6 ways to decorate with colour


In last weeks’ post I suggested 4 tips for choosing colour. Here, I’d like to share with you 6 ways that you can decorate with colour from changing the feeling of space in a room, to creating a soothing scheme, to adding a bit of drama and sparkle.

1). A generally agreed rule of thumb when putting a scheme together is that major areas of the room, i.e. walls, floors & window treatments should be restricted to 3 colours. But there's no limit for the amount of ’accent’ colours that can be used for trims, cushions, accessories etc. (See point 6).

2). If you are looking to expand on the feeling of light and space, use the lightest colours on the biggest areas.

3). Conversely, if you want to make the room feel smaller, use deeper colours which give the illusion of bringing the walls closer to you.

4). If you are quite keen to try a ‘monochromatic’ look based on variations of one shade of colour, or an 'achromatic' black and white scheme, add visual interest by using textures and accented highlights of colour.

5). An 'equal toned' scheme combines colours that have approximately the same brightness, depth and lightness or darkness and can feel quite soothing or balanced.

6). Use ‘accent’ colours to add some sparkle or variety. These are colours which can be chosen from the opposite end of the spectrum to the main colour of the room. They are ‘complementary’ or ‘contrasting’ colours and have the effect of drawing the eye around a room and bringing life to a scheme. Try some complementary colour in small areas e.g. cushions, lampshades, flowers, picture frames and mounts.