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Purple has historic associations with wealth and royalty; by bringing purple into your colour scheme it will give your interior a sense of opulence.

But if you aren’t sure on how to decorate with purple then try these simple tips:

Complementary scheme – from the colour wheel match purple with the opposing colour which is yellow. This can be a difficult look to pull off, but two easy ways of making it work are by using softer, paler tones of each colour rather than intense purple and yellow; and by using only one of the colours as a main colour, as the other as an accent colour. Why not pair a purple chair with yellow cushions, or purple lamp with a yellow shade.

Monochromatic look - combine the colour with other purple elements of varying shades and intensities. There are a plethora of different shades of purple from pastel lavender and lilacs, to deeper berry shades eggplant, plum and burgundy.

Purple plays well with other colours, complementing everything from subdued hues like brown and gray to vivid pops of more vibrant colours, i.e. zesty green, metallic’s.

One of my favourites is to paint the walls with purple, use the same colour on the ceiling, but in high gloss; the whole room is womb-like and envelops you, making it feel really cosy.

Purple is a relaxing colour and it can work well in just about any room, especially bedrooms; paint the wall behind the headboard this colour and then place accents around the room, i.e. throw pillows, artwork, candles.

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