Autumn - nature's blaze of glory

Everyone’s back from holidays - back to work and back to school, and I’m noticing that as summer draws to a close already there are signs of the season changing.

The leaves on the tops of trees are starting to turn more yellow and copper signalling the start of autumn.  Nature’s final ‘blaze of glory’ is about to provide us with an awe inspiring natural colour palette to appreciate; including rich peppery red, gold, pumpkin, russet, orange, brown and purple - and it is my favourite time of year!

Autumn colours can be a great inspiration for a decorating scheme. In the retail world the products now available to us in store from fashions to home wares will have been influenced by the change of season, and for the most part they will reflect the warm, earthy colours of autumn.

If you consider yourself to be a friendly, perhaps passionate, maybe even ‘fiery', traditional, independent and down-to-earth type who enjoys the outdoors then you are more likely to be drawn to these colours. Our reaction to colour is mostly instinctive and we will naturally choose those that we feel comfortable with, whether that’s the clothes that you wear, or the paint and furnishings you buy for your home.

Stores such as House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer have lovely cushions, vases and accessories in rich colours that are a great, inexpensive way to bring autumn colour in to your home. I love flaming reds and burnt oranges which reflect passion and fun. Or golden, yellow, amber and ochre colours expressing cheerfulness that add a warm and inviting ambience to any room.

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