The playful kitchen - colourful culinary ware

Now, I have to confess that the least favourite room in the house for me is…. the kitchen. Not naturally possessed of culinary talents, I am more a cook of necessity than creativity.

However, there are so many fabulous, funky colourful kitchen products and utensils available that might persuade me that cooking can be fun! I’d probably want one of each colour of the mini metal colanders from The Contemporary Home that are begging to be displayed on a kitchen shelf so that the colours can be admired – almost as a culinary art feature itself!

Kitchen Craft has a range called ‘colourworks’ with all kinds of cookware, tools, gadgets and accessories that will add bright colour to the kitchen including these two tone melamine mixing bowls.

Bodum Bistro coffee grinders would be a cheerful addition to the breakfast table from which to serve coffee into colourful mugs, and tuck in to boiled eggs with egg cups also from The Contemporary Home. So many colourful products it would be a shame to hide them away in the cupboards!

To encourage creativity in the kitchen and stimulate the appetite, think about using elements of yellow, orange, or orange tinted colours in the décor. If you are feeling really inspired, a wall area painted in a burnt orange like Orange Aurora from Little Greene paints, would add warmth and interest.

(Images courtesy Contemporary Home, Kitchen Craft)