4 Tips for Decorating with Cushion Covers

Cushions have often been called the ‘the shoes and handbags’ of the décor world – you can never have too many!

Versatile, inexpensive and always on trend, cushion covers are a decorator’s best friend. However, gone are the days of simply throwing a few matching cushions onto your couch and hoping for the best. The cushion trend has taken on a life of its own, and styling with them has become somewhat of an art form. However, this should not intimidate you! Although it’s difficult to go wrong with cushion covers, there certainly are ways to maximize the impact they can have on a space. 

Understand the existing colours in your space

Considering your colour palette is an important first step in choosing your cushion covers. Identifying the 2 or 3 predominant colours already present in your room will allow you to carry these through to your collection and help create some cohesion. The cushions you select need only one of these colours within them but you can certainly combine more. If this proves difficult, or if you have too much going on in your room already, then a monochrome collection might work best for you. Simple black and whites can help accentuate other feature pieces you have or help tone down a busy room. Alternatively, you can add pops of colour, such as pinks or oranges, on top of your monochrome collection using additional accent cushion covers. This provides flexibility as you can completely change your colour scheme simply by changing your accent cushions.

Use different shapes within your collection

A common approach to decorating with cushions is to use the same size and shape of pillow across your collection. While there are times where a consistent look makes sense, this approach can come across as quite sterile and bland. If you want to create a more interesting and diverse collection, you should consider using cushions of different shapes and sizes. Mixing in larger squares and rectangle cushion covers helps provide variety and creates more options in terms of how you can group and arrange them. This approach especially looks good when decorating kid’s rooms with fun, bright colours and different shapes. Using different shapes allows you to layer your cushions more effectively and can provide lovely depth and a cosy feel.

Don’t be too worried about how many you use

A question that always comes up when decorating with cushions is ‘how many should I use’? The simple answer… there is no correct number! The consensus is that two seater couches suit an odd number, while three seaters work best with an even number. The age old 2:2:1 rule is a safe method for those that are apprehensive about over-accessorising. Starting with two cushions of the same size and colour at the back, arrange two smaller ones, perhaps in a complementary colour, in front of these. Then place one smaller accent cushion at the front which contrasts yet pulls the collection together. This works well for a neat asymmetrical look. For those seeking a more informal look, another approach is to place your collection to one side of your couch. This creates a more casual look and works well with an odd number of cushions.

Add in a throw to create a unique look

Throws and cushion covers are like peanut butter and jam. They’re great on their own, but together they’re fantastic! Pairing a throw with cushion covers is a clever way to add texture to your collection. For instance, linen cushions and a chenille throw, or velvet textured cushions with a cotton throw can create an alluring look. Using a throw can also help you create a complimentary colour scheme, such as using blue cushions with a yellow throw, or red cushions with a green throw. The options are endless but by adding in a throw you’re giving yourself even more room to play. The combination of these two items is an invaluable means for any bed or sofa makeover.

Whether used as an accent to dress your sofa, or to tie in other elements of the spaces’ décor, such as artwork or other coloured furnishings, cushion covers are a must-have for any decorator. And given the availability of cushions online these days, and their relative low cost, there really is no reason not to decorate like a professional.

This post was written in collaboration with Simply Cushions.