30 Still Lives by Rose Arbuthnott

Born in Cheltenham, Rose began painting at the age of 12 when her art teacher gave her a box of oil paints and she decided to copy Monet. Rose went on to study art at Edinburgh University before receiving a scholarship to attend the Prince’s Drawing School in London where she was awarded a prize for drawing.

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Still Life with Pomegranate’ is a group of works that Rose  started in October. After a break from painting, she was inspired by Matisse's still lives (which she saw in the summer at the RA in London) and set up a painting base in her kitchen. For Rose, the still life offers unending fascination and, as autumn turned to winter, she worked her way through panel after panel. Some were ‘there’ immediately, whilst others needed going back to again and again.  Rose felt she always had questions of colour to pose to the world and simply needed a composition to bring this out of her: She deliberately used a charcoal colour to construct the compositions as to her it was a means of juggling to bring life forwards. 


'I really hope you can enjoy them and derive as much pleasure from them as I do'. Rose Arbuthnott.


Rose continues to produce work at her studio in Gloucestershire. Her classical training and knowledge of art history informs her practice, but the influence of folk culture and an interest in the subconscious is evident in both her abstract and figurative work.

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30 Still Lives by Rose Arbuthnott, Exhibited in Vanessa Arbuthnott’s Showroom, 12 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester GL7 5ET.