Sweet dreams – colours to help you sleep

Do you wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning? Believe it or not, you’ll spend about one third of your life in bed so it’s worth paying attention to how comfy your bedroom is! harlequin-serene-17572a

But sometimes our bedroom can be more than just somewhere we go to sleep and then wake up to dress for the day - it can be our personal sanctuary to read, meditate and relax and different colours can help support the mood.

Think about how well you sleep. Do you wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning?  Strong colours can feel quite stimulating so try a tint or less intense shade of the colour that you wish to use which might help you to fall asleep more easily. Use a little less of a stronger or brighter colour in your bedroom to help wake you up.

bedroom red

Shades, tints or tones of pink/peach are physically soothing and often thought of as romantic colours for a bedroom. Pinks and oranges together can seem quite ‘exotic’. The more orange they are, the more ‘sensual’ they can seem.

bedroom purple

bedroom blue

bedroom green

Soft purple colours are quite restful. Light blue colours help to calm the mind and the right colour green can be refreshing and restorative. Sweet dreams!

(Feature image courtesy of www.bedeckhome.com)