Making the most of a small kitchen.

ikea The heart of the house is the kitchen - hosting dinner parties, family meals, conversations with friends and family, afternoon tea, all of the above and more. Due to the economic downturn, many have downsized and smaller kitchen areas are now becoming a way of life. Luckily there are a plethora of small space kitchen design ideas and practical solutions to help you make the most of your kitchen space.


The first step is organization; clutter can make a kitchen look cramped. Divide your kitchen into a prepping, cooking and cleaning area, then store only the items you need in those areas.


As you know a kitchen can never have too much storage; utilize antique jars, wire baskets, market wooden crates or wick baskets, they are an inexpensive, attractive solution for storing items, portable and fun, creative organizers. Then display cookbooks, serving platters, produce and dry goods.

You can improve the capacity of your cupboard space by using some of the imaginative tools produced by designers that allow double stacking in your shelves.


Utilize windowsills and corners to tuck away small appliances and other kitchen essentials.

A place to store wine within easy reach is an island; it keeps the bottles tucked away and looks great.


To bring a trendy vibe to your kitchen with colourful accents use storage boxes, dishes, vases and cookbooks to add a punch of colour to your kitchen.

And lastly to add some fun to your kitchen, use chalkboard paint on a wall or section of cabinet doors and get your family to write on it.

Pictures via Ikea