Divide and rule!

A room divider is a great way to create two areas within one room. They are decorative and practical; use them as accent pieces to create a special effect or just divide one area from another. With a wide variety of styles and shapes you will find there is one for each decorating scheme, irrespective of the décor.

Use them to break a large room up into cosy sections, hide a cluttered area, or just sit against the wall.

Use it in a bedroom to section off a corner for a private dressing room or to separate a large living room and dining room giving a more intimate ambience.

Choose from:

  • Shoji Screens: wooden frames with rice paper inlays, which allow light to pass through
  • Silk Screen: often hand painted with ink and water colours.
  • Fabric Screens: fabric hung in wooden frames can be removed for cleaning.
  • Canvas Pocket Screens: add privacy and storage at the same time.
  • Photo Display Screens: holds plain or matted photos.
  • Lacquered Screens: hand-painted wood, coated with lacquer, these add beautiful artwork to a room.

The materials used to make room dividers are extensive; Metal, wood, glass, bamboo, leather, etc.

Dividers are far less expensive than having a wall constructed to separate a room. So, if you require privacy and versatility from a large space, then room dividers have a great advantage due to the savings in construction costs.

Pictures via Elle Decor and Kelly Hoppen