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I’ve just subscribed, where are my magazines?

You can download issues from the ‘Buy‘ screen within the magazine app. Download buttons replace the buy buttons on issues you own. Power off your device by holding down the power button (a hard reset – wait for ’slide to power off message’ and power off). Then turn it back on. Relaunch your magazine app and go to the ‘Help‘ section, and tap ‘Restore Purchases‘ (on iPhone/iPod Touch, tap ‘More‘ then ’Restore Purchases‘) . Once that’s done, return to the ‘Buy‘ screen, this should now have synced your available issues. All subscriptions begin as soon as you’ve made your purchase. Your subscription will give you the latest published issue on Newsstand, plus all new issues released during your active subscription. Please note, back issues released prior to the start of your subscription are not included, or special one-off magazines.

How to cancel auto renewing or find out how long is remaining on a subscription

At the time of purchase of any subscription on Apple Newsstand, the user is shown a popup during the purchase process that expresses that the subscription is automatically set to auto renew (this message is also reflected on your email receipt). Auto renewal can be turned off at any time by the user. These settings can be found here on your device: 1) From the home screen, select ‘Settings‘, then ‘ iTunes & App Store‘ (For pre iOS 6 > ‘Store‘). 2) Tap on your ‘Apple ID:‘ on the top of the right-hand panel (you may need to scroll down on iOS 5 and below). 3) Select ‘View Apple ID‘ 4) Scroll down to and select ‘Manage‘, under ‘Subscriptions‘.


The point of sale process for all Newsstand transactions for individual magazine and subscription purchases is entirely handled by Apple Inc. Because this process is entirely handled by a third-party company it prohibits us facilitating refunds or indeed checking any personal subscription details, and therefore we are unable to directly assist you with these types of enquiries. Please use the links below to obtain the support and help you require directly from Apple. For more direct support from Apple you should visit:


For further FAQs and details on how to contact iTunes support, please visit:


App terms and conditions, and privacy policy

Full details can be found here: T&C and privacy policy

Reading purchased magazines on a different iOS device

Like any iTunes purchase, content is linked to the users unique Apple ID. Using the same Apple ID it’s possible to have your purchases on upto 10 different iOS devices. To migrate your magazine purchases or subscriptions to a new device, log into your device using your Apple ID and password, then install your magazine app. To restore your purchases. Load the magazine app and go to the ‘Help‘ section and tap ‘Restore Purchases‘. Once that’s done, go back to the ‘Buy‘ screen. This should now have synced your available issues.

Can I print pages?

Many of our magazine apps (excludes fully-interactive magazine editions) allow you to print individual pages with an AirPrint printer. Tap on the page you wish to print out. From the overlay menu, press the print icon at the top right of the screen.

Can I read my magazines on a desktop computer?

This is not possible. Apple Newsstand is only designed for iOS devices meaning you can read your magazines on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device only.

How to delete the App or magazine issues?

You can delete magazine apps from the main Apple Newsstand bookshelf by tap and holding the icon thumbnail until it begins to shake. To delete an individual magazine issue. From within the magazine app, go to the ‘Library‘ and tap ‘Edit‘.

The embedded digital video and audio content have are playing no sound

Check the volume setting is turned on or up. If that doesn’t help, try using headphones. If you can hear sound with headphones, then you just need to adjust a setting on your device which is currently muting audio…. …. From the home screen, Settings > General. Under ‘Use Side Switch to:‘, select ‘Mute‘. Then flip the side switch ‘On‘, then ‘Off‘. Then change the ‘Use Side Switch to:’ back to ‘Lock Rotation‘.

My purchased issue won’t download

We are aware of a rare problem that may randomly affect a single issue purchase download for some users. After purchasing a issue, the download indicates a waiting stage, then returns to a price tag indicating the issue is still for sale. The transaction will still complete and the charge will be taken. We’re confident that a soon to be released update will address this. If you experience an instance of this, please email us from the ‘Contact Us‘ link in the ‘Help‘ section of your app and we will assist you directly. Please allow the message to attach the log file as this will enable us to inspect the problem on your app.

I’m unable to restore my subscription or single issue purchase/s

We’ve had some reports of users having difficulty restoring their subscriptions and single issue purchases after the recent update to the app. We have identified the problem and this will be fixed in a soon to be released update. If you’ve had this type of problem please email us from the ‘Contact Us‘ link in the ‘Help‘ section of you app and we will assist you directly. Please allow the message to attach the log file as this will enable us to inspect the problem on your app.

Magazine issues disappear from the Newsstand App

If you downloaded an issue and it no longer appears to be there, this usually happens because you did an upgrade/restore of your device and the issues were removed by iTunes, or because your device was running low on storage space and removed the issues silently without notification (a built-in iOS feature). In both cases, you can follow these instructions to re-download your issues: To re-download the issues already purchased, press ‘Restore Purchases‘ from the ‘Help‘ section of the magazine app. If issues do not automatically download, you will be able to download them from the ‘Buy‘ screen.

Downloaded issue is stuck in Processing

This is often the result of running low on storage space preventing the process completing on the device. You may need to free up some storage space before attempting to re-download the issue. A hard reset should interrupt the stuck unzipping process, however in some cases you will need to reinstall the App on your device. Follow the instructions in the section below to determine how much free storage space you have on your device.

The App performance is slow or unstable

In the unlikely event of an application crash you are unable to resolve, we have set out some steps that may help you: * Kill the app (double tap the Home button on your device, tap and hold on the app until it begins to shake, then tap it again) and restart it. If that doesn’t help… * Kill other apps running at the same time using the same method to free up system resources * Uninstall the app, and re-install it from the iTunes Store and restart * To re-download the issues already purchased, press the ‘Restore Purchases’ button under the ‘Help‘ section of your magazine app and enter your iTunes password.Please note, ‘Restore Purchases’ will begin to the download process of single issue purchases only. Issues through subscriptions are downloaded from the ‘Buy’ screen of the magazine app.

How to enable/disable Push Notifications

To adjust Push Notifications settings; from the Home page, select ‘Settings‘ > ‘Notifications‘.

Gifting single issues or subscriptions

iTunes does not currently allow in-app purchase gifting. Alternatively you may gift ‘iTunes Gift Cards’, and the recipient may use the voucher to purchase the magazine or subscription.