Make The Most Of Your Dining Room

One room within the home that everyone should make space for is a dining area. Having a large table and chairs for the whole family to gather around and be able to enjoy a meal together is important, especially during special occasions and holidays. It is a room solely made for eating in and entertaining, the perfect place to spend quality time whilst keeping the rest of your home tidier too! Here are some of the most have pieces of furniture and accessories to place in your dining area:

Table and chairs

Obviously without table and chairs a dining room is simply just a room. The bigger the better when it comes to the table, especially if you have a large family so then everybody can pull up a chair when it comes to meal time. You may also want to add a splash of colour with your choice of dining chair; there are some lovely faux leather red designs available at MDM Furniture. Faux leather is a great material choice if there will be young children eating and usually spill food!

mdm furniture

Image via MDM Furniture

Table runner and place mats

If you have a large table then adding a table runner will add a splash of colour and pattern to the piece of furniture. It also helps to protect your table from any hot dishes placed down or any spillage when putting out a ‘self serve’ kind of meal. You can usually find matching place mats and sometimes coasters too to help avoid any more messes.

table runner via john lewis

Image via John Lewis

Salt and pepper

There are so many cool and unusual salt and pepper shakers that they can become one of the main points of your dining area! These shakers sit in the centre of the table allowing guests to bring out more flavour in their meal, plus made even better when shaped to look like people, cats and more! Having funky accessories adds some fun to the dining room making it feel more homely.

salt and pepper

Image via Design 55


Finally creating the right atmosphere with lighting is important. If you a have a long table then spot lights on a long base are popular as you can have each bulb pointing to a different side of the table. Candles in the centre of the table along the runner will create a nice addition for a relaxed meal.

via my design secrets

Image via My Design Secrets