White - the colour of new beginnings

As the last few weeks of 2012 drew to a close did your thoughts turn to tying up loose ends, completing projects, or ending old habits and associations? For some, the start of a New Year is traditionally the time for new beginnings.

It may be the time to contemplate doing things differently and make some resolutions to yourself – to change your job, move home, extend your circle of friends, try different social activities or embark on a course of study.The colour that best symbolises this is white. White highlights, purifies and illuminates and represents a ‘clean slate’ or fresh start. In Hindu and Buddhist faiths the deity ‘White Tara’ symbolises new beginnings, purity and truth.

Decorating with white evokes a feeling of fresh and clean like no other. A white scheme carefully done can also be very elegant or glamorous. But, be aware that unless interest is added with a lot of texture, a little colour for drama or warm lighting, that too much white can make a room feel a bit stark.

Swedish style interiors create natural elegance based around a white room furnished in a classic and natural style with a lot of light.

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Pick your ‘white’ carefully. A blinding bright white won’t suit all decorating schemes. Have a look at whether warmer whites such as Farrow and Ball Wimbourne White or Pointing, or greyish (cool) whites such as Earthborn White and Charterhouse from Mylands are likely to suit your overall scheme better.