Making the most of colour and light with glass

Transparent, translucent and sparkling; a beautiful piece of glass can capture and reflect the light brightly and clearly, or can subtly diffuse it. glass blue

As well as its practical use in design, glass has always had a decorative appeal. It's  a versatile product. Glass can be can be tempered, tinted, frosted, clouded, coloured, moulded, blown and sandblasted into different styles and shapes to create beautiful and eye-catching decorative pieces.  The addition of glazes, metals and enamels lend colour.


Collections of brightly coloured vases, glasses and bottles can be so attractive, particularly when they're placed on windowsills or anywhere where they can catch the light and bring to life their colours. When placed in such a way that maximises light reflection, the colours project on to nearby surfaces adding another delightful layer of decorative dimension.



These Barcelona and Vienna double curve glass Arcs are from Lazy Dog Gallery and are designed and individually made by Gillian Hulse. They're quite a statement and would look amazing on a wide ledge window sill!

glass hangings

As a change from framed pictures and prints, try some hanging fused glass wall panels like these, also from Lazy Dog Gallery.


Or have a go at painting your own decorative glass objects!

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