The unsung hero in the bedroom!


Via Headboards bring a sophisticated look to your bed, create a focal point in the bedroom and come in a variety of designs and styles. Here are two things to consider before you buy:

  • Who it’s for; some headboards won't be high enough for tall people, conversely a child’s will need to be smaller.
  • Should it be wall-mounted  or attached to the bed (upholstered, wood or metal)?

You can hang wall-mounted headboards on the wall behind the bed instead of attaching it directly to frame of the bed. Wall-mounted headboards are commonly used for decorative purposes.

Upholstered headboards are ideal for comfort and can create a striking statement when covered in bold, patterned fabric. Buttoned headboards are great and much in trend now; for a sleek modern look get streamlined shapes and for extreme luxury and comfort get a headboard upholstered in suede. They are great to serve as a convenient seat backing for when you choose to read or watch TV.

By  Candice Olson

Leather headboards are great for a contemporary bedroom, albeit leather can be cold so you will need a few extra pillows.

Wooden headboards are great for country-style bedrooms and traditional schemes and will create a stylish statement; although it won't offer the comfort of upholstered headboards there are a plethora of additions to wooden headboards from extendable shelves to built-in nightstands.

By Candice Olson

Metal headboards can make a bold statement and will give a room an urban feel; great for minimal style bedrooms. Just choose what type of metal suits you from the many everyday items available, i.e.: cathedral doors and wrought iron gates.

via hgtv

If choosing a headboard for a divan bed then you are spoilt for choice plus it will be easy to change when you want a new look but do remember to check out the bed's fittings before you buy as not all headboards fit all beds.

A headboard is an important piece of furniture that can add that touch of elegance to a bedroom.

Pictures via Millienion Design, Candice Olson and HGTV.