Urban ethnic - tribal look with contemporary colour

Cosy and eclectic, an ethnic look doesn’t necessarily have to be in warm, rich earthy tones. ‘Tribal’ geometric patterns and textures become more dramatic and defined with strong and contrasting colour, but can look stunning in contemporary combinations that create really striking surroundings too. c&c nomad

urban colours

Think about using a contrast of light and dark colours such as clean whites with black and acid yellows, or warm whites with charcoal or deep brown and mustard or chartreuse yellows to achieve an updated twist on this look.

c&c nomad2c&c zingaro

lombok 3

The stylish Nomad, Zingaro and Lombok fabric ranges by Clarke and Clarke combine ethnic inspired design with more contemporary colour ways.


bedeck altuza cameo

The Zig Zag bedlinen from the Linea range at House of Fraser and chevron patterned Altuzo range from Bedeck both have bold geometric designs.


I particularly like these chartreuse coloured vases which are also from the Linea range at House of Fraser. Slightly more greenish tinged than mustard, chartreuse is an unusual and eye-catching colour that looks great with something like a deep charcoal grey or bitter chocolate colour.

(Images courtesy House of Fraser, Clarke & Clarke, Bedeck)