5 Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Condo in Florida

Florida is one of the best places to live in America, it has no state income tax, has excellent hospitals, healthcare professionals, medical facilities, world class universities and colleges, job opportunities, amazing weather through the year, beautiful beaches, lots of leisure activities for all ages, tourist attractions and much more.

Besides, the real estate market is making great strides towards consolidating this American state as one of the trendiest to invest; extraordinary condominiums and modern construction projects proliferate in all the cities. By investing in a luxury property you will be capitalizing on your future, you may rest assured you are owning a true place to call home and to be shared with your loved ones.

Here you have 5 reasons to invest in a luxury condo in Florida:

1.       You can enjoy of five stars amenities in your own house!

The image you see above belongs to The Ritz Carlton Residences, one of the best condos, currently under construction, in Sunny Isles Beach, the Florida's Riviera that welcomes an international mix of residents and tourists.

This residential project is elegant and luxurious, it’s the new meaning of oceanfront living where the magnificence of the residences comes together with the amenities of a five stars hotel, lucky residents won’t have to wait until vacation to enjoy of comfort and amusement, they will have all what they want at their fingertips!

The 50-story luxury tower will feature 212 luxury residences ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms and expansive terraces with amazing ocean views.

2.      You can boast of living in a residence with luxury finishes

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Living in a luxury residence is like being floating in paradise, especially for design lovers, if you’re a person with a discerning taste for interiors and finishes, there’s no better option than investing in a mansion or a great condo. I bet you would have far more reasons to invite your friends and colleagues to your house.

This picture belongs to L’Atelier Condo in Miami Beach, just imagine yourself, waking up and taking a shower in this marvelous master bathroom! Besides the amazing views will make you feel calm, relaxed and ready for another great day!

3.       You can enjoy of a sophisticated lifestyle in one of the trendiest places in the world

If you fancy a sophisticated lifestyle, Florida is the right place to be, luxury and affluence are just around the corner; you can easily get together with celebrities and influential people in all fields. By living in a sumptuous condo, you will enjoy of high living standards, exclusive amenities, the highest security systems and the countless advantages of concierge services.

One Thousand Museum Condo in Miami is just an example of the incredible comforts this kind of buildings offers to their residents, fortunate owners will enjoy of infinity-edge indoor pool, helipad, 24/7 security program, spa, fitness center and sun bathing deck. Now you see fairy tales are not impossible anymore, they are real and you can make your own comes true in Florida. 

4.       You can get return on investment in the short or long term

Whether you’re thinking on living in a luxury condo, renting it or reselling it, you will be receiving profit for it. In Florida home sales and rentals volumes are rising, long-term economic and demographic trends continue to benefit this state where population and the tourism sector are expanding. Real estate growth is a positive phenomenon which indicates economic development, one of the main factors you should take into account before investing.

The image above belongs to The Ivy, a luxury condo in Miami available for sale or rental.

5.       The world’s most creative minds will be in charge of the construction of your house

A luxury condo is a combination of exclusive amenities, exquisite interiors, elegant finishes with high quality materials, magnificent infrastructure, experienced personnel at the service of residents, creativity and leading vision from the architects, designers and investors.

You count with a strong backing from the team which brought to life the construction project and took care of every single detail, master minds behind this kind of buildings are highly qualified in their own field. The image above belongs to Brickell Heights, a condo by David Rockwell and internationally renowned Arquitectonica, a true masterpiece for people who love urban life, glamour and technology.

All in all, luxury condos are not just a place to live but a place to call home and enjoy of a wonderful lifestyle. Now you have more reasons to invest in real estate and renew your quality of life!