5 Top Alternative Renovation Ideas

If you’re going to the bother of renovating your home then why not consider creating something unique? After all, who wants to be like the Jones’? These days ‘confident individuality’ is prized more than a home which is fashionably on-trend.

Another reason for ‘bespoking’ your renovation project is that it’ll prove perfect for your lifestyle and when you eventually come to sell, will no doubt add to the home’s value. What’s not to like?

So, with all this in mind, we’ve come up with some of our favourite recent renovation finds. See if you agree:

A Wonderful Wendy House

Ok, we’re being a bit facetious here but what we mean is that instead of creating an extension to your home for a guest bedroom, why not create a cute Garden House instead with its own sink, kettle, toilet and even a shower? Do this and you won’t be tempted to turn it into an outdoors office or studio (we hope). That would just be a waste. Instead, put the teenager in it (she/he will love it) or use it as a granny flat for when elderly relatives comes to stay on their annual week’s holiday. We’re convinced that having somewhere suitable for your guests to ‘switch off’ in will result in a happier visit for everyone.

A Stunning Staircase

“One way to really create an impressive effect in your home is to install a feature staircase.” Says Emmett Keane, Director of the house renovation company Unique Design and Build. We don’t mean huge sweeping stairs with lavish balconies, but rather contemporary versions such as those with floating treads, ‘runway’ LED lighting, glass balustrades or - the much-loved favourite for smaller rooms – the spiral staircase. There are so many staircase designs to choose from these days that it almost seems rude not to….

A Much-Wanted Wine Cellar

This doesn’t have to be huge and take up the entire basement of your home. Rather, in keeping with contemporary opinion your wine cellar can be bijou and inspiring. Not only that but we’re sure it will also prove a wonderful, tranquil space in which to browse and contemplate life. If you don’t fancy going into the depths for a bottle of wine but still – quite rightly – fancy the idea of your own wine cellar then you could always convert a room in your home. Give it an authentic look with a locked iron or thick wooden door and the walls inlaid with old-fashioned brick.

Create a Combination Window Seat/Bed

Yes, we do mean seating and bedding in one. Fitting in a trundle bed to a window seat is a brilliant way to save space and provide an additional sleeping arrangement in the absence of an extra guest room or when more guests than you’d anticipated turn up. And you don’t need a large bay window for your window seat either – just so long as it provides a decent view and lots of light.

Utilise the Under-stair Nook

Instead of keeping your vacuum cleaner, spare boxes and useful household ‘junk’ in that weirdly-shaped alcove under the stairs, do something smart with it instead. Insert shelving, for instance, and use it as a bookcase/display unit. Or, if you have a dog, create a little door and give him/her it as their den. So cute – and it provides a storage space for all those toys scattered around the house and which the rest of the family keep tripping over.

All images via creative commons