Is the Past part of your future?

The trends of style and colour are a direct reflection of our environment as I explained in Colour Trend Love it or Hate it. It might not surprise you that Heritage is a burgeoning trend in Fashion and Home. How many of you, like me, were glued to Downton Abbey over Christmas? Downton Abbey  - is the past part of your future?

Heritage has a growing following as it is about comfort and a sense of history. A feeling of the nostaglic past, a time when genteel life was not scorned upon. Heritage in 2012 is almost the echo of a traditional outlook, this isn’t about wholly recreating a carbon copy of a look or period but more like an reinterpretation or a twist.

This style elicits the warmth and comfort that the past holds for most of us. Imagine Lady Mary’s bedroom at Downton Abbey with beautiful damask and velvet curtains at the windows and tasseled lamps in the room. It might remind you of your grandparents; my Grandmother always loved heavy velvet curtains and intricate tassel tie backs. She also liked the open fire to be up and running first thing in the morning – the smell was so comforting.

PR and Media Agency EuroRSCG predicts a return to brand heritage where brands with rich traditions appeal to consumers searching for a deeper meaning behind the choices they make.

So how can you achieve this heritage look;

  • So you may not have family heirlooms of your own to display but you can recycle and repurpose items – check out your local auction houses (and your own loft)
  • Whilst an open fire may not be possible for all, there is something very covetable about fireplace accessories. Think fire dogs, bellows, fenders and scuttles most probably in brass
  • Add rugs that look worn like they’ve already lived through interesting times and could tell a story
  • The romantic notion of antique photo frames holding sepia photos (so easy to do in instagram)
  • Colors in this trend include rich jewel tones including deep teals and wine
  • Add fringing to lamp shades
  • The heritage influence can be found in the use of fabrics think velvets and damasks
  • Support the preservation or reinstatement of period features in your home.