Not for the fainthearted!

Red is full of drama and passion and it’s not a colour for the faint of heart, but when thoughtfully used, whether on a wall or in a handful of accessories it will make a room come alive. Don’t be afraid of using this amazing colour; a small dose of bold and vibrant red will add energy and impact to any room.

Red is a fantastic accent colour and goes with almost any other colour; even one red piece can transform a bland room.

The colour red is also said to stimulate the appetite, so it’s a natural colour for a kitchen or dining room.

If you don’t feel bold enough to use it in your wall then try red accessories. Pick one red and stick with it; sprinkle reds here and there for hits of colour.

In the bedroom if you are feeling bold enough then try matching red bedding with other colours as a bold complement although as bold and captivating as it might be one needs to use it carefully.

Also remember red isn't always the best choice for every room; not such a desirable colour to use in places where thoughtful work will be done, i.e. office.

I find it amazing that red can convey so many more emotions than other colours do, i.e. passion, war, warmth, etc. Diana Vreeland (Harpers Bazaar editor) was a great lover of red, so much that in 1924 when she and her husband moved to London Diane had their front door painted red; something that caused great shock to the neighbours.

As Diane once said ‘All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red.’ So pursue yours now and start decorating with red.

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