11 Ways to Change the Way You Feel at Home

Is your home the calm and peaceful retreat you want it to be? Or is the clutter slowly taking over? If you want to revamp your home this summer, we’ve put together 11 straightforward interior design tips to change the way you feel about the place you live…

1. The Remorseless Clear Out

If your previous attempts at clearing your home have been compromised by emotional connections to your knick-knacks and keepsakes, it’s time to shake things up. A strong-willed clear out will increase the sense of space in your house and – trust us on this – make you feel a whole world calmer.

A picture of serenity

A picture of serenity

2. Organise to the Nth Degree

An organisational system can help you keep the home cleaner and more attractive for longer – reducing the risk that the home will immediately fall back into disrepair. Stress the importance of the system to everyone who lives in the home, so they don’t compromise the system.

FADS.co.uk has put together this infographic which shows how a good spring clean can make you happier at home.

3. Add a Touch of Nature

As well as being lovely to look at, indoor plants can also make breathing easier. The Dutch Product Board for Horticulture also found that adding plant life indoors can decrease fatigues, colds, headaches, sore throats and flu-like symptoms.  

4. Give Woods a New Lease of Life        

Cared-for wood can add a touch of class and sophistication to a home, whereas tired and worn wooden surfaces can badly age the property. If the woods in your home fall into the latter group – this guide from Dulux explains how to strengthen woods and bring them back to their best appearance.

Additionally, this is an opportunity to uniform all the woods in the home to create an attractive flow if your wooden fittings and fixtures are currently slightly mismatched.

5. Personalise the Home

Adding personal effects and pieces which evoke happy emotions and memories can make the home instantly more welcoming. Bring pieces from holidays or gifts from friends out into the open and enjoy the memories and relationships they represent.

6. Increase the Natural Light

Whilst extending the size of the windows in the home may be more than a one day job – it is possible to increase the volume of light which enters into the rooms. Careful positioning of mirrors within the home can spread the volume of natural light throughout the rooms during planned parts of the day.

7. Add a Living Room Feature Piece

If the décor of your living room is a little too bland and careful for your liking – the addition of a feature piece could really liven the room up. This can come in the form of an eccentric armchair or eclectic painting – adding extra interest to the room.

8. Invite Conversation

Like a sociable Feng Shui expert, create a living space which invites conversation and interaction between you and your visitors. Re-organise the living room so the main and sole focus is no longer a television set by directing seating options towards one another – promoting the art of conversation in the place of gormlessly staring at Britain’s Got Talent for another night.

Woman holding paint roller on ladder

9. Get to Grips with Colour Psychology

Different colours are recognised as evoking different emotional responses – making it important to choose carefully when picking out a colour scheme for rooms in the home. The Psychological Properties of Colours theory by Colour Affects explores the different emotions evoked by various colours – making it easier for you to pick your perfect colour scheme.

10. Open up Living Spaces

If the social spaces of the home such as the living room and the kitchen feel a little cramped, it is possible to open these up by removing doors from their hinges. A more open plan social space in the home can remove feelings of claustrophobia – as long as you have a suitable place to store the doors when they are off the hinges.

11. Repurpose Old Items

Repurposing old items such as neglected necklaces as curtain tiebacks can give you an enormous sense of wellbeing as you have successfully breathed new life into an item which may have seemed as though its days were numbered.