4 tips for choosing colour for your home

Friends and clients around me at the moment are busy re-decorating their homes. Some because their home needs a refresh in time for Christmas, some are happily creating new homes with partners, and others are expanding the family. So I’ve been kept busy helping with some colour advice and I thought I’d share some tips with you.

When it comes to deciding which colours to use, there are no strict rules but there are many factors to take into consideration. Architecture, the purpose, shape and direction of a room and above all light, should be taken into account as they will contribute to the changing appearance of  different colours. But, where to begin with choosing colour?

1) A good place to start would be to think about the colours you are already comfortable with - look at your clothes, your furniture, fabrics you like, favourite objects - even your car! You might want to create a ‘mood’ board of pictures, photos, and scraps of textiles that you like for inspiration.

2) Consider the period of your property and how this might influence your choice. For example if you have a period property, many paint companies have ranges of colours that will work better visually than more contemporary paint palettes.

3) How does the the light move through your house? Light has a different effect at different times of the day. Which rooms may be darker for more of the day and benefit from paint colours which add light?

4) Try before you buy. Before making your final colour choice, test selected paint colours in the room to be decorated. Don’t confuse yourself by painting out lots of samples directly on to your walls, instead paint onto a piece of paper, card or even the inside of a shoe box and place it in the room to be decorated looking at how the light can affect the colour. For instance, if you are decorating a dining room which is mostly used in the evening, check the colours in evening light to ensure you get your desired look.

Next week I’ll look at some more tips on how to approach using colour to help create your ideal decorating scheme.