Timeless Living.

Via Cochrane Design I fell in love with this stunning Victorian house in London; it just balances elegance with modern ease!

This home was designed by Sean Cochrane, a London based designer, and what I love is how he preserved the period integrity of this house allowing it to stand proud and to be admired for centuries to come. This property was once sub divided into three apartments and so Sean had to structurally reconfigure its interior.

Via Cochrane Design

Let me tell you a bit about Cochrane Design started by Sean in 2004; their projects are known for innovative use of space, light and a modern, fresh approach to colour and texture. Sean's work is immensely influenced from his travels i.e. South Africa, Asia, etc.

Over the last few years Cochrane Design has been building recognition through a high profile clientele while accumulating numerous awards along the way.

Via Cochrane Design

I Love how the vertical double volume library unifies the lower and ground-floor levels.

One of the main factors that made me choose where I currently live is the seemliness blend of Victorian architecture with contemporary open plan living; it works extremely well as you see in Sean’s property.

Via Cochrane Design

How delightful is this child’s bedroom? Now this is one lucky girl, would I be right to assume she is daddy’s little girl!

It is wonderful to see how Sean played with colour and lighting to make the most of this 5 floor - 3,000 square feet property.  Sean's fabulous furniture range is also showcased all over this home.

Via Cochrane Design

This project was met with an appreciation for artistry, authenticity and personal style.

If you want to see more of this home then do check Sean's website and do have a look at the lovely collection of shoes, would I be right to say they belong to Mrs. Cochrane!  Imelda Marcus you might just got yourself some competition.

Pictures via Cochrane Design