The Surface Design Show is on this week at the Business Design Centre on Upper Street in Islington. This is a great show and as all shows are there are big guys and then the small innovative and creative people doing some awesome things. When you think of the surfaces that need to be covered in any give space you need a variety of surfaces. Starting with floors, the walls, then you consider the wet areas, dry areas, and ceilings? not too often is that surface give much surface decoration except a coat of paint...then when you think of the most decorated ceiling, the Sistine Chapel, that was just paint. Anyway I digress.

The surfaces that really caught my imagination are following:

One is a hard wearing surface for wet areas and ideal for kitchens, it is made of crushed bottles from Bottle Alley Glass. They have taken old glass and bottles sorted them by colour then thermally treat them to form amazing surfaces to tiles. It can be used anywhere were granite, slate or marble is used.

Bottle alley glass

Near this smooth and shiny surface was Francesca's matt chalky paints, soft and vibrant colours:

Francesca paints


Leaves, grass, silk, fabric were all layered between sheets of glass and create stunning wall surfaces and easy to clean... I like things that are easy to clean and care for, low maintenance, but can still be beautiful.

layers in glass


And all surfaces of stone, wood, porcelain, paper, were in elegant neutrals and grays with strong patterns:

surfaces 2

This is a great show to see, I always leave with lots of ideas, thinking of new ways to cover surfaces. There is also very good CPD talks at this show. If you can't make it this week, plan for next year.