing to give chrome a chance, but if you think that a gleaming coffee table will dominate your living room and almost look a bit silly, why not try weaning yourself onto the chrome trend without over committing. How? Easy. Check out these under the radar ideas on chrome drawer handles and eye catching chrome front door accessories.


Chrome Mirrors

In case you haven’t gathered by now, I’m not 100% convinced that the rush for chrome furniture and fixings will take hold and stick around. But it’s never safe to assume you have all the answers and to refuse to pay attention to new ideas. So, I’ve been thinking. How can I open my home to chrome and pay attention to trending themes without abandoning my usual style? Then it hit me. There’s something we can all do to add a touch of chrome to our living rooms or hallways that will almost go unnoticed and give us all time to really get a feel for how much chrome is too much. The answer is mirrors.

You don’t need to overdo it with the amount of chrome around the edge of your chrome mirror. There are even mirrors available with stepped chrome edges that actually don’t look like the mirror has a chrome frame at all – the shiny edge looks like a continuation of the mirror. Whatever you choose, remember to light it up to get the full effect – let the chrome shine.

That’s all from me for now on how much chrome is best in your home, get involved and good luck!

Updating The Kids Room – Some Easy Tips

Collaborative Post

Kids, they grow up so quickly, don’t they? So much so, it’s difficult to keep up with clothes, the latest gadgets and toys, as well as keeping their room at the height of style and practicality for their age. So, if you’re wondering how you can update your kids room without breaking the bank but with huge style impact then you’re in the right place!

From a modest lick of paint to a new feature wall or some funky new storage ideas, here you’ll get the lowdown on the latest trends ideas to help your little one fall in love with their room once again.


The floor

The floor in your kids room gets a lot of traffic and puts up with a lot! So, it’s unsurprising that it can look tired and grubby sooner than you anticipated. You could stick to something familiar and comforting and go with a new, hard wearing carpet. Or try something new and easier to clean and opt for laminate. Whatever you decide, your choice needs to be tough, durable and ready for anything your kids can throw at it! If you need a little more flooring inspiration, click here.

Their own art gallery

Kids love to draw, paint and colour. So much so it can be difficult to know where to put all those endless pieces of paper that they bring home from school and nursery – not to mention the masterpieces they create at home. Now is the time to put all their artwork on display and create a gallery wall that’s filled with their favourite pieces.

These could be simply stuck to the wall with a removable adhesive or hung from string from wall to wall. This will add a pop of colour and make their room a little more personal to them. It’s better than stuffing all that paper in a draw!



Thinking of some more up to date storage ideas? Forget those endless stacks of plastic boxes. Why not opt for a wall of storage cubes instead? These are ideal for displaying their favourite cool or pretty objects, as well as somewhere to keep those toys and books.

Wall stickers

These cheap but effective wall design is becoming quite a popular choice over painting or wallpapering. If you rent a property, this might be the best way to make the room feel more personal to your little one. If there’s a bare chimney breast or a vacant wall, then you’ve got the perfect canvas.


Step up your accessories game

If the bedroom is a little plain, but painting and decorating isn’t your thing, then don’t worry. All you need is a colour scheme and a little imagination to bring the room to life. Think multicoloured bunting to bring a pop of colour and fun into the room, or a bright patchwork quilt. Those knobs on the dresser and wardrobe? Swap them for multicoloured, funky designs instead! Or go for something simple and add a beautiful rug into the room.


A Perfect English Kitchen

Inspired by our book extract last week from Perfect English Townhouse, we thought we'd take a little look at what makes a perfect English kitchen. You know the kind we mean? Preferably located near to a lovely beach, with mismatched white painted furniture, a huge butlers sink, country style tableware, and a vase of flowers plucked fresh from the garden.

Contains affiliate links.

A perfect english kitchen from house of fraser.jpg

Alma napkins (set of 4) £15. Gray & Willow Tide dinnerware from £7. Gray & Willow Bubble tumbler £6 each. Gray & Willow Richmond jug £22. Linea Acacia paddle £22. Gray & Willow Casserole dish, small £22, large £32. Gray & Willow Small ceramic pot £10. Dickins & Jones Ella napkins (set of 4) £15. Junipa Petite blue casserole dish £20. Gray & Willow Areia mugs from £9. Gray & Willow Soul Culture mugs from £6. Linea Speckled glazed mugs from £9. Gray & Willow Acacia paddle £22. Gray & Willow Ponto serving bowl £38. Gray & Willow Storage jar, small £14, large £18. Gray & Willow Alta 16-piece cutlery set £45. Gray & Willow Utensil pot £22. Gray & Willow Isak planter £18. All House of Fraser.

Get The Look

A Perfect English Kitchen.jpg
  1. Enamel Mussel Pot in Shutter Blue, £35, Cuckooland.
  2. Wooden Spoons, Set of 3, £6, National Trust.
  3. Dutchbone Core Pendant Light in Blue Grey, £99, Cuckooland.
  4. Kilner Clip Top Jar (2L), £4, Wilko.
  5. Hampton Cross Back Dining Chair, £149, Housing Units.
  6. Flowers in Watering Can, George Home.
  7. Ivory Enamel Style Espresso Cup, £4.95, Rex London.
  8. Perpignan Display Cabinet in White, £495, Cuckooland.
  9. Country Kitchen Dinner Set, £25, JD Williams Home.

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas? Discover These 5 Suggestions.

Collaborative Post

Feature walls have been a popular addition to many homes over the years, but more and more people are moving on from bold wallpaper and striking patterns to break up a room.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to designing a feature wall. Your best bet is to look at is as if your painting or decorating a canvas, rather than an entire room, which can be quite daunting. The best thing about a feature wall is that you can experiment with colours and try out new wallpapers, styles and finishes without breaking the bank. It also means you can be a little more daring – seen as you’re only decorating one small area.

Here you’ll find some ideas of how to really make your feature wall work for you.

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas via Heart Home mag (1).jpg

A Gallery Wall

A very popular feature in many modern homes; a gallery wall is the latest way to display your favourite family photos and exhibit those favourite family moments. It’s a really personal way of stamping your home and making it your own. You can easily order online and your photographs will be available to you in all shapes and sizes.

Plan your arrangement first with pieces of paper, to get a real feel of how you would like the end result to look. You should also stick to a colour coordinated display; this will make it look more cohesive and give it the wow factor. Think white or black frames. Or black and white prints.

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas via Heart Home mag (2).jpg

Tick Tock

It’s a common misconception that a feature wall means wallpapering or painting, well that’s just not the case! Clock’s don’t have to be just practical ornaments – consider investing in a large and oversized clock that will create an impressive focal point in any room. Check out online stores or why not head to your local charity store or second-hand shop to see what bargains you can find.

Make it Practical

One for busy households, why not keep on top of all your family’s errands and appointments by creating a blackboard feature wall. It could be placed anywhere: the office, the hallway, kitchen or living room. Simply head to your local DIY store and pick up some chalkboard paint. Who knows what stunning designs your mini Picassos might come up with!

Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas via Heart Home mag (3).jpg

Make it Work for You

Just because you’re going for something eye-catching, doesn’t mean it can’t be functional too. If you have a wall in mind, why not invest in some bold storage solutions to really make the area pop with colour. It’s an easy way to make a big impression in a limited space. From books, to media, even somewhere to store the kids toys or your electronics, if you’re short on space – why not utilise what you have?

Just Keep Rolling

Patterned paint rollers are a quick and effective way of creating the look you want without stripping walls or spending a small fortune. Check out online retailers to see what you can find.

IKEA Hack - Neon Pop Cabinet

Still looking for something to do this long weekend? Why not create your own neon pop cabinet with this quick and easy IKEA hack and RustOleum neon spray paint. And don't be scared of incorporating neon into your home. This piece is sure to brighten any space and add an element of cool fun to any room. We guarantee everyone will ask where you got this cabinet from.

IKEA Hack - Neon Pop Cabinet (2).jpg

What You Will Need:

IKEA Hack - Neon Pop Cabinet (1).jpg
  • Rust-Oleum Neon Spray Paint in Pink
  • Ikea Ivar Cabinet
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Saw
  • Screw Driver
  • Wooden Spindles


  1. Take your spindles and measure how long you want your cabinet legs to be. Mark a cutting line and cut with a hand saw.
  2. Sand the edges until they are smooth and even.
  3. Move the legs to a well ventilated space and place on top of a large dust sheet or some old newspapers. You may want to cover the surrounding area with additional dust sheets or newspaper to protect from spray mist. 
  4. Take you rcan of Rust-Oleum Neon Pink spray paint and shake the can for one minute once the ball begins to rattle. Spray the leg, holding the can approximately 30cm from the surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke. For best results, whilst spraying keep the can the same distance from the surface and keep the can in motion. Apply several light coats a few minutes apart.
  5. Attach the legs and edging, ensuring they are fully secure.
  6. Stick some plants on top, sit back and admire.

Neon spray paint by RustOleum is an ultra bright, premium quality, fast-drying coloured spray paint for use on most indoor surfaces. It's available in pink,  yellow and green and is suitable for wood, metal, ceramic and more.

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Totally Tropical designs from ILIV

The weather outside may be chilly, but it's time to go tropical indoors. ILIV's gorgeous collection of fabrics includes exotic designs with leafy ferns, bright flowers and mischievous monkeys - perfect for those looking for some exotic escapism. 

A favourite look for 2017, the tropical trend doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Full of rich colours and bold patterns, it's certainly a great way to transport your home to warmer climes. ILIV's stunning fabric collections make it easy to create a tropical style, whether you're ready to go all out with upholstered furniture and long curtains, or just want to keep it simple with a few scatter cushions and throws. 

  Rain Forest Cranberry Collection.

Rain Forest Cranberry Collection.

Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at ILIV, comments, "We love seeing customers bring this popular scheme to life in their homes with our botanical prints.  Our Rainforest and Paradiso Collections are a great starting point as they feature vibrant printed fabrics teamed with embroideries of tropical inspired designs, from bold foliage to playful rainforest wildlife. Green is a key colour for this look, and works well teamed with bold shades such as pink, orange and turquoise, creating the feel of your very own tropical haven."

  Rain Forest Lagoon Collection.

Rain Forest Lagoon Collection.

New for SS18, the Rainforest collection is teaming with wildlife from parrots and toucans to monkeys. These fun eye-catching designs are sure to bring a vibrant, exotic feel to any room. For those preferring a more floral paradise, the Paradiso collection doesn't disappoint. Made up of vivid, hand drawn florals in five stunning colour palettes, these fabrics are perfect for bringing natures calming influence into your interior scheme. 

  Rain Forest Zinc

Rain Forest Zinc

So if you're desperate to escape the cold and add a touch of the tropics to your home, look no further than ILIV. 

IKEA Hack - Ink Blue and Gold Decadent Drawers

This is a quick and easy IKEA hack. Perfect for a little weekend project. And when it's finished no one will guess where you got this decadent little number. It uses a chalky effect furniture paint to create a fashionable flat matt finish to flat-pack furniture. And best of all it requires minimal preparation. Now that's the kind of project we like!


What You Will Need

  • Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint
  • Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax,
  • ClearIKEA Tarva drawers
  • Paint roller
  • Paint brush
  • Paint stirrer
  • Can opener
  • 2 x microfibre cloths
  • Drawer handles
  • Corner plates and screws
  • Drill


  1. Take the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint and stir thoroughly before use. Paint the top, sides and front of each drawer with a roller. Paint any remaining hard to reach places with a paint brush. Leave this to dry. Your drawers may require a second coat.
  2. Using Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax in Clear, fully wax the piece of furniture with your dry cloth. Work the wax into the surface in small circular motions. Leave for 15 minutes and buff with a clean, dry cloth. Furniture wax is easy to apply with a brush or rag and will give you a soft, velvety sheen, which provides a matt finish for projects that require more durability against knocks and stains.
  3. Position the corner plates on the edge of the drawers pre-drill small holes to make it easier to screw in the screws. Take your flat-topped screws and screw into place to secure the corner plates. Repeat this step for the handles to complete your project.

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