Precious Colour

I’ve really enjoyed BBC4’s recent series ‘A History of Art in 3 Colours’ with Dr James Fox. Gold featured in the first programme and whether literally mined from the earth or replicated in art, gold has always been a highly sought after metal or colour. Gold bar

The acquisition of gold reflects attainment, achievement and wisdom; we aspire to its qualities which convey luxury, wealth and status. Influenced by the rich discoveries hidden in the earth, gold and copper metallic, and intense gem stone colours are set to ‘trend’ and feature in interior design over the coming year. I love this ‘precious earth’ theme where colours are used in interesting combinations with natural, raw textures and materials.


A collection of vases designed by British architect David Adjaye combining a shiny copper finish with the coal-like texture of Swarovski crystals catches my eye.

This collection of stacking vessels by Finnish-German designer Pia Wὕstenberg using a combination of wood, ceramic and glass is stunning in its rustic, jewel-like beauty. I love the almost 'volcanic' quality of the red/orange collection of vessels.

Out and about I’ve seen plenty of home accessories with lovely metallic finishes and lots of coloured glass to inspire. Craig & Rose have a sumptuous range of metallic paint in colours of nickel, gold, silver, bronze, copper and pewter, ideal for updating and adding a little glamour to furniture and accessories around the home!

(Images courtesy of  Pia Wustenberg, David Adjaye,,