How to choose the best bedside lamp!

One really effective way to brighten up your bedroom is with a new bedside lamp. Having just acquired new bedside tables I decide to change our lamps.  First though I need to determine what their purpose is:

Reading - Ample task lighting enhances bedtime reading and journal writing. When sitting up in bed, the bottom of the lamp shade should reach eye level, with the light shining on your lap, not your eyes.

Decoration - Not everyone reads in bed so if illumination is strictly decorative, an accent lamp of any height that looks harmonious in scale to the bedside table or bed will be sufficient.

Having determined the purpose here are a few things to consider:

  • Balance: remember that to achieve balance in a large bedroom you need to use a large bedside lamp. The opposite applies in smaller rooms; a small lamp will give a cosy, warm feel whereas a large lamp will overwhelm the room.
  • Height - The height of the lamp is not as important as where the light shines.  If your bedside table is 22 to 26 inches tall, choose a bedside lamp 24 to 28 inches tall where bedside tables around 18 to 20 inches will require a taller lamp to compensate. Failing that due to different sizes of bedside tables or lamps try to make sure the distance from the mattress to the bottom edge of the lamp shade be around 20 inches.

Bedside lamps are an alternative and convenient way to provide extra light in your bedroom and will improve the overall appearance and atmosphere of your room. So be creative and get shopping...

Pictures via AD, HOUSETOHOME and HGTV.