Let the sunshine in!

Yellow is energetic, warm, happy and exciting (and sadly in short supply in the sky this “summer”).

One of the best colours to pair with yellow is grey - great colour scheme; both colours create such harmony.

Although there are other colours that benefit from being paired with yellow, such as russet reds and chocolate browns; they will appear richer and bright by proxy.

Soft and subdued, yellow is often used in babies' rooms and kitchens;  creating a calm, quiet place to begin a new life or just start the morning.

Yellow will always brighten a room and as a splash of colour, as a device to breakup some other blocked colour works really well but you have to be careful.

The contrast will depend on the strength of its opposite colour, too soft a tone and it’s like pale, too strong and it’ll be gaudy and against ash tones it can look poisonous.

Yellow does work best in larger rooms; it can absorb light and make the space seem smaller hence why it’s a shade for large or long rooms - best to use lemons or lighter shades.

If you don’t feel brave enough or are afraid that it might dominate the room then use it in soft furnishing; dots and splashes of colour are small enough and won’t dominate the room, i.e. cushions, throws, decorative candles.

No matter what colour combination you choose, you must remember to try the paint on the walls to see how it looks at different times of the day.

So be bold and have fun while painting your home.

Pictures via elledecor.com and  housetohome.com