Let’s set the table, turkey is ready!

Christmas is nearly here and it’s one of my favourite times as all the family members gather together; one must prepare something special and magic for the Christmas dinner.

If you decorate the Christmas tree and the mantle then the Christmas table should also be decorated. Yes it will be full of delicious food but dining in style is surely always better. There are a few things to consider when it comes to decorating the Christmas table.

Make centrepieces, place cards, candle decorations etc. The list is endless and constrained only by the size of your table and time to do it.  These decorations are worth the time spent because they set the right ambience and can really help make Christmas Day more memorable.

  • Table cloth - Choose a cream table cloth, to create a striking platform you can accessorize to taste.
  • Napkin Rings - Use your imagination and make your own custom napkin rings.

  • Centrepiece - Choose a single centerpiece that will compliment the atmosphere, also candles are great for ambience but stay away from scented wax.

  • Names tags - Paper luggage tags are great and you can customized them; try lacing them with gold ribbon or threading on some mistletoe. Old photos of your guests are a fun ice breaker if you’ve assembled a mixed crowd.
  • Crackers - Shop-bought are fine if you’re lacking a tiny sewing kit or a screwdriver. Homemade crackers on the other hand give you complete creative control. Simple to make and can be customized to suit your guests; trust me I usually do this and its great fun.

I know its extra work at a busy time but these simple additions will bring your Christmas table to life and mark you out as a discerning host or hostess.

Pictures via HouseandHome and HousetoHome.