Vintage inspired colour from the 1950s

Retro inspired design remembers and renews our interest in colours from a bygone era.

A recent visit to the interior trade show Decorex showed a whole mix of different influences and styles and certainly vintage and retro continue as strong design themes with a few established companies, and also new and up and coming designers.

I particularly like the 1950s inspired designs with cheery colours and a more relaxed design style which convey optimism. Paint manufacturer Little Greene have available a selection of colours in their ‘Colours of England’ paint chart that includes a collection of 1950s colours authenticated by English Heritage. The colours are Marine Blue, Canton, Pale Lime, Citrine, Magnolia and Orange Aurora. Little Greene also have a range of co-ordinating 50s inspired wallpaper designs including Herbes, Florette and Cones.

Looking at the warm, muted colours together in a palette they can seem at first a little heavy. But used with a balance of a much lighter colour as in these wallpapers make them seem fresh and interesting, even quirky and fun.

Inspired by natural and urban environments, mid- century illustration and Scandinavian design, eco-friendly East London company, MissPrint, also produce decorative, contemporary wallpapers in colours that are reminiscent of this 50s theme; Little Trees, Muscat and Dandelion Mobile are some of the designs. There are also lovely fabrics, lampshades and cushions to complete the look.

(images courtesy of Little Greene, MissPrint)