Hello Yellow!

Have you seen the latest Dulux advert? An 'adult' son who has outstayed his welcome gets a bedroom makeover by his parents who paint his room an extreme shade of yellow! It certainly made me smile and I thought it was an interesting way to promote colour paint whilst making the point that colour does have an effect.

Mustard, ochre, daffodil or lemon. Yellow is one of those colours that provoke a ‘marmite- like’ reaction – people seem to love or hate it. In the advert, the Dulux 'parents' have used the colour Lemon Punch, which is an intense bright yellow guaranteed when painted on four walls to certainly have an effect!  Although a bright and cheery colour, extrovert yellow can stimulate the emotions and if you use it in your bedroom in large quantities it’s quite likely that you may find it more difficult to drop off to sleep than usual.

However, if you don’t want to banish yellow all together and quite like its' ‘wakey wakey’ properties, then I would suggest keeping it on one wall or area, and decorating the rest of the room using a balancing colour such as a soft or toning purple, blue or green. Alternatively use it to add a bright accent to a room with soft furnishings or accessories.

No other colour says 'hello' quite like yellow. It can be a warm, welcoming and friendly colour,  so would be a good choice for hallways or entrance halls - even front doors! Yellow supports stimulating conversation and a convivial ambience. A warm and inviting yellow could be the colour to think about for the dining/living area too.

(Images -Dulux, Carolyn Barber, Scandi House)