Munna - It's all about emotion.

Munna - Mellow stool

MUNNA Fetiche collection Interiors Munna means desire in Hindi, excellence in Arabic. The name is symbolic, evocative of something powerful and unique, desired (I love the name). Munna was conceived in India; having noted a shift in the design world, they sensed an opportunity. They started developing a collection of upholstered pieces that create a colourful environment perfect for social gatherings.

Munna Fetiche collection

Munna seeks to surprise; to achieve a marriage between the worlds of tradition, innovation, trends and the emotion they want to pass on to their clients. Paula Sousa, the CEO says “Our mission is to transform emotions into products. Concepts of rebellion, fantasy, surrealism and pleasure are associated with the brand”.

No doubt that true craftsmanship must be the way forward and that’s why each piece is handmade by a team of craftspeople and joiners who have a passion: to deliver only the highest quality reflecting the talent of artisans and the creativity of Portuguese design.

The Chesterfield has always been a favourite of mine so when I saw Munna's version I fell in love with it, I wanted one so badly.

MUNNA Fetiche collection Interiors

In a time where there are so many companies out there when I see one that creates stunning pieces of workmanship I feel I want to thank them, for taking pride in their designs  and for believing that creating beautifully designed pieces that scream quality is paramount.


Pictures via Munna