Styling a console table!

Console tables are often the first object a visitor sights; first impressions count. How they are presented and what you put on them and where you put them is important.

Here are a few tips on how to make the best use of console tables and achieve maximum impact.

The 3 most commonly styles are symmetrical, asymmetrical, or a collection of items.

Remember to keep in mind balance, colour, texture, and the scale of items when styling your table. Use various heights, shapes, and sizes of items as well.

  • Symmetrical tables usually are defined by a pair of lamps and/or chairs or stools.
  • Asymmetrical styles tend to have 1 tall item such as a lamp and several smaller items.
  • Collections can be showcased to add drama and personality.

Use the space under the table for a sculpture, interesting basket, boxes or stack of books.

If you need more storage then a console table can provide then use a cabinet or chest which will still look amazing.

Remember console tables aren’t just for hallways; use a console along a wall in a living room, behind your sofa or use it as a sideboard in your dining room.

For a big hallway use a piece with more depth.

Tip - Group things in threes to create visual triangles and balance.

Just as in fashion accessorising is what completes the overall look and feel of room so don't be afraid to experiment.

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