The Unmade Bed

sunday morning

Last evening was a pleasant gathering of the Design Blog Collective. Talking with Joanna and Daniel about styling, curtains, sets, bedding and photography we noted that beds and bedding in photographs are unmade these days. Joanna assured me there are still plenty of bedding companies still want a properly made bed with bolsters, ten pillows stacked neatly and duvets and blankets smooth and unwrinkled. I remember working as stylist in New York and the bed had to be made perfectly, with layers of battening to ensure a smooth surface. It was like the scene in " Love Actually" when Emma Thompson with a broken heart goes to her bedroom and smooths out her bed, tugging away the corners to pull out the wrinkles as if she was trying to smooth the ache in her heart, the bed looked perfect though.


But stylists and photographers are coming together and creating a whole new look of an unmade bed and evoking a different feeling, romantic, playful, relaxed as seen in recent photos:



These images suggest more inviting ideas, the bed as a place to relax, sleep, make love, read books to your little ones and long Sunday mornings.

I have noticed this style over the last few years and thought back to Tracey Emin and her unmade bed exhibited for the Turner Prize.

Her unmade bed was not one of pleasure and relaxation, but of heart break and despair. She speaks about the bed as a time in her life when she was going through a time when she was hurt, when it was hard to get out of bed. I had always thought Tracey needed to tell this story through words, a poem or a story. But now I see it differently and see she also opened up some imaginations. An unmade bed can also evoke intimacy, warmth and time with loved ones.