Green - bringing the outdoors in

Green is set yet again to increase in popularity as a colour choice for design and interiors. Essentially a reassuring colour, green reflects our desire for balance; designing with the colour green is to bring the outdoors in.

It has the ability to make us feel calmer or even refreshed. So it’s perhaps no surprise that in these difficult global economic times this colour should again become desirable to surround ourselves with!

Green appeared as a ‘colour trend’ in the 1970s when global awareness was raised about environmental issues. Consumers demanded green products and the ubiquitous ‘avocado green’ became a hugely popular colour in all parts of the home from bathrooms to kitchens and anywhere in between! In the 1990s a rise in the popularity of spa facilities around the world, holistic philosophies and Zen-style design lent itself to popularise green but in a softer colour palette than the earthy, intense shades of the 70s.

Soothing shades, tints or tones of green will relax in the bedroom, calming and soothing body and mind. Brighter shades will have more lively properties for waking up!

In the bathroom, brighter, more yellowish or aqua greens will be refreshing. Or again, if your bathroom is like your own private spa retreat, think softer more soothing shades for that 'Zen-like' peace and calm.

In the kitchen natural, earthy shades of green work well remind us of food, helping us to be inspired to cook. Contrast this with this zingy green kitchen that has a different fresh feel.

Adding complementary colours such as red to your colour scheme can really add punch and enliven a room!