Valentine colours

Next week many of us will be celebrating 'love',  with hearts, flowers, chocolates and romance. Did you know that the celebration of Valentines Day began in the times of the Roman Empire with feasting and celebration of the goddess of fertility, Juno? jellio-seat-hearts

Through the ages different ‘Valentines’ traditions have continued including the custom of sending our ‘sweethearts’ loving messages and creating a romantic ambience for our amour.


When we describe ourselves as ‘in the pink’ we feel happy and in the best possible health. As the ultimate ‘feminine’ colour pink signals your own loving, caring qualities which will make you appear quite ‘alluring’ for a potential partner!



Pink is also physically soothing, reminding us of skin. Where lighter pinks seem to softer and sweeter and perhaps more gentle; brighter, clearer pinks can be seen as more youthful and fun. Dynamic hot fuschia or magenta pinks are stronger and more assertive.


Deeper pinks or red-pinks can seem more passionate. Red of course, we associate with passion and energy. Adding an element of orange to pink tones looks visually more 'exotic', creating more of a sensual space and a feeling of comfort.

(Images courtesy: "Seat Hearts", heart shaped balloons, Love Armchair by Giovnetti from, Le Creuset Heart Mini Ramekins, Circular Motion Bed Linens - Neiman Marcus)