Magpie Colours - black and white décor ideas

I recently discovered ‘Magpie Colours’, an online home, gift and accessory emporium quite by chance.  Inspired by among other things the magpie bird itself, and designers infamous for their use of black and white such as Coco Chanel and Mary Quant, Magpie Colours source black and white products made by British craftsmen to bring back to their retail ‘nest’!

These black floral pattern decoupage kitchen sets are for decoration only – but then would you want to keep them hidden in the kitchen drawer! The Henna pattern inspired desert and dip bowls are handmade and painted.

The Heart Wing Bird Linen cushion (top of the page) and the illustrated and this digitally printed Bernard the Big Old Dog cushion are also both handmade from Magpie Colours.

Black and white in many people’s minds represents classic, stylish and sophisticated elegance. A combination of colours that both absorb light (black) and reflect it (white), black and white make for a striking combination. Together they create a dynamic design which manages to be both incredibly visual and dramatic!

If decorating in black and white appeals to you, try adding a little of  an ‘accent’ colour. This will create extra visual interest and something for the eye to focus on.