It might be snowy but...

By Countryliving And there was I thinking I wouldn’t be using my fireplace until next winter. Being such a fan I always find that the furnishing of a home is somehow incomplete if it lacks a fireplace. The fireplace always gives a very cosy atmosphere in the home interior, provide you soothing flames, warmth and hence why they never go out of fashion

By Elle Decor

Over time the design of fireplaces changed from one of necessity to one of visual interest. They evolved from fire pits to modern fireplaces; used for warmth on cold days and nights, as well as for cooking. Like today they also served as a gathering place within the home.

By elle decor

By the 1800’s fireplaces changed and mostly consisted of two parts, the surround (the mantle and sides and was usually made of wood, marble and granite) and the insert (the part of the fireplace where the fire is burned; this part was constructed of cast iron and sometimes decorated with tiles). It was during Victorian times, fireplaces were thought to add a cosy, relaxing ambience to homes.


So the key to designing around a fireplace is really to think about what would make a group want to gather together. Comfortable furniture and welcoming colours are examples of things that draw people into a space. Of course, the fire will probably get them there anyway but these little extra things will be what truly fill your home with warmth.

Pitures via Elle Decor and AD.