5 Colourful Home Décor Projects

Does your home look like it’s in need of a style overhaul? You don’t have to fully redecorate to brighten things up. All you need is a few colourful and creative touches here and there to make your home feel brand new. Take a look at our top five home décor projects for some design inspiration.

Photo collages

Collages are great way to prevent old photos gathering dust in the attic (and you can have a pleasant walk down memory lane as you assemble them). They look much nicer and a lot less cluttered than having lots of individual photos crammed onto your mantelpiece. Get a large clip photo frame, cut and stick your photo collage on the cardboard inside it, pop the frame on top and it’s ready to hang up. For an extra dash of artistic flair, you can even add pressed flowers, lace and tiny beads to your collage too (a great idea for wedding photos).

Design a feature wall

A sure-fire way to spruce up your living room is to choose one wall to create a feature wall. You can cover it with a bright bold wallpaper if the other walls are a tad plain. Plus, if your feature wall has a fireplace (which isn’t in use!) jazz it up by placing some fresh or synthetic blooms in the hearth and invest in some quirky ornaments to place along the mantelpiece.

Create some mood lighting

You’d be amazed at how a few simple tricks of the light can drastically change the atmosphere of your home. Create a cheery glow in places like the living room by choosing lampshades in warm colours to filter the light through. And rather than rely on a single bright bulb which can create a harsh glare, scatter tea lights and coloured fairy lights in the bedrooms for a softer, more romantic effect.

Jazz up your hallway

The hallway is the first room people see when they enter your home, so first impressions are important! A painting makes a great focal point, especially if it’s slightly surreal or abstract. Why not install some shelving along one of the walls and decorate it with interesting knick-knacks such as ornaments, trinkets and brightly coloured candles? Another idea is to lay down a long narrow rug for people to admire as they walk in (after they’ve removed their shoes of course!).

Make a dinner table centrepiece

If you’re hosting a dinner party, why not make the centre of the table a talking point with a creative centre piece? A great way to start is to get some clear glass vases. You can fill them with all manner of colourful objects such as pretty beads, or conkers and pine cones spray-painted gold and silver. If you have little ones, another idea is to make paper flowers using different coloured crepe paper and pipe cleaners. They don’t have to resemble real flowers - have fun experimenting with all the different shapes and colour combinations you can make.

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