Orange - the comfort eating colour!

When you think of the colour orange do you imagine it as just a fun, bright colour? 1block-button-mug-orange

Some recent scientific research showed that when hot chocolate was drunk from four different coloured mugs, it was when drunk from the orange mug that most volunteers found the beverage to have the best flavour! Orange also appeals to our sense of physical comfort, sensory enjoyment and feeling satiated. As a mix of yellow and red, orange is a stimulating colour.  The reaction to it is physical and emotional. For example, if you are a reluctant cook in the kitchen, orange colours can help to awaken that interest.

Orange also aids digestion and enjoyment of food - the orange fridge from Retro Collection would certainly be an eye-catching and striking addition to the kitchen!


See if the quality of your tea improves in this cute Orange Block Button Mug by Avoca from with perhaps some warm, fresh toast from a Kenwood K-Mix toaster.

tea and toast

Around the home orange makes a lovely cheerful, warm addition to a decorating palette. This Bretagne Orange cushion from would be a warm and inviting cushion for kitchen chairs.


The Butterfly Hanger wall hook is a cheerful and striking decorative but practical accessory also from