Kid’s rooms with bags of personality!

Kids bedrooms

Via Kids just love bright, colourful rooms especially if it’s a themed room. You can’t go wrong when it’s their favourite cartoon, book or game characters and fun activities, i.e. sports.  Make the room fun for them to live and play in and have their friends round to sleepover.

Choose what makeover to give your kids room if they are too young. If they are old enough to know what they like then ask them; they are the ones living in the room plus they'll be more likely to take care of it. Or maybe not!

Via elle decor

Try to use their favourite colours and motifs and blend to suit the rest of your home. If you are not one for strong colours (kids usually are by the way) then add accents with soft furnishings and framed pictures, which can be easily updated.


The choice is endless from murals and wall stickers of superheroes, characters from books or cartoons on the wall to forest, sea or little castle themes.

Stick with one theme and arrange the rest of the décor around the wall art or themed furniture. Keep the rest of the design more subdued so as not to make the room look like a cheap Disney fairground.

Create zones for sleeping, homework and play with functional furniture and fun accessories. For storage use adjustable shelves to accommodate big picture books for small kids which later can be adapted for paperbacks, CD’s and DVD’s. Have a spare bed ready for sleepovers; if space is limited choose a hideaway bed with a pull-out truckle underneath or one of those ingenious sleeping bag which have their own inflatable base and sides that you can put up any time.


Bedtime should be a time of restful calm so make sure your kids and their sleepover guests have a comfy and cosy night's sleep.

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