How to choose the best bedside table for you!

Bedside tables are very useful pieces of bedroom furniture since they provide you with a space to place an alarm clock, lamp, glasses or just a place to store your books. So choosing the right bedside table for your bedroom among today’s numerous designs can be a daunting task.

Here is a simple guide for you to choose the right one in five steps:

1. Measure up! – Start by measuring your bed height. A common mistake to avoid is to pair up the bed with a bedside table that is either too high or too low. The top of the bedside table should be just about in line with your mattress, or a few inches taller.

2. Need a drawer? Decide how much you really need to keep at your bedside and choose either a one or two drawer otherwise use a bedside table with a shelf and most importantly keep it clutter free.

3. Shape – A bedside table doesn’t have to be a square box! Why not use a pair of round bedside tables.

4. Matching tables? – Absolutely not...feel free to have one round and one rectangular bedside table. Although, if you choose 2 different pieces, match them in height; if you use the same table lamp on each of them, they will line up creating visual balance.

5. Be adventurous! – If you find an end table, travel chest, tree stump, or want to mix 2 pieces of furniture, go ahead! One of my favourites is to use a stacked set of vintage suitcases! And don’t be afraid to layer a bedside table, it will look great!

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