A Kitchen Crush


Did you watch 'The Little Paris Kitchen' with Rachel Khoo ? I did and now I'm hoping for series two sometime in the not so distance future. Yes, the recipes quite inspirational, even to me as a non-meat eater - those puddings alone kept me coming back for more each week. But what grabbed my attention for those 30 minutes each week wasn't so much the food, but her pretty petite kitchen, or in a word: those tiles! I've not had a kitchen crush quite like it since seeing the beautiful white kitchen that featured on The Delicious Miss Dhal series. Patterned Little Paris Kitchen Tiles

Little Paris Kitchen 1

Little Paris Kitchen 2

I've been developing a bit of a passion for patterned tiles for some time now. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them, some of which I'm sharing with you below. I don't however have them in my own kitchen (yet). At heart I am a white metro tile kinda girl. That's what I have in my kitchen. Thinking about it they were probably the result from that previous kitchen crush. If this desire for pattern tiles remains, then one day, if I ever have any spare pennies, I might go for it or at least remember it for when we hope to move house in a few years time.

Patterned Tile Hob Slashback

Modern Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Patterned Kitchen Tiles 3 Images via Blossom and Bloom, Design Sponge Decor8 and The Kitchn