Interior design and home decor trends for 2013.

2013design I am a great believer that recession stimulates design and that 2013 will bring its share of creativity to interior design.

Here are some of the new trends I see emerging:


  • Colour blast - Bright, dynamic primary colours are touted to make an even stronger impression in 2013. Bold and vivid colours mixed with equally bold textures and patterns.
  • Geometric patterns - Chevron patterns seems to be a favourite; from wallpaper, to tile backslash and from upholstery fabrics to rugs albeit like any bold design statement, less is more.

  • Warm metals – There is a trend towards bronze, copper and brass metal for light fixtures, faucets, cabinet hardware, mirrors, coffee tables, lamps, accessories and the "new" brass is muted and slightly more sophisticated with a new patina.

  • Transparency - Transparent materials as a small table decor or a large transparent trunk coffee table, will add transparency to your home.
  • Natural materials - Using organic materials and light textures creates a calming ambiance and by using wood it will follow another trend which has been around for some time and is now on the increase namely sustainable design.

Remember a good way to deal with a trend: if it doesn't reflect you then don't follow it; if it does then use it as an extension of your individuality.

Pictures via elm west, cdlworkshop and my own.