5 Fashionable Floors for 2018

Drag your floors out of the past and bring them up to standard. There’s a massive range of different colours and styles to choose from, but which combination is right for you? Would a bright and bold carpet work better than a subtle, contemporary wood flooring?

Natural Berber Twist Collection.jpg

We’ve compiled the best-looking 2018 trends, so you can get ‘in the know’ before you take the all-important leap to purchasing.

Carpet Tiles

A stylish alternative to regular carpet, carpet tiles are making their way out of the workplace and into domestic floors across the country. Not only do they give your home a modern look, they’re much easy to install yourself, and you can mix and match colours and designs to perfectly match your colour palette.

Grey Wood

It’s been around for a while now, but grey wood flooring doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s got contemporary style, coupled with great durability, means that you’ll have a perfect looking floors for years to come. And if you’re installing it yourself, why not look into engineered wood or even luxury vinyl tile (LVT) which are easier to fit.

Kensington Grey Mist Oak Engineered Wood Flooring.PNG

Herringbone Parquet

Although commonly associated with high-end traditional style, parquet flooring has recently developed appreciation worldwide. This year, the herringbone style is unrivalled in its popularity. To ensure your floor looks flawless in its chosen location, you can find oils and finishes to stain the wood to a colour that’s perfect for you.

Parquet White Wash 15.jpg

Frieze Carpet

Commonly referred to as ‘twist’, Frieze carpet is a bona-fide upgrade from the old shag style carpet. And, they’re tougher – not to mention much more stylish. They’re perfect for hiding seams if you’re covering an especially large floor, and the texture hides any dirt marks with ease.


Cork flooring’s surface is lovely and soft. The fact it’s often used in kitchens is testament to how comfortable it is beneath your feet. It’s also a great insulator if you’ve got any upstairs rooms that tend to have a lot of noise. It is, however, susceptible to damage due to its soft texture. But if you’re after a new trend that’s practical and achieves a genuine rustic style, cork flooring could be a good choice.