5 Simple Ways to Make Mother's Day Special

It's nice to give or receive a lovely gift on Mothers Day, but it's the little things that make the day so special. With a little bit of thought and effort you can really spoil mum and let her know how much you care. These are our top tips. Now, we're not suggesting you do all of them. We just know that one of these would make our day.

1. Surprise her with breakfast in bed. We're not talking the full monty. Just some pasties from the bakers and some freshly brewed coffee or a pot of tea. It's all in the presentation, so make the tray pretty with a napkin and a flower. And don't forget the papers.

2. Run her a bath. This one really goes hand in hand with number 1. While she's enjoying her breakfast, fill the bath with bubbles and put out fresh towels and her favourite toiletries. She'll love you for it.

3. Instead of buying her a card, why not make one instead? It just shows that you've put a little more thought into it and it isn't hard to do. Hobbycraft is full of fun ideas or you could design one on the PC and print it off.

4. Bake her a cake. There are lots of recipes online. Or borrow her favourite cookbook and choose one you know she likes to eat herself.

5. Make time for her. Go for a country walk, enjoy a pub lunch, or just sit and chat. Spending time with you, after all, is her favourite pastime of all.

All images from MiaFleur

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