Let your favourite artist inspire your decorating!

Just recently I was lucky to be invited to take a look at a clients’ really amazing home and advise on some interior paint colours. Designed by award-winning architect Royston Summers and built in the 1970s, this modernist design home has a huge amount of space and light. VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Having recently finished extensive building and refurbishment work, owners David and Liz are now working on transforming the interior and creating a comfortable home. When I visited a fabulous painting by artist David Walker had recently been hung. Grand in size it looks stunning, adding colour and texture to a large open wall area.



Wallpaper is one of the fastest ways to completely transform a space with colour and pattern and wallpaper murals offer an exciting way to make a real statement by completely covering a wall with your favourite artists’ work! The Klimt Kiss,Van Gogh Sunflowers, Almond Branches, and Starry Night wall murals are from www.muralswallpaper.co.uk who have a huge catalogue of  mural and photo wallpaper designs that are custom made, or made from your own design.

Almond branches


Whether you have paintings, prints or murals, you can look to your wall art for inspiration for the rest of your decorating palette for furnishings and accessories.

wall art

International brand Cow Parade have a whimsical collection available from Wallpaper Direct that also includes this Mondrian inspired wallpaper – Moondrian!


Or create your own mini and maxi works of art on Frames wallpaper by artists Taylor and Wood from Graham & Brown!

(Images courtesy muralswallpaper.co.uk, Wallpaper Direct, Graham & Brown)