Blue Magic

Blue the colour next to green and violet. It has low reading of wavelengths on the spectrum so it makes it a less stimulating colour, unlike red or orange which pop out at you. It is cooler and makes a space feel larger.It is linked to authority, uniforms of police are blue. It is linked to spirituality, heaven is seen or depicted often in blue. It is associated with magic, it does not come easily out of the earth like yellow and red ochres, it has to be synthesized, mixed and blended with ground up ores and minerals.

For artists and designers the color has mystery and history. Blue rooms are calmer, a little more quiet, elegant. Mixed with other colours, the colour is enriched:

A layering of blues, with a touch of lavender

With white it is spacious and airy

With browns it is earthy

And with pink, it is feminine.

Blue is a magical colour, it transforms your space.